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    Hi Fuzzy. The intermittent Amber Oil light is a faulty sensor,I had mine replaced at approximately 132,000 by my BMW Specialist/Independent,not an expensive job as I recall. The intermittent faulty reverse sensors on my 51 plate 330i Automatic has been diagnosed as a damage wire,possibly cracked outer plastic case and due a rewire shortly. I recently had the transmission service carried out by the same BMW specialist,not cheap but less costly than replacing a buggered automatic box. The car is going in on Wednesday for a new black rubber frame around the windscreen - circa £110.00. The car is now at 135,200 and running as smooth and sweet as whipped cream.
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    There seems to be plenty changing hands on the well known auction site so even with them being "spares or repair" you may recover something worth a go I would have thought Dave
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    Morning Steve When I had my 4.4 I replaced the standard set up for 2 reasons first the Nav unit was flaky and the TV was analogue so no signal. After a lot of research I went for Dynavin. There were many cheaper available but most came from China and had dubious or no back up. I also wanted to retain the OEM look The Dynavin unit gave me excellent radio, Digital TV, Bluetooth, Nav etc etc and retained the OEM look. It did need the 5m extension lead running from the main radio quadloc connector in the boot but that is straight forward. Cost back then was about £500 from memory but I sold the OEM stuff on Ebay and recovered most of that. The new models I believe integrate with OEM DSP and retain the OBC functions
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    Thanks Trevor luckily been able to have the roof down for the last couple of days 🌞
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    Hi sadly I no longer have my E23 728i, rip. It was much loved by father in law, but unfortunately it was beyond redemption.
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    Thanks Dave, I will put a few up.
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    AC Schnitzer 22" Wheels.Wide body kit Prins LPG conversion 40+ mpg equiv, in daily use so mileage will increase, well maintained very reliable. Sony Head unit google maps Voice active commands. Android or Apple Play. genuine reason for sale. No Advertisers or Traders Please. Private Plate can be included or sold seperate. Long MOT. the wheels are valued at £1500 Prins Lpg system £1600 so priced to sell. this car has reduced Tax as registered as Dual fuel No congestion charge to pay, thanks for looking Next MOT due 01/07/2020, Full service history, Silver, 5+ owners, £3,950
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    Sounds as though the air flaps on the drivers side are stuck (just a guess here) have a look at www.newtis.info look for your model and check the relevant section for repair information Hope this helps Good luck Dave
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    Morning Steve The tilt on reverse function is controlled from the mirror/window control panel on the drivers door. I would guess you have sat in the drivers seat and adjusted the mirrors and seat? When adjusting the mirrors you have left the selector switch set to the drivers door mirror side, slide it back to the passenger side and it should tilt on reverse again. Dave
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    Morning Phil I looked at Carly and found the hidden costs and quite frankly a poor customer support a total pain I believe that even when you have the cables you need the subscription for analysis. I use BMW 1.4.0 loaded on an old laptop for Diagnosis no hidden costs and it give all diagnostic information in English Inpa tends to use German not a show stopper it is quicker not needing translation both are one cost items. Hope this helps Dave
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    Morning Steve I assume you have the hand books and are trying to find a repair manual. There are no Haynes manuals but there is the Bentley Manual which you may find for sale they tend to be expensive though. However there are some superb websites you can use for free and download and print information as you need it or as I do sit the laptop on the bench and read from the screen. (1) www.realoem.com If you aren't already aware this is an online BMW parts website, put the last 7 digits of your Vin Number into the search box and it will bring up your model then just search for your part it has small exploded drawings plus the important part number for replacement. (2) www.newtis.info This is an online BMW Technical Information site the same as used by Dealers plenty of "how too's" and drawings as well as pictures (3) www.pelicanparts.com This is a US site so the steering wheel will be on the wrong side but some well documented "how too's" with pictures at each stage. The only thing you won't find is anything on the Diesel engine the Yanks think Diesels go in lorrys. Its frustrating that due to the different laws in the US they get all this information that BMW guard in Europe still good old Google gets over that issue. Good Luck enjoy your X5 Dave
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    For Sale Dec 2005 55 plate E46 M3 Convertible - Silver/Black soft top/Full Red Leather interior. 79651 miles - MoT till 07/05/2020 - last service 24/07/2019 Excellent condition interior & exterior [some stone chips at front] Stunning looks & superb performance £10995
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    Welcome along matey
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    Latest problems at 215,000 on the 330d..... Had to replace all pulleys & tensioners plus remove those pesky rattling brake disc covers. Sorted a diesel leak from an injector . Full service & she`s fine again.
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    water seems to be geeting into the boot and dripping onto battery tray / cover. dont know if this a common problem but it drivin me crazy haha :D

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