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    • Hi All, We are quite well known for parts for Nissan, but did you know about all the other cars we dismantle for spares ? We dismantle 1 to 2 cars a week, so there will always be new parts coming up. Get in touch to see how we can help TMS Motorsport - All Contact info

      For Example Mini Cooper S - R53 and R56 - Breaking for Parts
      Subaru Impreza - Breaking for Parts
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      Honda Civic Type R FN2 - Breaking for Parts
      Honda Civic Type R - EP3 - Breaking for parts
      BMW M3 - Breaking for parts
      Nissan Skyline - Breaking for parts
      We also sell new parts from many great brands such as the below
      So, if you need new or used tuning parts, get in touch and see how we can help :)
      Tim 'Moff' Nicholas @ TMS Motorsport
      Email us : sales@tmsmotorsport.co.uk

      WhatsApp us for fast response : +447979127236
      [URL=" https://www.tmsmotorsport.co.uk/HKS-tuning-parts?utm_source=tim-moff&utm_medium=tim-moff&utm_campaign=tim-moff"] TMS Motorsport - HKS TUNING PARTS - BUY ONLINE [/URL] -   We ship worldwide to your door  -  -  Currently Breaking for parts - Honda S2000 - Ford Focus ST  -
    • Hi everyone. I am looking to finally get myself an E30 this year after over 30 years lusting over them since being a school boy. Can you give me some advice on what to look out for in the way of faults or issues I should be aware of and an indication of price. I am ideally looking for a 325i convertible. I have found a 325i Baur nearby which has lots of history and in original unmolested condition. But is a repaired Cat D write off  and they are asking just shy of £6000 for it? Which seems a bit pricey as I have seen a factory convertible for under £5000. Any tips or advice would be most appreciated thanks in advance. Barry 
    • I had several remapped Volvo T5's all were really successful, the BMW specialist that I use for servicing has a 535d that has been remapped he uses a company called Remap Science for himself and customers who want it done as they come to him http://www.remapscience.co.uk  I have no experience of them but he is very fussy about the cars he looks after and in particular his own.  
    • Have a 330d and not sure which to go for. Fancy a bit more torque and mpg combined. Anyone got any experience with doing this. 
    • Hi can anyone recommend somewhere near Cambridge that can remap my 330d thanks