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  1. Hi Where are you measuring the voltage? Your car has around 25 control modules all of which communicate with each other over the Bus system so with out diagnostics very hard to tell. though you could pull fuses until you find the culprit. But not necessarily the cause When the new battery was fitted was it fitted correctly? is it the correct battery and type for the car? was it correctly registered to the chassis ? If the battery is not correct, does your car gave stop/start, then it quite possibly is dead, if it isnt registered to the chassis it wont charge correctly.
  2. Morning William Welcome to the Forum First how old is your battery ? What is it's condition ? If your getting a "whirring noise" you need to see what it is that's running Cooling Fan ? Recirculation Fan ? Emissions Fan ? Fuel Pump ? Is the key in the ignition (it shouldn't be) If you have a system that is damaged and running try pulling the fuse obviously what ever it is it needs repair/replacement If Battery voltage is bellow 12 volts at rest "engine off" it is probably dead and needs replacing, when charging you should be connecting the charge at the charge points under the
  3. Plus think of all the dosh you save on chiropractors 🤣
  4. Looks tasty!! Ian used his first one for track days (Goodwood just down the road) the last one is all Hill Climb stuff
  5. Morning Jack Try talking to some of the BMW specialists I dont know where you are but my Brother Inlaw has used a guy in West London (Hayes/Uxbridge) on several BMW's BW Tuning I think. Have a Google and talk to them is what I would do Dave
  6. I have a friend who built 2 Caterham's he described them as his weekend adrenalin pumps. My son does have the right idea as he will probably get the beer out of my Garage fridge !!! Cheeky boy
  7. Hi Neil Fortunately I have I have kept the Chancellor on side by her car being "special" the first was a 1600e with a Burton 1760 engine she also had T5s all chipped. Her current car is a 3.0 Subaru Outback with a Perrin engine So changing cars has never been an issue 😁 For looks/power/economy I don't think you can beat modern diesels (mid 90's on) my brother inlaw runs 530d touring he has had 4 current is 535d favour. All have been solid mechanically all have been ECU tuned seriously quick in the mid range and return 40+ mpg the 535 has 300hp and 800nm of torque. Not much live
  8. Hi Gary Welcome to the Forum I helped a neighbour change both front wishbones on his wife's car near side was bent he thought due to "pot holes" Take a look at www.realoem.com it is a BMW online parts list. Put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box it will bring up your model the look at the Front axel section. You will be able to get the correct part numbers to get the correct replacement whether from BMW or from a Motor Factor or Auction Site. My neighbour changed both as he brought from a Motor Factor and wanted both to match. Good Luck Dave
  9. Hi Mo Welcome to the Forum All AWD cars need the tyres front and rear to have the same rolling radius if they are mismatched then you will have all the conditions for transmission wind up to occur. Transmission wind up can and will kill Diffs, Transfer boxes and even Gearboxes very expensive. Are the tyres the correct sizes for the car. From your description you have the symptoms and have ignored them, if the front axel is turning at a different speed to the rear then the transfer case in the middle will be damaged. If you reverse in a tight circle slowly do you get a jerki
  10. Hi Kate Welcome to the Forum You don't say what smell Fuel, Electrical is it the car or something else in the garage. I do know someone who had a car parked up for some time, mice had moved in. One of the furry little pests had chewed through a live cable, result dead mouse. The smell was something to behold !! You wouldn't believe that one small rodent could smell that bad If it has been parked up since November has it been on a trickle charger? I hope if it has the charger was connected at the charging points under the bonnet and not direct to the battery. Dave
  11. Welcome Neil My list of previous started in 1962 with a 1075s that soon got stretched to 1275 (The A series engines just wore out fast 😈) and between that and the Volvo era are a long list of "I should have kept that" car Your own list shows your a man who understands "power to weight" Enjoy Dave
  12. Morning Ronald Welcome to the Forum BMW fit the Westfalia tow kits as OEM and here in the UK quote 750kg (1650ibs) un-braked 2100kg (4620lbs) braked trailer capacity. So I would get a Westfalia detachable kit fitted to match OEM. Here there are several aftermarket companies who will supply and fit the kit complete with the correct wiring harness. Hope this helps Dave
  13. Fingers crossed Donna maybe you will get to enjoy your X5 soon 😁 Dave
  14. Hi David Welcome to the Forum Very nice, and in the best colour too 😁 Enjoy your Beemer Dave
  15. Morning Donna Did you buy private? or from a Dealer ? The scuttle area is under the bonnet ahead of the wipers. it has the engine main fuse relay and DDE in sealed box above the inside fuse box. The plastic tray/trim that houses it should have drains in the bottom check them. Check the pollen filter housing centre of the same tray/trim that is where fresh air gets in so if drains there are clogged or the filter is clogged/soaked it could be the source. For what it's worth my screen leak was tiny but the amount of water that came in wasn't Dave
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