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  2. geeze

    Error codes

    Good evening Greydog Many thanks for responding with some sound advice . I will certainly be doing as you advise & will get back to you with outcome Thanking you again rehards geeze
  3. john-freda


    Hello Dave, you are correct, it is a 6 speed box, when I changed the fluid I did use the correct BMW fluid, and I am sure that it had not been changed previously as I have had the car for some years. I do like the car, I am lucky that I can do most of the repairs myself, as I am sure that I wouldn't like it as much if I had to pay BMW to do the repairs, including turbo change, transfer case actuator etc.
  4. Suchy1977

    Bmw Owners Manual All Models

    Hi first of all thanks for the link, but i cant seem to find a manual for my 2003 X5 3ltr D could you point me in right direction please? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a BMW 120d E88 Cabriolet 2010 with the N47 engine. Below is a list of the mods I have done so far. Current Performance Mods • K&N Induction Kit • Miltek Cat-Back Exhaust System • De-Cat Downpipe • Bilstein Shock Absorbers • Eibach Lowering Springs • Braided Brake Hoses • EGR Delete Current Aesthetic Mods • Lip Spoiler • Front Splitter • Rear Diffuser • Carbon Fibre Aerial • Side Repeater LED Smoked Lights Remap • DMS Automotive • DMS's Rolling Road • 235 BHP Below are the different mods I have briefly looked into but need some guidance on which route to take. Potential Performance Mods • Bigger Turbo Compressor Wheel • Bigger Intercooler • Bigger Brakes I have bought the 535d injectors as I've heard that they are a straight swap but have not installed them yet as I'm looking at other mods to do at the same time. I am going to get a quote from a fabricator to make a bespoke enclosure for the cone air filter so that I can route cold air from the grills to the filter. I've got a quote for Quaife LSD which I'm probably going to get. The price is £954.91 for the part. I have also spoken to Turbo Dynamics about upgrading my turbo and they told me "we never really developed any tried and tested upgrades for the 120d (or any of the 2.0d BMW variants), so whilst we can certainly rebuild your turbo and upgrade it, we haven't carried out much testing so wouldn't be able to guarentee any power figures. A typical stage 1 hybrid on these engines should give around 250hp, and the price to upgrade your stock turbo would be approx £400 + VAT, depending on condition" so I was thinking of sending my turbo to them along with a bigger compressor wheel. I think they rebuild the turbo with upgraded bearings and some other stuff but I'm going to ask for a list of what the rebuild includes. I have seen some "hybrid turbos" on Ebay (links below) which could potentially be another route. I have also briefly looked into the water-meth kits, I've heard they work very well on diesel engines but I'm not sure on what options would be best. Below are the links for the kits. • Anti-Roll Bars & Strut Brace • Power flex Bushes (not sure which ones to get. Rear suspension sqeeks atm so some definitely need to be changed but I don't know which ones).,+E82,+E87+&+E88+1+Series+(2004-2013)-2668/1.html Potential Aesthetic Mods • Angel Eye Headlights • Genuine BMW 311 Style 19" Black Chrome Rims • Black Chrome Window Tints • Rear LCI Lights • Vinyls/Decals/Emblems I will be looking at removing the soft top roof, along with reducing weight wherever else I can in the future when I am looking to buy a new car (I'd keep this one as a drift/track car). I would also like to get a roll cage made for it. Then either a bespoke removable hardtop that goes over the roll cage or a removable clear plastic cover to go over the roll cage to stop rain coming through. I would also want 2 lightweight seats and a lightweight racing steering wheel.
  6. Greydog

    Puff of blue smoke

    Morning Jamie Welcome to the Forum, White smoke normally un-burnt fuel, Black smoke over-fueling, Blue smoke oil!! The cause could be turbo seals wearing or valve stem oil seals. Your engine is fairly low mileage and I assume serviced annually so worn valve guides or piston rings should be lower on the culprit list, I would look towards the turbo with the intercooler. Any oil in the intercooler pipes or intercooler can get sucked into the turbo result blue smoke. The turbo lives a hard life so if a turbo oil seal is wearing it could let oil by and result in blue smoke I would get it checked by someone who knows their way around diesels. I hope this helps Dave
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  8. Suchy1977

    X5 non starter

    Hi, may sound silly but have you checked the fuel filter? I had problems starting and this was down to dirty fuel filter. Changed and no more issues. 😉
  9. rikcougar

    320/318 advice greatly received

    Working on the principle detailed above I have just purchased a 2011 E91 that has done 175k miles! Have I made a mistake? What is the worst that can happen, new DMF is quite inexpensive and pretty much everything else is bulletproof Looking forward to many miles with a smile on my face
  10. rikcougar

    Bmw E And F Codes.....

