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  2. Morning Paul I am not sure where the Washer reservoir is on your model but from memory it is tucked away behind the bumper or under the wing. Either way you have to take a wheel liner out to reach it. Your problem I believe is a build up of a jelly like sludge in the pump filter. The filter is on the end of the pump and easy to clean by washing it out, the down side is if the washer tank is full you need something to catch it in. BMW recommend their own Washer fluid the only difference is it has a anti-fungicide in it. There are several on the market just read the back of the bottle (I use Prestone from my local Auto Factors. Dave
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  4. To check for manifold leaks I use a piece of frayed cotton which I pull around all joints if there is a leak it will get sucked towards the leak. Pay attention to the manifold to head fitting area. as for coils Bosch should be OK though I believe Delphi were OEM fitment If you haven't already check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model. BMW moved from the N43 engine to the N46N I am not sure if it makes a difference to the coil packs or not, worth checking Dave
  5. Morning David Sadly today that is all Dealers not just BMW "no code no problem" Years ago had the similar problem with a Volvo T5. I had been in Poland on business, light came on coming back just after crossing into Germany. Volvo dealer could find no fault suggested a faulty O2 sensor, in frustration I changed the fuel filter and ran it with a fuel additive for a couple of tanks. Fault gone and never returned ? I believe it was poor fuel picked up in Poland. You have also had some pretty extreme temperatures in Spain so could be one of the thermostats having a hissy fit ? Interesting to know if it clears with lower temps perhaps? Dave
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  7. I agree with Dave, get the bmw 1.4.0 … it’s saved me a fortune! I would bet you have a failed lead or coil. Easy to check.. run the program and it will tell you which cylinder is off. Swap the lead with the next working lead (at both ends) and see if the issue moves, if not, do the same with the coil pack.
  8. Mine came from Euro Car Parts had to drive to their Redhill depot to collect strangely also a Saturday morning I would have a quick ring around the Motor Factors For any clues if you need them take a look at www.pelicanparts.com they have "how too's" with pictures Good Luck Matey
  9. Morning Clint Not sure about the later cars don't they store the CD on the hard drive ? Multiplay CD players used to be in the glove box. With the Dash slot I am sure there is a choice in the Idrive menu to ply or Store the CD Hope this helps Dave
  10. Thanks for teh info will check later today much appreciated
  11. Morning Kev Welcome to the Forum Very nice ENJOY Here's to many Smiles of happy motoring Dave
  12. I'm located in US & own 2019 X3. Don't have any use for the bike rack but would you consider selling the roof bars only? If so, about how much? Thanks, Joe Lowman
  13. Hi B Answered in your other post Dave P.S. Engineer (retired) and long time home mechanic (58 years) πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  14. Hi B Welcome to the Forum You can check compatability by looking at www.realoem.com it is a BMW online parts list. You can look up stuff by either putting the Vin's last 7 digits in the Search box it will call up the model or working through each block to confirm the model then look in the front axel section, double click the part number it will give you a list of other models it was used on. Meyle and Lemforder were OEM in Europe and a complete control arm set (2) is about $100 so bushes should be cheaper. Possibly find a Poly bush kit? Dave
  15. Morning Gary Take a look at www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model then search the sections The site is a BMW Online Parts list same as the Dealers use. When you find your part double click the part number and it will show you any alternates that can be used, The small exploded drawings will also help with location. Saves rolling on the ground to get part numbers 🀣 Mind now you have had a practice run 😁 He and his son did the job in his driveway over a weekend so apart from the weight of the casing you should be fine Dave
  16. Morning Gary Last night I talked with a friend who is a BMW Specialist and he said "Oh no that is a sod of a Job" It seems the way the tank is fitted during production makes the job a real faf which is why BMW put the Workshop symbol against the pumps. Apparently it is front wheel off, front wheel liner out (10 M8 screws) rear wheel liner out mix of M8 and plastic rivets on here he said there are some plastic blind rivets he says buy new before as they normally break a few. On top remove the trim parts around the filler cap and the filler cap so the filler pipe is free. Under the front wing there is a single M10 fixing at the top front, once it is out the tank sits in 2 brackets one back and one bottom. The tank tips forward out of the rear bracket and the bottom bracket needs a bit of fiddling to lift out as it is L shaped, this he said is the real faf if the tank is full or half full due to its weight. Once the tank is moved forward you have access to the pumps the lower one is Screen wash next up is rear wash and top is Headlamp wash. He normally advises changing all pumps to save having to go back in there in 6 months time. He said 1 to 2 hrs in the workshop for a 10 minute job Let us know how you get on Dave
  17. Hi Stuart Welcome to the Forum Can't offer much help here as my only experience of this system is my Brother Inlaws 535d Touring and that went without a hitch Have you tried BMW UK for help? Dave
  18. Morning Brian Welcome to the Forum You could check www.realoem.com it is a BMW online parts list (same as Dealers use) put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box and it will bring up your model, the just search the relevant sections to see if there are BMW over mats available when you have the part number get your dealer to order them. Or as I did for my X5 a local Carpet Fitter produced a set of really good fitted over mats all edge taped and sewn with anti slip pads and my initials sewn in in contrasting thread, my BMW Dealer asked where they came from he was so impressed. Dave
  19. In the UK and Europe there are no regs on power the AMG cls was 602 (570 at the wheels) on a dead straight motorway at 70 I could smoke the rear tyres. We get rain here to don't know if we rival Seattle but it rains and snows. Just make sure you have good all weather tyres, you have a great car with lots of airbags so I am sure you survive 🀣 After a few weeks you will have the reactions of a cat Enjoy it and lock your licence in a safe place 😈 Dave
  20. Yes, it was valvetronic relay to start. Then thermostat and water pump. It’s running great πŸ™‚
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  22. Welcome Gary Persistence pays πŸ˜† Dave
  23. Morning Errol Welcome to the Forum What is your normal journey pattern ? Lot's of short stop start journeys don't help modern cars it takes at least 15 to 20 minutes of driving at a reasonable speed to recharge the battery following a start cycle. Add to that our modern BMW's are very power hungry beasts with so many functions running often in the background. If your journey cycle is short and stop start then I would try and add at least once a week a 20 to 30min dual carriageway or Motorway journey once a week. An alternative would be to set up and intelligent charger (Ctek) or similar) and connect it over night every week or two Dave
  24. Morning Alexandru Welcome to the Forum Normally the Glow plugs shouldn't affect the engine running their job is to heat the combustion chamber to help atomise fuel in very cold conditions. While there is no other fault registered I would check the fuel delivery system? When was the fuel filter last changed? Check the Fuel Pump Relay? Fuel Pressure at the fuel rail and the fuel pressure sensor. Dave
  25. Hi Lusy Depends on what engine is in your X6 if it is a V8 then remove the centre box and replace it with an X pipe If it is the 3.0d or one of it's variants then someone like Carid produce custom exhausts not cheap though Dave
  26. Morning Callum You need some help from someone with a BMW capable scanner which will save a lot of time. A General OBD scanner will not give accurate enough information. So a good Independent or BMW Specialist would be my route Dave
  27. Ouch !! not good I hope you get things sorted out You could take a look at www.reaoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box you will get a parts list for your model the Clutch section will have a small exploded drawing that should help with where stuff fits (or should) might help you work out what's wrong Dave
  28. Morning Keith Welcome to the Forum Silly question have you pressed the Central Locking button inside the car? Has this just started to happen ? Have you tried re-syncing the Key/Keys ? Could be a number of things so a scan using a BMW capable fault code reader would give more information Dave
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