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  2. Morning Brian From memory when loading 1.4.0 there was a sequence for getting the drivers to load. If the old grey stuff is working it was something like "load program plug the OBD lead into the computer select drivers in the program menu and load them" try a Google search on loading 1.4.0 Dave
  3. Morning Russell Nightmare over !! Just the bad dreams now From this it looks like it lives behind the bumper near side low down different pictures show it protruding through the lower bumper (antenna part) ?? I did read that the sensor can be reset by pushing and holding the AC and Re-circ buttons at the same time, nothing to lose by trying. Good Luck seems your making progress Dave For BMW Genuine Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Front 65816936953 _ eBay.html
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  5. Hi Steve It doesn't matter whether they fit, with just about all AWD/Xdrive cars the rolling radius front to rear must be with a given tolerance to avoid transfer case damage. As an example my X5 summer wheels are staggered Front 91/2J x 20 Rear 101/2J x 20 Tyres Front 275 x 40 R20 Rear 315 x 35 R20 My winter wheels are 9J x 18 Tyres are 255 x 55 R18 all round The staggered summer set need the difference in rolling radius front to rear to maintain the rolling radius. The tyre sizes that you have been offered are as advised by BMW even if the wheel sizes are not. You also need
  6. Hi Dave Strange I had never heard of this before this weekend when my son rocked up to use "dads tools and beer" with a can of Wurth DPF cleaner (every day is a school day) He had a "how to Video on his Phone, with his 2.2d Toyota he had to remove the Front temp sensor on the DPF easy on the Toyota. Then spray the cleaner into the DPF he took his time to make sure he gave it a good soaking (plus it gave his mum time to make him some lunch) Then we put the temp sensor back ran it up to temp and triggered the regen with my laptop. Quite a bit of grey smoke while it went through th
  7. Hi Gary Welcome to the Forum No one come to help yet ? I don't know where you are in the country so this may not be much use but here goes. My Brother In-law has used BW Auto Repairs in Hayes/Uxbridge West London for ecu tuning on his last 3 BMW 5 series his cars have all been purchased new and serviced by the supplying Dealer (North London) with no comment. He has interim oil and filter changes carried out outside the dealer network (often on my drive) BW have their own rolling road and are BMW specialists so know their stuff one point all his cars are the 3.0 turbo diese
  8. 12 months mot,Tax,New front pads & discs and Tyres,New glow plugs & module,Goodyear F1 Tyres all round,11 service stamps,Black leather,Hardan Karman,Good condition and Drives lovely,Owned for last 4 years and only selling because I have a new car. £4700 ono
  9. Welcome to the Forum Brian Look forward to seeing the Project progress Dave
  10. I’m selling my BMW 123d M Sport Coupe - 12 months mot,Tax,New front pads & discs and Tyres,New glow plugs & module,Goodyear F1 Tyres all round,11 service stamps,Black leather,Hardan Karman,Good condition and Drives lovely,Owned for last 4 years and only selling because I have a new car. £4700 ono 07798 873714
  11. Morning Welcome to the Forum Totally bonkers that your dealer thinks it is OK !! I know it is quite common for new catalysers to smell until they have been through a few heat cycles (rotten egg smell) but often only smelt outside the car and when fully up to temp and stopped. I would be escalating this by involving BMW UK and printing a copy of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Both stipulate that " Goods to be of satisfactory quality" I think you have an argument that you have been reasonable in allowing time for the smell to dissipate. I would then t
  12. Morning Mark Clearly if there is a noise that wasn't there before then something is not OK But if you are happy that "The car Drives Fine" is all you need then what was your query? Personally I investigate any strange noises and lubricate/fix them as it is normally cheaper than waiting until whatever it is breaks Dave
  13. Morning Welcome to the Forum Do you mean actual seat covers or seat protectors ? If it is replacements for the actual seat covers due to wear or damage then check www.realoem for part numbers then Google suppliers. If it is seat protectors then again Google is your friend Good hunting Dave
