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  2. Thanks for reply, tyre’s wheels brakes etc, all good. Will get under it next week to check when back home.
  3. Morning Christopher Obvious things I would check, Tyres balance condition and wear any splits or lumps in the side walls tread wear even side to side front to rear all inflated correctly. Suspension and Driveshafts, nothing loose or allowing movement wheel bearings OK Brakes, Any binding or sticking pads or calipers. After driving any heat felt at the wheel centre would indicate an issue Propshaft, Centre bearings can wear Other things that can cause vibration are Engine pulleys belts and tensioners Hope this helps Dave
  4. Morning Dino Welcome to the Forum Dave
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  6. Hi all, newbie to the group 👍
  7. Slight vibration at about 70ish mph through the car , not steering seems to improve at higher speed. But under heavy breaking you also fill a vibration
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  10. Hi Sarah A good alternator should maintain battery voltage between 13.9 and 14.8 volts (14.2 is optimum). Even worst-case, with all accessories turned on, there should be at least 13 volts at the battery. With BMW's I was shown by a BMW Tech to always test/measure at the charge/jump posts under the bonnet. With my Mercedes with the engine off and after about half an hour the battery drain would begin, I measured a current present at the voltage regulator. I brought a new regulator and then while testing the old one on the bench found the failed diode (works like a one way valve) A Voltage regulator is fairly simple to change and not as expensive as an alternator. There are quite a few Auto Electricians who say if alternator voltage is below 13.7v change the alternator Not easy to diagnose by remote control, so hope this helps Dave
  11. Morning Paul I use a black leather polish (like shoe polish) from Scratch Doctor, The side bolster was grey with wear so I tried using a leather dye but I have to say ended up taking the seat out so I could do the whole thing to ensure an even colour match I was happy with. Then did the other front seat as to me it didn't quite match 🤣 One of my sons said "you have OCD Dad" it looked OK and you don't have eyes in your bum !! 🤣 Dave
  12. Hi Dave, just a quick one as I know you know your stuff 🙂 with the car we are trying to eliminate. So I just had my mechanic round to check the alternator and it’s testing at what it should be between 13-14. Even though it’s testing ok could it still be the alternator causing the problems I’m having? As we think it’s definitely something to do with something draining. Thanks
  13. Hi all, just looking at sprucing up the colour of the black leather in the E64. No rips or tears and have cleaned and nourished it annually but think the colour now needs a lift. Any recommendations on what to use for the colour?
  14. If you can;t set the memory something is off, either wrong unit or it's failing With the chap I helped the unit fitted had 2 connectors (1 large 1 small) the cars loom had 3 connectors. When he got the right part they all fitted With regard to the mirrors there are several reasons that they may not work, not all E53 X5;s had them fitted you can check using a BMW Vin decoder to see what was ordered at Build or just pop off the cover to see if there is a motor and limit switch fitted worth checking. Tip, get a good set of trim removal tools plastic retaining clips are easy to break. Also do you have the fold button beside the mirror adjustor Dave
  15. You could be on to something there,mirrors don’t fold in either,and you cannot set the memory on the seat.
  16. Hi Malcolm Welcome to the Forum Look at www.realoem.com Classic section put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model. Then search the sections for the part you need, when you have the Part Number if you double click the part number it will show a list of alternate parts (if available) and other models that the part was used in (if any) Then BMW have a Classic section and still have spares or the Google the BMW Specialist Recyclers Also talk to guys like BBA Reman, Cartronix or ECU testing they repair all sorts of electrical stuff and may help Hope this is useful Dave
  17. Looking for a interior fan speed controller for 635 csi 1983
  18. Morning Bruce A guy local to me has a 3.0d E53 asked me in the supermarket car park how he could get his mirrors to close and if I knew how the steering adjustment worked. He came around one Sunday and we popped off the trim panel and checked the part number, it turned out a previous owner had fitted a seat adjustment panel from an E46. Seat adjusted fine but steering column adjustment and folding mirror were a no no. He found the right part through Quarry Motors it took about 45 mins to fit and he sold the E46 part on ebay and got most of his money back along with folding mirrors steering column adjustment and memory, win win For the Service Indicator press and hold the left button (under the speedo) Holding the button down turn the ignition to position 1 you will see the word reset come up release the trip button reset will flash press again and it's reset. Or should be 🤣 Great price on the insurance Old Blokes Rule Dave
  19. Morning Paul Welcome to the Forum Take a look at www.realoem.com it is an online BMW Parts List put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will pull up your model, then look in the engine section. Once you find it get the part number in case you need to buy new. Just had a quick look seems to be part 3 for one of them don't see the other unless it is part of another acoustic panel Hope this helps Dave
  20. I have just had my engine bay cleaned in order to locate an oil leak. Turned out it was something to do with the plastic parts attached to the turbo however I have 2 pieces left over that the garage forgot/neglected to put back and I haven't the foggiest as to where they go? Any ideas anyone? Help would be much appreciated.
  21. Thanks Dave,is there a way to identify if the seat switch is at fault? Im an old get as well,I got a quote from Directline for £196 so I think that is as good as I’m going to get lol. Is there a way to reset the service indicator light without a code reader?
  22. Morning Bruce Great news. The power steering (according to family members who drive my 4.6is) is heavy, I am used to it and think they are just limp wristed 🤣 The level sensors are a simple job (just make sure the knee joint is pointing at the wheel) The steering column adjustment are you sure it's the motors? If the seat adjustment panel on the drivers seat has been changed and is incorrect it will stop other items working so worth checking that first. My insurance is with the AA but I live in a low car crime area and I am an OLD bloke so insurance is £349 Good Luck Dave
  23. Morning Chantelle Welcome to the Forum A diagnostic scan is needed to find the cause or everyone is guessing. It could be a flaky fuel pump relay or starter relay, it could be a key malfunction, or ignition switch issue? Dave
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