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  2. 2024 X1. How can I prevent the satnav sending me down narrow lanes with grass up the middle when a perfectly good clear alternative is available?
  3. Hi Taysir So after you diagnostic scan and no fault is your Trans performing as it should? I have never heard of a Trans Specialist re-using Fluid. It is like like draining old oil from the engine changing the filter and putting the old oil back ??? You just wouldn't do it. As said the old fluid will contain all sorts of contaminants which he just put back?? Dave
  4. Hi and good morning Dave. Yes the system was rest by the son of the 'owner/boss' he has a much more agile brain than mine and deals with systems such as the BMW one several times in a day. "Back to the book" - you say;practice and perseverance should eventually make perfect - or so they say !! A run out early this afternoon and a short motorway run on the M53 motorway (Wirral Motorway) will be a further confidence booster in understanding further more of the complexities of the 635d.
  5. Yes, you could be right, It would be interesting if any other members noticed this pipe.
  6. Morning Dermot Welcome to the Forum Check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model, then search the section you need. You will find the Part Number for the OEM part. Then use that for your Internet search that way any items you find should fit. There are many out there Sachs, Bilstein, Monroe to name a few Good Hunting Dave
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  8. Morning Mobeen Even with BMW's early i-bus system components that communicate with each other or allowed pass through signals to reach others could be swapped. However they didn't always operate as they should or allow their full operation. They needed not programming but registering to the cars chassis to allow full functionality. I would start by checking all body earth points, BMW love multiple earth points and earth switching so make sure they are good being parked up could have allowed corrosion to start, it wont take much. Use www.realoem.com to check if any enabling codes are needed for the audio/nav system. The steering angle sensor normally calibrates itself if the car is driven forward while going lock to lock What diagnostic system are you using Dave
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  10. Hi John Original Equipment when the car was new I believe would have been Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 Run Flats Fronts 245x40xR19 94W Rears 275x35xR19 96W Many have ended up with non run flat tyres either because people didn't like the slightly harsher ride or more often availability when tyre change time came around. Good call on the locking wheel nuts there are enough light fingered little !Removed!'s around don't make life easy for them Dave
  11. Sad end to your X5 story Rod Lets hope the scum who took it get something incurable I hope you find a good replacement Dave
  12. Hi Dave - Good morning. Yes it is,thank you. The car even came with the wind deflector and what looks like a protective cover with the 'gloves' for the exterior mirrors all neatly folded into a purpose made zipped bag with a handle. Keeping in mind the old adage of "if it looking like it's to good to be true" I certainly hope that I am not going to regret it !! The dealers sales chap had a damaged driver side backrest bolster replaced (not the best colour match) but perfectly function-able and had all four wheels refurbished albeit there was only the one that was showing chipped paintwork;he also included a 6 month Momentum Warranty ! My guess is that he took the car in PX for a song and immediately went on to tell me that if I did not want it that it was getting re-advertised at £8,000.00. as he had been reviewing others on the internet and realised that he was selling it below what he should have put it up for.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll definitely try it.
  14. Hi Stuart Great result I believe there is like a double skin effect so yes moisture/water can still be present trapped between the two. That is why the silica gel trick works so well it helps absorb the hidden moisture just make sure you can get them out and change them a few times. Dave
  15. New Key Programming Correct or re-programming a Key that has had a new battery fitted To buy a new key go to your BMW Dealer they will need the Vin and for some sight of the Registration in your name Beware of cheap keys online Dave
  16. Nice fine, thanks, but the manuals are not free. Still worth the price. Thanks again!
  17. I have just had a drive train issue on my 220 Gran Tourer auto at 37,000 miles and my BMW dealership is quoting £12.5k for a new gearbox. Can you add me to the list with regard to a collective complaint.
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  19. Collection from Lincoln LN4 - £550 ono -
  20. Hi Dave. Thank you for your quick reply. SCARY is the first thing that comes to mind especially as I can no longer do my own work on my cars unless it is something like changing wiper blades and stuff that does not require a garage for shelter in the event of bad weather ! I will sound-out my Indy as I have been using him on my previous 4No E45's. A very very brief word with him a little after opening up your post revealed that the transmission service on the forthcoming E63 involves a new sump (made of plastic !!!) which has an integral filter as part of the construction. He was talking a figure circa £450.00. We will see when the time comes.
  21. Morning Mobeen Copies of INPA/ISTA are mainly pirate so not knowingly sold by members So you will need to search the internet if buying I would make sure the Software and Cable are together also be aware that some versions will not work on a 64bit system (mine runs on an old Windows 7 32bit system) Good Luck Dave
  22. Morning Alan I would think if it is possible it needs activation in the Operating system However I have to ask "Why" all my BMW's have had voice activation to some degree but I have never used it I tried on the early X5 then it was Radio and Phone only and to say the least it was not good !! A request like "phone home" would be answered with something unrelated like Radio 4 selected 🤣 So I have never bothered since all the buttons work and so do my fingers 😅😂 Dave
  23. Hi. All of my Hey BMW commands work fine, except when trying to Command Open Drivers Window, Open Sun roof or Open sun blind, I get a response “this is not currently possible”. I have tried asking BMW but do not get consistent answers. Is this possible on a UK car running v9 OS? thanks in advance. Al
  24. £750 ono - Collection from Lincoln LN4 Darren 07889 398920
  25. Great find Paul Hope its a success Dave
  26. …. I have had more BMWs than I have hair now! fault finding is a loss making business! 😂😂😂
  27. Thanks David for your advice, I have lubricated the cable and latch, hopefully it will be fine. Thanks again.
  28. Hi there. I have a 1 series 2022 and just recently when I go to drive it sometimes the heaters on the drivers side and blowing out hot air even though the AC is on!!!! The passenger side is fine and normal but on the drivers side its hot air. and it doesn’t happen every single time, but its !Removed! annoying when it does!!!! anyone had anything similar?????
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