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  1. Morning Philip Just done this very job with one of our sons friends he brought Cree 80w 6000k LED lamps from Ebay very easy fit and look really good Dave
  2. Whoop Whoop great result Nick in another 30 years you will have caught me up getting older does have some benefits £340 on the X5 4.6is £248 on my wifes heavily modified Perrin Subaru 3.0 Outback And yes I still feel 18 at times 😂😂
  3. Morning Claudio Welcome to the Forum Diagnostic readers can be a boon or a PITA while they can all read fault codes as you have discovered some really are not that helpful. You need a BMW specific reader such as INPA or BMW 1.4.0 The first thing they will explain what the issue is, example my Parking sensors were intermittent BMW 1.4.0 doesn't give just a code it shows Sensor rear centre right as a description. I have 1.4.0 set up on an old laptop that I use just for diagnostics BMW 1.4.0 only cost about £10 when I got it Now your problem, a lot of SRS issues are caused by the seat occupancy sensors and connectors particularly after a car has had a few years of "bums in seats" If you haven't already check a BMW online parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your model. This will give 2 things 1 a small exploded drawing so you can see how things fit 2 part numbers so you know your getting correct replacements. Also look at use your Vin again or just search the model info. This is a BMW technical information site that will give you the same information as a BMW Dealer to allow repair and fault location. Hope this helps Dave
  4. Not heard of that one before Stu Mind I try to avoid bouncing off rocks and stuff !! More a leisurely stroll with the dogs
  5. Morning Breck When I ran the Mercedes estates I used a piece of cord carpet that I stuck to the under side of the boot liner so that when I opened the boot it could be folded out to protect the bumper when the dogs hopped in and out. The carpet came as an offcut from Carpet Right and they hunted around and found some black to match the carpet colour in the car. I fixed it in place with double sided carpet tape. We use the same system with my wife's Subaru Outback. Or you could check put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model. Then search to see if one is available. Dave
  6. Morning Tony It's amazing how they get there isn't it, we don't have any trees close by but I still get leaves and debris there?? I use a crevice tool on the hoover and a soft 1" paint brush seems to work well Dave
  7. Hi James On my X5 (earlier E53) if I turn on the ignition with the expansion cap off ( tested mine by putting the car in D so I could turn to the engine run position with out cranking) the Auxiliary pump circulates water into the expansion tank. I would guess that if yours isn't doing it then you may have a faulty Auxiliary pump. The procedure they show in Newtis for your model is, Venting cooling system: Brake bleeding procedure is maintained automatically for a set period of time. During this time, marginal conditions are continuously checked and the brake bleeding procedure is automatically terminated in the event that these are violated. The following preconditions are continuously monitored by the DDE and must be adhered to in order to maintain the brake bleeding procedure: Automatic transmission in position "N" or "P". Manual gearbox clutch not operated. Engine at idle (presses on accelerator are possible). driving speed is less than 3 km/h. Coolant temperature on engine start <50°C. Starting the brake bleeding procedure: Switch on ignition. Set heater to maximum temperature and turn blower down to lowest speed. FES (driving experience switch) must not be in ECO PRO! Press accelerator pedal for 10 seconds to floor. Start the engine within 30 seconds. If the engine is not started within 30 seconds, the function is reset. If the brake bleeding procedure needs to be performed again (e.g. in the event of a leaking cooling system), allow DME to fall completely (leave ignition key removed for approx. 3 mins) then repeat from point 1. Once the function has been started, a counter runs (10 minutes) whilst the aforementioned marginal conditions are satisfied. Once this period has expired or in the event that the aforementioned marginal conditions are violated, the function switches automatically to normal operation. Then adjust fluid level in the coolant expansion tank to maximum. I guess you are following those instructions ? So a code read is needed to let you know if your Auxiliary pump is working Dave
  8. Morning James Water pumps don't fail often (doesn't mean they don't) with the engine running and the cap on the bleed screw should be tight also. Let the engine reach operating temp then just crack the bleed screw (like a radiator bleed screw in your house) any air you should hear escaping plus bubbles. If its just coolant then tighten up job done You should have a secondary/auxiliary water pump electric that runs to circulate hot water before the thermostat is open. If you check for the dealer sequence for checking and bleeding Dave
