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  1. Hi jim the loom might already be fitted and you can just plug it in. If I am right, which is not often... you can just run a 12v feed to the seat if needed, although when you switch the engine off it won’t revert back or remember settings. what model is your car? my seats in thex5 have memory from the ecu so when I get in, the seat and heaters and radio and mirrors , steering wheel etc move to my preferred position. Likewise if my wife uses her key it does the same for her. this is an option if the loom is in place and the seats can be programmed for comfort entry I thin
  2. Basic principle of over unity with regards to charging. You can’t use a battery to power the car, use all the ancillaries and use a Dynamo to charge the other battery... the magnet in the charger would have to be so large, it would stop the drive battery from running and you would end up with 2 flat batteries! to trickle charge the second battery to even get a mile of power, would take 500 miles of driving. If you could create more power from the device you use, thus overunitiy... you would solve the worlds oil crisis, stop wars and become the richest person ever.... vive la fossil fue
  3. Convert the car to run on lpg. converting a non electric car would not be viable at all. the costs to build it from the chassis up would be ridiculous. Batteries weigh in at around 300kg and you would have to introduce things like regen braking and basically just build a bmw shell over a new vehicle. our company is switching the fleet to all electric... all good for the office staff, but us as engineers can cover 500 plus miles a day.... once you think about loading it up with gear, and ladders, we got figures of around 90 miles on a purpose built car. one of my mates is do
  4. Welcome Alan. We are a useful bunch... mostly . where in Glasgow are you from? I had a girlfriend from knightswood and one from bellshill. I used to live in Newton mearns too!
  5. Check the fuel pump. Remove the rear bench seat and turn the key to 2. You should hear the pump spin and prime. That would be my first point of call. the relay is located behind the fuse box in the glove box ... hopefully
  6. Hi all and thanks for the festive message. Dave, thank you for all your help over the last year and your knowledge is a great help to us all. to everyone on the forum, have a safe and happy festive period. Keep the cars clean and see you all in 2021. Blessings to you all!
  7. Personally I would hand it back, get the finance company to deal with it. check all the documents to make sure they didn’t list this or any repair work on any receipt. also, make sure you get a receipt from the finance company that you have relinquished ownership to them and the garage. I got in a massive mess because of a missing document that the finance company ‘forgot’ to send me. If it is a precious car to her, then ask for an independent valuation of the car with found issues and approach the finance company with that figure. see what they say. good lu
  8. Would the brake pad wear light be yellow and not red? if the pads are ok, as greydog said, check the wires. If you short them out... ie connect them, the light should extinguish, telling you it’s the wear sensors.
  9. I got some new lights... set of standard on eBay for £35 delivered.... guess what.... I CAN SEE!!! the issue was the lenses on the aftermarket units. Now to find some decent led lights
  10. I married a Latino salsa dancer ..... doing 200mph On a unicycle blindfolded And on fire would be less on the edge! 😂😂😂 quarry doesn’t have any lights in at the moment, but the hunt is on!
  11. Hi Dave. i think the lenses are the issue on the aftermarket ones. I’ll get some standard ones and try them. I might take your tip and fit some halo units in when I get time 👍🏻 .... as for driving slowly, my wife is Brazilian and does not understand the word slow! .... or knows who Elton John is! 😂😂😂
  12. Update..... i finally got round to getting some led lights... I cannot See a thing! im going to go back standard lens and run led bulbs. i could tell they were brighter as the road signs were lit up in the distance, but absolutely nothing in front of the car... and I mean nothing. The angle of the light is correct as they self level, but it is just a faint glow. Projector headlights are a bad bad design. as I live in the countryside, I couldn’t even make out the road markings. I was expecting Blackpool illuminations, I got Elton John’s candle in the wind! 😂
  13. I had this on my e46. When I pushed the clutch in, the noise went away and it was fine in gear.... it was the thrust bearing on the gearbox. I had to replace the clutch as the bearing failed and left me stranded. hopefully it’s not as serious for you.
  14. We had a quote at my old bike shop that said ‘nothing is impossible, it just costs a lot more’ .....
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