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  2. thank you all, great advice, right foot does misbehave mind of its own,
  3. Good morning all .keep getting info, dont know who is right .can i do economy remap some say should not as gearbox engine will bw week to much strain , and secondly egr removal all blanks ,some say it will show eml light. i wish to do egr first, full service done and swirl flaps gone,pick sup better but mileage wise 44 on run in town 28 mpg , not worried but wondering if this is correct on 145000 mile bmw 525d 2004 full service history, any thoughts on this ,
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  5. It seems BMW Europe don't like Dealer information on the open market however the access laws in the USA are very different. Yes the site is US and in $ but part numbers are the same many motor factors here and else where in Europe use the site to cross reference parts. is the other site this one is a technical information site with how too's the same information that Dealers access but of great use to DIY'ers like us. Another American site is brilliant how too's with pictures being American the steering on the wrong side but very usable information. When using realoem you will notice it defines right and left hand drive Good luck
  6. Reads well I agree a re think re phrasing where you have marked this will change. I notice you haven't brought out the tyre size issue yet even if they were fitted by the previous owner the Dealer has a responsibility to ensure the car is fit for sale. The fact you cant remove the wheels makes you wonder how they carried out a brake inspection? Or did they say they had because they couldn't remove the wheels Hmmm the cynic in me surfaces Dave
  7. Hi Dave, thanks for getting back. Isn't realoem a US site, prices seem to be in $, or can I convert it to UK. Are US part nos the same as UK ones? Thanks Rick
  8. Thanks Dave. I have this very early DRAFT email which might change ready to go to the UK CEO of BMW: WITHOUT PREJUDICE Hello Mr Grieve, I am writing to you in a bid for your help and assistance. This vehicle was purchased (from a non-franchised dealer) on Friday, 21st June 2019. During the period between seeing it, and collecting it, the car was serviced by Lister’s in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. A “fluid” service was undertaken and they were asked to investigate a “squeal” noise from the brake pads. It was fairly noisy when braking – but disappeared thereafter. All of this was undertaken on behalf of the then owner. I was given a note to confirm the Service when I paid for and collected the car. The dealer from whom I purchased the car, confirmed that they had investigated the noise but couldn’t find anything wrong. They were loathed to change the brake pads since they were not worn below a minimum size BMW dictate. In order to investigate this brake issue, the wheels have to be removed. During my ownership, the squeal remained for a while. Otherwise, save for a few small issues, the vehicle has performed adequately. Two weeks ago, I summoned the services of a reliable and respected alloy wheel repairer. The wheels did have a few scuffs courtesy of the prior owner. I thought I would have them repaired in order to further enhance the car. Despite many attempts, he was unable to undo any of both the wheel lock bolts and the standard bolts. He deployed various bar extension lengths all to no avail. Subsequently, I have had both a local mechanic and a tyre workshop attempt their removal with no joy at all. On Monday, last I spent most of the morning driving around various other garages/workshops in an attempt to help. NO ONE has been able to remove these bolts. Quantum, at this stage, is zero since people have been very fair about it. No removal – no cost. This is precisely the reason I have not been to one of your dealers, principally since it is them who have hugely over torqued these bolts in the first instance. Of course, additionally, there remains the massive cost they would charge simply to look at the problem. Money, I can ill afford to pay. And, frankly, shouldn’t be expected to pay. Thus far, there have been no brute force attacks and I should like to keep it that way. The wheels have not been damaged. Nonetheless, it may come to this. The car, as it is, is not fit for its purpose. I cannot replace worn tyres, nor deal with any puncture damage. I am disabled and I depend on this vehicle. Can you imagine me being stuck somewhere with a flat tyre - and with no possible way of a roadside recovery firm being able to help? Principally, in UK law, the dealer has some responsibility here. The car must be fit for purpose and, despite the passing of six months, it’s not. The law provides for unknown issues, quite extraordinarily, for up to six years. The bottom line is that I have no wish to return the car. What I would like is the