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  1. Morning Bill Welcome to the Forum Do you mean the self-levelling system or the shocks ? Not a job I have ever done but if you haven't already, take a look at www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will call up your model. If you have a copy of INPA/ISTA look at the TIS and it should give information on the BMW Workshop sequence for servicing the suspension. Good Luck Dave
  2. Morning Kobe Welcome to the Forum First break down the issues you have the O2 sensor will not stop the car starting so the priority is to find out why it won't start. You have had water in the main engine fuse box I would pull the starter relay and check it while there check all the relays. Don't dismiss the battery check it or get it checked you should measure 12.5v to 12.8v at the charging points under the bonnet engine off ignition on. Anything below 12.5 will indicate a discharged or dying battery, first action fully charge the battery. Make sure the Main Fuse box is fully dried out, check each fuse and relay as already said and replace as required (don't just look at them test them). Then if the water ingress didn't cause any other damage, start the car. Your O2 sensor fault indicates the Heater circuit so with the fuse and sensors replaced fingers crossed it should be OK. Disconnect the battery in the boot (Neg First) for at least 15min to reset the fault codes, then run the car and rescan. Good Luck Dave
  3. Morning John As I understand it, it works is as follows or I should say the information I can find shows , it2) Key hole in the vertical position: Unlocking the car with FOB will unlock the glove box. Locking the car with the FOB will lock the glove box. 3) To manually unlock the glove box with key: Insert the key and turn it slightly to the left (counter clockwise) about 15% left of vertical or until it feels like it stops. At this time you should be able to (with key still in it) and pull open the box. You do not need to lift the handle to open it since the inside spring will compress the teeth together that hold the box from falling down on its own. You should hear and feel the mechanism moving when you do this. This is good news (if you hear/feel this) because you will confirm that the actuator mechanism is working fine and its only a matter of playing with it to get it unstuck In other words you do not need to spend money to replace it!. Hope this helps
  4. Not sure what you're trying to do here Alexandu If you want/need to see live data then INPA/ISTA is the only Diagnostic as far as I am concerned. I have read of other systems such as Autologic, i-Carsoft etc are capable but have not seen them in operation. Dave
  5. Morning Richard Welcome to the Forum I would start with your local BMW Dealer; I have always found them very helpful particularly when there is a potential sale to be made. They should be able to explain the different trim levels plus they will have access to a Range of BMW Approved and Warrantied cars. Just too muddy the water there will be a number of cars in the used market that had been brought as say an SE but with additional customer options (Park Assist for example) The target is to get the list of what is available with their trim and option levels and see how close it comes to your wish list then negotiate price against what compromise you're willing to make. Personally, I would stick with AWD for sure footed handling in all conditions, yes you could possibly get a few more mile per gallon with front drive but if stuck on a slippery grass verge or snowy road ?? Good Luck with the Hunt Dave
  6. Morning I would ask the Dealer Service manager where you brought it if he can demonstrate how it works Dave
  7. Morning Darryl Welcome to the Forum DO NOT DRIVE the car with low oil pressure you will cause damage When was the oil level last checked? If you can't do it yourself get it checked urgently. If topping up make sure you use the correct oil Dave
  8. Morning Ash Get it checked mechanically by a qualified mechanic if all good don't be put off I have seen these with almost 250k miles on them Check the cost of major parts then use that as a negotiation lever Good Luck Dave
  9. Morning Conor Welcome to the Forum Often codes are symptoms not necessarily the cause, so a session of sensor testing is on the cards Google should help with test parameters. My guess would be MAP sensor faulty as that appears to be the only current fault. You really need to test all sensors and check the DPF as a clogged DPF (or one nearing End of Life) can throw the codes you're seeing. Or a session with ISTA diagnostics Dave
  10. Sorry Just Seen this Post Welcome to the Forum That looks like the Bluetooth ULF unit Dave
  11. Morning David Welcome to the Forum Nice car as your car is New have you discussed it with the Dealer ? I have seen folks who have asked about turning it off but never down Good Luck Enjoy Dave
