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  2. I’m just gonna put them up for sale at a reasonable amount from what I can see online lol I have another issue, yes another one lol. Removed the retro fitted fronts today and replaced them oem ones. All work fine apart from the passenger halos. Non of the 2 work. I traced the wire back a touch and found the green/grey(white) wire was broken. I attempted a crude repair just to get them working as it’s late and I’m working in the morning. I couldn’t get the halos to work at all. Keep getting the front left parking light failure warning message. Any ideas where to start? I only took a new piece of wire and wrapped the cores around each other to try get it to work. Will they need proper soldering to get them to work? The inside core of the wire isn’t brass coloured anymore
  3. Hi Spencer I did read about a failed or failing tyre pressure module causing issues like this A code read should confirm what the cause actually is Dave
  4. Morning Stu What happens if you lock using the key in the door lock ? I have read quite often about ignition switch issues mainly E46 and E39 but as our cars share so many parts it could well be the switch. When it wont start are there any other issues like no horn or radio controls not working? As your key operates the locking the actual barrel is reading/charging your key so it could well be just the switch on the back of the barrel which can be changed quite easily and (bonus) they are not expensive and you can change them without messing with the steering lock and barrel. Dave PS If you aren't aware there is an American site I use www.pelicanparts.com which has some brilliant how too's with pictures apart from the steering wheel being on the wrong side all the bits are the same. Just had a look and changing the switch looks a simple job.
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  6. Picked up the car this evening - so good to be back in it. The item in question was a glow plug control module (replaced under insured warranty); other items repaired/replaced were the actuator for the electronic parking brake, and also for the ride height. Hopefully that'll do until the MOT!
  7. Hi TCon, I am not averse to getting the dpf emptied out and coded out, would have to be a good, nay, impossible to visually see job though. I've got an Elgrand which has 4 cats, 2 of which have been decored and no one would be any the wiser without an endoscope and a lot of time to navigate up through the rear and middle box. Might even be able to get the fronts decored too, as it runs LPG. Sorry to digress a little😁
  8. Hi Sunji First ignore the warranty that it came with under the sale of goods act there isnt a time limit so you could go back to the trader list the issues and tell him it's not acceptable believe it or not if push comes to shove you could demand your money back. That would be a very last resort but it may give you room to negotiate a contribution from them. While the glow plugs (some or all six) being at fault can block the clearing of other issues if changing the glow plugs change the glow plug controller while your at it, finicky beasts these modern diesels from what you describe if the turbo vanes are moving freely the issue could be the wastegate actuators Good Luck hope you get it sorted they are awsome motors when on song Dave
  9. Hi Lauren Yes you will need the interface and cable to connect to your car I brought the Disc and Interface with cable as a complete set quite a few years back but they are still available online. Google, Amazon Ebay normally from Taiwan (mine was) prices vary from £10 to £25 (the dearer ones often have postage included) Simple to load from the disc, then plug the interface into the usb port (doesn't need to be connected to the car) and load the drivers all the instructions are there. Then plug it into the OBD port and off you go. I have even tried mine with a bluetooth adapter but the older tech in the car wouldn't play ball When connected the program will first identify your car if all correct press continue and the scan page will show, just hit scan and it will check every control unit in the car (up to 3 pages) and show the number of faults, double click the fault and the explanation of what is causing the issue will show. My last scan showed a PDC fault when interrogated the explanation was Rear Centre Right sensor failed. Dave
  10. Genuine X3 rubber mats - will fit models from 2010-2017. Velcro fixings included Excellent condition £50 Collection from Liverpool Msg 07801034139 for further details
  11. Morning Dave Many thanks for the information will browse the site later today and see the data available Thanks for the advice regarding change out items - will compile the shopping list and crack on with the rebuild No doubt will be posting again throughout the journey and hopefully you may be kind enough to help with any questions that will pop up Appreciate your assistance now and in advance Kind Regards Terry
  12. Morning Brad First for a Private Hire vehicle 77k in 5 years seems low to me, not much above average. I would check its MOT history the mileage should be registered. Then it is History History History and making sure everything works as it should plus all the tyres are in good order. Remember it has been someone's livelihood so hopefully it has been kept in tip top order. A NI plate shouldn't have a detrimental effect on price but Private Hire may well As with any second user car purchase all we can do is take as much care as possible before parting with our hard earned Good Luck Dave
  13. Morning Stevie Welcome to the Forum Tasty Car congratulations First stop your local BMW Dealer Parts Department they can read your Vin into the system and should be able to order up a new one ( I have two one in the car one in the garage just in case) Dave
  14. Found a good site from another forum, apparently there are 534 of these cars in the UK and 382 of them are sorn https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/bmw_320_td_se_compact
  15. Hi Niki Not trying to "teach Granny" but assuming the Battery has been checked and is in good condition and also assuming the alternator fitted was the correct one for the car, you could have a parasitic drain killing the battery overnight. I would fully charge the battery either by a good run or with a charger disconnect the battery from the car leave it 12 hours and check it if it is still fully charged. If it holds a charge off the car then the issue is with one of the systems on the car Dave
  16. £10,995 O.N.O MOT until July 2022 330 Ci Sport, 2dr, automatic (2002) Convertible with removeable hardtop Mileage 61,825 garage kept for 15years and only used on weekends Immaculate condition E10 compatible and ULEZ compliant Serious interest only, 07592941995
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  18. I'm looking for a set kromer Kraft headers for my s54 if anyone has a set please email me asap willing to spend good money
  19. Hi Pamela Dont do Facebook so cant hear it but I have heard a few with X pipes fitted, wakes a few folk up if you make an early start. Dave
  20. Antysz


    Anyone had a new roof fitted?
  21. Hi Silenthill Welcome to the Forum With good maintenance and servicing very, the BMW straight six is one of the worlds great engines. So all the normal used car checks need to be made plus make sure every gadget works as it should. Drive train checks apply to all 4x4 systems at 80k it will be due a service, if it hasn't had it use it as a negotiating point. Make sure all tyres are the same and correct for the car, also make sure they have plenty of tread (you don't want to be spending out to soon) All all wheel drive systems need matched tyres front and rear to avoid transmission wind up and possible damage. Driving everything should be silky smooth and quiet. ENJOY Dave
  22. Morning Kev Welcome to the Forum What does your Handbook say ? Dave
  23. That's only if you completely discharge the two tanks 😉 I'll definitely do a right up with pics, diagrams and links if anyone want to use it as a guide....might even put some dashcam footage 🙄
  24. Hi Guys I stand corrected just checked the oracle active flaps were fitted For vehicles with CO2 package and Active steering and Increased towing capability and Towing hitch, detachable and Chassis & suspens. setup"Adaptive Drive" and Active cruise control+Stop&Go function and Cold-climate version S1CBA=Yes S217A=No S233A=No S235A=No S2VAA=No S5DFA=No S842A=No There was also a Hot Climate version Every day is a school day Dave
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