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  1. Yup they had the Lola's, GT 40's, Astons running wild Saturday Afternoon
  2. G'day Les Welcome to the Forum Nice looking Car Bluetooth in this age of Beemer was not one of BMW's finest efforts I am afraid. The ULF modules are often available if it is that,or possibly the Bluetooth antenna it's self. Worth checking if the units memory is full there is a way of clearing the memory check your handbook as I think 4 phones registered is it's max. There are a few sound system upgrades check out Dynavin or Xtrons. Exhaust systems just research your local market and suppliers would be my advice as we are in the UK our recomendations probably won't help much. ENJOY your Beemer Dave
  3. Morning Bga Welcome to the Forum Something like Osram Nightbreaker bulbs may help or you could try LED replacements, our son did this on his Toyota Pickup they work well. Or you could source some HID headlamp units second hand Dave
  4. Brilliant, met a lot of really "OLD" friends, I think I need a chiropractor after trying to jitterbug we both should know better at our age but sometimes ego overcomes common sense 🤣 High light for me was the Classic Touring car race really my era. Dave
  5. Morning Jim I have actually had a BMW Dealer Service Manager try to tell me running a "Diagnostic Programme that was not "BMW Licenced" could damage my car" and BMW would be within their rights to cancel Warranty and refuse assistance !! 😁 Guess he never needed my custom anyway 🤣 I remember when onboard diagnostics began in the late 80's early 90's to many Manufacturers and Dealers/Specialists saw it as an opportunity to keep total control of their product. They also saw an opportunity to convince many car owners that under the bonnet there is a "box of Bats" and if you touch it yourself they will escape and your car will never go again 🤣 That education program has been so successful that there are thousands out there who don't know the bonnet actually opens and seem to think it's Dealer only access 🤣😂 It Grates with some of them that they are not the only one with a key to the "Bat Box" forgetting sometimes that they have a "Business" to run that survives on "Customers" and "Good Will" he will need you long before you need him. Remember the Fault Warning can often be a symptom not the cause so if you are showing an injector fault check the injector loom,plugs connectors and earth points as well as the injector its self. With the Bro Inlaw's car it was definitely running rough no clever diagnostics needed. Dave
  6. Sorry we were intending to be there but got kind of side tracked at the Revival Hope everyone enjoyed themselves Dave
  7. Hi Simon Welcome to the Forum The only dumb question is the one you don't ask, terrific motor by the way. Several ways of lowering depends on your budget, (1) lowering springs check the Internet (2) Adjustable spring/shock set (3) Butcher approach cut the springs (1) OK but it is what it is once done if your not happy the only way to change is more springs? (2) Adjustable spring/shock set would allow you to get the stance you want Would be my route (3) Repaired 2 cars that have been butchered so NO just NO M sport wheel check the internet I have read of folks doing this from Memory you will need the slip ring and a loom extension. Not sure on the coding My brother Inlaw has run a few of these in Touring flavour he has had them ECU tuned and in practical terms like my X5 (manual and sport) once the initial rush has passed manual selection is rarely used they have so much grunt that if you tread on it's tail it just Goes ENJOY Dave Kenny will be along he is rapidly becoming the world authority on the 535d 😂
  8. Hi Dan Is the car running the correct oil ? Is the oil level correct ? If yes is the answer to both questions it could be a sticking pressure relief valve in the pump there is another in the oil filter cap or a dodgy oil pressure sensor. The fact it seems related to motorway driving and then slowing down sounds like low oil level. I would first flush the engine to clean any crud from the system refill to the correct level with the correct oil plus new filter and oil filter housing cap. Changing the pressure relief valve in the pump is a sump off job so fingers crossed not that one. Dave
  9. Morning jss33 Welcome to the Forum These are pretty tough engines so unusual damage Take a look at www.realoem.com it's a BMW online parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will call up your model. Then in the engine section open the Cylinder Head section double click the part number and it will bring up a list of alternate part numbers and the Models they were used in. These engines were used in several models from the E46 to the Z4 Good luck with the rebuild Dave
  10. Ha Ha Ha that doesn't look OEM!!! I have a German Pointer dog that can solder better than that 😆 When you did the Vin check what seats were spec'ed at Build.? Take care if connecting/re-connecting as some have an airbag in the shoulder of the seat. You should be able to find wiring diagrams in ISTA/INPA that will help find what he was "Modding" this time Dave
  11. You really did find a super star with the guy who owned your car seems his mantra was "if in doubt cut it out" what a nutter. Is the connector there or did he cut the wires !! If you want to reinstate it talk to someone like Quarry Motors and ask if they can supply a climate unit with the connectors. That way it's a solder job cable for cable. Dave
  12. Morning Kenny First your persistent Faults, 4 Faults from where you started pretty damn good I say well done Mate. AUC sensor normally mounted on the top side of the fan housing I have tried cleaning the filter and even changing the filter material in the sensor it's part of the HVAC. They go wonky on a regular basis but don't seem to have much effect on how the HVAC works (well not on the X5 anyway) it is only my "if it's there it should work" attitude that keeps me changing it. If replacing make sure you have the correct part number. Rear Stratification controller (why can;t BMW just say Rear Climate Control ?? Is it turned on in the iDrive learned that from Bro inlaws cars, There should be a control panel under a cover bottom of the console that lets you select settings (a mini HVAC) set it to auto) Also after all the things you have discovered is it connected ?? Fogging Sensor Under the cover behind the rear view mirror measures humidity to prevent screen misting. They either work or don't normally they come with a tool to help fitting. PDC, Passenger side Centre Rear sensor needs the connector cleaned and checked if it still doesn't work change the sensor. I keep a cople of sensors as they seem to hate Jet Wash or Car Wash on the X5 and contra rear right is a regular culprit. Now INPA/ISTA when using it, First make sure you have a fully charged battery, turn the ignition on DON'T START the engine. Carry out scan clear any faults. Turn Off Ignition. PA Soft BMW 1.4.0 doesn't seem to mind if the engine is running or not Almost done Kenny Dave