  12. Morning Andrew They are the "Type" designations for the Infotainment systems fitted to the 5 series models. Just looked at your post again with your car being a 2008 model (should have seen earlier Dohh) I believe your model has the CCC system so you should be able to enable Music streaming using the cars onscreen settings menu and your rotary controller. As I said there were some "How to" videos on the Internet Google is your friend The early system (as fitted in my E53 4.6is) I can only connect through a wired Aux connection. Bluetooth for phone but no music streaming. Very rarely used in the E53 the engine makes the best sound. My E70 has music streaming enabled when I brought it so I have never looked but also not used as I am a boring old boy who rarley listens to even the radio these days Good Luck it is in there Dave
  13. Morning Birkopf Welcome to the Forum Have you tried the settings in the I-drive Dave
  14. Morning Andrew Depends on whether you have the M system or a CCC there were posts some time ago that you need to enable music streaming in the CCC settings there were a couple of videos on you tube that showed how. If however, you have the early M system I think you're stuck Dave
  15. Morning Scott Welcome to the Forum You can put the last 7 digits of the Vin number into the search box in www.realoem.com it will bring up information on Model, and Manufacture plus a complete parts list if needed. just google while viewing Dave
  16. Morning James Welcome to the Forum When your Battery was replaced was it (a) correct for your car? (b) fitted correctly and registered to the chassis I don't recognise the fault code that your friend found, all the BMW codes that I am aware of start with either a "P" "B" or "C" followed by a "0" or "1" I think as your radio works CD works and the screen boots up it may just be a Controller issue but to be sure you either need to get the car scanned by a Garage or someone who has a BMW capable diagnostic program like ISTA/INPA or maybe Foxwell or Icarsoft Autologic also may work. Or you could remove your controller and get it tested and repaired if it needs it maybe even replaced just make sure the part number is correct for your car if buying online Hope this helps not hinders Dave
  17. Morning John Not personally but one of our sons has had a clean done on his Toyota 3.0d pickup 2 years ago, we had cleaned the EGR system then he started to get DPF waring lights. He had the DPF cleaned, and a full engine carbon clean he says it is back to new and swears its quieter. Dave
  18. Morning BocaX1 I have made a few visits to European manufacturing plants (i was involved with installing production equipment when in Business) normal sequence is Body assembly, then Paint, then the real work begins. The looms are fitted, drive train married to the chassis. The process for all manufacturers not just BMW is similar up to this point now the car goes into the final phase where trim is fitted. Trim is often where hold ups occur as there are a heck of a lot of them a lot of these items are supplied by chosen suppliers. Items from simple fixings to wheels and tyres. So experience tells me body assembly and paint about 40 hrs then depending on customer spec the whole build 4 maybe 5 weeks without hold up. To be sure try an email to BMW USA Customer services Dave
  19. Morning Bocax1 Welcome to the Forum Have you asked BMW UK ?? or your Dealer if you have an Order placed ?? Dave
  20. Morning Richard If you can find someone local who has a copy of BMW ISTA/INPA on a laptop who should be able to download a onetime code from BMW (at a cost $$ of course) The USB codes I have never used but I would look at US forums for Sirius not just BMW and talk to a few members to get a bit more Information on how they work or not Good luck Dave
  21. Afternoon Gary Welcome to the Forum Now that is a great looking car ENJOY Dave
  22. Hi Carl I have seen a failed DME where a faulty thermostat sensor allowed coolant to wick up the loom and caused serious damage to the printed circuit board. My own DME failed due to corrosion at the pins 2 being so bad new ones couldn't be soldered in. You could try some electrical contact cleaner on the plug and the pins. If you get yourself an old Win 7/8 laptop and a copy of BMW 1.4.0 you will get far more information than from your mate's code reader (Unless he has inpa/ISTA or similar) You can not only see faults it will explain what it is, you can see live data which will indicate the function that is failed/failing. You can program good used parts to your chassis (Dealers will tell you it can't be done) making sure everything works correctly. Fingers crossed the DME can be fixed and sorts your problem Dave
  23. Dooooh I should have taken a closer look at the picture Stu that looks like a Dynavin unit well spotted Dave
  24. Very nice John Welcome to the Forum Only one thing to say ENJOY Dave
  25. Morning Carl Then I would definitely talk to ECU Testing, BBA Reman I know they give a very fast turn around and normally if they can't repair it then no charge. I have used both companies for Control unit repairs on Volvo Mercedes and Ford over the years and found either to be quick and efficient. If they can repair your ECU the advantage, is you can plug it back in without any re-programming issues. You have checked the Injector at No1 also a compression check. I had the DME fail on my X5 E53 4.6is it couldn't be repaired, I brought a DME with matching EWS Drivers door lock and Ignition barrel and Keys fitted them and re-programmed the DME to my chassis (not necessary but keeps things tidy in my engineer's head) Dave
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