  14. Morning Martin In the vibration in the steering or do you feel it more in the seat/car. I would get the rear tyres checked as well, if you had a front out of balance there is a good chance rear also are out. My son who is a tree surgeon often takes his pick up to a "hand car wash" twice he has had out of balance issues turns out the boys with the jet washers have actually knocked weights off!! In my experience tyre pressure can have an effect but with the x5 it is more tyre wear than balance (I run 36psi (2.5bar) There is a chart on the drivers door panel that gives tyre pressure for
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  16. Welcome to the Forum Tim Enjoy your new toy Dave
  17. Hi Eric Check realoem (if you haven't already) put your Vin and it will bring up your model check the month/year of manufacture. As far as I know the 3 range started battery registration in 2006 just not sure which month?? Realoem will confirm battery size/type Seems your getting there now Dave
  18. Morning Russell What a saga !! Still you get a new Footwell Module at no cost to you other than the frustration No doubt BMW will have told your garage only their Dealers can code the new FCM and register it to your car. Still maybe now you will get to enjoy your Beemer at last Good Luck Dave
  19. The running costs are pretty decent for any BMW, I can log into the BMW owners site (anyone with any BMW can) and get coupons for very reasonably priced routine maintenance, such as oil changes and brakes. The coupons on the BMW site brings the service costs down to about what a good independent garage would charge, like $200 for a one axle brake job for example. My BMW is 15 years old and they still give deals for it, I’m guessing they’ll still give the same deals for an E36 too. The BMW dealer here will push you to take a loaner car for almost any service, it’s just a trick to ge
  20. It could be the high pressure fuel pump, assuming that engine is direct injected. It shouldn’t be loud enough to hear from inside the car though, mine sounds like someone whacking a rock with a hammer when the engine is cold and still can’t hear it inside the car.
  21. Morning Roma Welcome to the Forum Never come across this one before ? Brake dust is normally confined to inside the wheel fronts are worse than rear's Pictures may help Dave
  22. The BMW straight 6 Diesel is in my opinion one of the worlds great engines (and I don't own a diesel) plus the ZF box id serviced is just as strong. The stuff to check and double check are the bells and whistles inside make sure everything works test it twice I have owned Mercedes AMG (not Diesels and not S class) and they are great till something goes wrong then they will wreck your wallet Let us know how you get on Dave
  23. Hi Paddy Welcome to the Forum Drifter huh !! Crazy boy Short answer your question in a word NO According to www.realoem.com (BMW online parts list) the 320d output shafts are L 86mm x D 25mm 330d output shafts L 94mm x D 27mm M3 output shafts L 102mm x D 44mm You may be better searching the specialist dismantlers for an M3 complete axel assembly or finding an engineering shop who could run up some M3 spec shafts 86mm long Good Luck Dave
  24. Morning Cary Glad you found the part You either Google the part number to see who has it for sale as a replacement part. Or contact your local BMW Dealer "warning" the prices in the website are only indications and not updated very often so could be different. Also as your car is a classic the part wont be in stock so it will probably be ordered direct from BMW, when talking to the Dealer don't forget to ask about discount support for BMW Classic models. I would also check out Sunroof companies they may help. Good Luck Dave
  25. Welcome to the Forum One our sons friends about your age runs a 2009 120d 3 door it has been ECU tuned so runs around 200hp goes like the proverbial and still gives 40mpg plus insurance isn't crippling But the range is huge 3 door 5 door coupe convertible the engines petrol or diesel as the old saying goes we pay our money and make our choice. As with any second user car condition is everything, check service history and recalls are tyres in good nick and same on all corners? Make sure everything works there wont be any cheap fixes so don't fall for the only a £5 on ebay If it was t
  26. Hi Andrew Welcome to the Forum Use www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model. Then look in the trim section, there you should find the part numbers for the trim sections your looking with the correct part numbers you know a replacement will fit. Then search the internet for replacements. Hope this helps Dave
  27. Hi Darrell Welcome to the Forum When you say same serial number is that the manufacturers number or BMW Part Number ? Check realoem for part numbers Is your original radio Business or Professional ? I believe if you change the radio you need an enabling code (anti theft I am told) plus I believe the radio will need coding to the car Dave
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