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  2. Welcome and enjoy the bmw. My first car was a pug 309gti which I turbo’d and heavily modified. Awesome bit of kit... after that I just had BMW’s (and lots of company cars) get ready for a bit of handling differences if you boot it, no torque steer in the rwd cars 😜. The 1 series will keep a smile on your face
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  4. Hi, no the clutch on the compressor is not engaging when air con is switched on that is why i wanted to check the relay and fuse before getting the gas pressure checked. Thank for the reply Ian
  5. Hi Roland Welcome to the Club. I have no direct experience of tow bar fitting but £800 sounds a lot more reasonable than £2500. The company quoting £800, are they a specialist tow-bar company? Do they have a web-site with customer reviews? Have they confirmed the price in writing with an outline specification of what they will install? Have they got experience of fitting to BMW's? Do you know approximately the weight of the trailer / caravan and have the tow-bar company confirmed this is in-line with the specification of what they will fit? A lot of questions but ones that I feel you need to be comfortable with the answers before entrusting them with the job. As far as I know, there's nothing in the engine management software to worry about. Towing a trailer or caravan should be no different from filling the car with Rugby players. The tricky part as far as I know is integrating the lighting circuits so that when towing, certain lights such as the rear fog lights don't operate on the car, just on the trailer / caravan. Hope this helps John
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  7. Hi Brent Welcome to the Forum First as a limited edition it will give it some value but only to those who (a) Know what it is (b) Want one Try contacting AC Schnitzer UK they should be able to give you more information/confirmation/history have you checked to see if there is an AC Schnitzer Register they should have a record of all models produced. Good Luck Dave
  8. Check put the last 7 digits of your vin number into the search box and it will call up your model. Then look in the wheels/tyres section it will show if a space saver was available for your combination Good Luck with the search Dave PS We have only suffered 1 puncture on all 3 cars in the last 10 years, that was a nail in my wifes rear tyre from one of the farriers not sweeping up?? Now she sweeps up after the farriers have been regardless. What I am trying to say is punctures today are a rarity normally on very worn tyres or a freak nail/screw like my wife's.
  9. Try listening to Planet Rock. All I have on in the car. Real music. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  10. Hi, do you have photos you could post to let everyone see the issue? Might help with any replies. Cheers.
  11. Hi Jason I did read about some early variable vane turbo issues but they were way back 2007/8 certainly in the UK there have been no big issues. I still put a lot of the problems down to extended service periods. The oil seals harden in the turbo particularly as the oil thickens with age/use 40k is along time on the road lots of heat cycles. The engine in the mini and its turbo are a joint venture with Citroen/Peugeot I believe and not known for their robust nature. As an aside one of my sons works for a company here who rebuild/recycle turbo chargers they cant get BMW stuff until it is beyond saving As always proceed with caution what is it they say "Head not Heart" and squeeze the life blood out of the dealer for Warranty and Support Packages Good Luck Dave
  12. Hi Trudy Welcome to the Forum You need codes read to be certain what the issue is or even if you have an issue at all. I have read that a simple reset often cures the problem. Turn off, remove key leave 5 or 10 mins restart and see what happens. Or disconnect the battery for a while that resets stuff also. If the fault persists you really need the codes read to have a chance of diagnosing the problem, a BMW dealer will be the most expensive, a BMW Specialist would be better or a good Independent Garage with something like Autologic will be able to run a diagnostic check if the fault returns. Good luck Dave
  13. Sounds like a transponder fault rather than a battery issue. did the car open on the first key with the remote central locking or did you have to physically turn the key in the lock?