wheels removed, repaired and the bolts re-secured to the correct torque settings.. I suspect this will end with some form of brute force method being used, and subsequent damage to all four wheels. At this stage, I have written to the dealer and have asked what he proposes to do about it. I am following legal protocol, nonetheless, I know he will not respond since he has made that clear in my initial telephone discussions. If I do not hear from him in fourteen days, I shall then send a letter confirming my intention to take legal action in the local County Court. A further period of time must elapse before issuing proceedings. It has come to light, that I also have the option of including BMW as a third party in this action. In reality, there is a large element of corporate responsibility here given the over tightening of the bolts – and the fact that the car has only ever been serviced by BMW approved dealers. I am unable to walk more than a few metres and this car is my life line. yet it now sits on my driveway rarely used. I am - this bit will change In the first instance, I would be pleased to hear from you. Regards. R
  9. It can quite possibly be the diversity antenna, first port of call is re-programming the key/keys Cheap option first Dave
  10. Go for it Richard As has been said earlier get on to BMW UK keep them aware of all actions, I am sure they don't want or need a mess like this and while they can and no doubt will divorce them selves from any action they will put pressure on the Dealer to clean it up. Good Luck Dave
  11. Thanks John. No, haven't been onto BMW yet. Court proceedings have to follow a kind of format: This is my initial email to dealer. Then, in 14 days a letter by RD has to be sent (notice of action), and then Summons. I do have the choice of also including a 3rd Party (BMW): +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Daniel, I refer to both our telephone discussions this morning. You were really unhelpful when I spoke to you. Despite your lapse of memory, I did buy ******* from you. As I attempted to explain, amongst your denials that it was anything to do with you, all four wheels are irremovable. This nightmare began when I booked the car in for the wheels to be refurbished. The technician was unable to remove any of the wheel bolts, including the lock bolts. And they tried, believe me. Subsequently, I have had both a local mechanic and a tyre workshop attempt their removal with no joy at all. I spent most of this morning driving around various other garages/workshops in an attempt to help. NO ONE is able to remove these bolts. The car, as it is, is not fit for purpose. I cannot replace worn tyres, nor deal with any puncture damage. I currently have a fairly high end vehicle that is prohibited from any further road use. Being disabled, I need a vehicle safe in the knowledge it is fit for purpose. Can you imagine me being stuck somewhere with a flat tyre - and with no possible way of a roadside recovery firm being able to help? As a dealer you will, doubtless, be aware of my rights (and your obligations) under The Consumer Rights Act 2015. Legally, I am entitled to a repair or replacement, free of charge. In the first instance, how do you propose to settle this matter? I expect to hear from you in the next fourteen days. Regards. Richard ******* P. S. Just for the record, the rear wheels (I know now) have been fitted with the incorrect tyres. BMW have confirmed they should be : 255/30 R20. Those fitted are incorrect at 275/30 R20.
  12. Hello to you all Both my key fobs CANNOT unlock my car (were working before). I'm predicting its the diversity antenna. The FM radio still works. My question is can DIS or INPA help in determining where my problem lies? What am (code) should i be looking for? If the FM radio still works , does that mean its NOT the diverstity Antenna. Thanks in Advance. Anil (e60 owner)
  13. Wow, that's drastic but I guess in the circumstances, you have little choice. I take it you've asked (in writing) the dealer to remove the wheel bolts? You would probably need to get their response also in writing to substantiate the claim. It might also be worth contacting BMW corporate to get their stance. They're not going to like this sort of adverse publicity. Hope you get it sorted soon. John
  14. Just thought I would bring you up to date….. Car has been with 5 local workshops since, one a alloy removal specialist. All attempts to remove the wheels have been in vain. They simply will not budge. I have discovered that, in these circumstances, I am allowed to now retrospectively reject the car and make a claim against the dealer. Of course, he doesn’t want to know and I am currently preparing a County Court Summons. I didn’t realise that you’re legally allowed to return a car up to six years after you bought it (in Scotland, it’s five years after you first realised there was a problem).
