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    Try listening to Planet Rock. All I have on in the car. Real music. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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    Morning Nick As they have begun work under Warranty the Dealership have accepted it isn't a "normal characteristic" they will normally have discussed warranty work it with a BMW customer service manager. What you don't want to do is risk them saying "are but others have been here and may have disturbed something so it isn't our fault" so I would keep away from independent inspections unless it is a different BMW Dealer of course. Good Luck Dave
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    Hi Nick I would email to them first outlining your concerns regarding the fact that (1) They seemed to have problems diagnosing the issue first off (2) After further investigation they provided a repair which is not satisfactory. Point out that this has reduced your confidence in the reliability of the car and their ability to maintain it, ask what action they will take to rectify copy BMW UK Customer Services (you do need to give them an opportunity) Then go and see them let them explain the course of action they intend to take. If you find it unreasonable escalate your complaint explaining that you have spent good money with them but they have not provided goods that are "fit for purpose" and you require them to repair or replace them in a timely manner, if they cannot then a full refund would be your only recourse. By doing this you will have a record of what is happening that is a legal document should things get bumpy. Dealers vary, my local dealer is very good efficient and helpful, I used a Dealer 15 miles away and they were the absolute pit's. The Service Manager was arrogant to the point of rudeness. so sadly we pay our money and take our chances. I am sure they won't let it get that far Good Luck Dave
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    Morning Mark How frustrating is that First check the fuses in the right hand cubby in the boot 2 to check 7.5amp and 30amp if either are blown. If the fuses are OK the compressor should run, however if a clumsy fitter has clouted one of the ride height sensors when removing/replacing a wheel so check both are OK and the knee joint needs to be pointing at the wheel not inwards. Last is your battery OK low battery voltages on a tired or failing battery will trigger the fault. If you aren't aware take a look at www.realoem.com there are some small exploded drawings that may help, also www.newtis.info Good Luck Dave
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    Morning Tony Welcome to the Forum As with any used car purchase "Eyes Wide Open" general condition and service history are paramount. 97k is not excessive, what engine transmission and accessories are fitted are all things that will effect the price you pay/negotiate. Whether you can carry out repairs yourself or not again will effect whether it is worth the risk One of my sons brought a very cheap 09 325d touring Auto with a cracked exhaust manifold and a clogged EGR plus a couple of other small related engine issues £600 and 3 days work and we had it back in fine fettle, 3 years on it is a really nice car to drive. So it depends on you and your ability both my sons have grown up helping Dad tinker build and fix all sorts of stuff so are very capable home mechanics. Had they not been and had to rely on a garage the 3 series would have cost around £2k I would estimate at garage rates. Good Luck Dave
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    Nowt wrong with a 3l petrol..... mines the proper manual version though! 😜 good find, great price! Thanks for the info on key programming greydog. I was wondering if I could get a key cut and reprogrammed using 1.4.0 👍🏻
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    Hi Martin Bargain of the year !!! The M54 straight six is one of the worlds great engines so with good maintenance will last and last. Gearbox tends to be the weak point as they often never get serviced just complained about when they break. If your not aware tyres are important to protect the transfer case and rear diff. Petrol consumption on the 6 is about the same as the V8's due to the cars weight apart from that great motors. Enjoy Dave If you haven't picked it up yet www.realoem.com is a BMW online parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your model. Makes sure your buying the right bits when you need them. www.newtis.info BMW Technical information used by Dealers for service and repair
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    Morning Martin You can buy the batteries if you need to repair the key fob, plenty of videos around showing how too do it If you don't have one a BMW specific code reader will prove invaluable, something like BMW 1.4.0, INPA, Carly for BMW, I use 1.4.0 which is mounted on on an old laptop which I keep just for garage work. Is yours 3.0, 4.4, or 4.6 like mine? Dave
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    Hi Francesco The Marelli starter motors would start the cars OK it is just that they would draw massive amounts of amps starving all the other stuff of power and draining batteries causing all sorts of strange issues until the battery is recharged which could take 10 to 15mins Regarding the Battery fitting an oversize/rated battery is a myth, often the alternator can't fully charge the battery this can result in the battery failing early. Large capacity/fast recovery batteries are often specified for cars with stop/start facility, these cars also have a beefier charging circuit yours doesn't have that. Your battery should be something like 12v/85 to 90Ah/800 to 900 cca (Cold Cranking Amps) ECP had an offer on over Easter Bosche Battery's were less than £100 delivered even Halfords should be around £120. As an example my X5 E53 4.6is needed a new battery in November last year I brought a Yuasa 12v/110Ah/900CCA battery from a local motor factors £129. FYI a fully charged battery should read 12.8 v engine off, around 14.8v engine running, anything below 12v indicates a discharged or dying battery or suspect charging system. Dave
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    Today, well for the last couple of "VE" days Glen Miller damaged my shoulder jiving with my wife !! Self inflicted at my age I should know better 😂 great social street party though.
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    If they tell you how you will probably have to sign an NDA so it stays secret !!! You know the sort of thing "we could tell you but then we have too **** You
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    You can buy a suitable space saver wheel and tyre from a number of places. Even EBay has them. What might be more difficult is finding somewhere to put it in the back of your X5 with a gas tank already fitted?

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