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  1. My 4.6is has now covered 161k I brought it originally to pull a horse trailer after selling our Horse Lorry. Most Journeys are local with a few motorway jaunts thrown in, During winter time some mild off road work as Shooting is a hobby an summer towing the horses to shows etc. My average MPG over the last 10k is 18.8 mpg so don't ignore the bigger V8's particularly if it has an LPG conversion Hope you find what you want and enjoy it Dave
  2. Morning Scott There is a Register of BMW Specialists so Google is your friend you should find one near you. Generally these are BMW trained guys who have struck out on their own cost wise they are around half the dealer costs. A good Independent Garage with Autologic or similar could also be useful. If you use realoem.com find the parts you need if you double click the part number you will get a list of alternate Models and part numbers that will fit. Then back to google for the best supply price don't ignore recycled parts there is also a list of BMW Specialist Recyclers who are knowledgeable and helpful. If your able to DIY then take a look at sites like www.pelicanparts.com they have some great "how to's" with pictures, it is a USA site so steering wheel will be on the wrong side but everything else is where it should be. So I would search to see if there are any service kits available BMW like many other manufacturers don't fix things they just change parts and there are many companies out there who repair/upgrade all sorts of units. Try people like BBA Reman or Cartronics Good luck hope its and easy fix Dave
  3. Morning Ben Welcome to the Forum Nice car if my ol brain is working its an E93 you own is it Pre LCI or LCI ? Your car should have around 210bhp as standard 0to 60 around 6.5 to 7 seconds, so the place to start is a full health check and service. Check compression check fuel rail pressure. If both are in speck then a full service all filters plugs coil packs etc. Then off to a rolling road then you will have a base line and know if any horses have escaped, an engine ECU tune on a normally aspirated engine will give around 10%+ HP so that could bring it up to 230+ bhp. Beyond that it is the traditional route of Inlet and Exhaust upgrades or if your after more Cams head mods etc. Remember more power = more speed so don't ignore Brakes Suspension and Tyres. Dave
  4. Hi Scott You need a diagnostic by a Garage or someone who has a BMW capable Diagnostic, there is a Register of BMW Specialists so you should find one near you. Does your car have rear self leveling suspension or full all round air suspension. ? The system is not overly complicated so with the right diagnostic software it should be fairly simple. Take a look at www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box and it will call up your model, then search the rear axle section. It should list all the parts and show a small drawing that will help with locating parts, the part numbers will ensure if you need a part that you get the right one. It could be a level sensor or a sticking valve in the control unit Good Luck with the solution Dave P.S. It goes without saying driving on a deflated airbag can cause damage
  5. Afternoon Gary All secondhand cars are at a premium just now due to the microchip shortage delaying delivery of new cars. The BMW 3.0i is a straight 6 not a V6 you could look for a 3.0i or 4.4i that has an LPG conversion that would help on 2 fronts first LPG is roughly half the cost of petrol and second it helps with emissions Diesel from being heavily promoted by many Governments around Europe seems to have become as Jeremy Clarkson once said "The fuel of the Devil" Good Luck Dave
  6. Hi Scott Welcome to the Forum Dave
  7. Morning Gary Welcome to the Forum If your contemplating long journeys my personal choice would be the 3.0d which will give high 20's low 30's MPG around town high 30's low 40's on a run and the facelift E53 with the 6 speed box is very relaxed. The 3.0i is a straight six and one of worlds great engines (the 3.0d is based on it's proven design) however due to the size and weight of the X5 there is very little difference in MPG between the 3.0i and the 4.4/4.6/4.8 V8 variants, high teens around town mid 20's on a run. Make sure suspension bushes are serviced around every 80k and tyres are in good order (worn/tired bushes will chew tyres up) Good luck with the search Dave
  8. Morning Clive Welcome to the Forum Have you been in touch with BMW UK ? Dealers can vary massively in their approach and attitude with an issue like this. I would take some advice on where you stand with the Sale of Goods Act and Consumer Rights amendments. As you have clear Internet evidence that this is a well know issue plus your own video of you draining water from your car, I would write to BMW UK (attaching all links to video) with a copy sent to the MD of your dealership (if you haven't already) I would ask for a time line for BMW/Ocean to resolve the issue to your satisfaction as it is a well documented problem supported by a service bulletin. Good Luck and keep us posted Dave
  9. Like Stu says try moving stuff difficult to say untill you get inside and pull/push and shake stuff could be window glass moving or a simple loose bolt Good Luck Dave
  10. Morning Darren My brother inlaw has used a company in Middlesex on all his BMW 5 touringI used (on his 5th now) he lives in Laughton but says they are the best. BW Autos Repairs. On my Volvo t5's and T6' I used a company called Remap Science who again were excellent. Dave
  11. Morning Mark ZF who make the gearbox in your car recommend service at 60 to 100k kilometres, how many miles has it done ? I would find a local ZF specialist and get an oil/filter change done Dave
  12. Morning Martin Door card is and easy removal but make sure you have some spare plastic trim clips as they are easy to break. But before you do make sure all the door pockets are empty Dave
