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  2. Hi Dave, I’m just using a standard reader which unfortunately will just get codes an enable me to erase codes
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  4. Are you using a BMW specific code reader INPA, BMW 1.4.0, Autologic, Carly for BMW? or a generic code reader. I use BMW 1.4.0 and it will allow scanning of all individual control units The attached is a screen shot from BMW 1.4.0 the left column identifies the control unit there are 3 pages so depending on model and spec all are covered. I a fault or faults are logged they are held in the memory of that unit until they are cleared after repair. Intermittent faults often show as "Fault not Present" Dave
  5. There is a Register of BMW Specialists you should find someone there Google the BMW Specialist Register Dave
  6. If it is like mine it will illuminate around 500 miles before and remain lit until the mileage is counted down. Have you talked to another Dealer it sounds odd that they are insisting the exact mileage is covered after all the service will be the same a 100 miles early as later? Dave
  7. Thanks Dave - much appreciated, and I tend to agree with you that extended oil change intervals, even with the latest synthetic oils, are pushing the bounds of good engineering. (The engine is unlikely to 'let go' during the warranty period but degraded oil will hasten wear and the manufacturer will wash their hands of any responsibility once the warranty is expired.) Unfortunately, during the heady days of purchasing I succumbed to forgetting this! Any experience of whether the service indicator light comes on before the indicated to-service mileage is complete - or am I stuck with doing 3,200 miles and paying for the service in full (and what feels like paying for it twice!)?
  8. Thanks Dave I have tested for codes and no codes are stored. Can anybody tell me the best oil to use for my car? It’s a 3.0 litre straight 6 272bhp with 130500 miles. Dave.
  9. Morning Gwyn Welcome to the Forum Not an uncommon problem with CD changers there will be a partly retracted CD causing the jam. If you go to your dealer they will suck their teeth tell you they have never seen this before and sell you a new CD changer. If you remove the CD changer and take off the top cover you will see the stuck CD(it had slipped out of its sliding guide). I used a plastic knitting needle to help it back into position then removed the cassette and lubed everything with sewing machine oil, two years or so on and no re-occurrence. Dave
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  11. Just advice I can't eject the cartridge from the housing on my cd stack system in the boot. Rather than take it to my local dealership has anyone experienced this and overcome the problem I haven't had a go other than depress the button which has served well but it makes the noises to eject but doesn't move. It has been inserted in the correct manner. Help please or ideas? Thanks Gwyn.
  13. Hey there, Can anyone recommend a garage in Bedford or Bedfordshire for servicing and general repairs? I bought a 520d this year and need to get it serviced soon. I think a door handle needs replacing too. Thanks, David.
  14. Hi David The BMW DME will retain all codes until they are cleared, my code reader shows it as "fault not present" with an orange block next to it this shows a a fault registered that isn't currently there. A red block is a fault present, both are followed by a description of the offending item (Thermal Oil Level Sensor) is my current intermittent one Dave
  15. Hi Trevor, Thank you ever so much for your reply, yes my car is in need of a service which i am having next Tuesday, if this doesn't cure my problem i will try your other suggestions. If my vanos selenoids are faulty or the idle control valve would this bring on my engine management light or could they still be faulty without bringing on my engine management light? Also can there be errors codes i can extract even if therte is no management light present? Thanks, Dave
  16. Hello. I have various parts for sale that will fit an E53 up to 2007. Brand new, unused and boxed are:2 air conditioning condensers, 1 front Bmw brake caliper, 2 rear callipers non Bmw, 1 complete auto box service kit includes all oils , filters, gaskets. 1 rear brake disc, 1 service kit for the brake callipers, Used rear bumper infills, full Dvd service discs for models up to 2017, 3 Bmw warning triangles in full working order. Items are on e.bay to view prior to sale, 1 complete offer welcome for a job lot sale, collection only from the Derby area.
  17. I've just read the PCV valve, breather valve should be part of regular maintenance. Don't know if this is specific to the 116i. Speak to a franchise or independent specialist for cost of replacement. It doesn't sound to onerous if indeed it is relevant. Upt'North.
  18. Adam, how many miles are on the 116i. Is it a vehicle that has been subject to the BMW long servicing regime? The oil is going somewhere. Have you got a miles per litre usage you can give us. The good news is if there is no smoke then it won't hurt at MOT time with regards visible smoke but may hurt on emissions of course. Have you checked the emissions for HC etc, this could give a good indication of where the oil is going and if the vehicle would pass the MOT when the time comes. How does this engine breath, is the breather blocked. I'm guessing someone on here knows about the breather. Good luck. Upt'North.
  19. HI David.....welcome to the Forum Those engine revs are low, could be gummed up idle control valve, it could also be a Vanos fault but could also be a sensor malfunction. If it is a Vanos fault then I would recommend replacing the engine oil (if it is due/overdue) and refiling with a quality brand. As the Vanos system relies on good oil pressure to operate then this could be a simple fix. If it is a sensor then you should be able to extract a fault code or two from the ECU and therefore narrow down the possible cause of the lumpiness. Also, as there is no Engine Management light displaying then it is more than likely a mechanical issue. Let us know what you find
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  21. Awesome! thanks for that, I’ll give it a go later thanks Dave.
  22. thanks very much all. I'll have to get started on taking it apart!
  23. Hello, I wondered if anyone out there can help me? i am new to this site and i have a problem with my 330i Coupe Auto on a 2007 plate, The car has been running sound for the last 3 years then a couple of months ago i heard like a rubbing sound coming from my engine and when i came to a stop the revs were all over the place and the car was shaking and it sounded like it was running on 5 cylinders rather than 6, i turned the engine off and then the car was fine for about 500 miles, since then it's happened again three times and the same again, i turn it off and then it runs fine. The problems seems to be more frequent now, any advice will be much appreciated. VID-20191017-WA0000.mp4 VID-20191017-WA0001.mp4
  24. Morning Stu It may be in the loom or it could be the PDC controller. Try unplugging the unit use some contact cleaner and reconnect. The PDC controller is buried in the boot so susceptible to any damp or spills. Dave
  25. Dave, thank you for your great reply. I am using a c110 scanner, it works wonders but I could do with the bmw one that everyone talks about... the 1.4.... mall the sensors are clicking and all sound the same, so I can’t seem to find the weak one. Ill get the other scanner and see what pops up. Thanks again!
  26. Hi Ron. Welcome. OR You will need VIN for latter.
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