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  2. Hi, my 1 series had recently started making a whistling noise that gets worse when accelerating. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Iv attached a video of the sound. IMG_9163.MOV
  3. sorry for the stupid question why bmw still sells its models with a manual gearbox in the american market when a german competitor like audi has already stopped selling its manual gearbox models in the american market since 2020?!
  4. Morning Alex I agree with Stu the fitter at Halford clearly didn't have a clue and was probably using the wrong ISO adapter for your model. With my 4.4 X5 I fitted a Dynavin head unit ( that was a while ago now) check out their website they make some good kit that is plug and play Dave
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  6. If the stereo wanted to start up every time it was powered then the red and yellow power wires were wrong in the loom. An adaptor kit is sometimes needed, which any good dealer should have spotted. the warning noises from the car should not come from the stereo if I’m not mistaken.
  7. If it is only one door, as I read it now... you will have to take the interior off to get to the lock mechanisms. I think they had a white plastic link which were the weak point
  8. Stupid question, but do the doors unlock with the remote? also, where did the car come from? do you have it’s history. sounds an odd question but some of the 7lm cars were used as diplomat cars and MOD cars so door handle function on the rear may have been disabled. check the child locks on the door frame and see if this makes the inner levers operate
  9. Hi G Welcome to the Forum I have read a lot about this issue over the years not just a BMW problem by the way several Marques have issues as they use PVC insulated cables which become brittle in low temperatures, couple this with everything being as short and tight as possible and broken cables are inevitable. There are repair kits available but if buying one make sure you get a silicon insulated one with multi-cored cable for flexibility and sufficient length. As for carrying out the repair it is within the scope of most competent home mechanics, and certainly easy for an Auto Electrician or good Independent Garage. Good Luck Dave
  10. Can anybody recommend a wiring harness repairer/ installer in the Essex/ east London area that is competent to do the SENCOM harness replacement? My local dealer wants over £100 just to give me an estimate. I am unable to open the tailgate again and can see the broken wires in the harness. I did a temporary repair last year and it has broken again. theres a vicious bend in the harness (there since new I assume) . I've seen this fault mentioned in a few forums, and the SENCOM repair is mentioned but I'm not sufficiently competent to do the job.
  11. Evening peep's, So I've gone and got a 730Ld and as per the title it's got issues, most prominently the lack of function from the O/S/R door handles, both internal and external. Does anyone know how to get into the rear doors without damaging the door cards? Cheers in advance Ginger Tom
  12. In answer to the numpty question Upt, I wish I knew as it was on a 3 year lease with Hitachi Leasing and they weren't newly put on at the end of the lease, strangely everything else on the car is pristine, not even a paint chip, just the front tyres, dealer said he just had to polish it. Sad day when Goodyear closed, put several of my mates or their Dads out of work, it's mainly a housing estate now. Cheers Steve.
  13. On the tracking subject. I tried to get mine tracked at ATS sometime ago, they were about as much use a chocolate fireguard. It was like watching the Chuckle Brothers at work. I bit the bullet and paid a whopping £100.00 to get it done at a franchise. It transformed the car, their before and after documentation only showed minor differences but driving it was like night and day. £100.00 well spent and the strange tyre wear was well and truly sorted. I suspect it was out from new. Didn't know about the Wolverhampton plant closing I used to go past regularly on the 449 in a previous life. I know it's a separate question and I'm not expecting an answer but why does some numpty put lousy inappropriate tyres on a new'ish 330e? Probably because they're a numpty. Upt'North.
  14. 👍 Tints Not sure the others would add anything But then I am an old bloke 😁
  15. Hi guys, Fairly new owner to a 2016 120D and new member here. Been thinking of a couple of changes that I might make and thought I'd get some other opinions and ideas if that's okay. 1. Window tints 2. Change out the chrome grill to an all black double slat grill 3. I have the silver alloys but might get these resprsyed to the feric grey. I have attached an image of the current set up :) Any ideas or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Thanks Dave, Bridgiez it is then
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