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  2. Morning Patrick If your Warranty is a BMW AUC warranty I would talk to your service manager and explain the situation push and as they replaced alloys yet clearly didn't check anything else?? If your Warranty is by other's (warranty Direct or similar) I would ask your friendly garage to talk to them on your behalf, garages do better than us. I am attaching a page from the BMW parts catalogue that shows an exploded drawing of your rear suspension (one side) item 11 is the lower front arm of the rear suspension, if that makes sense to you, it could be slightly bent or the bush at damaged or worn prematurely due to being twisted slightly. That would give the out of alignment reading easily. I would think the arm is in the order of £30 to £50 plus fitting at your friendly garage. As a comparison a full rear suspension replacement kit for both sides of my X5 was £250 plus 4 hrs work for myself and one of my sons (younger and bendier) then £100 for alignment (rear tyres are £250 a side for mine so worth the effort) I am a bit OCD (well a lot) when it comes to the grubby bits underneath that make my car go where I point it and stop it when I need to so I would make it all as original settings. I hope this is a help Dave - Online BMW Parts Catalog.pdf
  3. Bimmer Owners Club

    New member

    Hi Stephen...welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  4. £180 COLLECTION ONLY Genuine main dealer OEM alloys from BMW. Came off a low miles family one series but will go on 3 series as well. Excellent condition. Bit of surface parking kerbing on edge as with all 2nd hand alloys. Tyres on, 2 need replacing, 2 would be OK for a bit.
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  7. Bimmer Owners Club

    Hi from West Lancashire.

    Hi John....welcome to the Forum Looking forward to seeing the photos...especially the Z3 if you have any Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  8. Robert Hill

    How Did You Find This Site

    Through the Internet search for bmw owners club
  9. Wilkinson

    Oil Information Needed

    Hi Dave, Thanks for that. Its a very very useful link - particularly on the process with regard to changing the engine oil and filter as well as the capacity information. I've not worked on BMW's before. Last car was an Audi A4 2.0 SE with the 211PS engine. Changing oil and filter was straightforward and although checking the oil was normally done via the electronic display it did have provision for a dipstick - which I sourced on the web. Must say I much prefer the old dipstick method. Rob
  10. Bimmer Owners Club

    F31 Xdrive tyre advice required...please

    it's more than likely to do with water dispersal...method used to shift the water from between the road surface and beneath the tyres
  11. Bimmer Owners Club

    Auto Gas conversion

    Hi William....welcome to the Forum Hopefully, there should be a supply of these parts on eBay but you are welcome to place an advert in the For Sale / Wanted section of this forum, which may get some responses. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  12. Bimmer Owners Club

    Intermitant brake hardens at low revs and brakes fail

    Glad your car is sorted now Maggie and also that it wasn't too expensive in the end. Great analogy Dave....will have to remember that one 🙂
  13. Greydog

    4x4 light on

    Tyre sizes look correct for the 19" staggered set up (wider rear) but are the tyres all the same make? Different makes may well have different rolling radius's BMW specified ^ (star marked tyres) mainly Michelin when your car was new. However as our cars get older cheaper tyres tend to get fitted. X drive cars don't handle different rolling radius front to rear so suffer transmission wind up which sadly if not addressed equals transfer case damage. Try making a small chalk mark on the front and rear tyres at the bottom roll the car forward until the rear chalk mark is at the bottom (1 revolution) the front should also be at the bottom. If the tyres are mismatched the chalk mark on the front wont be, each revolution the gap will increase to a point where the transfer case gives up trying to compensate and breaks (transmission windup). Just googled your fault code and from what I read it points to a stripped gear in the servo motor on the transfer case or servo motor failure a simple fix if your handy with spanners . I have attached a page from the BMW parts catalogue that may help item 12 is the servo motor. It took us about 4 hrs to remove repair and replace on the X3 so similar on the X5 I would guess, and we did it without a lift just ramps and a set of axle stands. My advice is don't drive it unless you have pulled the fuse or unplugged the motor as you are risking further damage may be even to differential front or rear. Dave - Online BMW Parts Catalog.pdf
  14. Hi David.....welcome to the Club I suppose if the garage were to keep all the original ancillaries (including injectors) and move them across to the new engine then nothing will need coding in after replacement. Let us know how this unfolds, good luck with it all Cheers, Trevor
  15. Greydog

