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  2. 133,600 miles 11 months MOT, full service history Full service / oil change etc at 132,000. Various bits done recently, please get in touch if you’d like more info / pictures etc. Planning to move back to London (hence selling) so looking to get a sale in the next few weeks if possible. £3499 07484846192
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  4. Hi Dave, when I first got this car the DPF light was on and I was told it was a pressure sensor on the DPF unit. I replaced it with a new one PT no 13627789219-03 but this made no difference whatsoever. It turned out it was the thermostat which was not allowing the car to run at the proper temperature. once I got the engine temperature up I forced a regeneration and all was well after that. It seems to me you just have to keep throwing expensive sensors at these cars until the fault is cured. Do you think the INPA/ISTA will be more specific in identifying the problem and if so where can I download it . thanks Paneuro
  5. My new BMW X1 is a week old and I just love it. However, on seeing some of the faults detailed on this site I am slightly perturbed. NEED I BE?
  6. I would like to fit a vacuum gauge and would like to know where the best place is to make the connection as the T piece supplied is quite small. Thanks Stewart
  7. Hi Gary Welcome to the Forum Obviously general engine condition has to be considered/ What mileage and which engine? There are a lot of "Could Be's" so you really need a Diagnostic session. First thought is check the fuel pump fuses and relay but it could be a sensor ?? Dave
  8. Hi Andrew You should have 2 O2 sensors one on the DPF and one after the DPF so they can measure the difference between exhaust gas entering the DPF and leaving Testing An O2 sensor will cycle between 0.10 to 0.90 or almost 1 volt. An O2 sensor has to reach the 0.8x Volts amplitude mark while at full operation. An O2 sensor also has to reach the 0.1x Volts amplitude mark while at full operation. (Full operation means the engine is fully warmed up, O2 sensor above the 600 deg. If the sensors are OK then the DPF may need cleaning or a forced regeneration cycle if you do a regeneration cycle or clean the DPF do an Oil and Filter change as well As for the program ISTA/INPA will be the one to go for there is plenty of online help setting it up so no worries Dave
  9. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can help my Bmw x3 2007. Started losing power and the changed oil filter, oil, fuel filter, air filter. And no starts and just cuts out like there's no fuel getting to it
  10. Hi Dave, are these 02 sensors on the exhaust side and how do you go about checking them? The air con works to a degree, I have re gassed it during the hot spell earlier in the year and 2 days ago fitted a used AUC sensor but it is still throwing up a fault 009C54 as before! I have also thought about these more in depth tools like inpa or ista and I do have a spare laptop that is unused but with my limited knowledge of computers I am nervous I might get myself into more trouble! thanks Paneuro.
  11. Morning Andrew Have you checked the O2 sensors ? While Carly is good it is nowhere near as acurate as BMW 1.4.0 or ISTA?INPA What exactly is the Aircon problem ? Does it work? When was it last checked ? Dave
  12. Morning Roger Sorry to burst your bubble but no pressure release valve. The cooling system is a sealed system take a look at www.realoem.com either select your model or put the last7 digits of your Vin into the search box. Then search the relevant section, it will show you the parts and where they fit. My guess would be a hose or "O"ring split and low coolant level maybe a gasket (water pump or thermostat seal) If the system was full there would be signs of a leak somewhere (white residue) around or near the leak. Dave
  13. Morning Mando Yes I thought there was a dipstick on your model not obvious hidden down the side of the engine. I just don't understand why manufacturers are so hell bent on making everything sensor driven when we know they will degrade/suffer/break given time while a dipstick ??? Hey Ho Dave
  14. I have a 2011 328i 3l convert/hardtop. I have had nothing but rotten luck the past 3 months with this thing. All the previous post were because I bought a brand new starter that was no good. I assumed it was because it was new in the box. Just because it's new don't mean a thing. So now to the present mess. I got it all back together and cranked it and she run fine so I drove it to the store. When I got back and pulled into the drive I heard a loud spraying sound and steam coming from the hood. I shut it down opened the hood but saw nothing but a little steam. Then all of a sudden a blast of steam comes out of the left side of the motor towards the front and it blast then quite then a couple of seconds latter it did it again and it sounded exactly like a pressure relief valve. I'm praying that there is one because if not and it not some sort of hose then guess what (head gasket). But I have been working on motors for over 50 years (mostly 50's & 60's & 70's) but I have never seen or herd of this. Does anyone know what it is? It was late and I have not taken anything down to see what it might be. Thanks Roger
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  16. Hi Greydog. ran a test today and the EML light stayed of for about 6/7 miles, then when I stopped and restarted it came back on within 20yards. I tried several times during the days journey (90miles) and every time it just came back on after a few yards. it just says the same as it did before. Exhaust gas recirculation control, control deviation. The air con again is as it was the first time but I will try cleaning the contact wires tomorrow. thanks Paneuro.
  17. I dont think theres a dipstick in the car! Shocking. Will have another look. We did work out on the service that my engine needs 1/4 litre more than the manufacturers fill level of oil to make the max mark. Do some BMW's have both?! Electronic and dipstick..
  18. I will check again and let you know, I cleared it yesterday and it has not stored it. cheers Paneuro.
  19. Just one word Kenny HERO Dave
  20. Morning Andrew For your fault with the rear air flow adjustment Check the pop out the plugs and clean the contacts also check the earth feed. What does your Carly say ? Dave
  21. Morning Mando On the brother inlaws 535d touring the onboard system adjusts it's self so you should be fine, always check with the dipstick though Dave
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  23. My activities from today, stripping the m sport interior from a donor car. Goodbye 2 tone grey/black interior, when I get to stripping mine lol
  24. Hi guys, I need to be kept away from sharp objects or a box of matches. The dreaded EML has returned , think this car needs a new owner!!! P-ssed of with a capital P. Paneuro.
  25. check engine light has been on both bmws that ive owned e46 and e39
  26. Hi Greydog, would these be vertical knurled controls, left one on /off and right one hot/cold ? if that's them I have them. I thought they just controlled the rear temperature! I'm still at loss as to why they are throwing up a fault? thanks Paneuro.
  27. Another query! When you top up a bit of engine oil- is there a system reset procedure? Or does the oil sensor just adjust the dash reading by itself?
  28. Morning Andrew The "Stratification Wheel" (BMW speak for air control wheel) you should have 2 on the dash and the rear ones are on the back of the arm rest between the front seats. Not all models had the rear seat vents (which will make them hard to find) Fingers crossed on the AUC sensor Dave
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