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  1. Greydog

    Battery for key

    Welcome to the Forum Stephen Some Dealers will just do it as a service (No cost) others will give you coffee and a soft chair to take away the shock of the Invoice. Before spending some of your hard earned, try a couple of things. Does the spare key start the car (it should do even if the battery is flat) if you unlock with the other (if it doesn't it may not be from that car)? If it does then leave it in the ignition while driving to see if it charges. When the key has been charging for about an hour try syncing with the car there are several good "how twos" on the nett and You Tube so it's DIY. (done my spare a couple of times as it sits in the draw at home) If the battery is dead there was someone on Ebay who did a battery change for sensible cost to DIY needs the key cut open and a new battery soldered in (from memory) If all else fails a new key from BMW will set you back about £100 Enkoy your X5
  2. Greydog

    E46 330CI Coupe

    You can also try for information and of course You Tube, engineers hat on now in their pursuit of smoothness (reduced NVH) manufacturers moved away from solid flywheels and front pulleys and produced them on two parts bonded together with rubber. It's a system which works really well until they start to fail then they are a massive pain you should be able to change to a solid set up the only tool we didn't have when we did my sons Toyota pickup was the puller for the pilot bearing in the crank shaft. He hired one from a local garage. Good Luck with the swap
  3. Greydog

    E46 330CI Coupe is your friend for this put the last 7 digits of your vin in and it will bring up a parts list for your cars build. Just did a general search Dual Mass. Enjoy your new to you Beemer
  4. Greydog

    Brake pad replacement advice?

    Estimating brake wear and replacement schedules is as Trevor has said virtually impossible due to driving style and journey type. As an example last month I had to make a trip from Sussex to Bishop Auckland left home at silly o'clock and we were on cruise control until stopping for breakfast in Wetherby same for the last 100 odd miles. The return journey was similar until we reached the M25 then I used the brakes more in 30 miles than I had in 600 !! My big fat heavy X5 which also tows a horse trailer in the summer months has had 3 pad changes and 1 disc change in 130k plus the normal brake service fluid changes. You also have pad wear indicators which will normally give warning if things are getting critical, when replacing I would go OEM or equivalent use to get the part number and do a search Euro car parts are a good source as are some BMW dealers (Cotswold BMW often give discounts) Hope this helps and enjoy your Beemer
  5. Greydog

    window trim/seal

    Morning Ian Take a look at an online BMW parts catalogue if you enter the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your car spec. Then search bodywork (I think) it will give an exploded drawing showing how it fits together plus part numbers. If your car is like the X5 there are internal and external weather strips, hope this helps Dave
  6. Greydog

    Hello from Leeds/West Yorkshire

    Very pretty ENJOY
  7. Greydog

    E39 Eating Alternators

    Morning Gareth These cars are normally tough as the proverbial "old boot" I just had a quick look at a BMW online parts catalogue as I remember reading some time back about alternator issues. What it shows is 2 suppliers Valeo and Bosch and 3 part numbers, one Valeo alternator is 90 amp and the Bosch and other Valeo 120 amp. If your car needs the larger charging capacity but the replacement was the lower I guess that would be the cause of its early demise. Generally alternators are reliable but the voltage regulator can fail particularly when overworked/overheated, by the way looking at realoem the voltage regulator on yours can be changed separately. If the AA guy did a parts search lets hope he chose the 120 amp If you go onto realoem change the search to classic (box on the left) put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box at the top and it will bring up parts for your car. I have only done a quick general search. As for your E39 at 100k it is just run in and with some TLC should be capable of doubling that. Welcome to the Forum and Good Luck
  8. Morning Micheal You could try Andy Walker "Walkers Autotech" he's at Wisborough Green. He is an ex BMW man who specializes in all things BMW & Porsche, I am sure he would work with you to prioritize a repair list and cost it. Good Luck Dave
  9. Greydog

    New member in Northumberland - M135i

    Having to much fun in the M35 Huh!! Welcome and remember a piccy or 2
  10. Greydog

    New dude on the block

    Welcome to the Forum
  11. Greydog

    2001 x5 4.4v8

    Glad you found the issue. When was the LPG system last serviced do you know? There are a couple of filters in there that need checking/changing as well (well mine did) I used to have it serviced once a year cost about £90 When I brought the 4.4 it had LPG installed great but when I gave it the beans it would misfire then go back to petrol, I found a local LPG specialist who turned out to be the original installer (how lucky was that) he serviced it and upgraded the software then it ran like a dream.
  12. Greydog

    116i CEL error code p13b6

    The code you have is from a Generic reader so is far to general you need a BMW code reader DIS or similar. It could be anything from a coil pack to as Trevor says worn timing chain. I would get it to someone with a Specific reader or Autologic as a minimum
  13. Greydog

    newbi troubles

    Glad it's sorted
  14. Greydog

    New member....Hi

    Welcome Mark Good luck with the X6 As far as the seat conversion I am not sure what you are looking for I know there were extra seat options for the E70 X5 , not sure about the X6 though because of the rear roof line. Have a look at put the last 7 digits of your vin in the search box if there is a kit it will be there, get the part number then search the usual auction sites Enjoy your new Beemer Dave
  15. Greydog

    Oil Capacity - F31 335D Xdrive

    Result (not often you get one in your favour) I use its a BMW parts list (if your not already aware) for all models put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box and it will bring up your specific model. Lost's of information and exploded drawings that help, I also use Pelican Parts an american site they are useful for "how too's" with pictures maybe not much use to you as the cousins across the pond still think a diesel is a truck!! Enjoy your car Dave