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  2. Greydog

    Door seals

    Morning Brian Have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin Number in the search box and it will bring up your model. Then look in Vehicle Trim (from memory) you will see small exploded drawings with numbered parts look up the part number that will ensure you get the right part for your car. I changed the drivers door seal on my X5 cost was £45 from memory.
  3. Whoop Whoop Top Man Dan Happy Easter then Dave
  4. Last week
  5. Hi all, iv'e got a 2058 bmw318i e91 and need to replace the door seals does anyone know where I can get some from or how much are new ones from bmw I live in the Stafford area thanks in advance for your replies Brian.
  6. Just an update, I managed to do the valve seals yesterday, 6 hours in total from opening the bonnet to taking it for a test drive. To be fair it was a nice easy job and easily an average diy job for most. While i was at it i measured all the valve train and pasti-gauged the cam shafts to check for wear. All well within tolerance!!! Considering it has 97k miles on the clock im well happy. Anyhow, If their is anyone within the Norfolk area (Thetford) that needs it doing pop me a message, im happy to help!!
  7. Greydog


    Sorry Clarence your problem is unclear more information needed Dave
  8. Greydog

    328i dies at stops when warm

    The remote oil filter housings are a source of leaks if the o ring seal is used more than once so not uncommon. Same with the Valve cover gaskets, the tensioner if it's quiet and smooth running I would change at my leisure not theirs. FYI BMW oil filters are supplied by Mann in Europe (probably the same in the US) Suspension bushes are Lemforder or Meyle the list is endless as BMW make the body, and all components are brought in. The problems with magneti starter motors, BMW knew they were an issue yet following their logic they would happily (and did in my case) replace a known issue with a known issue as it was a "genuine" BMW part, the second time it failed I replaced it with a Bosch unit and BMW have never noticed or commented, yet they did notice that I had replaced the subframe mounting bushes with Polybushes (probably because they are yellow) the service manager tried to tell me that they should change them as "non BMW "parts they could cause damage to the suspension??? Seriously Eric if thats all they found you have a well sorted car thanks to all the stuff you have done yourself Yahoo Enjoy Dave
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    my presets disappear after a few days then I have rest again any ideas
  10. lee  jetton


    my bmw 318i diesels when shutting down have had it a dealer many times with no solution to concern
  11. p38fln

    328i dies at stops when warm

    Just got the car back from the recall repairs, and I took the opportunity to ask what that part under the oil cap actually does. It's the oil pressure regulator. I also got a brand new BMW brand oil filter after they insisted I replace it immediately due to an oil leak that was observed while the car was in the shop. They gave a free diagnostic while it was there, Recommendations: New valve cover gasket, observed leak New tensioner pulley due to observed belt wobble New oil filter & gasket and possibly new housing and cap
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    its a want

    ALLPARTS EXETER EX2 8RU TEL [ 01392 420460
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