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    here is a link to all bmw owners hand book pdf file free to download http://bmwsections.com
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    Welcome Richard Great choice enjoy your New Beemer Dave
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    Hi Kay....welcome to the Forum Post up some pics of the revised bumper when you sort it Good to have you onboard
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    Morning Carol Welcome to the forum. I am the same age group as your Dad, remember we can't stop getting older but who said we have to grow up?? A loss of power can be many things apart from the DPF, blocked fuel filter, failing fuel pump, throttle body fault, leaky or faulty injectors the list is long. I don't drive a diesel but have son's and a daughter who do, what I have learned is the DPF (diesel particulate filter) is pretty much indestructible. Yes they clog especially when used for short journeys but there is a regeneration program built in which can be triggered by a good knowledgeable garage with the correct software. The regen programs can also be triggered by driving the car, a good blast in 3rd gear to keep engine revs at about 3k (sons Toyota pickup) this cleans the DPF you can also get them chemically cleaned talk to a diesel specialist. I would check that the specialist he has talked to has actually read the codes? A blocked DPF will certainly trigger lights and engine codes plus they can't be reset if there are other associated faults such as EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation) blocked, injector or glow plug faults. I would be talking to a different garage, check out your area for a good diesel specialist or Landrover specialist (same engine in the Range Rover) also google DPF regen and read up. Good Luck Dave
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    Welcome Kay Great choice of car ENJOY Dave
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    The X5 Diesel had an engine breather filter that was prone to clogging (earned its self a nick name of the bog roll filter) if your car still has one of these old filters it can cause the white smoke cold starts and after idling. Most have been changed to vortex type filters which superseded the early ones. The pre heaters can also fail giving white smoke at start though this normally clears when up to temperature Fingers crossed it is a simple and economical fix Dave
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    Morning Andrew Google HID's Direct they have plenty of experience and a good reputation. Both of my sons have used their upgrade kits, and on my youngest sons Toyota the difference is literally night and day. Just make sure you have headlamp washers so you don't fall foul at MOT time as I believe the lighting regs state washers or self leveling or both

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