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  2. The title says it all - are the brakes on my 2008 328i M-Sport - RWD the same as on a 328i X-Drive? Parts stores I've checked at don't show a difference, but I know the wheels aren't the same size on the M-Sport RWD vs. X-Drive models, so I was guessing the brakes probably aren't the same either.
  3. Morning Dereck Have you checked it's a BMW parts list put the last 7 digits of your vin in the search box and it will bring up your model then search away. It will list the parts BMW supply so if the bits you want are available they will show. However BMW in their wisdom supply certain components as assemblies and don't list parts.As an example the rea suspension swing arms on the X5 are sold as an assembly, so if the £20 bushes start to wear or fail BMW want to supply a complete swing arm at £300+ Also look at this is a technical site same information used by BMW Dealers lots of information and "how too's" you may find help there Another possibility is it is an American site but technically very good. Particularly their how too's which have step by step pictures just that the cars they work on have the steering on the wrong side. Good luck with the search I hope you find a fix that isnt a wallet buster Dave
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  5. Hi Richard....welcome to the Forum Great looking Bimmer, Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  6. Hi...welcome to the Forum Great choice of car, it sometimes pays to drive both to compare and at least you'll never be left wondering what the other one would have been like to drive. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  7. Morning Oneel First port of call, you need the gearbox codes read to know if it is actually a gearbox issue or something else. A ZF agent or good Independent with Autologic software a BMW Dealer or Specialist with dedicated software.will be able to read all Gearbox functions, at 40k a gearbox service is almost due so consider that also. It could be as simple as a sensor not reading intermittently or a software upgrade without the codes it is a guess which could end up with £££ and parts being thrown at the problem. Dave
  8. Hi Dave thanks for the reply 👍 I'm due to go for another test drive on Thursday so will see if I can change modes whilst driving when the tyre pressures have been adjusted to see if that fixes it and enquire about the adaptive suspension. Will keep updated. Thanks again
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  10. Morning Harry Have a look at mot if you haven't already, you may be able to find the MOT station. Or at least see what sort of life its had/having. Good Luck with the search Dave
  11. Commiserations water in places it shouldn't be is a real pain and if it gets into looms and electrics !!! The only way I know is the hard way get a set of trim removal tools look on for part numbers and get the trims then for how too's Lets hope you get some dry weather to allow replacement Dave
  12. Hi Mike, Nice looking car. I'm newer that you BTW
  13. Cheers, I’ll let you know how I get on.
  14. Hi Dave, That sounds very positive and to be honest, reflects my own thinking. I really like the car and want to keep it but the thought of another blow-up is definitely off-putting. I also keep telling myself that although there are problems with the N43 and some total failures, tnere must be thousands of them in 1 and 3 series cars that have given no problems at all. Overly optimistic? Moi? Yea, probably.......
  15. Morning Mike Normally the light goes out with the sensor being replaced I would check the sensors again are they connected correctly wires not pinched or crimped? It may even be a faulty sensor even if it is new. Dave
  16. Morning Danny How is tyre wear at the rear? is it even across the tread? are the rear tyres the same each side? Do you have air suspension at the rear? The reason for asking is the rose joints on the X5 (5 series on steroids) are a known failure causing all sorts of odd wear and alignment issues. To actually see the wear the air suspension has to be deflated. When I did mine (I have done them twice now due to pulling a horse trailer) I buy a kit and change all the links and bushes. Kind of clutching at straws now Dave
  17. The car is 96 so will check earth points etc and fuses again,thanks for help
  18. Hi Keith 640d Lucky boy !! As far as I know the facelift LCI is mainly cosmetic but also has some power upgrades and efficiency improvements. Though the couple of people I know who have 640's give them so much stick they don't tend to see much in the way of efficiency? Depreciation with all cars is worse in the first 3 to 5 years then tends to level out (doesn't go away just levels out a bit) The only issues I have read about are folding roofs on early cars had issues with sensors which gave a "roof not closed" warning. Are the spec's and options not available on the BMW web site? Like the X5's these are complicated beasts so making sure everything works as it should is paramount in my mind. I do mean everything every button gadget and switch make certain they all do as they are supposed to do. Test drive make sure that the gearbox functions in all modes and find a stretch of road to stretch its legs and check for smoke under hard acceleration and lift off. Probably teaching Granny to suck eggs but those are my thoughts Good Luck Dave
  19. Hi John....welcome to the Forum Sounds like a loose connection....has the dash or centre console been out for any reason that you know of? Maybe gone back in and not installed back in securely on the electric connectors
  20. Hi Trevor....welcome to the Forum Hopefully there shouldn't be anything you will need to look out for with a 68 plate Bimmer, just ensuring that all maintenance is carried out on time at the specified intervals and if something doesn't feel right, take it back for them to resolve it. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  21. Personally, I would walk away from it....but no guarantee that another one may not have been 'cleaned up' ready for sale and essentially hidden any evidence of leaks, etc Could be something like front or rear crank seal or even from further up the engine, either way it will involve work and £s
  22. Hi Mike I came across these on a Facebook page and thought it was a great idea....not sure whether their range covers BMW as yet but maybe worth contacting? There is a video on his page that shows it auto-opening but cannot share it for some reason
  23. Morning Chris Early X5 E53 V8 models suffered with Cam Chain follower failures (ask me how I know about that!!!) the 3.0 Petrol and Diesel engines are pretty much bullet proof with regular oil changes. What model are you buying? I have assumed it is a Diesel? As I said earlier my brother inlaw commutes his 530d (same engine) into Europe weekly and as a result has covered 330+k. Squeeze them on a deal try at least to get enough off for a full service at BMW (about £650) then drive it and enjoy it. Dave
  24. Hi guys I am breaking my 218 2017 grand tourer after the engine blew up, all parts available at reasonable prices Based in cambs
  25. Christ I cant believe I posted this back in all the way back in 2013
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