    Good stuff What happened to E91?
  11. rikcougar

    New E60 M5 Owner in Essex, UK

    Stunning and on my bucket list to own It`s got a V10!
  12. Greydog

    New owner

    Looks really nice, an ABS sensor isnt the end of the world annoying and frustrating but a relatively easy fix. Dave
  13. Greydog

    Juddering at low speed

    Morning Micheal I would check the discount tyre sites they often have deals going on that would help. Our sons friend runs Nexen on his X5 3.0d same sizes as ours and has had no issues. I think the trick is to (a) stand a rear and front side by side to see how close they are in diameter if there is little difference OK, if there is a difference (my Dunlops were nearly 10mm) but swapped the front pair with the wholesaler and virtually no difference as I said bit of a faff but in my opinion worth it (b) Make sure you get 4 wheel alignment checked and adjusted if needed after fitting to protect your investment. My current set of Bridgestone were £670 fitted just over a year ago and I am very happy with them., it could be that due to odd tyre wear (tracking) the previous owner changed tyres at different times putting the wear rate (and rolling radius) out of sync. Good luck Dave
  14. Greydog

    Pre-heating please wait

    Not a diseasel driver Liam, however on my Brother inlaws 535 he gets an orange coil symbol it goes out after about 10 secs if you wait. He never waits and the car always starts first turn his car is also now mega miles as he commutes regularly to Holland for business. So dont know if that helps or not Dave
  15. On my previous car once I switched on the ignition I got a message on a cold morning "Pre-heating please wait". When the message went off the screen I then started the car. On my current BMW the message does not come on the screen until I start the car and so I can't wait before starting. Is this normal?
  16. Liamc

    BMW G30 dipstick

    Thank you for this Dave. I followed your instruction and found the dipstick.
  17. Greydog

    My first BMW after 15 years of Audis

    Welcome to the Forum Alexei A real Pocket Rocket, you may have trouble getting the dog in the boot !! It will be interesting to hear your comparisons between the 2 cars ENJOY not jealous at all 🤭 Dave
  18. Greydog

    newbie question

    Hi Simon Do you have a code reader? Certainly a BMW specific code reader would pin point just were the issue is, I use BMW 1.4.0 (about £15 on ebay) which gives me a clear description of the fault in English. Others I know use Carly for BMW or INPA which ever they would tell you (a) if it is an injector issue or something else as changing parts can become expensive. My sons Toyota had an injector issue the Dealer wanted a small mortgage to replace them, he went to a Diesel specialist (he used to service our Horse Lorry) he sent them off for refurbishing less than a 1/3 rd of the dealer cost. Dave
  19. Johnoc

    Steering angle sensor

    Hi, many thanks for your assistance, i have bought a replacement form Ebay. i will let you know if it fixes the issue. regards john
  20. andr18587

    Power Steering Assist Bolt Failure

    I have contacted VOSA/DVSA as suggested. They haven't replied but I don't know how long it normally takes for these things to happen! Also, another documented case of this happening to the 116i:
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  22. Greydog

    Steering sensor fault

    Hi john is a BMW technical information site as used by BMW Dealers so that should give all the information your looking for regarding tests and expected results Dave


    Thanks guys, will do. iam thinking if i want to change it to m sport look (keep it original look) or go for m3 look (replica). so in 2 minds at the moment.any info/ tips will be much appreciated. cheers
  24. Replaced drivers side rear sensor Andy now the speedo is working. But still got the abs fault. Scanned today and no data coming from passengers side rear now so hopefully it will be the sensor on that side too. Just order another will update soon as I replace thanks
  25. Bimmer Owners Club

    computer update

    not sure, but don't know whether it would have been available on vehicles of that era?
  26. Greydog

    320d engine timing chain problem!!!!

    Hi Warren I would expect that connector blocks/plugs will be the same it's their position that might vary, even if they don't match as you have access to the donor car wire cutters and a soldering iron may solve the snag. Check the DME part numbers are interchangable in case the engine management function was different (fueling etc) your smart phone is your friend take lots of pictures so you can compare one to the other. Pictures are great when putting stuff back as well, they may even help someone else in your position. will give you part number information put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box and you will have access to all parts for your car. You can manually search the donor if you don't have the Vin. is a BMW technical information site the same information as used by BMW Dealers that will help with how too's, torque settings etc. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly Dave
  27. Greydog


    Morning David Welcome to the Forum BMW recommend only * rated tyres to avoid possible damage to the drive train, in particular the transfer box. So your budget will dictate. If you can, stick with a premium brand * rated tyre. Your car has the same size front and rear which will make the choice wider, those with a staggered set up (wider rear wheels) have to take more care in selection as differences in rolling radius front to rear cause the transmission problems. Enjoy your X Dave
  28. Matelot Mike X5 56'

    Fuse locations?

    Thanks very much for that mate, i think I've located it. Hopefully its that. Thumbs up for that website by the way. Helluva website Cheers, Mike
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