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  1. Before doing anything is your battery in tip top condition and fully charged ? 12.8v at cranking 14+v with engine running What makes you think of the drive shaft? do you have noises or vibration? Often these codes are linked, Firstly ABS, 4x4 and Steering Angle have you had the ABS control unit checked? Not an uncommon fault on more than one make/model of car. Steering angle sensor can be re-set by driving forward turning the steering lock to lock. Most common Airbag fault is the occupancy unit under the passenger seat poor earth or bad connection in the plug. Just got one popped up on my passenger door airbag.
  2. Ha Ha that will do it removing the Suspension Inact message is a "check box to disable" you need a friendly soul with INPA or BMW 1.4.0 or similar you can select which check warnings are displayed at start up. I don't understand why people are scared of the air suspension systems and swap them for springs when the air systems are simple to work on particularly the rear only self leveling systems on most X5's. The wife doesn't read the forum then He He Dave Should have said if you find the friendly soul if the look at the LCM module you can see all items in the "Check Control" just un-tick the suspension
  3. Morning Terrence Not a diesel driver but I have owned (and still own) super charged and turbo charged petrol cars so my thoughts would be. Turbo's do wear and whistle as a result, a whoosh on Deceleration could be a waste-gate blow off stopping over boost on the overrun. I thought most these days bypassed any over boost into the exhaust to silence the Whoosh so check the plumbing again. The whistle rising to a screech doesn't sound right to me I would suspect a worn turbo I am afraid. Dave
  4. Morning Chris Welcome to the Forum ask away but most of all ENJOY your BMW Dave
  5. Welcome to the Forum "Upt" Not sure about the "brains" bit but happy to help when we can and squeeze you dry of any knowledge you may have. I have been through the same thought process myself, twice! I brought the X5 to tow a horse trailer, first was at 5 years I went to a Warranty Direct cover as it was soooo much cheaper than BMW. They were brilliant covering some biggies. At 16 years old they no longer offer cover but now do I get rid or keep the car ?? Well there were only 800 odd 4.6is registered now there are only 400 left so do I have an appreciating classic?? As we have other cars I have kept it. As I have invested a lot of time and money learning all it's little foibles and idiosyncrasies it is now like a comfortable pair of boots. Dave
  6. Morning Ali Great Vid thanks for posting it I am sure it will help others. If you are not aware here are some sites that may help you in the future, a BMW online parts list make sure your buying the right parts. Put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box and off you go. a BMW technical information site as used by dealers.Last but not least this is an American site but has great step by step how too's. Dave
  7. Have a look at it is an online BMW parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin Number into the search box and it will bring up your model. Then search for the parts you want/need it will have the correct part numbers so when buying your sure (a) it will fit (b) it should work.
  8. Morning Adam Loosing coolant if it hasn't stopped after changing the thermostat? You need to first look for signs of an external leak? Any signs of drips under the car overnight? No damp or wet carpet inside? The water pump I believe is electric any leaks there? If you are sure there are no leaks get a garage to pressure test the system and rad plus do a sniff test in the header tank that will confirm if there are head gasket issues or not. Oil usage/loss you don't say how many miles you have on the engine? A litre a week seems high but if your covering mega miles maybe not? Again check externally for leaks/drips. When was it's last full service? Plugs, Coil packs air fuel and oil filters? While at the garage ask for a compression test to get an idea of engine condition, changing parts won't fix a badly worn engine. Dave
  9. Morning Adam and Welcome to the Forum While you give codes how many miles has your car covered, what service history etc helps as well. Not a diesel specialist but have had to learn a bit as all the kids drive diesels (non BMW) and my brother inlaw drives a 530d First the Glow plugs heat for a few seconds to ensure clean start in cold conditions. My sons Toyota had all four not working for a year never made a bit of difference to the car starting but then we do live in Sussex and haven't seen a really cold winter for ages (stupid statement this year I will probably need a snow plow) So I would suspect at the moment as all 4 glow plugs are inoperative that the glow plugs and or controller need changing. I don't think that these are the culprit. The remaining codes however could well be linked, sorting which are symptoms of, and which are the cause is the trick. The charge air monitoring fault I would check all hoses from the turbo through the intercooler and up to the inlet manifold check all the seals and joints both pressure and vacuum hoses it doesn't take much to throw things off. Air Mass sensor (hot film) If these are clean and dry they are normally reliable, the inlet manifold systems are complex, not sure if your car has swirl flaps or not. I would look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin number into the search box it will bring up your model then search in the engine section there are exploded drawings that may help. Also look at this is a BMW technical information site Dealers use this information. Don't ignore the fuel filter and fuel pump our sons last Toyota had power issues that turned out to be a clogged fuel filter. Good Luck Dave
  10. Morning If the big pipe to the top of the air spring is off that will be it also the suspension will be down as it can't hold air. There should be a locking clip at the end which pushes over the air spring which locks it in place some are plastic so check it's not missing or broken. Sounds as though someone has been in there if the car has been driven on the bump stops it will be rock hard lets hope the air springs are OK. Hope your wife is better Dave
  11. There seems to be plenty changing hands on the well known auction site so even with them being "spares or repair" you may recover something worth a go I would have thought Dave
  12. Hi Kevin Welcome to the Forum If 1 sensor has failed it throws the lot out, so from your symptoms one of the front sensors has died. The sensors tend to be flaky at best my rear sensors show a fault when I scan the system when it's cold out (5 or 6 deg) when its warm like now they work fine they also hate the jet wash?? Cleaning the contacts and plugs cant hurt and is free from memory all 4 sensors on the front of your car are same but check to be sure if you put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box it will bring up your car. Have a look at as well that is a BMW technical information site same information as Dealers use for how too's Good luck Dave
  13. Morning Steve When I had my 4.4 I replaced the standard set up for 2 reasons first the Nav unit was flaky and the TV was analogue so no signal. After a lot of research I went for Dynavin. There were many cheaper available but most came from China and had dubious or no back up. I also wanted to retain the OEM look The Dynavin unit gave me excellent radio, Digital TV, Bluetooth, Nav etc etc and retained the OEM look. It did need the 5m extension lead running from the main radio quadloc connector in the boot but that is straight forward. Cost back then was about £500 from memory but I sold the OEM stuff on Ebay and recovered most of that. The new models I believe integrate with OEM DSP and retain the OBC functions
  14. Morning Lee A pleasure good to know you have it sorted Camber is only half the story toe has much more effect on accelerated wear. Good to know that you have been able to sort it. Often as the suspension bushes wear (about 80000 to 100000 km) seems to be service life adjustment will suffer. Wheel size will have an effect on ride but not wear as the smaller rim size will have a deeper side wall (which has a spring effect) Most wheels are chosen for the cosmetics than practicality. Dave
  15. Hi Ian Sorry I am a bit in the dark with the way BMW control their Diesel engines as I have never owned one. My diesel experience is limited to the kids they all drive diesel but none are BMW. Have you checked put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box it will bring up your model then search for what you need you can also search by part number. There are small exploded drawings that may help. Also look at a BMW technical information site there must be a description somewhere of how it is meant to work. From memory the turbo actuators are also vacuum controlled could there be a link? Dave