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    • Hi Dave. I tried doing the keys as you said but it doesn’t seem to do anything different when I try setting different positions on to the other key. It says in the user manual that you need to have it set up by your main dealer which is why I assumed it wasn’t user programmable?  I seem to think when I had my 740 it could be set up by the owner.  So regards dis etc, would you prefer dis over sss? Isn’t sss more in depth coding stuff? I have various leads but I think the only usb one I have is for a Vauxhall. I notice there’s quite a few on eBay, is there any particular one I should go for? 
    • Afternoon Andy  You could try setting up everything for you on one key saving it in the seat memory 1 then lock the car, unlock with the other key and repeat on memory 2  for SWIMBO see if that works. I have Inpa and BMW 1.4.0 loaded on an old laptop I tend to use 1.4.0 as I find it is much more user friendly and fine up to around 2006 2008 MY all models. You won't need the round adapter as it is straight OBD beneath the steering wheel above the accelerator you will see the little cover/door. I use www.realoem.com for parts information and basic drawings then www.newtis.com it is the same information dealers use for maintenance information and how too's BMW have tried hard but not defeated me yet !! Enjoy Dave
    • I know what you mean Andrew  It was a few years back when I used the Dunlop boys they were very knowledgeable and sorted a wayward AMG I was running out there first they took readings of the set up and you could see where it was out (way out) they made all the adjustments to bring it back to spec supported by a print of both readouts, the cost was around the same as I would pay here in the UK £100 or so about $450 AED. Runflats are notorious for getting noisier as they wear plus if pressures are down wearing oddly (shoulders etc) hope you get it sorted they are awesome cars when all four wheels point the same way!! Good Luck Dave
    • Hi Dave. Thanks for your reply. I haven’t even looked for my software yet but I seem to think I have dis 44 and maybe 57? I also have sss which I don’t think I ever installed. Which do you recommend? And does the 05 x5 still have the big round socket or is it an obd lead now? I still have my round lead somewhere. Can’t check on anything at the minute as the missus has taken it to work. (The car, not the lead!). It’s been nearly ten years since I did any of this! 
    • Thanks a lot for your responses.   @greydog yep it’s the 20 inch staggered setup running Bridgestones which I checked are for this model. I’ll take your advice though and speak to the Dunlop guys.   but you know the biggest issue I have is you never know 100% until you’ve opened the check book. Would make me feel more comfortable if someone would prove what they are telling me up front then I would not mind paying the cash.