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  1. Morning Alex I agree with Stu the fitter at Halford clearly didn't have a clue and was probably using the wrong ISO adapter for your model. With my 4.4 X5 I fitted a Dynavin head unit ( that was a while ago now) check out their website they make some good kit that is plug and play Dave
  2. Hi G Welcome to the Forum I have read a lot about this issue over the years not just a BMW problem by the way several Marques have issues as they use PVC insulated cables which become brittle in low temperatures, couple this with everything being as short and tight as possible and broken cables are inevitable. There are repair kits available but if buying one make sure you get a silicon insulated one with multi-cored cable for flexibility and sufficient length. As for carrying out the repair it is within the scope of most competent home mechanics, and certainly easy for an Auto Electrician or good Independent Garage. Good Luck Dave
  3. 👍 Tints Not sure the others would add anything But then I am an old bloke 😁
  4. Bridgestone are a BMW * rated and approved tyre so you should find things improve significantly. 😁
  5. Not quite sure where and why your measuring fuel pressure, do you have a starting problem or running problem?? Take a look at for the information your looking for. The site is a BMW Technical Information site as used by Dealers so all you need should be there. Good Luck Dave
  6. Hi Marcus Welcome to the Forum From the pictures it looks like a nice car (even if they did put the steering wheel on the wrong side) I would guess the same criteria apply both sides of the Atlantic History History History. Being the top of the range it is unlikely to have been abused so if the service history pans out then it's what deal you can negotiate. Good Luck Dave
  7. Morning Ryan I don't think the lights and the pulling to the right are related. First the lights are for alarms triggered as you removed parts (steering wheel/airbag) if the key was in the ignition and battery connected that will cause it, they will need to be reset using a BMW specific scanner. A good independent garage or may be member on here who lives near you? Obviously a garage will charge. Pulling to the right, have you checked front tyre pressures? does the offside have low pressure which could be a slow puncture? Check for brake bind on the offside front and rear as Stu suggests Dave PS. Congratulations to you both hope it goes smoothly
  8. Hi Matthew With the X5 the sub fits in the right hand cubby in the boot the connectors for the sub are already there wrapped up. I know several guys have fitted their own subs successfully it just depends on the whether the radio is set up to deal with it. So knowing what you have in the car will help, Dave
  9. Morning Troy Welcome to the Forum Looks like an accessory cable for sure, CD/DVD in Glove box ? Apple Play adapter? Dash Cam feed? Certainly not OEM laying on the floor (well I hope not) Let us know if you find out what it is for Dave
  10. Hi Steve Tyres are or can be a touchy subject with some seeing them as a necessary evil and buy cheap others only buy the best. Certainly seems someone put cheap ditch finders on for either MOT or sale. Personally I like same make front and rear and go for the recognized brands so I would check the rear wear and make a decision based on their condition. If they are good or nearly new condition I would buy the same for the front. The last set on my X5 are Bridgestone before was Yoko's and before that Michelin as I look for the deals, my winter wheels have Witrac Extreme fitted. Dave
  11. Morning Phil Welcome to the Forum Have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box then look in the trim section for part numbers. Or look on the well known Auction site if you cant find black grills what about rubbing down priming and painting a secondhand pair Dave
  12. Hi Matthew Welcome to the Forum If you have the BMW set up in your car is it Business or Professional set up with or without the monitor. The Harmon Kardon set up you can fit a sub in the boot I believe the wiring is there (may be there anyway) so depending what your starting with will be the decider on how easy/hard it is. I would first check (if you haven't already) put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your model, then look in the Audio section to see what you have and what was available OEM. Then search the web for the bits you want/need, that is if you want to stay OEM. If not and you are fitting an aftermarket set up then you may need to run cables of the right size for the sub Dave
  13. Your suspension is similar to the X5, brake judder is normally failing bushes on the brake reaction arm at the front, so changing control arms reaction arms and struts will give you a "new front end" and certainly improve things Dave
  14. Stainless over mild steel even if it is OEM winner winner Dave
  15. Morning Luke I may be wrong but if there is no Cat present it may fall foul of MOT rules even if the emissions don't. Why can't they just change the Cat?? My sons Toyota pickup needed a new cat the garage he uses fitted a 200 cell after market cat reset everything and all good, that was about 3 years ago.from memory the whole cost was about £200 Mind you if they are offering a full stainless powerflow system !! Just make sure it is fully compliant so you don't get caught out, talk to an MOT station or check MOT regs on line. Dave