  15. Hi Rick Welcome to the Forum 2001 was change over year for E39 to E60 models, so it could be easy or complicated have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your model, then search the Audio section. At least then you know what your dealing with. You can also look at for wiring diagrams so you can find a work around. Good hunting Dave
  16. BMW is leading the way as a premium provider of electrically powered and plug-in hybrid vehicles, having launched numerous updated plug-in hybrid models including the all-new X3 xDrive30e this year, with X1 xDrive25e joining the portfolio early next year With a 16 per cent market share last year in Europe, BMW Group is committed to electrified technology thanks to recent advances in battery cell technology for BMW plug-in hybrid models that are extending the capabilities of locally emissions-free driving – both in the city and beyond. BMW X3 xDrive30e The latest electrified model to go on sale this year is the X3 xDrive30e plug-in hybrid, which offers the highest standards of driving dynamics and efficiency within the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) premium segment. The new BMW X3 xDrive30e has an all-electric range of up to 34 miles and offers a combined economy of 128.4-117.7mpg along with CO2 emissions of 49g/km. Its plug-in hybrid drivetrain comprises a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology combined with an electric motor resulting in a total output of 252hp. As standard, the BMW X3 xDrive30e is equipped with XtraBoost, an on-demand performance system that increases the power output of the hybrid-drive system by 41hp at the touch of a button. Peak Power (hp) Peak Torque (Nm) Peak Power with XtraBoost (hp) Acceleration (0-62mph) Top Speed (mph) CO2 emissions (g/km)* Fuel Consumption* (mpg) Electric-only range (miles) OTR Price BMW X3 xDrive30e 252 420 292 6.1 130 49 128.4 – 117.7 34 £47,565 The new BMW X3 xDrive30e also features regenerative braking to optimise efficiency. The system’s high-voltage battery stores the energy captured during braking, with the electric motor taking on the function of a generator. The high-voltage battery also supplies the vehicle’s electrical system. This means that a generator powered by the combustion engine is no longer necessary, increasing overall efficiency. Drive is transmitted – both in hybrid and electric modes – via an eight-speed Steptronic gearbox and xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive to enable the BMW X3 xDrive30e to accelerate from zero to 62mph in just 6.1 seconds. The X3 xDrive30e’s lithium-ion battery is located under the rear seat to save space, helping to deliver a luggage capacity of 450 litres. The X3 xDrive30e is offered in the same model configurations as other X3 variants – SE, xLine and the range-topping M Sport trims – all boasting a high level of standard features as well as a range of additional equipment options. Production of the new BMW X3 xDrive30e will commence in December 2019 and it will be joined by an ell-electric X3 model, due to make its debut in 2020. The all-new BMW 330e Saloon Launched in July 2019, the BMW 330e Saloon delivers up to 50 per cent increase in electric-only range and a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 10 per cent. A major new feature of the new 330e is the standard-fit XtraBoost, technology (also seen on the X3 xDrive 30e) increasing the 252hp by a further 41hp at the touch of a button. As well as the extra power, the updated plug-in hybrid can cover a distance of up to 37 miles using electric power alone, while average combined fuel consumption is now up to 201.8mpg with combined CO2 emissions of just 37g/km. Peak Power (hp) Peak Torque (Nm) Peak Power with XtraBoost (hp) Acceleration (0-62mph) Top Speed (mph) CO2 emissions (g/km)* Fuel Economy* (mpg) Electric-only range (miles) OTR Price BMW 330e 252 420 292 6.0 143 37 201.8-188.3 37 £37,875 In order to save space, the BMW 330e’s electric motor is integrated into the eight-speed Steptronic transmission. This means the hybrid-specific transmission is only 15mm longer than the corresponding versions for conventionally powered BMW 3 Series saloons. The BMW 330e also offers a model-specific sound design which delivers a suitably throaty engine noise when the car is put through its paces. The aim is to offer the emotional impact of sports-car performance together with the proven qualities of a plug-in hybrid model. The hybrid-specific optional equipment list also includes an acoustic pedestrian protection function so that those about to cross the road can hear the car approaching when it is in electric-only mode at low speeds. The 12.0kWh lithium-ion high-voltage battery in the new BMW 330e Saloon is positioned underneath the rear seats, while the fuel tank is located above the rear axle to ensure optimal luggage capacity. The total storage volume is 375 litres but can be increased by folding down the rear-seat backrests, which are configured in a 40:20:40 split (standard on all models apart from 330e SE where optionally available). Almost the entire range of optional equipment features for the new BMW 3 Series Saloon are also available for the plug-in hybrid models. The new 330e comes in four different models: 330e SE Pro, 330e Sport Pro, 330e M Sport and 330e M Sport Plus Edition. The simplified options and packages structure that has been seen across all 3 Series models has also been carried over to the plug-in hybrid versions. The full range of BMW driver assistance systems to optimise comfort and safety are also available, ranging from the Park Assistant including reverse assistant (standard on all 330e models) to the optional Driving Assistant Professional with steering and lane guidance system. Pre-heating and pre-conditioning of the interior, which uses the energy of the high-voltage battery to power the auxiliary heating, is standard on all models. At low outdoor