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  2. Driving home today and think a power steering pipe has burst 😡😭😭 as no fluid and steering really hvy
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  4. Cheers again. Battery is strong. I do have some vibration under load and noises over bumps, but mainly the fact that I can rotate the front wheel when I jack up that corner. Having an investigation today
  5. Before doing anything is your battery in tip top condition and fully charged ? 12.8v at cranking 14+v with engine running What makes you think of the drive shaft? do you have noises or vibration? Often these codes are linked, Firstly ABS, 4x4 and Steering Angle have you had the ABS control unit checked? Not an uncommon fault on more than one make/model of car. Steering angle sensor can be re-set by driving forward turning the steering lock to lock. Most common Airbag fault is the occupancy unit under the passenger seat poor earth or bad connection in the plug. Just got one popped up on my passenger door airbag.
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  7. Hi again Fuzzy. I have heard of the rear window issue before and I think that it was a faulty Micro switch,the rear sensor wiring issue and the rear window issue are best checked out on the MB Star Diagnostic Tool at your nearest BMW Independent/Specialist. You could spend hours chasing faults and still not find/solve them;the Star Diagnostic tool will pinpoint then in minutes and save you possibly hours of frustration.
  8. Stunning car mate, so i’m best to check wires and trace them to check for damage? any idea how to open rear window I’ve tried through holding button on fob and wee button under the wiper and still not opening?
  9. Over the week I have had 3 lights come on intermittently but now permanent. I have ABS,4x4 and airbag lights. I changed the slip ring behind the steering wheel as I also have cruise control buttons which are erratic. The Carly won't or can't clear the faults but I've read somewhere that drive shaft problems could cause this???? Errors Airbag ROSE II / CLU2VDA ROSE II / ASC3 1F3h ABS Steering angle sensor internal error:signal invalid Transmission: CAN MESSAGE DSC 1 Appreciate some help
  10. Checked the ones I can see and one looked a little dodgey so replaced it, now when I rerun the diagnostics I have no faults not even in the cold start system which I don't believe
  11. Hi Fuzzy. The intermittent Amber Oil light is a faulty sensor,I had mine replaced at approximately 132,000 by my BMW Specialist/Independent,not an expensive job as I recall. The intermittent faulty reverse sensors on my 51 plate 330i Automatic has been diagnosed as a damage wire,possibly cracked outer plastic case and due a rewire shortly. I recently had the transmission service carried out by the same BMW specialist,not cheap but less costly than replacing a buggered automatic box. The car is going in on Wednesday for a new black rubber frame around the windscreen - circa £110.00. The car is now at 135,200 and running as smooth and sweet as whipped cream.
  12. Just to start with Good evening, not been on for a while due to driving an A3? Now I’m back to E46 320d se touring 51 plate (2002), shell sitting on 224k with full service history most being bmw, apparently engine and turbo was replaced at 197k due to eating a swirl flap? But really is a great car had it a month so far and no major problems, all cars have minors mines is the usual lol, intermittent amber oil light, n/s mirror not dipping in reverse and reverse sensor not working, eats the back tyres tho? 1st E46 and estate car I’ve owned and loving it so far, off this weekend so going to try and figure out the mirror and sensor problem, as usual any help and advice is always appreciated thanks
  13. Hi Chris and welcome to the forum. Dave
  14. Thank you I’ll post a pic when I collect her. Managed to get them to do that ProtectX for £99 instead of £399! They don’t like too much at the dealership...I arranged my own finance, GAP etc and didn’t buy any of their expensive versions. Felt a bit guilty but that’s business.
  15. Ha Ha that will do it removing the Suspension Inact message is a "check box to disable" you need a friendly soul with INPA or BMW 1.4.0 or similar you can select which check warnings are displayed at start up. I don't understand why people are scared of the air suspension systems and swap them for springs when the air systems are simple to work on particularly the rear only self leveling systems on most X5's. The wife doesn't read the forum then He He Dave Should have said if you find the friendly soul if the look at the LCM module you can see all items in the "Check Control" just un-tick the suspension
  16. Morning Terrence Not a diesel driver but I have owned (and still own) super charged and turbo charged petrol cars so my thoughts would be. Turbo's do wear and whistle as a result, a whoosh on Deceleration could be a waste-gate blow off stopping over boost on the overrun. I thought most these days bypassed any over boost into the exhaust to silence the Whoosh so check the plumbing again. The whistle rising to a screech doesn't sound right to me I would suspect a worn turbo I am afraid. Dave
  17. Morning Chris Welcome to the Forum ask away but most of all ENJOY your BMW Dave
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  19. Hi All Collecting my first ever BMW in 8 days. I px’d My VW Up for a 118iSE. I was going to get an Up GTI but most dealers are trying to sell their demos for a lot more than the new price because the order book is closed. Anyway, saw this car in my local dealership....2 years old with 2500 miles (spare demonstrator) and thought I’d be mad not to.. Have driven other people’s 5 series at work and have been impressed so hopefully this will be a good experience. i will have loads of questions as I go so hopefully this community will be help me along. so hello from Devon.
  20. thank you Dave the old cow is fine now lol 😄 and i had a big surprise in the boot after stripping everything out i found i have springs not air bags!!! must be a conversion so maybe need to find a way to remove the warning from the ecu?
  21. i have taken your advise and had someone on the gas while it was on the ramp and from the underside listening to all around the intercooler and pipes it seems to be fine and the noise is much quieter from there. but when i lowered the ramp and listened from under the bonnet the noise is very loud i have taken the air filter out and replaced it but the noise remains the same???? its to loud to pin point it.
  22. Hey Dave, i hope it does help bud, took me a little while to get used to the video editing software but got there in the end haha. And nice i will save those sites for future references in my bmw folder 😉 Thanks!
  23. If there's no external leak then it's got to be going into the cylinders, hasn't it? 1 litre a week sounds horrendous, like post above how many miles per litre. If the coolant leak has now stopped then the compression test is the way to go as the black smoke will mean an Mot failure, I think? Upt'North.
  24. Thanks Greydog. I'm pretty competent with vehicles or was before DPF/ABS/TCS days. Whilst the car is under the extended warranty, I think £500.00 pa roughly, I'm happy with it but £500.00 ain't cheap. But the EGR and Washer repair has probably just cost the equivalent of two years premiums. EGR valve, front washer motor and in total about 5 hours labour and diagnosis would not be cheap at the franchise. It's covered until 04 2020 so time to think. Although thinking does hurt. Upt'North.
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