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  1. Afternoon Peter Welcome to the Forum I am not really up to speed with the later systems but if I recall from my brother inlaws 540 touring you should have some Icons at the bottom of the screen I thinks the clock one let him choose route information and colours. Have you tried selecting them and seeing what they do? Dave
  2. Fingers and toes let us know how it goes Dave
  3. Morning Atto Not come across this one before Sadly, it seems BMW (and their lamp designer/suppliers) have surpassed themselves I am told by a contact in BMW that the way to fix it is a new headlamp unit???? Which is Bonkers BMW can you seriously be suggesting a failed bulb should cost many hundreds of pounds to replace I think I would be tempted to see if the headlamp unit can be dismantled or not. More internet searching called for me thinks. I would also be talking to BMW UK to see if they will offer any help/solution plus a letter to Angela Rippon at Rip Off Britain. I don't know how an MOT examiner may view it ? some can be fussy about bulbs out on marker lights. Good Luck Dave
  4. Morning True Welcome to the Forum Unfortunately, NO it means most probably someone has stuck some M badges on or changed the steering wheel and gear knob You can check if your car was ordered with any M accessories which were normally spoilers and wheels at that time by using a BMW Vin Decoder site and looking at the Build sheet. Dave
  5. Hi Andrew It is there you will have to get under and look for it Did you ask the Parts guy why they sell the Oil for the diff if you can't put it in?? Here is an attachment that should help also take a look at www.pelicanparts.com go to their BMW Articles section they do some terrific "How Too's" with pictures. It is an American site but apart from the steering being on the wrong side everything else is the same. BMW E60 E61 Diff Oil Change.docx
  6. If he did let's hope, he used the correct Fluid
  7. Morning John Exhaust heat shield loose ? Underbody engine cover loose? Brake pad rattle (make sure anti rattle springs are there) Dave
  8. Morning Andrew Just to make life interesting for us DIY people BMW had 2 Diff types fitted to the E61 one with 2 plugs (Drain and Fill) and one the just has a Fill hole 😁 If my old brain is switched on you need a 14mm Hex drive to undo the plug. If your diff has two plugs its straightforward remove the drain plug and fill plug and let the oil run into a catch pan. As a minimum replace the sealing washers on the plugs better to fit new plugs, refit the drain plug torque should be 60nm (44ft/lbs) refill until oil starts to dribble from the fill hole and fit the Fill plug (same torque) wipe any spill away job done. If your Diff has just the one fill plug, you need an extra piece of kit a Vacuum pump to suck out the old stuff before refilling in the normal way. Goes without saying the car needs to be level when filling. Dave
  9. Hi Maze If BMW found oil sitting on the engine tray it would appear there is a leak somewhere? If the Gearbox Drain was loose, I would start there make sure it is tightened correctly (correct torque) and not leaking then check the Transmission fluid level and top up if required that could well be your drivetrain issue. As for oil in the engine tray if someone was clumsy topping up that could account for it, or an oil feed or return at the turbo's could be at fault. Catalyser's can be blocked but as yours is also your DPF you would have all sorts, other issues not the least of them poor running. BMW would also have picked it up on the health check (you can measure the amount of soot held in the DPF) they would have recommended a Regeneration cycle, I am sure. Dave
  10. Hi Anthony Welcome to the Forum I have read that the AD Blue should automatically reset try putting some more in as the writer reported that literally 1/2 half a litre more and everything reset as it should. Seems they are sensitive beasts X5's Dave
  11. Morning Maze Welcome to the Forum First is it Oil or Diesel (neither is good) the smell should tell you. Who checked for Oil Leaks and what did they check? Did they check the turbo oil feeds and returns for example. Has the fuel system and emissions system been checked including the return system. Has your car had the EGR recall? Finally, the Drive train warning can be triggered by sensors on the Engine, Gearbox, and Diff You don't say how many miles the car has covered and what it's history is. Get the engine sorted first then depending on the result (is the Drivetrain warning gone) check the rest. A diagnostic scan with a BMW capable scanner would be a great help. Dave
  12. Hi John Welcome to the Forum And once you know it's there you can't ignore it !! All I can suggest is first empty all the storage trays of everything see if that helps. Check the seat for any loose trim or plugs/switches (underneath) If it's behind the dash the task changes as the only way to find it is to remove as many dash covers as possible then with the revs around 1500rpm touch press stuff until you find the culprit. Then either Mastic or foam to keep them apart. Good Luck with the hunt Dave
  13. Hi Andrew The poor old Gearbox is the most abused part in many makes of car as far as BMW are concerned "Lifetime" means the end of their Warranty responsibility, so 3 years or about 60k 😁 The gearbox in your car should be the ZF G6-37DZ-TJEF manual box Fluid should be MTF-LT-3 The Diff if I remember correctly is BMW OSP Synthetic, I haven't found much better prices away from the Dealer, you should be able to find equivalents through most motor factors that may save a few pounds if you're on a budget. Take a look at www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will call up your model then check the gearbox section. The ZF manual says service every 60 to 80k depending on use and climate. Dave
  14. Morning Andrew First tip, make sure you have the correct gearbox fluid and diff oil. Second tip make sure you can undo the filler plugs before draining the gearbox or diff. I do know of someone who drained the box then discovered the fill plug was damaged and couldn't be removed without taking the box out of the car The job is much easier with plenty of room under the car so if you can borrow or hire the use of a lift brilliant. Good Luck Dave
  15. Morning Hunter Welcome to the Forum Remember that General codes 30ff and PO112 are often symptoms not necessarily the cause You refer to BOV ? do you have an aftermarket Blow Off Valve? the standard turbo actuators operate at 9 psi yet you refer to 19 psi. The higher the boost the hotter the intake air temp is which may well put it outside normal operating parameters and throw the code. I would go very carefully back over the work done and check everything, vacuum line routing, make sure none are kinked absolutely no leaks. I would also invest in a BMW capable diagnostic scanner it will give far more accurate information Good luck sorting it Dave
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