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  1. e24 larger injectors

    Well we do have my wife's Subaru 3.0 Outback with full Perrin engine upgrade 400whp. All standard Outback on top scary underneath when you fancy some fun with boy racer's or the odd Porsche.
  2. e24 larger injectors

    There has to be some benefits to having the stress of your own business. The AMG's are amazing cars but Merc Dealers can leave BMW floundering when it comes to charging!!! Sometimes it felt as though there were sensors in the car so that when I drove past the dealer they sent an invoice!! Brought the first X5 to tow a horse trailer after we sold the Horse Lorry (it wasnt used enough and cost a fortune at Plating each year) the AMG CLS I had then just sat on the drive as the X became a daily drive so the Merc went. Then I got the 4.6 X5 I am running now, I have invested a lot of time improving the 4.6 trying to lessen the effects of some poor engineering choices by BMW and have to say for me its a great compromise. Goes like a stabbed rat if needed holds the road like a hot hatch can pull the Horse box with ease and copes OK off road when I am out shooting plus it's a comfortable motorway cruiser, downside the ride is harsh on the 20" wheels. Now at at my age (into my 70's) I was tempted by an ML420 CDI but now Mercedes don't make that engine anymore I will stick with the X5 the 4.6 is becoming rarer so who knows I may have a potential classic?
  3. e24 larger injectors

    Morning Trevor The Carlton (chassis 32) still ranks high with me, sold it to a Kiwi living in London and then lost track of it. It was followed by a couple of super charged Jags (not good quality at that time) and P38 Range Rovers (same quality issues) Then a string of Volvo's 850 T5, V70 T5's brilliant reliability and very quick with an ECU upgrade. Then the AMG Mercs 3 of those amazing love hate relationships and then the X5's just a sucker for punishment
  4. e24 larger injectors

    Morning Ray Years ago upgrading my Cosworth we could buy rated injectors up to around 450 bhp with suitable turbo and head mods, the trick was to fit a fifth injector in the inlet manifold to get above that. Yes I ran a Cosworth Saphire on the road with 390bhp at the wheels exciting !!! Nothing much happened below 3k then all hell let loose totally mad then of course it was stolen all standard stuff for Cossie's in the 80's and 90's so I went Lotus Carlton. As far as injectors go I would talk to an Injector specialist they may be able to modify your existing set for higher flows. They will need to know the airflows that you are targeting to match the injector flows for most effective performance. Not cheap but trying injectors from other models is guess work but an extra injector or twin injectors triggered at certain airflow? Good luck with your project sounds interesting
  5. Audio Help E46 1999

    Just searched 90deg Fakra antenna connector on Ebay and this came up
  6. Audio Help E46 1999

    There are 90 deg but tend to be male to male here are two from your favorite auction site First is Female to Female ISO second 90deg Male to male
  7. Audio Help E46 1999

    Morning Ian That well known auction site will be able to help just search Iso to fakra connector there are plenty there Dave
  8. help - no restart after warm

    Wow, now you know why BMW stands for breaks my wallet ! It doesn't sound as though you have much left to change. When you say it shows no codes what reader are you using? Is it BMW specific like INPA or 1.4.0 many generic readers cant see all the control modules I brought BMW 1.4.0 and put it on an old laptop. When I had my 4.4 my generic reader showed no codes most will only see a code if the CEL has been triggered but 1.4.0 showed codes in all sorts of places. On the 4.4 I had a misfire the car also had LPG fitted just to confuse the issue like you I had no codes showing so worked through all the usual suspects then got 1.4.0 and first scan showed all sorts of issues cleared them all down and the first one back in my case was MAF first step was clean it with carb cleaner next was the connector cleaned with contact cleaner BINGO no more codes. When you changed the starter was it second hand or refurb? The Magnetti Mareli starter is known to cause high current draw problems engine cranks but no start and kills the battery. If your in the South East happy to meet and plug in the laptop
  9. I would be talking to the fitter as they seem to have dislodged something if it has been since the radio fitting. You could look at put in the last 7 digits of you vin then search the heater/aircon sections for diagrams of how things fit. Good luck Dave
  10. help - no restart after warm

    Hi Rusty and welcome to the forum You have posted in the 5 series slot maybe Trevor can move it to the X5 slot? Which engine 3.0, 4.4, 4.6 or early 4.8? Has the fuel filter been changed they often aren't due to being a PITA to get at. Starter motors are also a known issue when they begin to fail they draw massive current so check for loose connections at the starter or heat. Also when it refuses to start have you tried moving the Gear selector to Neutral in case it's an inhibitor switch issue, ignition switches have also been known to cause starting problems. Just my initial thoughts, but I would start with the easy to get at stuff (Gear selector) change keys if you have a spare? Hope this helps Dave
  11. Newbie here

    Welcome and enjoy your BMW Dave
  12. Check out Dynavin they have developed some fully integrated systems that come with the facia and fitting kits. I had a Dynavin in my 4.4 very good system that was fully integrated with the cars Ibus system. Your car has Most to integrate with so you can maintain the driver information and parking systems it will also have canbus integration so steering wheel controls still work. Their units have I play and Android integration built in now I believe Dave
  13. New-ish owner F20

    Welcome to the Forum Ben Here's to continued enjoyment of your beemer Dave
  14. Cold weather

    Morning Mark Looking at the news and weather today if your OOOP North you have a good oportunity to test the fix !!! Dave
  15. In need of help with 2004 645ci

    Hi Kevin Have a look at it's a BMW Parts Web site it will give you diagrams and part numbers. Put the last 7 digits of your Vin in and it will bring up the build for your model plus any options. The part hanging down looks like it may be the roll bar mounting, do you get knocking from the front end? On realoem the roll bar will be shown as part of the suspension steering will have its own section. I would guess that someone has unbolted it for some reason and not put it back??? not a part that comes loose on it's own but on the plus side a simple and fairly economical fix providing nothing is bent or broken. Dave