  13. Afternoon Giles Welcome to the Forum I daresay the Crank Case Ventilation system will be sooted up, check all the Vacuum lines and replace if clogged. The last thing would be Coil Packs A diagnostic session with INPA?ISTA would tell you much more. Dave
  14. Hi Antony Looks like a storage device, is thea slot for it anywhere on the iDrive ?? In the armrest maybe? Dave
  15. Often fault codes are misread many folks don't realise that they often are a symptom not the cause, plus as they disrupt communication on the Bus system they throw other spurious codes. Proud of you Dan you have come a long way in a short time. Dave
  16. Morning Jim My brother inlaw had 2 failed injectors on one of his previous 5 series from memory his BMW Dealer quoted around £300 per injector plus diagnostic plus Labour fortunately he had an extended Warranty. However his car had covered over 200k at the time. He has had several 5 series all with the same basic 3.0d engine but in different versions 530d x 2, 535d x 2, all have run well over 200k, his current 540d (same engine type just more turbo's). Only one has suffered injector failure. He runs injector cleaner every 4/5 fill up just to help. So I would guess at todays prices a BMW dealer would ask close to £500 per injector Plus fitting 😲 So are you suffering issues or is this a precaution? A Diesel specialist would be worth finding and talking to as refurbished injectors can save quite a bit in cost. Even perhaps a secondhand set from a low mileage car, there are several BMW specialist Dismantlers out there who are very knowledgeable and reliable I have used Quarry Motors several times over the years. Dave
  17. Morning Ros Welcome to the Forum Take a look at www.realoem.com either put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box or work by selecting model year etc then search the relevant section. You will get part numbers and small exploded drawings showing what should be there. Dave
  18. Top man Dan We now have another member with hard won knowledge Now you can enjoy your BMW Dave
  19. Hi Reedie Sorry bit late replying, it depends on how worn your other tyres are? This affects all AWD vehicle's the rolling radius of the tyres front and rear must be within the manufacturers tolerance or transmission wind up can occur which can damage the transfer case or a diff. Providing the replacement tyre is (a) same size make/tread pattern and your existing tyres are around half worn you should be OK. Dave
  20. Hi Stephen Try www.satnavupgrades.co.uk I have heard/read they are very knowledgeable but have never used them. Dave
  21. Afternoon Vince Welcome to the Forum I have read several posts on other Forums of people changing the screen for a 10"+ screen that is inclusive of the Android/Carplay software apparently this connects and integrates with your iDrive. My brother inlaw runs 5 series Touring he has had several but as yet hasn't tried this so I have no direct experience. As for Supermarket fuel one of our sons is a Chemical engineer he works for Shell, he tells me that the Supermarkets buy on the Spot Market and often are buying the same fuel as Shell, BP, etc etc so in practical terms there should be no difference. For what it's worth I have run my X5 on Tesco fuel for years as they are always several pence per litre cheaper and as the old saying goes "So Far So Good" Dave
  22. Going back a few years when I was in business we were upgrading the Baggage System at T4 Heathrow. Prior to contract one of the BAA engineering team announced that Noise for the system would have to have a noise level of 60DB measured 1m from the drive unit. At midday (a quiet time for airports) ambient noise in the terminal was 89 DB outside the terminal with the M25 1mile away we measured 96 DB, we tried at 3am with everything shut down except the terminal air handling we measured 54 DB. I asked the BAA team were they measuring ambient noise + or did they seriously expect a piece of mechanical equipment to generate 6 DB? The real issue was until that point they had no Base Line, worse at that time Heathrow had 4 Terminals due to age and construction every building gave different readings even turning off fluorescent lights changed levels. Yet as we stood in the terminal at 3am to the human ear it was Cathedral like. My point is when in our car it isn't just noise but vibration that we hear/feel, our ears would hardly notice 3 or 4 DB (well mine won't to many years listening to Pink Floyd 😂) I hope Graham can find a solution but I fear unless he get's used to it it won't be with his X1 Dave
  23. Morning Graham As you will be well aware the suspension and bushes also contribute heavily to NVH transmission. So if your car is on 17" tyres already you and your suspension isn't Sport? you will have the softest settings. Sound proofing I am not aware of any kits for your (doesn't mean they are not out there) Measuring so clinically you will need a base line, do BMW actually release a base line? Also road surface type and ambient noise will effect outcomes. As for tyres they can make a huge difference my X5 4.6is runs 275x40x20 Front and 315x35x20 rear so lots of contact opportunity for noise the last few sets were Michelin the current set are Yokohama. My X5 is 18 years old so I am used to it, but when my wife notices then the difference in road noise is marked with the Yoko's. I don't and never have actually measured NVH in my cars but these tyres have made a reduction I am not suggesting you change to them as your suspension set up is different just my observation. I rarely use the radio as I like the sound of my V8 which can be heard even at Motorway speed over tyre noise. Good Luck with your hunt Dave
  24. Morning Larry Welcome to the Forum I take it the new thermostat is correct and working OK ? If you are not finding puddles under the car then check the carpets inside (hope there aren't any internal leaks. Hopefully there are no wet carpets, then I would check the areas that can swallow water and boils it off. So simple things first is the expansion tank cap sealing properly, the turbo runs Fliping Hot and any coolant leak around the turbo will be boiled off but it should leave traces, white residue so check all the hose connections carefully. The one you don't want to think about is head gasket but a sniff test by a garage will tell you if there is any exhaust trace in the expansion tank, fingers crossed there aren't any. Good Luck Dave
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