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  2. thank you all, great advice, right foot does misbehave mind of its own,
  3. Good morning all .keep getting info, dont know who is right .can i do economy remap some say should not as gearbox engine will bw week to much strain , and secondly egr removal all blanks ,some say it will show eml light. i wish to do egr first, full service done and swirl flaps gone,pick sup better but mileage wise 44 on run in town 28 mpg , not worried but wondering if this is correct on 145000 mile bmw 525d 2004 full service history, any thoughts on this ,
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  5. It seems BMW Europe don't like Dealer information on the open market however the access laws in the USA are very different. Yes the site is US and in $ but part numbers are the same many motor factors here and else where in Europe use the site to cross reference parts. is the other site this one is a technical information site with how too's the same information that Dealers access but of great use to DIY'ers like us. Another American site is brilliant how too's with pictures being American the steering on the wrong side but very usable information. When using realoem you will notice it defines right and left hand drive Good luck
  6. Reads well I agree a re think re phrasing where you have marked this will change. I notice you haven't brought out the tyre size issue yet even if they were fitted by the previous owner the Dealer has a responsibility to ensure the car is fit for sale. The fact you cant remove the wheels makes you wonder how they carried out a brake inspection? Or did they say they had because they couldn't remove the wheels Hmmm the cynic in me surfaces Dave
  7. It can quite possibly be the diversity antenna, first port of call is re-programming the key/keys Cheap option first Dave
  8. I had some rough paint on the BMW E92 interior and the rubber was starting to peel so I decided to strip it and repaint everything with some interesting results. Build Video on YouTube:
  9. Hi Philip A tool kit with a BMW ?? Bit of a worry that they leave out everything but a screw driver and a towing eye !! (screw driver is to pop out the cover for the towing eye) To be serious as run flats came into play less was needed or put into the boot. As my car has the staggered set up it comes with a small compressor and some tyre goo plus a bicycle type spare but at least I get the Jack. Touches wood I have not had need of them in some 10 years and many tyre changes. Have a look at to check what boot equipment was available if ordered. No diff locks that I am aware of but my older X5 is used for light off roading (I shoot and we take the Horses to some out of the way places. I did have the delight of towing a friends Discovery out of the sticky stuff a couple of years back so off road competent but not hard core. Enjoy Dave
  10. Hi Silver john. Yes at 82 I am still a part time accountant, you must keep the brain busy. Well done.
  11. So, here we are a couple of weeks later and things have moved on. The set of wheels and tyres I'd found on THAT auction site eventually went for a few quid more than my maximum bid so I lost out with only seconds to spare. Never mind. I found another set of the same size at a fixed price although they weren't in as good condition. After going to collect them (just a 90 mile round trip) found they had pretty rubbish summer tyres on and that all the balance weights had been stripped off. Went straight to my local tyre depot who had helped me in formulating my decision to go with winter tyres and they quickly removed the tyres and sent them for re-cycling. I've spent some time since then refurbishing the rims myself. Not to the standard of a professional rim refurbisher, but they'll only be in the car for 2/3 months and appear ok as long as you don't look too closely !! I've also bought a brand new set of full winter tyres with an A rating for wet grip. These are run-flats, the same as the existing summer tyres. My next stage is to get the tyres fitted to the rims and then fitted to the car. Hopefully this can be achieved by the end of this week. Local tyre depot is a branch of Tyre City Tyres sourced on-line from Watch this space ! John
  12. Hi Manu Welcome to the Forum Cotswold BMW are always helpful and competitive on price they also do mail/phone orders plus ECP often have online deals Check to ensure you have the correct part number you can also check for how too do it. Good luck Dave
  13. Hi Dave, would you believe, the local BMW dealers managed to come up with the wrong part! I sent them this: - and: - and: - together with these notes: - Picture 1: The trailing edge on the underside of the bumper. Picture 2: The recess where the clip would fit, on the RHS as viewed. Picture 3: The remains of the broken clip, held in place with gaffer tape, indicating how it would be fitted. Would one expect them to get it wrong with this info? I think not! It has had to be re-ordered and will be in on Tuesday. Tony N
  14. Hi all, my brother has a 116 Petrol on a 56 reg. the heat/demist selector seems to be stuck/not working when selecting any of the fan options. he’s stripped the dash down and has managed to open the footwell and face fans which are blowing hot, Any idea how can he access the window demist fans as the cold mornings are proving tricky to demist the front windscreen! 🥶 Thanks in advance.
