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  1. Morning Stephen Aren't Salesmen great "Life of the car" normally means the end of their warranty responsibility 🤣 In reality this is one of the worlds great engines and with good maintenance and regular oil changes they are capable of Star Ship mileages. I have some experience of the N52N version of this engine which one of our sons friends has in a competition/(Drift Car) when he brought the car it had covered 140K we took the engine out and we stripped it and rebuilt it the only new parts were gaskets lower chain and oil pump we changed the lower chain and oil pump as a precaution due to the thrashing he would be giving it. 2018/19 and over the last 2 years he has hammered the life out of the engine just about every weekend he changes oil regularly is his contribution to it's long life. Lord knows how many miles it has covered now but the last few years have all been at maximum attack So if the history is good the car runs sweetly and absolutely everything works as it should I would have no qualms I would howver sqeeze the Salesman for an extended Warranty as part of the deal or money off to get your own then you are covered. Dave
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