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  1. Greydog

    E90 325i camshaft confusion.

    Morning Rob Have you checked ? Enter the last 7 digits of your Vin, I just had a quick general search and came up with the following, Part 11317567642 was found on the following vehicles: 3' E90   (02/2007 — 08/2008) 3' E90 LCI   (07/2007 — 12/2011) 3' E91   (02/2007 — 08/2008) 3' E91 LCI   (03/2008 — 05/2012) 3' E92   (05/2005 — 02/2010) 3' E92 LCI   (10/2009 — 06/2013) 3' E93   (09/2005 — 02/2010) 3' E93 LCI   (07/2009 — 09/2013) 5' E60 LCI   (11/2005 — 12/2009) 5' E61 LCI   (11/2005 — 05/2010) 5' F10   (02/2009 — 06/2013) 5' F11   (01/2009 — 06/2013) 6' E63 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010) 6' E64 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010) I dont know if you have owned your car from new or know it's history but I would be thinking that someone has either changed the head or engine. The part numbers you list seem to point to engines up to mid/late 2006 I would think it unusual for BMW to have engines in stock for 6 months to a year? Check out the above site it is a BMW parts site (same as used by Dealers) also for technical information Good Luck Dave
  2. Greydog

    fibre optic loop

    Morning Dom The water in the boot is a worry as BMW took to hiding a lot of sensitive stuff in there at about the year of your car. I did read some time ago that the seal on the rear light clusters was a point to check also the boot seal it's self. I believe the system in your "7" is similar to the X5 and made up of Headunit, Radio, CD changer, Video/TV unit and Nav computer (CD or DVD) plus Telephone system. In the X5 it is all hidden in the boot apart from the Headunit of course. As the system is linked on the Ibus wierd things happen if a unit fails. One of the main suspect in the X5 is the BM54 radio module which is hidden under the spare wheel and just a small amount of water and it's goosed, it can cause battery drain and other strange behavior Take a look at a BMW Parts list with small exploded drawings put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box and it will bring up your specific build parts list. Also check technical information as used by BMW dealers. Also google Pelican parts an American site but it's only the steering on the wrong side!! Plenty of how too's and pictures on their site. Good luck, hope this helps Dave
  3. Greydog

    radio console replacement

    Morning Andrew Have a look at the Dynavin website I used one in my 4.4 it was not cheap but worked really well and looked and fitted like an OEM set up. Dave
  4. Greydog

    2017 430i Gran Coupe Paintwork Problem

    I had an issue when I first had the X5 (2004) the lacquer seemed to craze, minute cracks that made the surface feel slightly rough, the drivers and rear door were affected the worst in certain lights it changed the colour of the panels. I have to say BMW just fixed it under warranty quickly and efficiently and without quibble, keep the pressure on sounds as though your dealer is the type who try to avoid everything
  5. Greydog

    New X3 owner

    Morning Richard Welcome to the Forum, congratulations on your purchase. Service history as always is paramount same with any car, also check with BMW for any recalls/updates that have been due and were they carried out. If your X3 has a staggered wheel set up (wider rear tyres) take care when replacing tyres make sure all 4 are from a good manufacturer differences in rolling circumference can cause transmission wind up and damage to the transfer box. This applies to all X drive cars and BMW recommend * rated tyres. If the wheels are same size on each corner it is more forgiving but you should still check that all tyres are from a recognized manufacturer and the correct size at least then you have a chance the rolling radius is within tolerance. Apart from that they are good cars ENJOY If the worst happens there is loads of support here Dave
  6. Greydog


    Morning Chris Wow that doesn't inspire confidence in that Dealer what has their service manager had to say? I would write to him email or post so that should there be an issue later you have some evidence. When you say the air duct was left off was it on the left of the engine ? The main filter is at the back of the engine bay with a feed to the intake on the right (passenger side). Anything left off on that side and I would have thought increased engine/intake noise would be obvious. After 500 odd miles I wouldn't think any serious damage has been done as our environment generally is pretty clean so the opportunity for your engine to swallow anything harmful will have been quite small. Fingers crossed Dave
  7. Greydog

    New Owner - more questions

    You are not a pain Martin the only way we learn is by asking or observing. Like many manufacturers BMW have taken advantage of long life oils to extend service periods, personally I still change oil and filter annually. I also change gearbox oil every 30k with diffs and transfer box (BMW say sealed for life ?? ZF who make the box say 60000 kilometers) So for me every 12 months minimum. It would make sense that the main loom has all the connectors in place particularly if you have power memory seats the wiring in the door should be there. Have a look at it's a BMW service data base that Dealers use for service info it should tell you what you need Back seats I have no answer to other that using the information sites. The advantage of the X5 is my clubs and trolley fit in the boot along with my two sons stuff. Hope this helps
  8. Greydog

    New owner questions

    Hi John Welcome to the Forum Looking your header you say the car is an e90 2001 I didn't think e90 started until 2004? or is it a different car? If the car is e46 2001 or e90 2004 vintage then there were no android head units then so I would think you have an after market head unit' If the car has the original BMW Professional set up with Nav and CD in the boot early cars tended to have a motorola phone built in which required its own sim. Cars around 2002 started getting bluetooth but it wasn't great tech. It may be better to start a new thread or ask Trevor to move this one, some pictures would help identify what you have Dave
  9. Greydog

