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  1. Greydog

    Door seals

    Morning Brian Have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin Number in the search box and it will bring up your model. Then look in Vehicle Trim (from memory) you will see small exploded drawings with numbered parts look up the part number that will ensure you get the right part for your car. I changed the drivers door seal on my X5 cost was £45 from memory.
  2. Whoop Whoop Top Man Dan Happy Easter then Dave
  3. Greydog


    Sorry Clarence your problem is unclear more information needed Dave
  4. Greydog

    328i dies at stops when warm

    The remote oil filter housings are a source of leaks if the o ring seal is used more than once so not uncommon. Same with the Valve cover gaskets, the tensioner if it's quiet and smooth running I would change at my leisure not theirs. FYI BMW oil filters are supplied by Mann in Europe (probably the same in the US) Suspension bushes are Lemforder or Meyle the list is endless as BMW make the body, and all components are brought in. The problems with magneti starter motors, BMW knew they were an issue yet following their logic they would happily (and did in my case) replace a known issue with a known issue as it was a "genuine" BMW part, the second time it failed I replaced it with a Bosch unit and BMW have never noticed or commented, yet they did notice that I had replaced the subframe mounting bushes with Polybushes (probably because they are yellow) the service manager tried to tell me that they should change them as "non BMW "parts they could cause damage to the suspension??? Seriously Eric if thats all they found you have a well sorted car thanks to all the stuff you have done yourself Yahoo Enjoy Dave
  5. Greydog

    its a want

    Hi James Keep his details there are bound to be others here looking for something Dave
  6. Hi Dan The websites would be a real help if they sent a bloke round to do it !! LOL Dave
  7. Morning Dan and Welcome Sounds as though you are confident with spanners a shame you need to use your skills straight away. Sorry I cant help with the tools as I have only run the V8 engines Hope you find what you need Dave Couple of websites that I use if your not aware of them, (BMW Parts site just put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box) (BMW technical information site site as used by Dealers) An American site but still with great information
  8. Greydog

    its a want

    Morning James There are some specialist BMW breakers try googling BMW Recyclers Uk there is also Ebay those would be my first stop. Good Luck with the search Dave
  9. Greydog


    Welcome to the Forum Mark Great looking car, and 700nm torque against the 500nm in the E39 yep should feel mighty quick, particularly mid range ENJOY Dave
  10. Greydog

    New Member from Gardnerville NV

    Morning Gary (well it is here) Welcome to the Forum To be sure have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box, it will bring up your model. The site is a BMW parts site its used by Dealers and Factors to make sure they get the right parts. It also has small exploded drawings which are useful to see where stuff fits and how. Also have a look at this is a BMW technical site that is used by Dealers for service and repair information. I also use for "how too's" a great site with loads of information and photo's. Great choice of car Dave
  11. Greydog

    330i folding metal roof problem

    Hi Phil Folding metal roof. My X5 doesn't even have a sun roof so I am the poor relation !! Seriously have a look at first put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will give part numbers for if you have to buy spares. Then I would look at for repair information, this is the same technical information used by BMW Dealers. I would also check its an American site but has some great how too's with pictures that may help. I hope this helps Dave
  12. Greydog

    New here

    Welcome to the Forum Damien Dave
  13. Greydog


    Thats a real shame, that through some one fitting ill matched tyres whether the last owner or not, I think a car dealer or some one in the trade should know the potential for damage from mismatched tyres. It isnt just BMW Xdrives it is just about all 4 wheel drives. Having 4 tyres with good tread might make it legal to sell but not good for the customer. I have a set of Vredstien Wintrac Extreme 255x45x18 wheels and tyres that I use as a winter set, they have little wear due to the deep the snow in Sussex!! I know they are close rolling radius and wear if your not far from Sussex you are welcome to borrow them to see if it makes a difference? Dave
  14. Morning Andy Welcome to the Forum, Dave
  15. Greydog

    Fuel Injection Fault

    Not a diesel driver so just a guess here, but if the inline pump is working hard would that be because it was struggling to pick up fuel?? I have read were the in tank pump is not transferring fuel but you have changed that. So could the fuel pick up be blocked/damaged causing fuel starvation? Dave