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  1. Greydog

    Error codes

    Simple things first, battery condition has to be tip top. Make sure your battery is fully charged. Disconnect the battery, take off the door card and using a really good electrical contact cleaner get to work on all the plugs, modules and airbag connections behind the door card same under the seat for the occupancy mat. reconnect everything and reconnect the battery clear the codes start the engine and see if the codes come back. If they do swap the front door control modules if the fault moves you know it's the module if it doesn't it is probably the air bag unit. It goes without saying take care and make sure the battery is disconnected when unplugging or disconnecting airbags.
  2. Greydog

    Puff of blue smoke

    Morning Jamie Welcome to the Forum, White smoke normally un-burnt fuel, Black smoke over-fueling, Blue smoke oil!! The cause could be turbo seals wearing or valve stem oil seals. Your engine is fairly low mileage and I assume serviced annually so worn valve guides or piston rings should be lower on the culprit list, I would look towards the turbo with the intercooler. Any oil in the intercooler pipes or intercooler can get sucked into the turbo result blue smoke. The turbo lives a hard life so if a turbo oil seal is wearing it could let oil by and result in blue smoke I would get it checked by someone who knows their way around diesels. I hope this helps Dave
  3. Greydog

    New owner

    Looks really nice, an ABS sensor isnt the end of the world annoying and frustrating but a relatively easy fix. Dave
  4. Greydog

    Juddering at low speed

    Morning Micheal I would check the discount tyre sites they often have deals going on that would help. Our sons friend runs Nexen on his X5 3.0d same sizes as ours and has had no issues. I think the trick is to (a) stand a rear and front side by side to see how close they are in diameter if there is little difference OK, if there is a difference (my Dunlops were nearly 10mm) but swapped the front pair with the wholesaler and virtually no difference as I said bit of a faff but in my opinion worth it (b) Make sure you get 4 wheel alignment checked and adjusted if needed after fitting to protect your investment. My current set of Bridgestone were £670 fitted just over a year ago and I am very happy with them., it could be that due to odd tyre wear (tracking) the previous owner changed tyres at different times putting the wear rate (and rolling radius) out of sync. Good luck Dave
  5. Greydog

    Pre-heating please wait

    Not a diseasel driver Liam, however on my Brother inlaws 535 he gets an orange coil symbol it goes out after about 10 secs if you wait. He never waits and the car always starts first turn his car is also now mega miles as he commutes regularly to Holland for business. So dont know if that helps or not Dave
  6. Greydog

    New owner

    Welcome Richard Great choice enjoy your New Beemer Dave
  7. Greydog

    My first BMW after 15 years of Audis

    Welcome to the Forum Alexei A real Pocket Rocket, you may have trouble getting the dog in the boot !! It will be interesting to hear your comparisons between the 2 cars ENJOY not jealous at all 🤭 Dave
  8. Greydog

    newbie question

    Hi Simon Do you have a code reader? Certainly a BMW specific code reader would pin point just were the issue is, I use BMW 1.4.0 (about £15 on ebay) which gives me a clear description of the fault in English. Others I know use Carly for BMW or INPA which ever they would tell you (a) if it is an injector issue or something else as changing parts can become expensive. My sons Toyota had an injector issue the Dealer wanted a small mortgage to replace them, he went to a Diesel specialist (he used to service our Horse Lorry) he sent them off for refurbishing less than a 1/3 rd of the dealer cost. Dave
  9. Greydog

    Juddering at low speed

    Hi Micheal Fingers crossed for you !! My 4.6 has the same size tyres so I know what you mean, obviously wind up occurs even in a straight line but is really noticeable when on lock parking reversing etc I would do the chalk mark test also every now and then open your door before you switch off if you hear a clicking sound after switch off the transfer case gear is damaged and will need attention.
  10. Greydog

    Steering sensor fault

    Hi john is a BMW technical information site as used by BMW Dealers so that should give all the information your looking for regarding tests and expected results Dave
  11. Greydog

    Juddering at low speed

    Morning Micheal Welcome to the forum, tasty car. Tyre size looks OK (check the tyre info sticker on the door shut) but the Xdrive system is sensitive to different rolling radius of tyres front to rear, are your tyres fitted Run Flats (they should be I believe)? What your getting is wind up in the transfer case which can cause expensive damage. There is a ton of information on the Web on this subject which appears far worse with the staggered set up. BMW recommend only Star rated tyres be used to ensure the front/rear rolling radius is as close as possible. My X5 came with Yoko;s fitted when I brought it same symptoms as yours, I parked the car on a level piece of road and made a chalk mark on the tyre front and rear at ground level then got my son to roll the car forward while i watched the rear at 1 revolution chalk mark back to the ground the front had gone way past maybe 30 or 40mm. I fitted 4 Michelin Diamaris which fixed the issues currently running Bridgstones with no problems. Over the years I have run Pirelli, Dunlop and Falken but all 4 have been changed at the same time I always use the same fitting centre and we stand the tyres side by side to see if they are the same diameter before fitting. We did find a difference with the Dunlop's he sent the fronts back the replacements were a match. Bit of a Faff but cheaper than transmission damage. Dave
  12. Greydog

    Steering sensor fault

    Morning John Welcome to the Forum The Steering Angle sensor is one of the few issues I have not had to deal with, I take it you have cleaned all the connectors/plugs with contact cleaner just in case it is a gungy joint that has a continuity failure when the system self tests at ignition on? Check for BMW's test and check information. I have read about a few folks that have had to change the sensor and there are how too's on You Tube and the Pelikan parts website (US site but good info) Dave
  13. Greydog


    Hi John Trevor is correct in suggesting a transmission specialist make sure they are ZF agents or approved repairers. Just a question I thought all ZF boxes fitted after 2006 were GA6HP19Z 6 speed boxes. Check put in the last 7 digits of your Vin that will bring up your model then check the Gearbox section for numbers. I don't want to be a doom monger but if someone has refilled your box with the incorrect fluid it could kill the transmission. ZF recommend service/fluid and filter changes every 60 to 80000 miles BMW used to say sealed for life (read end of warranty as life) sadly they are not the only Manufacturer who says this. Fingers Crossed Dave
  14. Greydog

    BMW G30 dipstick

    Welcome Liam Welcome to the Forum, You ask about the 5 series but your title says 430D I dont know if they are specked differently. My brother inlaws 535d estate does but it is 5 years old now so if I were you I would look at put the last 7 digits of your vin number in the search box that will call up your model. Check if a dipstick was listed, it could be an option if the on-board system gives you level check facility. Check also if a dipstick is fitted that may give clues as to where it is hidden. Good Luck Dave
  15. Greydog

    newbie question

    Morning Simon If your EGR valve is a couple of years old it may well be worth giving it a clean, if the car only had short journeys they can soot up quite quickly. A couple of web sites I use that are a great help are a BMW parts site if you put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box it will bring up your model it ensures you will be getting the right part for your car. Then the same technical information used by BMW Dealers this will tell/show how to change your filter.I did read somewhere that the system is self bleeding but check on newtis to be sure. I hope these sites help Dave