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    Bridgestone are a BMW * rated and approved tyre so you should find things improve significantly. 😁
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    I thought your car would be on run flats? I personally find the Pirelli's OK, although they do like to track tarmac imperfections. I'd never heard of Rapid and if you can why not run with all Goodyear to see if that corrects the issue, also run a couple of PSI lower in the front if steering feel is a priority. Upt'North.
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    Hi Steve Tyres are or can be a touchy subject with some seeing them as a necessary evil and buy cheap others only buy the best. Certainly seems someone put cheap ditch finders on for either MOT or sale. Personally I like same make front and rear and go for the recognized brands so I would check the rear wear and make a decision based on their condition. If they are good or nearly new condition I would buy the same for the front. The last set on my X5 are Bridgestone before was Yoko's and before that Michelin as I look for the deals, my winter wheels have Witrac Extreme fitted. Dave
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    New to the site - currently have: 2008 Z4 E85 Silver Grey 2017 R nine T Scrambler X K23 Monolith Metallic Matte 2020 M135i F40 Storm Bay
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    Don't you just love a cheap fix 😁
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    The last one says missing LIN slave on steering wheel. The LIN system is what the car uses to talk to the various modules. If it can't talk to the steering wheel maybe that's why the cruise control is not working properly. I'm guessing though.
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    Morning L First looks like your glow plugs need changing and possibly the glow plug controller. Second you have a number of issues with the power steering module and EPS plus vibration in the steering these need attention. Third the Chassis control module shows no signal while the glow plugs won't affect cruise and lane change any steering or chassis control failures certainly will. They need resetting then start the car to see if anything comes back any that do needs fixing. Many modules are reliant on each other so a fault in one will have a knock on effect to other modules as they dont have information they cant function. Dave

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