  9. Morning James Which engine? Diesel or Petrol? What is the issue you are having? You say you have topped up the coolant is there a leak? When the car is running and up to Temp is the gauge needle in the middle ? Does your car have auxiliary heating? If the issue is no heat in the cabin it could be a number of things other than the water pump. Thermostats there are 2, 3 on some models, there are flow control vales that allow hot water to the heater matrix and an auxiliary water pump. Then there is the embarrassing one the centre vent roller needs to be in the red section to allow heat to the cab many have thought there is an issue but the roller is in the wrong position. Load of questions but some information may help in working out what the problem is Dave
  10. Morning Phil X3/X5 are very similar apart from engines the X3 have 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 engine in both flavours Petrol and Diesel the latest models even have hybrid tech. X5 3.0 in both flavours and V8 petrol 4.4 to 4.8 My opinion is that the Achilles heel for all modern engines are the extended service periods that all manufactures tout, so my advice is oil changes annually or every 5k in my case to protect. Modern Diesels also have DPF/EGR issues if short journeys are the norm, a good charge on a motorway once a month helps I am told . Tyres are the nemesis for all 4x4 if there is a difference in rolling radius front to rear the transfer box can be damaged so when replacing tyres I try to ensure I change all 4. Off road our cars are not hardcore off road warriors (even the Land Rover boys beef stuff up and buy special tyres) but driven sensibly are OK I pop the box in manual select 3rd and let the torque work. Slippery grass fields and snotty gateways towing the horse trailer no problems, While out shooting muddy farm tracks and more slippery gateways (have you noticed farmers always put the gate in the muddiest corner of the field?) and not needed rescue yet. I am on my 2nd X5 which originally we brought to tow a horse trailer after selling the Horse lorry in 2003. The first X5 was a 4.4 and I have to say faultless for 3 years then while out shooting a large tree blew over and squashed an Audi 2 pickups and the X5. I replaced it with the 4.6 X5 (now 156k) which has been an interesting learning process, but both cars have performed off the beaten track while towing at Horse shows and out on the shoots and never faltered. I was in Germany in 2007 and snow closed down a lot of areas but the X5 on winter tyres just kept going. I have a friend who is a Landrover Discovery disciple he looked at the X5 and said "buy a good tow rope you will need it" Happy to report I have never been "towed" but have smugly towed him out off the sticky stuff twice 🤣 Bit of a ramble but I hope it helps Dave
  11. Morning Paul Welcome to the Forum Looks really good as you have it and with an ECU tune performance mid range in particular should be a hoot.😈 Oh, Get the soap off quick before it dries streaky 😁 Dave
  12. Hi Martin Your catching me up, it is easy getting down but a lot harder getting up again 😂 I hadn't thought of trying something like that, it doesn't melt plastic or rubber or it wouldn't stay i in the thing they sell it in. I would say worth a try maybe a drain un-blocker product ? Thinking of that a plumber friend told us to put a bottle of Coke down a blocked drain and leave it as long as possible, it worked cleared the blockage and cheaper than the stuff from Tesco. Good thinking Martin Dave
  13. Morning Ben Tyres take care as they can be a huge issue with AWD cars of all makes The X5 is sensitive to differences in rolling radius between front and rear tyres so changing tyres needs some thought particularly with staggered set ups. BMW/Mercedes had agreements with tyre manufacturers to make sure the rolling radius is within tolerances. If the front and rear are out of tolerance you will get transmission wind up and ultimately damage to the transfer case and or diffs. If you are needing tyres due to uneven wear (inside edge) the lower ball joint is probably worn so it makes sense to make sure all is good before shelling out on tyres that won't last long. On my 4.6 my last set of tyres were Accelera Iota (recommended by a guy on another site) and they have been a pleasant surprise great price and decent handling in all conditions 18k on them so far. I got them from Oponeo delivered to a local fitting centre and had all 4 fitted and 4 wheel alignment. Good Luck Dave
  14. Morning Martin The filter on the pump is clogged with a jelly like substance caused by using a washer fluid that didn't have a fungicide in it being used (BMW will tell you theirs is the only one) So unfortunately it isn't really possible to clean them properly without access. My wife's Subaru has the washer bottle under the wing behind the splash guard, so to get at it it's wheel off, splash guard out then I can get at the washer reservoir.and pumps. Yes the same issue so not just BMW, but it takes me less than an hour once a year if that and I am not a fit bendy young thing anymore. It will always need doing as it isn't always possible or practical to find a screen wash with fungicide in it. In October last year I brought 3 x 5 ltr of BMW screen wash from Amazon cost about £10 for 5 ltr from memory and we still have most of one left in the garage. Dave