temperatures, the interior can be heated prior to setting off even if the battery charge status is low. New digital services will also be on offer to make it more attractive and convenient to charge the battery while out and about. When selecting a public charging station, the navigation system also provides the driver with a list of recommended nearby hotels, restaurants, cafés, tourist attractions and cultural institutions. The driver receives this information together with a forecast of the occupancy status of the public charging station at the time of arrival. The all-new BMW X5 xDrive45e The second generation of the BMW X5 with electrified drive combines a model-specific in-line six-cylinder petrol engine featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology with the very latest BMW eDrive technology. Development of plug-hybrid drive has increased power and the electrically powered range along with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 levels when compared to the predecessor model. The electrically powered range of the new BMW X5 xDrive45e is 54 miles – more than three times as far as the predecessor model. Meanwhile the combined fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have been almost halved. The fuel consumption figures are now 235.4-188.3mpg with the relevant CO2 emissions being reduced to 39g/km. These greatly improved figures are the result of a completely newly developed drivetrain comprising a 3.0-litre, 286hp in-line six-cylinder engine from the current BMW EfficientDynamics drive family and fourth-generation BMW eDrive technology. A 113hp electric motor, a lithium-ion battery with a gross energy content increased to 24.0kWh and further developed power electronics for intelligent energy management combine to generate a peak power output of 394hp with a maximum torque of 600Nm. The combustion engine and electric motor deliver their power to a latest generation eight-speed Steptronic transmission and the intelligent all-wheel-drive BMW xDrive system. This means the drive torque is transferred to all four wheels whether driving on electric power alone, using the combustion engine or indeed both drive units. The new BMW X5 xDrive45e takes 5.6 seconds for the sprint from zero to 62mph – 1.2 seconds less than the predecessor model. Top speed is 146mph. Thanks to the high-voltage battery positioned in the underbody area of the vehicle, the centre of gravity is lower than in conventionally powered model variants. The luggage compartment volume is 500 litres – only 50 litres less than a conventionally powered BMW X5. If the rear backrests are folded down luggage volume extends to 1,720 litres. The fuel tank capacity is 69 litres. The new BMW X5 xDrive45e is fitted as standard with a two-axle air suspension and electronically controlled dampers. The optional suspension systems available for the plug-in hybrid model include integral active steering. In addition to a comprehensive selection of intelligent connectivity features, new digital services geared specifically towards electro-mobility are offered. In addition, all the BMW driver assistance systems in the X5 range are available on this model, as well as high-quality options to enhance comfort. Standard equipment includes acoustic pedestrian protection – a system that emits noise at low speeds so that those about to cross the road can hear the vehicle coming. Peak Power (hp) Peak Torque (Nm) Acceleration (0-62mph) Top Speed (mph) CO2 emissions (g/km)* Average Combined Fuel Economy* (mpg) Electric-only range (miles) OTR Price BMW X5 394 600 5.6 146 28 235.4-188.3 54 £63,165 BMW 530e Saloon and BMW 225xe Active Tourer with further developed lithium-ion batteries and increased electrically powered range Progress in the development of battery-cell technology has also led to an extension of the options for locally emissions-free driving in the plug-in hybrid models of the BMW 5 Series and BMW 2 Series. Although its dimensions remain unchanged, the new lithium-ion battery for the plug-in hybrid model of the BMW 5 Series Saloon now has a gross energy content that has been increased from 9.2 to 12.0kWh. This means its electrically powered range is increased by more than 30 per cent to 35 miles. The BMW 530e Saloon now achieves a combined fuel consumption of 156.9-141.2mpg and CO2 emissions of 36g/km. As an additional model variant, the all-wheel-drive BMW 530e xDrive Saloon is also on offer in the UK. The latter achieves an electrically powered range of up to 30 miles. Its combined fuel consumption is 141.2-122.8mpg, while CO2 emissions are at least 49g/km. Peak Power (hp) Peak Torque (Nm) Acceleration (0-62mph) Top Speed (mph) CO2 emissions (g/km)* Average Combined Fuel Economy* (mpg) Electric-only range (miles) OTR Price BMW 530e 252 420 6.1 146 36 156.9-141.2 35 £46,820 BMW 530e xDrive 252 420 6.2 146 49 141.2- 122.8 30 £48,820 In the BMW 225xe Active Tourer, state-of-the-art battery cell technology paves the way to further reduced consumption figures as well as an increase in the electrically powered range of more than 25 per cent to up to 31 miles. Retaining the same dimensions as before, its lithium-ion battery now has a gross energy content that has been increased from 7.7kWh to 10kWh. The combined fuel consumption of the BMW 225xe Active Tourer is from 166.2-141.2mpg, while its CO2 emissions level is at least 42g/km. Its standard and optional fittings include numerous modern driver assistance systems as well as innovations in the field of intelligent connectivity and digital services to make it easy, for example, to find charging posts. Peak Power (hp) Peak Torque (Nm) Acceleration (0-62mph) Top Speed (mph) CO2 emissions (g/km)* Average Combined Fuel Economy* (mpg) Electric-only range (miles) OTR Price BMW 225xe 224 385 6.7 126 42 166.2-141.2 31 £35,300 *All figures relating to the performance, fuel/electric power consumption and CO2 emissions are provisional.
