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  2. Thanks for the tip re. OEM part numbers Dave. cheers Nigel
  3. I have seen that before little blighters climb in where it is warm. Good find,if it isn't repairable use www.realoem.com to get the correct part numbers then Google to find replacements Dave
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  5. Thanks Greydog. Afraid the real cause, as I have just discovered, is due to damaged wiring...as you suggested, but probably not the type of damage. I found evidence of a rodents nest!! The insulation has been partially stripped (eaten). Hoping it is limited to what I can see. Rgds Nigel.
  6. Morning Kingair Welcome to the Forum A diagnostic read with Inpa/Ista ( or a BMW capable Diagnostic program) would confirm exactly what is happening. If you don't have access I would first check the loom and connections if all are good and you are actually changing a single injector I believe it wili need registering through Inpa/Ista or similar Dave
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  8. Just wondering if anyone has had/is having similar issues. The engine misfires in a very specific situation, namely after coasting (engine breaking) when applying throttle again, particularly at the lower end of the rev range, the engine misfires. Once at higher RPM 2000+ it behaves normally. My suspicion is a faulty injector, as opposed to a faulty coil pack. A faulty coil pack I believe would cause a misfire throughout the rev range. Any ideas how to verify the cause? Would new injectors need to be calibrated? or are they just interchangeable?
  9. Morning James Welcome to the Forum Unfortunately we are in the hands of designers who grew up playing video games Personally I am solidly with you it is a distraction drivers don't need plus a single fault in the screen renders the car unusable?? The video gamers want to move us towards driverless cars, dont they realise we already have those they are called trains Dave
  10. Hi Dave, I had it in BMW Rustington today for the EGR cooler recall and signed up for the service plan as it looked good value. Good to know Walkers are round the corner if anything crops up.
  11. what are people thinking about the new glass instrument panel and elimination of shift lever. I think the new system is too complicated, harder to use while driving and moves bmw from a drivers car to a video game.
  12. That was quite helpful! At least I now know what the name of the part I'm trying to replace is! Its the Carrier Outside Door Handle Rear Right! The expanded drawings also help! I'm still at a loss as to how ta actually access the part as it's in the thinnest part of the door, right at the back - nowhere near an access hole! Thanks again Dave! Jim
  13. Hi Jim Have you looked at www.realoem.com it's a BMW online parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model. Then search the sections for what you need (Body or Trim section would be my guess) It will give you part numbers so when looking for replacement you know you have the right bit. Plus there are useful Exploded drawings that should help with how stuff fits Dave
  14. Thanks for the reply Dave - I've searched through you tube and there is nothing that I can find about the E70 - there are a couple of vids with people doing similar on an E53 - and I'm trying to use that as an initial guide, but the mechanisms are quite different! The pelican parts site looks great but again they only seem to have DIY guides for the E53! I'll have a good look and see if any other models have a similar set up to mine. Thanks very much, Jim
  15. Morning Jim Welcome to the Forum Have you checked You tube for how to videos also worth checking www.pelicanparts.com (a USA site) but everything is basically the same and they have great How To's with pictures. Good Luck Dave
  16. Morning Julian Have you talked to Andy Walker Walker Autotech in Wisborough Green excellent guy he may also know a detailer that could help Dave
  17. Morning Ross Welcome to the Forum I assume your car is the 430/440 engine with the exhaust valve in the rear silencer As I understand it the was to reduce noise at idle and low revs but opens on throttle use or sport mode being engaged. I did read some time ago that starting the car engaging Sport mode (flap open) go to the boot and pull fuse F203 flaps should remain open. Warning I have also read this can cause a CEL warning lamp Dave
  18. Does anyone know if it is possible to keep the exhaust valve open all the time? I know on some models you can remove a fuse which keeps it open, but I haven’t been able to find anything on this model? (2021 F36 4 Series Gran Coupe) Any info would be appreciated.
  19. What are everyone’s recommendations for servicing in West Sussex, stick to BMW paying the service plan or use an independent, are there any 100% top draw ones near Billingshurst. I also have black wheels and paintwork which could do with a good detailer or body shop to polish out bird doo doo rash marks and I expect the wheels will need doing at some point, again recommendations in my area. Cheers.
  20. Hi, I am trying to replace the inner door handle mechanism on my 2009 X5 E70. Having removed the door card and the waterproofing I can just about see the mechanism but haven't the faintest idea how to actually access it to remove and replace it - anyone any ideas? Thanks SF
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