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  2. Morning Jo Welcome to the Forum You can get headlamp lens cleaning kits that work really well the other check is the bulbs themselves. If they are getting on then their output can drop, are the dip beams Halogen or Xenon if they are Halogen they will always seem dim try changing to LED (didn't exist when I had my 4.4) My first X5 4.4 E53 had Halogen lamps and I had to stand in front to make sure they were on !! they were terrible I upgraded to Xenon unit's brought from a specialist BMW dismantler Quarry Motors. My E53 4.6is came with Xenon lamps but they didn't seem as bright as the 4.4 so cleaned the lens's checked the lamps and they were 35w changed them to 55w same as the 4.4 brilliant My current X5 E70 has Xenon but I am about to polish the Lens's and change the lamps as they are not as bright as they were I will also upgrade the Main beam's to LED Hope this helps Dave
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  4. Hi Gavin Welcome to the Forum Would have seen this sooner if it was posted in the X1 section matey I have read some good things about DWMotorsport in Durham I think But there is a register of BMW Specialists Google will help Good Luck if it isnt fixed already Dave
  5. Morning Ryan Welcome to the Forum If your car is in fact a 2023 X3 then the obvious place is the Dealer as it is under Warranty or should be. If your car is older and no longer under warranty you need the help of someone or a Garage with BMW diagnostic capable equipment Dave
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  7. Morning Gary Welcome to the Forum First why the change ? What are you trying to achieve I am pretty sure that your model year came with either Halogen or Xenon head lamps you could try upgrading the bulb/lamp. Dip will be Xenon main beam halogen so could be changed to LED as can DLR's also clean and polish the lens will help as they get stained and cloudy The latest BMW headlights use LED for DLR and Laser technology for the Headlamps As for sources first check if they fit and what is involved in controlling them you may have some wiring involved Then specialist breakers/recyclers like Quarry Motors and search Google Good Luck with the search Dave
  8. Looks like you have to get under then Andy I have changed a Turbo on one of these that was an adventure as well. The car was stuck on my drive for over a week as twice the wrong exchange turbo was sent Good Luck Dave
  9. I see, that's very very interesting Dave. Well, I'll be getting a clearer answer this Sunday so i'll be back with an update next Monday!
  10. Have you checked the weather protection plate(s) behind the disks are not catching the disk?
  11. Glad you finally got it sorted Gerry technology is great when it's working and a real pain when it's not. Dave
  12. I have been told the car monitors the Ash content of the DPF, if the DPF is replaced the Memory needs resetting or the car will not know the DPF is new and assume it is full or almost full If the car is over fuelling then first fuel pressure needs checking (has the fuel filter been changed?) If the fuel pressure is correct then the injectors are the next inline as a source of over fuelling As your ECU has been reset it will be interesting to see how it responds to the new DPF Let us know if it all settles down after fitting Dave
  13. Morning Craig Welcome to the Forum Your car has fuses in 4 locations, 1 under the bonnet (i believe there is a fuse legend under the lid) 2 Under the dash behind the Glove box, 3 In the boot (you say you have checked) 4 Right side of the boot behind the trim Never checked an F33 but my guess would be behind the glove box Good hunting Dave
  14. Morning Tony Welcome to the Forum The first thought is anything on the M2 that would satisfy? Check realoem perhaps? As you already have a car that is 1 step down from the M2 not easy, any thing from the M3 or M4 competition range that may be adapted ? Good luck with the hunt Dave
  15. Just designed skilfully, carefully and with great consideration to discourage any DIY playboys and girls out there and to fatten the wallets of the Dealerships 🤣 🤣 Mind now we know you can work while hanging upside down Joseph perhaps we can find you more work 🤣 Well done Matey Dave
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  17. Thanks Dave, Ive ordered a genuine cable. The USB is a charging point. I'll let you know if the cable sorts the problem
  18. Morning Wayne Welcome to the Forum Sorry to pour cold water on your plea but in the UK as the driver of the vehicle you are responsible !! The systems in your car are "Driver Assistance" not an Autonomous system where the driver can sit back and do nothing. Autonomous Systems don't exist as far as I am aware in the UK, neither are they legal in the UK as far as I am aware. Sat Nav systems even online will always be behind all mapping and speed data changes as they have to be registered and updated as an example Wales is moving all 30mph limits to 20mph this weekend! If you want an autonomous experience in a car I believe they are called Taxi's Dave
  19. Morning Jack If you haven't already put your Halogen bulbs back, do you lose the warnings ? That is a simple way of making sure there isn't a fault. Then check your LED lamps most of the LED lamps I have seen have resisters built in if not check the resistors you have brought are correct rating and fitted correctly Dave
  20. Morning Mago Sorry I didn't realise you were in the USA Dave
  21. Morning Ken Welcome to the Forum Oo err do you know something we don't 😅😅 I have hardly needed to to clear any frost for ages in Sussex As for a Top Cover apart from the normal Auction sites and Auto stores like Halfords I can't offer much help Dave
  22. Although the car has a Full Service History has the gearbox actually been serviced ? Remember BMW themselves used to tell people that the Gearbox is sealed for life !!!! ZF who make the box actually say service at 60 to 100k depending on use and climate Dave
  23. Hi Mark Fingers crossed for a simple fix Pease Pottage is good for me Dave
  24. That is definitely not the key for that car then, I would guess that someone has mixed up 2 sets of keys I would guess your BMW Dealer would charge about £150 (that is a guess) so check with them, at least you have a working key so can use the car while saving your hard earned cash. That is unless the seller says woops and has the other. Good Luck Dave
  25. BMW E53 X5 Type 87 20" Wheels and Tyres in very good usable condition no cracks welds or buckles Tyres are almost new Front 285x40x20 Rear 315x35x20 these will fit any E53 not suitable for E70 models £500
  26. Morning Charles Refurb costs will be dictated by the amount of work needed to get them in a good state, so get at least 3 prices with itemised work to be done. I brought a spare set for my E53 4.6is which I use as winter wheels. Dave
  27. Morning Dan Welcome to the Forum You could first check one of the Vin De-coder websites to check what was ordered on the original build sheet or if you brought from a BMW Dealer ask them why Enjoy your new Beemer Dave
  28. Hi, I fitted a new cap on the crank case breather and I have driven it for 2 days now and have tried to get it to smoke and it seems to have cured the problem! I am wondering if it would be sensible to fit a complete new breather and is there an updated one. The steering rack would appear to be electric as there are no hydraulic pipes, nor is there a power steering pump or top up tank, what I do notice is there is at least 2 universal joints on the steering column which I will lubricate. I will keep you updated. thanks Paneuro.
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