  13. Morning Stu I ended up replacing the bulb holders on mine about 5 years ago, the originals had corroded and even cleaning didn't fix it. Dave
  14. Morning Dave Changed these on a friends car last year if my old brain is working front are 348x30 rear were 320x20 (His is theE70 3.0sd model) Best thing is check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your Model. Then search the relevant section Hope this helps Dave
  15. Morning Allan Welcome to the Forum Is your Warranty with a BMW Dealer or a General Dealer ? Did they replace the EGR or clean it ? I assume that the O2 sensor was part of a DPF issue ? did they force a regen after replacing it ? Sorry more questions than answers at the moment, EGR issues are normally associated with lots of short journeys where the emissions system doesn't reach full operating temperature and clogs up. This can have knock on effects to the DPF which again needs to reach full operating temp to begin it's Regeneration cycle (basically burning off excess soot) The EGR issue is not unique to BMW but just about all modern Diesels Dave
  16. Morning Mark What model is it? Petrol or Diesel? Who ever changed the sensor did they check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail? How many miles has it covered. Are the injectors leaking ? Is the fuel pump OK when was the Filter changed? As said above the original diagnosis showed the pressure sensor wasn't seeing the correct pressure, the question is was it the sensor or something else ? if the symptoms still exist it must be something else Dave
  17. Hi Dave Welcome to the Forum Congratulations Enjoy your new Beemer Dave
  18. Morning Mariano Welcome to the Forum Long gone are the days when a Garage took things apart and repaired them. Your Dealer is probably changing the Turbo Charger and Actuator as a unit which would probably account for the cost. So with a new turbo and actuator and assuming the rest of the engine is in good condition you will end up with a sound car, however with any thing mechanical stuff can go wrong. You could argue you have no confidence but I suspect the Dealer will stick with the repair should it not be successful you would have a better chance Dave
  19. Morning Graeme Welcome to the Forum Wow very pretty and shiny (my X5 looks like a moving mud pile at the moment) Enjoy your Beemer Dave
  20. Morning Xavier Welcome to the Forum Consumer shut down Relay part of the Body Control System IIRC Dave
  21. Morning Mark Welcome to the Forum When you say "computer" said fuel pressure sensor ? Was the computer a BMW capable diagnostic or something else ? Has the pressure been checked? All it has told you is low fuel pressure not that the sensor is faulty ? So why is there no pressure Fuel Pump OK? Filter OK? Fuel Pump fuses OK? Fuel Pump Relay OK? Sorry it seems to raise more questions but often a code will show a symptom not the fix Dave
  22. Morning Alan Welcome to the Forum Take a look at www.realoem.com it is an online BMW Parts List, put the last 7 digits of your Vin number into the Search box it will bring up your model. Then search the relevant section (could be Front Axel or Brakes) It will give you the correct part numbers so if there is a difference you will know. Good Luck Dave
  23. Morning Scott That helps a bit is it LCI or pre LCI just to help with making sure bits fit if you get them 😁 Look at realoem look at and get the part numbers for the M sport trim parts (top tip) get spare mounting clips as well I have always managed to break a few. Then search the normal sites don't ignore BMW specialist dismantlers with luck you may get a complete M sport bumper in your body colour. I believe it is only the M3 trim which is different I would guess that your car being 2005 swirl flaps have been deleted and probably the EGR. Personally I would leave the DPF in place to protect against an eagle eyed MOT technician failing it. Good Luck with the search Dave
  24. Morning Graeme Welcome to the Forum You need a diagnostic scan by someone or a Garage with a BMW capable system. From your comment you have been to a BMW Dealer try the Register of BMW Specialist's there will be one near you or a good recommended Independent. Your problem could be as simple as a sticking adjuster or sensor or a failed sensor, if all sensors and control elements are in good order it could well be something just sticking. Take a look at www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin number into the search box it will bring up your model then check the relevant sections for part numbers if they are needed the small exploded drawings will help with where parts are located. Hope this helps Dave
  25. Morning Scott Welcome to the Forum Little confused here as you say your not into "Modding" your cars, but here you are asking can you fit a different bumper and a noisier exhaust etc etc ?? Still to try and help you first your car BMW 320d but is it E46 or E90 both models were available in 2005 ? Check your log book or I would look at www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model then check the body section to see if the Motorsport Bumpers are available get the part number and then search all the usual sites for a deal. Engine wise providing your engine isn't a "fleet" issue model then a good remap will reach your 210bhp target without any other mods providing the engine is in reasonable condition of course. Exhaust mods are personal taste do want Loud so people hear you coming or efficient so people wonder what the heck it was that just passed them? DPF can end up with an MOT fail so beware and also like your exhaust mod may not deliver what you think. Again my personal advice if you are going for more power also spend money on brakes steering suspension and tyres Enjoy your BMW that is the main thing Dave
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