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  2. Hi, this is my first query using this site, so any suggestions, info would be greatly appreciated. I have an X5 E70 4.8 M Sport, looking at modifying the exhaust for a better sound. Don't want it too loud or have a drone. I have read about muffler deletes and fitting resonators, also about replacing the muffler with a variety of options. Went to a Longlife centre today and the suggestion given was to remove the two front boxes and have straight pipes to replace them. This would give improved sound at a cost of around £200. Any feed back on this idea? or any other relatively cheap options? Thanks. Andy
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  4. Driving home today and think a power steering pipe has burst 😡😭😭 as no fluid and steering really hvy
  5. Cheers again. Battery is strong. I do have some vibration under load and noises over bumps, but mainly the fact that I can rotate the front wheel when I jack up that corner. Having an investigation today
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  7. Checked the ones I can see and one looked a little dodgey so replaced it, now when I rerun the diagnostics I have no faults not even in the cold start system which I don't believe
  8. Hi Chris and welcome to the forum. Dave
  9. Ha Ha that will do it removing the Suspension Inact message is a "check box to disable" you need a friendly soul with INPA or BMW 1.4.0 or similar you can select which check warnings are displayed at start up. I don't understand why people are scared of the air suspension systems and swap them for springs when the air systems are simple to work on particularly the rear only self leveling systems on most X5's. The wife doesn't read the forum then He He Dave Should have said if you find the friendly soul if the look at the LCM module you can see all items in the "Check Control" just un-tick the suspension
  10. Morning Terrence Not a diesel driver but I have owned (and still own) super charged and turbo charged petrol cars so my thoughts would be. Turbo's do wear and whistle as a result, a whoosh on Deceleration could be a waste-gate blow off stopping over boost on the overrun. I thought most these days bypassed any over boost into the exhaust to silence the Whoosh so check the plumbing again. The whistle rising to a screech doesn't sound right to me I would suspect a worn turbo I am afraid. Dave
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  12. Hey Dave, i hope it does help bud, took me a little while to get used to the video editing software but got there in the end haha. And nice i will save those sites for future references in my bmw folder 😉 Thanks!
  13. If there's no external leak then it's got to be going into the cylinders, hasn't it? 1 litre a week sounds horrendous, like post above how many miles per litre. If the coolant leak has now stopped then the compression test is the way to go as the black smoke will mean an Mot failure, I think? Upt'North.
  14. Thanks Greydog. I'm pretty competent with vehicles or was before DPF/ABS/TCS days. Whilst the car is under the extended warranty, I think £500.00 pa roughly, I'm happy with it but £500.00 ain't cheap. But the EGR and Washer repair has probably just cost the equivalent of two years premiums. EGR valve, front washer motor and in total about 5 hours labour and diagnosis would not be cheap at the franchise. It's covered until 04 2020 so time to think. Although thinking does hurt. Upt'North.
  15. Have a look at it is an online BMW parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin Number into the search box and it will bring up your model. Then search for the parts you want/need it will have the correct part numbers so when buying your sure (a) it will fit (b) it should work.
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  17. Hi i had a similar problem my recently purchased x5 3L diesel sport seemed very sluggish on inspection i found under the engine front cover a vacuum pipe had worn away on the underside and had a hole in it. it comes from the servo vacuum pump pipe to a vacuum tank on the drivers side then to the turbo boost valve. i replaced the pipe and wow what a change in performance amazing from such a little pipe.
  18. Greydog, Thanks for all the help! I think the problem is in the stationary part that opens and closes the micro switch. The original micro switch is open-- closed---open. The Chinese mirror micro is open---closed. I have concluded per your advice and research to dump the Chinese mirrors and find some good used originals and start over. Many thanks again for your input. Huba
  19. Brilliant, thanks for your help Dave.👍👍👌
  20. OK. Definitely worth giving it some thought then thanks for the advice
  21. Morning Lee A pleasure good to know you have it sorted Camber is only half the story toe has much more effect on accelerated wear. Good to know that you have been able to sort it. Often as the suspension bushes wear (about 80000 to 100000 km) seems to be service life adjustment will suffer. Wheel size will have an effect on ride but not wear as the smaller rim size will have a deeper side wall (which has a spring effect) Most wheels are chosen for the cosmetics than practicality. Dave
  22. Welcome Liam First as you are buying from a dealer you will have some protection under the sale of goods act, when I looked at the pictures it looks as though a very clumsy person has topped up the oil and missed?? Easily cleaned, as far as service is concerned check the service book and even call your local BMW dealer if you are uncertain they will have its history online. At 37k it probably only has 1 or 2 services including its PDI my personal preference is to have service at schedule with interim oil changes Enjoy your new car Dave
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    Morning Rod This is a new one on me, seat belts these days tend to be boringly reliable and normally fray not stick, particularly as you have a new OEM part fitted. From memory the inertia reel is bolted to the B pillar base the belt runs up the B pillar through a guide about halfway up then to the height adjuster mechanism then down to it's fixing point on the seat. I would take off the B pillar trim and check its route is clear and that it has been put in correctly. Have a look at put the last 7 digits in the search box it will bring up your model check the small drawing for how it's fitted (or should be). I can only think that something is picking up either at the guide or the adjuster as the inertia reel units are pretty much sealed Hope this helps Dave
  24. Thanks Trevor luckily been able to have the roof down for the last couple of days 🌞
  25. Thanks dave, I have spoken to a couple of garages and the recommended changing the drive shaft and sensor
  26. Welcome to the Forum Stephen Looks in great condition what killed it Mechanical or Tin worm? So what is next? Dave
  27. I love my daughter but even with sensors and a camera !!! She proved her theory several times 😄 Dave
  28. Hi Mike....welcome to the Forum If you would like to draft up an advert to post in the For Sale section then I think it will get seen and hopefully a buyer found. Any rough idea of how much he would want for it? Cheers, Trevor
  29. Hi Steve....welcome to the Forum Got any questions...ask away and hopefully we'll have some answers Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  30. Hi Kelly....welcome to the Forum Fine looking Bimmer....although I would imagine its hard to keep clean? Cheers, Trevor
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