    New member

    Running the cable from the rear is a surprisingly simple job just a case of taking it easy so you don't damage any trim, it is then plug and play. There is a route already for the loom along the sill beneath the doors then under the passenger seat at the carpet join under the centre console and up to the back of the headunit. It took me a morning with plenty of tea and biscuit breaks all hidden and looks like OEM. I used a wireless camera powered by a single wire from the reverse light this was the fiddliest bit to feed through then a wireless receiver attached to the headunit all worked really well. The new Dynavin units are android so you will get all you want and you should get a good chunk back selling the old stuff the space you gain in the cubby is quite surprising
  10. Greydog

    New member

    Yay well done Adam glad you got so much done as it was rubbish weekend weather wise here. If you have the OEM Navigation setup screen up front nav CD etc in the rear side cubby BM54 under the floor then changing over will need a 5m extension lead to run from the boot to the front. I did this on my 4.4 I brought a Dynavin headunit and extension lead (then about £500) fitting was straight forward if a bit fiddly. Before running the extension lead I added a radio aerial extension and a GPS antenna extension then fed it through the passenger side at floor level, not difficult just take your time. Remove the head unit (how too's on the net) and fitted the dynavin designed to look OEM. Connect the Quadlock in the boot and the two antenna leads and switch on great unit and I recovered the cost by selling my headunit Nav, CD and blue tooth units on the well known auction site. Dave
  11. Greydog

    New owner questions

    Morning Martin I have a friend who has a Mercedes with runflats who had just that issue M18 on a Sunday night apparently the only indication was the tyre pressure warning lamp and increased road noise. He had no clue how far he had traveled on it and it was too hot to touch he ended up calling recovery. Since then he has put tyre goo in all tyres and carries a small pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter, my X5 has staggered tyres so while it does have a spare (a bicycle wheel) I to have tyre goo and a pump ( BMW supply them as a Kit at a stupid price). One of the tricks with your BMW is to carry out a reset of all control units by disconnecting the Battery for half an hour (bit like the hard reset on a computer) so no radio codes needed. Have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up a parts list for your model look in the Trim section (I think) and you should see if your model has powered mirrors. Often they are there but need enabling in the software. There are many DIY Diagnostic packages available (I use BMW 1.4.0) many now are using Carly for BMW google BMW Diagnostic Programs and read could save quite a bit rather than being in the hands of Dealers who will often charge a minimum of 1 hours labour (often more) for a diagnostic check. Dave
  12. Greydog

    New Bimmer owner checking in

    Welcome Martin Who said you would be able to rest?? 😂 Dave
  13. Greydog

    New owner questions

    Morning Martin Welcome to the Forum, here is to many miles of enjoyable motoring. Your questions, 1. Where runflats are fitted as standard the theory is there's no need to carry a spare or any of the tools. BMW are not alone here, with tyre manufacturers telling us that a runflat will give up to 50 miles driving when deflated, they see no reason to supply the spare or jack also they assume that we all will be within that distance of somewhere that stocks that tyre?? 2. The manufacturers introduced key codes to try and reduce/prevent theft BMW took the approach of component installation with elements scattered around the car making a thief's job difficult. The unit will also be coded to the chassis (on certain cars/models) which further complicates the thief's job. You can retrofit items and have them coded or with the right diagnostic software and a lap top or even mobile phone code it yourself. Enjoy the car Dave
  14. Greydog

    New member

    Assuming (dangerous I know) that your headunit is OEM then it is just the headunit you need or if you can source one just the screen they can be changed and there are how too's on You tube etc. Aircon is another issue BMW have made the system in my opinion is horribly over complicated, simple thing first try getting it vac down and tested for leaks then re-gassed. If it is gassed and not running it could be one of the sensors or the pusher fan on the front of the rad or the control panel in the dash. If it is the whole aircon/heating system not working look at the FSR (final stage resistor) Hope this helps Dave
  15. Greydog

    New member

    Morning Adam Welcome to the Forum, congratulations on your new (to you) X5. Mechanically most jobs can be carried out by a reasonably competent home mechanic, get yourself some diagnostic kit if you don't have it already. Something BMW specific as it will help greatly, I use BMW 1.4.0 cheap to buy and works well but you will need a laptop to run it. There is also INPA, Carly (which will run on a mobile phone) Is yours a Petrol or Diesel model? I also use a BMW specif parts list it will give simple exploded drawings and OEM part numbers useful when buying bits from other sources. The X5 is a power hungry beast and battery's suffer if they have been parked up or used for short journey's. I would check the age of the battery (there is a label on the battery) a bit of a faff as it is buried in the boot under the spare and suspension compressor. A lot of electrical gremlins are as a result of a low charge or dying battery. I use a Ctek battery charger a few times a year on the regen setting to keep the battery in good health. Good Luck and Enjoy the X5 Dave