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    • it seems to be climate controlled ie below 3 to4 degrees it does not kick in
    • Morning Ray Years ago upgrading my Cosworth we could buy rated injectors up to around 450 bhp with suitable turbo and head mods, the trick was to fit a fifth injector in the inlet manifold to get above that. Yes I ran a Cosworth Saphire on the road with 390bhp at the wheels exciting !!! Nothing much happened below 3k then all hell let loose totally mad then of course it was stolen all standard stuff for Cossie's in the 80's and 90's so I went Lotus Carlton. As far as injectors go I would talk to an Injector specialist they may be able to modify your existing set for higher flows. They will need to know the airflows that you are targeting to match the injector flows for most effective performance. Not cheap but trying injectors from other models is guess work but an extra injector or twin injectors triggered at certain airflow?  Good luck with your project sounds interesting
    • Me again,this time I'm looking for some info on larger fuel injectors for my e24.I know its a bit unusual to ask this but my 6er is not standard.It has an AVA turbo conversion with a M5 gearbox and dif. I'm having a new ECU fitted as the old one only had a piggy back type on and it just wasnt  up to the job.The guys at Stone Motorsport are doing a great work but they stated the limiting factor might be the injectors, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • Hi fellas, just a quick one, i own a 1989 e24 and am thinking of upgrading the brakes. I already have wilwood  discs and calipers  on the front but as I have a set of Hi Spec  discs and calipers lying around I thought I'd throw them on for a change.My problem is that Hi Spec dont have the disc bells or caliper spacers in stock so I either need to know if the hub assembly on the e24 is shared with another model or if i can get hold of detailed drawings of the hub assembly. They said that I could take my car down to them and I would but theres a slight issue of me living in Ireland!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • I'm going to get a reader put on it this weekend.  I'm now thinking it is probably an abs sensor on it's way out