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  2. Welcome Andy, I'm of a "similar" age and my 335d is as a result of my second mid life crisis. The first one returned me to motorcycling and the third one is saying.....M4, M4!
  3. Very good point Dave....that would definitely explain it. Also, think there is a bleed point (bolt) on the water pump to bleed the air out?
  4. Morning Emma Don't be frightened of the transfer box it is as tough as old boots the common issue is the actuator gear and motor mounted on the side of the Transfer case. Inside it is the actuator gear it is made of a nylon material and the teeth strip. New improved gears are available and your mechanic friend should be able to change it easily, there are several you tube "how to's" that will help. I have just (yesterday, well it was raining) carried out this repair on a friends 2007 E70 He brought the transfer repair kit from Ebay for £18 delivered to remove the actuator clean it u
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  6. Hi John - I was being facetious, sorry! Yes, I guess you are right - I was thinking of calling Sytners, our main dealer here in Nottingham but they might twig that I'm not going to purchase from them if I ask what size wheels and tyres I need! Worth a try though I guess, try BMW themselves possibly. Cheers Martin
  7. Can anyone help please I’ve just replaced the thermostat on my 1999 328 m52 engine and it’s seems to not be cooling down this was the thermostat that I took off it has nothing inside is there a reason why?......When I got the car the fan was broke and someone had cut all the wires well I can’t find any anyway. so I put a electric fan on a switch that’s when I noticed the thermostat wasn’t working the car temp would just keep dropping but now I have the new one in it got to 92 I put my fan on and it just kept going up? Any help appreciated
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  9. Fingers crossed they can code the seats in Good Luck let us know the result Dave
  10. Hi Dave The M135i has a timing chain not a belt. The chain is cunningly positioned at the back of the engine I have read that changing just the chain is around £1000 These engines also have a reputation for being noisy due to the direct injection, plenty of go though. Service history is paramount I would say I would do the research though remember these sites generally have posts about issues what tends to be missed is people check how many where sold in that model against the number of issues. Good Luck and Enjoy if you buy Dave
  11. Morning Richard My response was aimed at BMW and their Engineers and Marketing guys. They have made some really dumb decisions over the years to list a few, simplex instead of duplex timing chains? Plastic guides? Moving timing chains to the rear of the engine? I know they are not alone this seems to have been a trend but that doesn't make it right. BMW have a loyal following but come on BMW who want's the most powerful tractor in the street !!! If you can make a smooth powerful QUIET diesel do the same with the i35i Dave
  12. Hi I have a full interior 1 series coupe just been cleaned £200
  13. Earlier
  14. Hi Dave Thanks for the heads up. Economy and ground clearance are high up on the list - there are some roads I know of that I won't take my 3 Series down for fear of scraping the floor pan or slashing the tyres! I've managed without AWD for the last umpteen years so a 2WD X1 seems the sensible choice, however, I still like a bit of power so I reckon the 2.0 litre 20d will fit the bill. I've got around £17k to play with (assuming I can get around £9k for the 320 part-ex) so I'm looking for a 2016 or 2017 with about 25-30k on the clock max. Martin
  15. Hi Brad Scary some of the BMW Dealers !! First take a look at www.realoem.com it is an online BMW parts list, put the last 7 digits of your vin into the search box it will bring up your model. Then search the relevant sections they all have small exploded drawings so you can see where stuff goes. It also gives price indication which has embarrassed more than one UK dealer. If the car is out of warranty I would be looking for a BMW independent specialist there must be some in the USA in the UK their hourly rates are about one third of Dealer's. Plus most are ex-BMW Tech;s so have all
  16. Thanks very much for the information...I’ll have a look. Although a bit short on power am still enjoying the drive.👍👍
  17. LOL Dave ;-) Yes I wish it had a bit bigger battery, say a 7 or 8 hour charge time instead of 5, it would be a lot more electrically usable, and I had my first speeding ticket in 30+ years less than 5 miles after picking her up down south to bring her home (traditional 50mph country road with a 30mph 100yards section with camera round a bend, c'est la vie!), found out that running in electric mode they don't slow down so quickly using engine breaking as traditional cars do, still the course was actually quite interesting, especially as it was my first ever Zoom meeting.
  18. Hi Dave, no nothing coming up, that's what makes me think I need to by the newer stereo.
  19. Hi, I can now confirm our seasonal opening hours, as follows: Up to and inc 23rd: Normal Hours Christmas Eve: 9.00am – 1.00pm Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed Sunday 27th December: Closed Monday28th December: Closed Tuesday 29th December:
  20. Morning Gail Welcome to the Forum You need the codes read by someone with BMW specific diagnostics By the way the Jump points are under the bonnet (hood) jumping direct to the battery is not good and may well have caused some issues. Either check or get someone to check all the fuses Dave
  21. Morning Welcome to the Forum I have heard and read good things about B W Chiptuning in Uxbridge never used them personally Google them and talk to them Dave
  22. Dave, sorry for not responding sooner.. did u say that the FOOTWELL module on my 2008 328i controls the gear shift??? My gear shift doesnt lit up on DASH or SELECTOR SWITCH..would that make the car NOT start..it originally had a NO Crank No start..the old starter was bad..installed new starter..still wont start..will the PARK gear not lighting up make the car not know what gear its in and not start?? the gearshift also wont move or shift..car cant start though. Still no crank no start. I sent out the footwell module and they said they couldnt repair it ...also 3 mechanics
  23. HI Glyn POSSIBLE bad footwelel MODULE..controls lighting in you r car including power windows, signals.. its near the drivers side where ur feet go behind hood pull below dash..held on by two ten mm screws and 3 wire harness..several videos on youtube..how to remove..usually happened with LOW voltage or jumping battery in trunk..NO NO on BMWS good luck
  24. Hi Stu If its Petrol it will have a throttle body assembly with integrated position sensor. If its Diesel it will have the AGR assembly and fuel pressure sensor along with all the associated vacuum lines. Not sure but I think the AGR has a TPS integrated as I am not a diesel driver What ever he should get a diagnostic check to save some pain to his wallet
  25. Greydog and X5SMW, Thank you for your replies. It is beginning to look like we may have no choice other than rejecting it. The selling garage want the car taken to a garage that does RAC warranty work, and I emailed them last night stating I was looking into rejecting the car and before they allowed any work to be undertaken I needed a costed, fully itemised list of anything to be done along with details of any warranty/warranties that come with the work. Nothing was declared in the finance agreement, and to be fair to the selling garage I think they bought it not knowing about the fault but t
  26. Hi Dale Welcome to the Forum I have read of many instances where people have fitted new door carriers that don't last genuine is the way to go. Assuming the carrier is OK then the the door catch actuator is the next part in the chain. Again assuming the cables are fitted and seated correctly Dave
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