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    • I have a 2017 640.  I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I am unable to get text messages in real time.  All other functions (phone, etc.) work as expected, but text messages often do not appear on the car's screen. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? Thanks,
    • Thanx Greydog. Will try the starting first, and if it starts leaving in. If it works all well and good, if not their is a BMW dealership in Varna, about 45 mins up the motorway, things in Bulgaria tend to be about half the price of UK. So far the X5 has been great, am sure will get years of enjoyable motoring here.... Cheers
    • Welcome to the Forum Stephen Some Dealers will just do it as a service (No cost) others will give you coffee and a soft chair to take away the shock of the Invoice. Before spending some of your hard earned, try a couple of things. Does the spare key start the car (it should do even if the battery is flat) if you unlock with the other (if it doesn't it may not be from that car)? If it does then leave it in the ignition while driving to see if it charges. When the key has been charging for about an hour try syncing with the car there are several good "how twos" on the nett and You Tube so it's DIY. (done my spare a couple of times as it sits in the draw at home) If the battery is dead there was someone on Ebay who did a battery change for sensible cost to DIY needs the key cut open and a new battery soldered in (from memory) If all else fails a new key from BMW will set you back about £100 Enkoy your X5
    • Wow, newtis.info that is a find thank you sir for pointing me in the right direction.
    • Hey Thanks for the welcome! I’ll be contacting a few tuning centres near me and see if i can get some advice. But i want some first hand experience people who can give me a none bias opinion   cheers