    Purchasing 2006 bmw x5

    Morning Lee and Welcome to the Forum You don't say if its E53 or E70 (2006 was change over year) it will have M57N (e53) or M57N2 (e70) engine and a 6 speed ZF box. Aside from the obvious visual checks and making sure of the service history check the MOT history online before you go it will also be a good indicator of the care it's received. Before starting the car open the bonnet and check the oil and fluids the engine should be cold, start up listen for any noises on starting it should fire up straight away and idle smoothly with no smoke. While it;s ticking over check everything works (and I mean everything) push every button test every switch these are complicated beasts and there are few cheap fixes. Then test drive, the engine should feel smooth and have plenty of power gear changes also should be smooth under all conditions ( ask if there is any evidence of gearbox service) on slowing to a stop there should be no clunks or lurches. Test all the switches and gadgets again while on the drive, when back leave it running and walk around check for any drips or leaks, the X5 has a transfer box that doesn't like mismatched tyres (BMW say approved * rated tyres only) this particularly important with a staggered set up (wider rears) tyres should at least be from the same manufacturer. There have been cases of transfer box damage caused by mismatched tyres, they should at least be from a recognized manufacture budget tyres are a no no. BMW say gearboxes are sealed for life (BMW life is 3 years 60k warranty) ZF say service every 100 km. A gearbox service by a ZF agent will cost about the same as an engine service. Engines are as mostly as tough as old boots with few problems (a friend has 180k + and still going strong) Suspension bushes live a hard life on any big fat 4x4 so will generally need attention at 80 to a 100k If your handy with spanners most jobs are a DIY proposition and there is plenty of help/advice available here and online Good Luck with the purchase Dave
  16. Looking for inner and outer rear arches for a 1990 BMW E30 convertible.
  17. Based just outside Brighton, any fellow Bimmer/Brighton/Sussex owners up for a meet up? I have just purchased my second bimmer tourer.. a luvvly F31 318d m sport. Previously i had an E46 325... contact me on
  18. Bimmer Owners Club

    320D Swirlpots

    I would be tempted to wait and see what occurs then deal with it
  19. Greydog

    Jack for new X5

    Morning Paul My old X5 has a staggered wheel set up it came with a space saver spare, jack and a "Mobility Kit" (small compressor and can of tyre goo) I guess the previous owner was a belt and braces person. My personal choice would be a Mobility kit for the car and a decent trolley jack for home where it would be more use. Have a look on put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box you will get the parts list for your model if a jack or mobility kit are available you will have the part number. I would then cost it from BMW as abase and search the usual auction sites for the best price. For what its worth in 10 years I have had 1 puncture (rear tyre) the can of goo and compressor saved the day Dave
  20. Greydog

    New member

    Welcome Joe I hope you find us useful Dave
  21. Joe crawford

    Alloy wheel refurbishment in newcastle

    Hi Phil I have just used this company it's located in westerhope, I had kerb damage to my 20 inch diamond cut alloys, these guys have done a fantastic job of the wheel, it is as brand new. Would definitely recommend and use again
  22. Greydog

    Sticking parcel shelf

    Morning Mijke How frustrating is that !! At least with the X if the parcel shelf isn't closed it is because I haven't shut it (old tech) Looks a bit like the anti trap action for the windows. Obvious question there is nothing in the guide tracks? Thinking that if there is something in there that is binding and causing the stop and return. Also the slide or roller on the end of the cover it's self are they free I say this because the X has a small gear shaped roller/wheel on the end ? I hope it is a simple and easy fix not involving your wallet Dave
  23. rcd

    paint code

    Thanks Dave very helpful. I have located the code now and will sort out the chips issue!
  24. That's the one and cheaper, damn it.
  25. Bimmer Owners Club

    Windows Opening By Themselves

    Hi Ritch....welcome to the Club I have found this on Honda models with keyless fob and turned out to be the buttons being pressed when in trouser pocket, for example. Also, with auto-window-drop it may be worth disabling this function in the vehicle settings, at least the windows will stay up. Maybe also worth considering a Faraday pouch to see if it is the key fob that is triggering the unlocking...remember, you may have two keys.
  26. itldn

    window trim/seal

    thanks for the responses! Not got around to fixing that issue yet, but someone has stolen my kidney grill! Managed to do it without setting off the alarm, or popping open the hood. I'm pretty disappointed!
  27. Bimmer Owners Club

    Phone Messages/text messages

    Hi Steve,...welcome to the Club Not sure but first thoughts are the phone may be in 'Driving Mode' which blocks texts, etc when it knows you are driving. Let us know what you find out Cheers, Trevor
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