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    Morning Stu Welcome to the forum The BMW parking sensor system fitted to cars of our vintage is flaky to say the least, yours is showing the classic signs of 1 or more sensors being dead. You can turn on the ignition select reverse then put your ear near each sensor you should hear a clicking, no click = sensor not working. If you also have front sensors don't ignore them 1 sensor out means no system. Which code reader are you using? I use BMW 1.4.0 and I can read and test individual sensors I have a sensor that hates rain, car washes, jet washes and cold weather?? Warm dry weather all OK when I read the codes for the PDC unit it shows "rear centre left" I have changed the sensor no difference so I believe my fault is in the loom some where which with the current weather can wait as I have a reverse camera. Also I have a factory tow bar fitted when I plug in the horse trailer it turns off the rear sensors and the fronts work fine. When buying your sensors make sure you get the right ones check the part number on www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box and it will bring up your model. Here is information on mine for what it is worth Part Number 66206989069 Supersedes: 66216938739 (04/01/2004 — 11/23/2005), Exchangeable retrospectively 66216911838 (09/01/2001 — 03/05/2004), nonexchangeable retrospectively 66216902182 (11/01/1998 — ), Exchangeable retrospectively 66218375533 (03/01/1998 — 01/28/1999), nonexchangeable retrospectively 66218352137 (04/01/1994 — ) Part 66206989069 was found on the following vehicles: 5' E39   (04/1995 — 07/2003) 5' E60   (12/2001 — 06/2007) 5' E60 LCI   (04/2006 — 12/2009) 5' E61   (10/2002 — 02/2007) 5' E61 LCI   (04/2006 — 05/2010) X3 E83   (01/2003 — 07/2006) X3 E83 LCI   (03/2006 — 08/2010) X5 E53   (10/1998 — 09/2006) Hope this helps Dave
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    Not a fan of tuning boxes. They tend to just over fuel the engine. I use this on my 335d. The ECU map can be returned to original at any time using a simple handset: https://www.mybluefin.co.uk/search?make=3&fueltype=2&model=33&variant=2983
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    Welcome. Car looks great.
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    NO. Don't ever add the wrong oil type. Solve the problem instead: The 316 is renowned for valve stem oils seals going. They perish. Get them replaced then drop the oil and filter. Add fresh corect oil and new filter.
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    Agree. With no more than 10k mileage for each year, you are looking at 7.5k and it would need to be immaculate.
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    There is a brake vacuum line that runs from the servo unit check that at the point it meets the servo is a seal and a non return valve if the seal goes or the non return fails it will give those symptoms. Dave
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    Hi there, I have a BMW Z3 for sale in London. The car is a 1.9 auto with red leathers and is very clean for its age being a 97. Contact 07956514609. £1250 sale price
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    Thanks for the reply, ill give it a look this weekend. Hopefully that will solve the issue...
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    Hi Steve Welcome to the Forum I would guess it is one of the horn units that have either failed or are disconnected. Here are a couple of websites to help you find your way around. www.realoem.com a BMW online parts list to make sure you have the correct parts if replacing stuff, just put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box. www.newtis.info BMW Technical Information site same information that BMW Dealers work with. www.pelicanparts.com this one's an American site but great how too's with step by step pictures just the steering wheel on the wrong side. Enjoy your squeaky Beemer Dave
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    Dave I'm sure alot of people have lost out because of the fear of bug bills I was nearly at an end with mine I even got to a point where I asked bmw for a quote to investigate and I was told it was more than likely the chain and they were going to charge me £2300 for the repair
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    Just a little thread on something I have recently learned about my 320i e93 with the n43 engine. My oil pressure light came on in the car after doing a normal city drive I slowly drove the few miles home as I had no choice. The engine sounded mint and no limp mode or anything like that so over the next few days done some research into oil pressure faults with these engines and every answer I got was engine chain guides broken needs a new chain well that isn't the case on these engines you have two types of oil pressure sensors one located just under the head online with cylinder 2 and an unusual sensor that bmw call oil preassure hydraulic solenoid they are £106 from bmw and relatively easy to fit all you need to do is remove all air filter pipes and box from the engine bay and take the bolts that hold the alternator on off and just under the alternator you will see the sensor it looks very similar to the vanos solenoid only half inch shorter hope this helps many people as I was getting quotes for the timing chain around £1000 in the end cost me £106 and 45 mins of my time
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    It could be your right foot or maybe this is just what you can expect. Some BMW fuel additive can't hurt, cheap enough on ebay and from my own experience my X1 did feel smoother after. Upt'North.
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    Went and got the battery tested. Replacement advised. The CCA is down under half so that’s my issue I believe. Thanks again. Posting a new thread on another issue. Here we go again!
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    Good thinking Trevor, if it is a drift/competition car won't the scrutineers want to see a master kill switch accessible from outside the car ?
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    Sounds great to me but then my 4.6 V8 averages 18 mpg but if I try I can easily get it into single figures 😈😈
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    Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum Its always good to hear from fellow car enthusiasts from the other side of the pond.....car passion is the same wherever you are in the world 🙂 Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
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    Hi Alan Thanks for pointing this out to us.....we are looking into it and will hopefully rectify it soon
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    Hi aab104 and welcome to the forum. Dave
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    Hi Steve Welcome to the Forum My AMG's had speed limiter function but my X5 has a speed alert (bong) that is set through the OBC (check your hand book) but no limiter that I am aware of. Dave
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    Google. Was searching for a specific BMW forum. Its a very quiet one tho. Not a great deal of activity.

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