  15. hi have done swirl flaps and posted reply, they took the bigger blanks, hope my other post helps some ,it was easy job
  16. mark 14


    thinking of selling, going to German night at the ace cafe in February , the baur i have, any thoughts of places to list her in ,
  17. hello,just removed flaps on 525d 2004 , egr was clean, only light dusting in manifold, seems to pull and pick up quicker, full take off egr and blank cooler etc,after holiday, reurning small 22mm blanks as it was the bigger ones, was going to do economy remap, but you tube guy says not to remap as gearbox will go, any thoughts ?
  18. Looking for a 2004-2009 (E60) 530D M Sport with less than 130k mileage. Please let me know if you know of any! Many thanks Matt
  19. Good afternoon, After going to a chap this morning to get my car coded and after spending hours trying to work out why i have a combox in the boot but no music via bluetooth July 2010 530D SE pro nav sos button bluetooth calls only
  20. Hi, Little bit of a back story. I purchased a E90 320D 2006 as a non runner, no only was the wrong battery in the vehicle it wasn't registered and it then there out two of the modules to start up, cas and DDE. I have rectified those. I then found that it wasn't running it's best as it would take 3-7 times to start up and the engine to stay running and not cut out. I looked into it and found that the previous owner had put petrol in the tank. There was half a tank of it so as it was running really lumpy unable to build up revs easily I imagine they filled up the tank and when it got to half empty it had issues. Anyway I have taken all the petrol out, put a new fuel filter on and changed the oil too. I've taken it out tonight for 150 miles. Whilst it smoked on start up, white smoke but cleared. I'm guessing that's just fuel burning. Anyway for the first 20/30 mins or wasn't the best I had to ride the clutch to get anywhere. When it picked up speed and going on a flat line or down hill it was good. When I put my foot down the engine did vibrate so I guess it's where it wants for fuel but it's struggling. When I done 30 miles it seemed to pull quite nicely but still lagged up hill, I'd have to shift down and really rag it. After about 60-70 miles it was absolutely fine. It didn't like being in 6th gear and driven with some acceleration. Sometimes 5th so I was going 4ty gear about 3-4 thousand revs at about 70-80mph. I ended up doing 150 miles. When idle it's still vibrating the car somewhere moderately. I'm wondering if it's an injector issue or engine mounts. I managed to get a video and a quick error code diag. Here is a link to the video. Here is the error log of when starting the car, it did cut out twice as it hasn't been ran for a week. And here is the error log after the 150 mile run. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  21. So I thought it would be a good idea to get the BMW E92 legal at this point before the Widebody Install...will things go smoothly? Build Video on YouTube:
  22. hi please can anyone help with this issue? i have a 1 series e87 m sport 2.0d 2008, the remote locking is failing to operate? each time i press lock/unlock the device at the top left of the engine, below the airbox, moves a bar rod then returns? what is this device attached to the engine? i have checked all fuses, bonnet pin switch and remote battery in both keys? all doors lock with key but alarm sounds once unlocked and door opened. please can anyone advise? many thanks
  23. As per Greydog, the I selector pushes left and right, scroll to destination input and Robert is your father's brother. Although I always push the damn thing in the wrong direction. Upt'North.
  24. Hey All, I have an ongoing drama that['s like a lifetime movie & really could use some advice as we're at a dead end of sorts... My girlfriend kicked out the ex & he managed to take both key sets to her 2014 BMW 328xi. Both of their names are on the loan but only his is on the registration (here in North Carolina) and the court that put the restraining order on him had granted her the car and ordered him to return the key. He's lied saying he "mailed it" (BS) and while she goes through the courts to force his hand, she is a single mother with no car, no funds (he took those) and bad credit. Here's what we've tried.... Local Locksmiths - got one out that specialized in BMW keys/keyfob programming - after quoting $450, tried but got stopped when programming by the computer - said her model was one of only 3% that had to be done at the dealer due to BMW security measures. Local Dealer - quoted $450 but would not register with out her name on the NC Registration (while same last name, only her ex is on NC Registration). Although the court has ordered him to give her the key, he's going to play this out as long as it hurts her and deprives her of the key. She can't get it re-registered without re-financing to which she can't do as he's already done a number on her credit score also (real winner he is). Any ideas would be much appreciated - would it help to bring the dealer all of the court paperwork? Go to another dealer? Was the Locksmith correct or perhaps mistaken on that whole 3% thing? Just at a loss how to get her a key for a car she's making payments on & desperately needs.... Thanks all
  25. Spray them with silicon/back to black spray and voila! Spray it on and wipe it off. -5 here this morning, the car door opened right up. Upt'North.
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