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  2. Measuring under bonnet replaced battery with the same. Have now tried another battery, will check in the morning cheers
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  4. Compared with a Morgan, this was the very pinnacle of ride compliance 😬
  5. Morning Jack Try talking to some of the BMW specialists I dont know where you are but my Brother Inlaw has used a guy in West London (Hayes/Uxbridge) on several BMW's BW Tuning I think. Have a Google and talk to them is what I would do Dave
  6. Hi Gary Welcome to the Forum I helped a neighbour change both front wishbones on his wife's car near side was bent he thought due to "pot holes" Take a look at www.realoem.com it is a BMW online parts list. Put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box it will bring up your model the look at the Front axel section. You will be able to get the correct part numbers to get the correct replacement whether from BMW or from a Motor Factor or Auction Site. My neighbour changed both as he brought from a Motor Factor and wanted both to match. Good Luck Dave
  7. Hi Mo Welcome to the Forum All AWD cars need the tyres front and rear to have the same rolling radius if they are mismatched then you will have all the conditions for transmission wind up to occur. Transmission wind up can and will kill Diffs, Transfer boxes and even Gearboxes very expensive. Are the tyres the correct sizes for the car. From your description you have the symptoms and have ignored them, if the front axel is turning at a different speed to the rear then the transfer case in the middle will be damaged. If you reverse in a tight circle slowly do you get a jerki
  8. Hi Kate Welcome to the Forum You don't say what smell Fuel, Electrical is it the car or something else in the garage. I do know someone who had a car parked up for some time, mice had moved in. One of the furry little pests had chewed through a live cable, result dead mouse. The smell was something to behold !! You wouldn't believe that one small rodent could smell that bad If it has been parked up since November has it been on a trickle charger? I hope if it has the charger was connected at the charging points under the bonnet and not direct to the battery. Dave
  9. Hi Chris Welcome to the Forum Sorry to hear you've had some serious issues with your X5. Hope you get it sorted or part it out whichever is more appropriate
  10. Hi, 2009 X5 3.0si, changing valve cover gasket and others. Tested PCV (built into valve cover) and will not hold suction. All I've read is that it is not replaceable(must replace valve cover). I've seen decent hacks on V8 X5's and they have a replacement. Hard to believe with the popular 3.0 that there isn't a PCV replacement. If there is, does anyone have the part number and where to buy? I've checked all the major suppliers, Pelican, RM, FCP Euro, etc, NOTHING! Any ideas? Thanks,
  11. Morning Ronald Welcome to the Forum BMW fit the Westfalia tow kits as OEM and here in the UK quote 750kg (1650ibs) un-braked 2100kg (4620lbs) braked trailer capacity. So I would get a Westfalia detachable kit fitted to match OEM. Here there are several aftermarket companies who will supply and fit the kit complete with the correct wiring harness. Hope this helps Dave
  12. Dave, thank you for your intel. I appreciate it. Regards Alan
  13. Service Manual for 2004-2010 X3. New condition. Asking $75 (plus shipping). Retails for $95 on amazon.com.
  14. Fingers crossed Donna maybe you will get to enjoy your X5 soon 😁 Dave
  15. Hi David Welcome to the Forum Very nice, and in the best colour too 😁 Enjoy your Beemer Dave
  16. Yeh they did clone the keys from outside the house I think, I have them on cctv Aswell but my dogs never heard them unfortunately I’ll have to get one of those bags for the keys definitely! I’m also using another car to block my drive way so they have to get that out the way b4 they can take the x5 again.
  17. Dave, I’m very grateful for your help. I’ll let you know if and when I have success and what the problem was! Andy
  18. I have an INPA download from Bimmerfest.com - installed with cable etc. I pulled out all the stuff that came on the burner DVD (+Crack) because it made me nervous. Now I'm really scared! Going to have a look and see what I can see... blind leading the blind! Other than all the GONGs, BONGs and Blnken Lights (No spitzen sparken!) I am really enjoying my new ride and I successfully added some trailer lighting without smoking anything and ran down the highway with my dirtbike for a nice sunny day ride in the snow!
  19. i have bmw e39 535i v8 got 4yrs ago project,did lpg conversion,new radiator water pump and thermostat,rocker cover seals inner and outer, all sensors done,recond the auto gear box by mackies glasgow,front shocks rear shocks springs and mounts,tires new ,alloys refurbed ,been on computer no faults mechanically sound,now only needs wheel arches attended to usual rust spots,dew to bad health now i have to sell,most work done by mechanic who used to hold bmw meetings once per year to put member cars on his ramps to check them out,drives like new. spent thousands on it ,nearly 2yrs warranty for gea
  20. Hi All, Anyone own or driven the new 330e touring xdrive?? I'm very keen on them but want to know the views if others and not just the you tubers who do the reviews! From people who may actually own one!! Thanks Scott
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  22. Hi Again The water shouldn't be there for sure, check there isn't a drain in the area that is blocked but my instinct says you have a leak. Normal suspects are rear light clusters or boot seal possibly sun roof drain blocked and water running from there. Dave
  23. Morning Will Considering the battery prices you had and Dealer hourly rates (my local Dealer is close to £200) that seems a better price. Have you told them you are NHS and need a reliable car see if you can squeeze a bit more 😁 worth a try Dave
  24. Hi I have a 2014 1series 116d efficient dynamic sport 3dr and have majorly fell out of love with the front now I have been searching for new front bumpers and have seen many videos of people replacing the front of 2014 116ds with M sport front bumpers but nothing in any forums or videos about my specific car so I would be really great full if anyone has any help on if it is possible to put an M sport front bumper on or if there is any other front bumper upgrades for this car thank you
  25. Hi all. I'm thinking of buying a 2018 218 convertible. I was just wondering how reliable the roof mechanism is and what I need to do to keep it in top shape. Any advice would be really appreciated! Are there any known issues with the roof or rest of the car?
  26. Hi Martin For every Yay there will be a Nay. The simple fact today is modern/new Diesel engines are very complicated mainly by the emission control systems which are where short journeys take their toll. The same is true of modern petrol engines which today have similar emission controls they just clog less as they produce less soot. Not opinion just science and fact, think about it the air filter on the engine, it is there to make sure the air entering the engine is as clean as possible. The filter is changed at service because it clogs, for an efficient engine keep it clean.
  27. Morning Brian The last mini I had was in the 1960's but here goes ?? What made you think there were "fumes" in the header tank if you have a head gasket issue I am not sure whether the additives will work. As for the temp gauge it would appear that there is a dead short so I would back track through what has been removed to see if a cable is pinched damaged (check all insulation) or in the wrong place. Check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box it will bring up your model. Search the relevant sections for information there are small explode
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