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  1. Pretty straight forward as long as you buy the correct kit plenty of "how too's" on the net as well Dave
  2. Hi Micheal It's a straight swap apart from a little coding required the codes are HU_NBT > 3000 HMI > DISPLAY_SIZE_RESOLUTION = 8.8_1280x480 HU_NBT > 3001 EXBOX > DISPLAY_VARIANTE = breites_display ENJOY Dave
  3. Morning Chris The web site is so that you can be sure you have the right part number, not to order from. Use the part number when talking to BMW parts people or Factors so you know you have the correct part. I have used Cotswold BMW in the past they have been good on price and fast with mail order as an example, I also use ECP an other factors but always use the part numbers. Oil consumption is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question as it depends on so many variables, engine wear, oil grade used, leaks, turbo issues the list is long. I believe your model has a sensor and a dip stick personally I would use the dip stick, I dont trust sensors and over filling with oil is as bad for a modern engine as low oil. Dave
  4. Morning Lee My X5 suffered electrical issues that almost drove me to the edge, the only solution offered was changing modules. Eventually I traced it to one of the earth points in the boot. BMW use a Comb type connector so that many items can be connected to a common point, with mine I removed it cleaned it and the area around it used some electrical connection paste (same as used to seat the chip in a computer) then tightened everything up. Issues gone !! It still took a few months for me to actually believe they were gone for good, so I worked my way through the earth points (there are several) making sure the mounting points were all clean and tight. Don't know if it apples here but its free and if it works Dave
  5. Welcome Mike You say "back in a 320" so welcome back as well Looks great ENJOY Dave
  6. Morning Rhys To many unknowns here but here you go! You say serviced was that an oil change or a full service? Brake or brakes binding? Wheel bearings binding? What mileage has the car covered as general engine wear will have an effect Then last but not least there is your right foot? Can't help on mpg as my 4.6is shows an average of 18.8 mpg over the last 76000 miles (distance covered since engine rebuild) Dave
  7. Hi Mark First make sure the part number is correct if you brought from a Factor they should change it if it's wrong. Good luck Dave
  8. Morning Chris Welcome to the Forum If the flap is removable logic says there will probably be a replacement part for it. Check it is a BMW online parts list, put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box and it will bring up your model then search for the bit you need. You can also look at this one is a technical information site the same as the information used by BMW Dealers. I don't think the risk is high of driving without it, for me it is about originality "if it had one it should be fitted" Dave
  9. Morning Mark Have you had the codes read? You really need a BMW specific code reader it really does make a difference. Have you carried out any other work? If so I would back track carefully to make sure that everything is plugged in and secure, if everything is OK then get the codes read it could be several things from pressure sensor in the fuel rail to throttle body investigating the engine codes will be more specific. You say you have swapped the MAF was it new or second hand? Was it the correct part for your car, are the part numbers the same? Dave
  10. Morning Mark Welcome to the Forum Come on tell us your issue, it can't be that embarrassing Dave
  11. The drawing below shows the Fuel Pump and Filter and Regulator for your car 2008 118i so who ever told you you don't have one is mistaken. The oil level sensors that trigger the OBC are not accurate as Upt'North has said use the dip stick always, putting in a litre at a time could be damaging the engine
  12. Hi Phil Not far behind you with age but with me the thirst to know and understand out weighs me not being as bendy as I once was, I have two sons for the jobs that require being fit and bendy ENJOY the X Dave
  13. Morning John Welcome to the Forum Mechanics who can't be bothered ?? Have a look at either look for your model/year or put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your model. Then look at the drawings to get an Idea of where the pipes/sensors are then you can check them. Certainly with all sensors tripped I would be checking all connectors as well as pipe work. Google BMW Specialists there is a register so you should be able to find one near you Hope this helps Dave
  14. Morning Brad Welcome to the Forum You say "it asks for oil" how are you checking the oil? or are you relying on the OBC display. At the volumes of oil your getting through I would expect to be able to (a) see evidence of it being burnt, smoke, smell etc. Over filling can cause more issues than is realised. If oil is finding it's way into the exhaust it will clog the Catalytic Converter so that could well be the cause of it failing. You say spark plugs don't look good ? Sooty, wet with fuel or oil? You have a fuel pump issue confirmed by diagnostics certainly that won't help like wise has anyone checked the fuel filter? Often a forgotten service item. If compression is good and cylinders hold compression then it is a case of finding what is causing crank case pressure to push oil into the exhaust killing the catalyser. Just my thoughts based on the information posted Dave