  14. Morning Nick As they have begun work under Warranty the Dealership have accepted it isn't a "normal characteristic" they will normally have discussed warranty work it with a BMW customer service manager. What you don't want to do is risk them saying "are but others have been here and may have disturbed something so it isn't our fault" so I would keep away from independent inspections unless it is a different BMW Dealer of course. Good Luck Dave
  15. Morning Mike The drive shaft should have a compression locking ring that fit in groove on the splines that go into the diff. They normally need a fair amount of force to lever them out an when they go back in they need a good clump to compress the ring and get it seated. Have a look at for the correct parts and either or for "how too" information Dave
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  17. Morning Tony Welcome to the Forum As with any used car purchase "Eyes Wide Open" general condition and service history are paramount. 97k is not excessive, what engine transmission and accessories are fitted are all things that will effect the price you pay/negotiate. Whether you can carry out repairs yourself or not again will effect whether it is worth the risk One of my sons brought a very cheap 09 325d touring Auto with a cracked exhaust manifold and a clogged EGR plus a couple of other small related engine issues £600 and 3 days work and we had it back in fine fettle, 3 years on it is a really nice car to drive. So it depends on you and your ability both my sons have grown up helping Dad tinker build and fix all sorts of stuff so are very capable home mechanics. Had they not been and had to rely on a garage the 3 series would have cost around £2k I would estimate at garage rates. Good Luck Dave
  18. Morning Stephen Welcome to the Forum Take a look at it is a BMW Technical information site Dealers use the same information for repair and service information. Also use this one is an online BMW parts list, put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will call up you model/year then look in the relevant section. This will ensure you get correct parts for your model. Dave
  19. Hi Stu Remember the reprogramming is only for the Remote Access a new key will have to have the transponder in to enable starting, not sure if just getting a key cut will work?? Dave
  20. Morning Jake Welcome to the Forum Your car must have headlamp leveling and/or headlamp cleaning systems to be legal when Xenon headlamps are fitted. Your standard lamps can be upgraded with some thing like Osram Nightbreaker which I find are very good in our other cars. The ultimate is Xenon but for this you will need the complete headlamp unit and ballast plus you may need some programming to get your car to recognise them. Check to see if they were an option for your model. Then check for installation information. As for the headlamp units the famous Auction site and specialist BMW breakers are your best bet but if money no object your local Dealership will no doubt be willing to lighten your wallet. Dave
  21. Morning Will Welcome to the Forum I am not aware of any changes in the BMW Warranty which was 3 years from first registration this can be extended if you have taken the extended BMW warranty option (expensive) I will also say as with all these things it is going to depend on your Dealership, I had issues with clear coat peeling which was sorted even though the car was well outside the warranty. Write to BMW UK customer services explaining the situation and your disappointment at the poor attitude from the Dealer Good Luck Dave
  22. Thanks Greydog, very much appreciated and very knowledgeable think I will start by looking at the shocks before I go down the route of changing wheels but also try the BMW Vin Decoder
  23. Hi Keith Welcome to the Forum Limp mode can be caused by a number of issues you need the codes read to be sure. How was it driving before the issue? How many miles has it done? What service history ? When was the gearbox last serviced ? You need either someone with BMW specific software or a Garage with Autologic Dave
  24. Hi Robert 20" wheels sound right quite possibly staggered (wider rear rims) Isnt it just brilliant when a supposedly well trained tyre fitter or worse mechanic uses an air wrench set to well above the required torque to tighten up our wheels !!!😠 Brembo Calipers would point to 360 mm Brake discs, my X5 4.6is runs 360 mm solid discs at the front as well so if they stop a 21/2 ton 4x4 and they certainly do, they should do a cracking job on a 3 series touring 😁 Apart from up grading the discs to cross drilled/perforated there isn't much you can do by way of improvement, even that I believe would be just aesthetics. AP racing did some fancy 6 piston calipers but they would be horribly expensive and for road use not show a great improvement over what you have already. With a good ECU upgrade you should see 280+hp 600nm torque which will make your touring fly, my brother inlaw has a tweeked 530d touring serviced by BMW now on almost 300k (he commutes to Germany) it still gives 45mpg on the motorway 30 if he is hammering it, and he does frequently. This is his 3rd and he will replace this one with a 335d great engines his only deviation from BMW service schedule is oil changes every 5k and Auto box serviced to ZF schedules by a ZF specialist. Enjoy your Beemer Dave
  25. @Greydog , many thanks for the reply. I have checked the catalogue and can see that it is separate and changeable. Having looked at a few sites I can see that the part is between £25 - £110 , so will be getting one ordered and going to give it a go at home. Thanks Again
  26. Morning Robert Welcome to the Forum Dave
  27. Dave, your an absolute star mate! Thanks for digging that out for me Appreciate it a lot. I shall order the parts, and report back when fitted. Cheers mate Dan
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