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  4. To check for manifold leaks I use a piece of frayed cotton which I pull around all joints if there is a leak it will get sucked towards the leak. Pay attention to the manifold to head fitting area. as for coils Bosch should be OK though I believe Delphi were OEM fitment If you haven't already check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model. BMW moved from the N43 engine to the N46N I am not sure if it makes a difference to the coil packs or not, worth checking Dave
  5. Thanks again for your advice. I will check all the connectors and loom. Yes both the coils and plugs were new and all Bosch, thought it best to go for better quality. Not sure how to check for manifold leaks but will Google. Thanks again for you prompt advice. Joseph
  6. Morning David Sadly today that is all Dealers not just BMW "no code no problem" Years ago had the similar problem with a Volvo T5. I had been in Poland on business, light came on coming back just after crossing into Germany. Volvo dealer could find no fault suggested a faulty O2 sensor, in frustration I changed the fuel filter and ran it with a fuel additive for a couple of tanks. Fault gone and never returned ? I believe it was poor fuel picked up in Poland. You have also had some pretty extreme temperatures in Spain so could be one of the thermostats having a hissy fit ? Interesting to know if it clears with lower temps perhaps? Dave
  7. Morning Joseph The simple fact that you have already had the fault move when swapping replacing parts should tell you something? Assuming that (a) the coil packs are New and at least OEM quality and correct for the car (b) The spark plugs are new and correct for the car (even a new part can fail) When you were changing those parts you must have disturbed the loom I would check each connection for continuity while getting an assistant to twist/move the loom Have you checked the inlet manifold for leaks? Dave
  8. Last week
  9. I agree with Dave, get the bmw 1.4.0 … it’s saved me a fortune! I would bet you have a failed lead or coil. Easy to check.. run the program and it will tell you which cylinder is off. Swap the lead with the next working lead (at both ends) and see if the issue moves, if not, do the same with the coil pack.
  10. Thanks Dave, I will re-check more closely the wire and connectors again more closely. I will swap over the injectors and see if the fault changers from 1&2 to something else, if it does then I know it will be the injector. I have already replaced all 4 plugs and coils. It changed from cylinder 2 &3 before the changing the plugs and coils, after changing them it changed to cylinders 1 & 2. Will keep you updated. Joseph
  11. Mine came from Euro Car Parts had to drive to their Redhill depot to collect strangely also a Saturday morning I would have a quick ring around the Motor Factors For any clues if you need them take a look at www.pelicanparts.com they have "how too's" with pictures Good Luck Matey
  12. Cheers Dave. just had a look and it’s like the leaning tower…. Good news is I can feel the car rising on the left although not fully and the pump working, so I would agree a failed bag on the left. …. Now, where to get an airbag on a Saturday morning….
  13. Morning Stu As it started one side my guess is Airbag very easy change jack it up wheel off. Pull the 30amp Compressor fuse Disconnect the airline the actual air bag is held in by clips 2 at the top 1 at the bottom a half hour job for a man of your capabilities 🤣 Personally I would change both airbags just to be sure Aerosus are the best and come with a warranty. Last time I did it they were about £80 each Dave
  14. Morning Clint Not sure about the later cars don't they store the CD on the hard drive ? Multiplay CD players used to be in the glove box. With the Dash slot I am sure there is a choice in the Idrive menu to ply or Store the CD Hope this helps Dave
  15. How do you load multiple discs into the CD player? I can only get it to accept 1.
  16. Hi all. following the wife home yesterday and I saw the car was leaning to the left a bit. This morning the rear lhs suspension was definitely low. any quick tips I can check before hopefully not handing over to a garage. I am off to Germany on Sunday and my wife will need the car while I’m gone. really not the time for this to play up!
  17. Morning Carl If your going to be working on your Z3 then the best Value would be BMW 1.4.0 (About £25) you will need an old laptop with Win 7 or 8 to run it on. Brilliant program which will allow Dealer level access on BMW's using the early Bus systems up to around 2004/5. The difference you will see between an OBD code reader and 1.4.0 is massive INPA is a Full Dealer Program which includes TIS ( Tech Info System) and Wiring diagrams etc, all models up to E87. ISTA is the latest iteration obviously covering all models up to date, including Mini If your Z3 is your only BMW then BMW 1.4.0 would be the best buy (works on Range Rover up to around 2005), if your a car nut like me who works on not just my own BMW's but family and neighbours cars you will need something that will cover more models. My garage laptop has Mercedes Star (used to have AMG), VADIS (Volvo) VAG Com (VW) I also have Foxwell OBD readers one of our sons says "Dads a car nerd with OCD" he could be right but it keeps the old grey stuff stirred up 🤣 and I enjoy the odd challenge. Good Luck Dave
  18. Cheers Buddy I will try that out this evening. I’ve only got an obd2 reader. Is it really worth investing in an INPA?
  19. Hi Carl Welcome to the Forum The simplest check is to move the coil pack if the misfire goes with it you have your culprit. If the misfire remains then I would suspect the harness not unknown for them to become chaffed and cause misfires. Also check the Injector harness while your there If you have a diagnostic tool such as INPA you can run live data to check Good luck tracking it down Dave
  20. Hi all, little help please. I’ve got a 1999 z3 1.9 and really enjoy working on the car. Have code cylinder 1 random misfire. Mpg is horrendous, strong smell of petrol, lack of power and sounds like a tractor. things I’ve changed. valve cover gasket as cylinder 1 spark plug was covered in oil (solved now) also several hoses that were perished. all spark plugs all injectors and fuel rail fuel pump fuel filter crank position sensor Next step is injector coil and Leeds. is there anyway of checking the coil pack and Leeds to make sure they are functioning properly?
  21. Thanks for teh info will check later today much appreciated
  22. Morning Joseph You say you checked the connectors and cables ? How? As an Example the Coil pack loom is around 21/2 ft (80cm) long or did you check the wires and connector at each coil pack. Have you checked the loom and connectors for the injectors ? The fault code identifies a Combustion misfire, to achieve combustion you need Fuel, Air and a Spark So if we assume the Inlet Manifold is OK that leaves Injectors or Spark Personally I would remove the plugs and carry out a compression test on 1 &2 if compression is OK and the Plugs are OK (personally I would just change all 4) I would swap say number 1 and number 4 injectors if a misfire moves it points you to the injectors. Last the coil packs same scenario, of course before any of this I would have checked both looms for continuity and any marks or signs of chaffing Dave
  23. Morning Kev Welcome to the Forum Very nice ENJOY Here's to many Smiles of happy motoring Dave
  24. Thanks Dave, I checked the connectors and cables and all seems OK. I also disconnected the battery and waited 15 minutes, then reconnected. I started the car and it had a rough idle and orange engine light came on with 29CD/CE/CC Combustion cylinder 1& 2, several cylinders, cleared the codes. I waited until this morning and started the car and it runs fine, I took it for a drive and seemed OK BUT could this be because I cleared the fault on my diagnostic device or do you think it may be resolved. Just concerned whether I make long journeys or not. As you said if it was Vanos then it would come up on the fault code different to 29 CD/CE/CC. If it was injectors, would fault have the 29 code faults or would it be a separate code to 29. Dare I say if the fault comes back on could it be a more drastic problem??? Any advice always appreciated.
  25. I'm located in US & own 2019 X3. Don't have any use for the bike rack but would you consider selling the roof bars only? If so, about how much? Thanks, Joe Lowman
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