  17. Hi, I have a 2001 530D touring with no radio. I tried to fit a Sony with the BMW conversion cable. It powered up but no sound. It turns out I have a CD multichanger and Amp in the boot, which apparently means complicated cabling changes to get something like the Sony to work. I assume this is because the Sony already has an Amp in it? Apologies, my knowledge of auto sound systems is a little thin. Do all 5 series of that vintage have a separate Amp, so if I get any 5 series radio off ebay it will work? Or do some have radios without a remote Amp so I would need to be careful what I buy? Any advice on this topic would be appreciated Many thanks Rick
  18. I had some rough paint on the BMW E92 interior and the rubber was starting to peel so I decided to strip it and repaint everything with some interesting results. Build Video on YouTube:
  19. Hi Philip A tool kit with a BMW ?? Bit of a worry that they leave out everything but a screw driver and a towing eye !! (screw driver is to pop out the cover for the towing eye) To be serious as run flats came into play less was needed or put into the boot. As my car has the staggered set up it comes with a small compressor and some tyre goo plus a bicycle type spare but at least I get the Jack. Touches wood I have not had need of them in some 10 years and many tyre changes. Have a look at to check what boot equipment was available if ordered. No diff locks that I am aware of but my older X5 is used for light off roading (I shoot and we take the Horses to some out of the way places. I did have the delight of towing a friends Discovery out of the sticky stuff a couple of years back so off road competent but not hard core. Enjoy Dave
  20. Hi Guys and Gals Ok now happy with milrage, strange notes etc, and w ell pleased with motor. So, Tools! What tools were supplied with car when new? Mine seems to have towing hook and 1 screwdriver only. Was a Jack provided? Perhaps with run flats not needed ? Drivers manual delightfully vague! Is car a genuine off roader? Previous 4wd Yetti not bad on Dartmoor! Are diff locks fitted, and if so are they automatic, or full time? Thanks for all past help and for future ideas. Phil ?
  21. Hi Silver john. Yes at 82 I am still a part time accountant, you must keep the brain busy. Well done.
  22. So, here we are a couple of weeks later and things have moved on. The set of wheels and tyres I'd found on THAT auction site eventually went for a few quid more than my maximum bid so I lost out with only seconds to spare. Never mind. I found another set of the same size at a fixed price although they weren't in as good condition. After going to collect them (just a 90 mile round trip) found they had pretty rubbish summer tyres on and that all the balance weights had been stripped off. Went straight to my local tyre depot who had helped me in formulating my decision to go with winter tyres and they quickly removed the tyres and sent them for re-cycling. I've spent some time since then refurbishing the rims myself. Not to the standard of a professional rim refurbisher, but they'll only be in the car for 2/3 months and appear ok as long as you don't look too closely !! I've also bought a brand new set of full winter tyres with an A rating for wet grip. These are run-flats, the same as the existing summer tyres. My next stage is to get the tyres fitted to the rims and then fitted to the car. Hopefully this can be achieved by the end of this week. Local tyre depot is a branch of Tyre City Tyres sourced on-line from Watch this space ! John
  23. Hi Phil Yours is a 2.0L Diesel, mine is the 3.0L Diesel so clearly there's going to be a difference ! Since buying the car in April of this year, my calculated figures from fuel purchases are as follows : Overall MPG 34.95 (5289 Miles) Recent Months : Sept 36.59 (466 Miles), October 38.18 (1237 Miles), November 33.82 (808 Miles). The Car computer is currently showing 36.2. The significant change in October was mainly due to a family wedding in Carlisle (we live in Luton) I don't actually know how the car's computer calculates the MPG, particularly over what timescale/mileage. It might be in the manual somewhere but hey, life's too short. Feel free to draw your own conclusion but it would seem that the car's calculations are slightly optimistic. Finally, thanks for the compliment, like you I am retired but try to keep active both physically and mentally. Cheers, John
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