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    Not a diesel driver so just a guess here, but if the inline pump is working hard would that be because it was struggling to pick up fuel?? I have read were the in tank pump is not transferring fuel but you have changed that. So could the fuel pick up be blocked/damaged causing fuel starvation? Dave
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    Nice car. I had seen this one during my search process. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops! All the best with it!
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    Nice one! I am looking to convert my headlamps to LED sometime soon not so sure about the rear lamps but may do as more reliable and quicker in operation
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    Hi Davie....welcome to the forum She's certainly looking very sassy in the photos....what a great car! Good to have you onboard and let us know how it is all progressing with the daily driving...running my Z3 on a daily basis and its never run so good, it must like being used I guess. Cheers, Trevor
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    Very Nice Best engine as well (in my opinion) Welcome to the Forum Davie Dave
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    My thought on the mechanism is something has made it wear oddly in the first place. Have a look at www.realoem.com it's a BMW parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box and it will bring up your model then search for the part it gives exploded drawings and part numbers helps to make sure it will fit. Also www.newtis.info it's a BMW technical information site as used by Dealers good for how too's etc Dave
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    Morning Micheal and Welcome to the Forum Very Pretty and just in time for Spring. With regard to the window issue replacing worn guides will never harm it have you taken off the trim to make sure that nothing is loose or out of kilter with the mechanism. Enjoy Dave
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    Hi Bob...welcome to the Club I would highly recommend a reputable Android aftermarket system and see what is available in the way of fascia and plug adapters to make installation easy and error-free. I personally believe that the latest systems offer so many functions that way exceed the OE equipment but bear in mind I did state 'reputable' make (e.g. Sony) as the cheaper Chinese systems are very poor quality in comparison. Let us know how you get on with it all Cheers, Trevor

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