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  2. Thanks for the tip re. OEM part numbers Dave. cheers Nigel
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  4. Morning James Welcome to the Forum Unfortunately we are in the hands of designers who grew up playing video games Personally I am solidly with you it is a distraction drivers don't need plus a single fault in the screen renders the car unusable?? The video gamers want to move us towards driverless cars, dont they realise we already have those they are called trains Dave
  5. Hi Dave, I had it in BMW Rustington today for the EGR cooler recall and signed up for the service plan as it looked good value. Good to know Walkers are round the corner if anything crops up.
  6. That was quite helpful! At least I now know what the name of the part I'm trying to replace is! Its the Carrier Outside Door Handle Rear Right! The expanded drawings also help! I'm still at a loss as to how ta actually access the part as it's in the thinnest part of the door, right at the back - nowhere near an access hole! Thanks again Dave! Jim
  7. Morning Ross Welcome to the Forum I assume your car is the 430/440 engine with the exhaust valve in the rear silencer As I understand it the was to reduce noise at idle and low revs but opens on throttle use or sport mode being engaged. I did read some time ago that starting the car engaging Sport mode (flap open) go to the boot and pull fuse F203 flaps should remain open. Warning I have also read this can cause a CEL warning lamp Dave
  8. Afternoon Martin A tough one to help with. When the fault first appeared did you contact the Dealer and note the mileage? Hopefully you did which can strengthen your case with them and BMW what was their suggested action? Also check any other Forums eor any other reports? Good Luck Dave
  9. Nearly new Thule Roof Bars and fixing feet/kit. £60.00 Thule Fixing Kit Number 3028 will fit 1 Series 3-dr Hatchback, 07 - 1 series 5-dr Hatchback, 04 - 3 Series 4-dr Sedan, 05 - 3 Series 5-dr Estate, 05 - Cash and Collect only (Leicester)
  10. Morning Aleksei Welcome to the Forum Try You tube for removal Videos they normally have something. To be sure you don't break or damage any of the trim parts get a set of Proper Trim removal tools they are not expensive and will prevent damage to trim and fixings. The CIC fault could be a loose connector or a failing joint on a circuit board only stripping and testing will tell. Once out you can make the decision to repair or replace it. Dave
  11. Morning Adam Sweeeeeeet motor ENJOY For your Carbon mirror caps try your BMW Dealer or check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box, then search for the mirror section to get the Part Number. Then Google for suppliers. Dave
  12. Wanted - E92 (LCI) 2011 M Performance Carbon Mirror Caps
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  14. I take lots of pictures of Sensor connectors and pipework connections to help my old brain when putting it back Dave
  15. Thanks Alan - that sounds worth a try! Thanks Dave - I have the diags on order so will see what that tells me. 🙂
  16. Thankyou, got to replace the rocker cover gaskets and injector seals as well now, should be fun, never done it before
  17. Not with all of them my Erisin Android 10 unit didn't need to use it even though the car has it in the armrest (though as said I don't have DAB) The first 5 series I did an Erisin (Android 6 I think) did need the Aux plug connected to get sound from the Sat Nav and other Apps. So I would say you need to read operating/installation instructions carefully for which ever version you buy. Dave My 4.4 E53 I had a Dynavin unit my E53 4.6is is all OEM.the E70 is Erisin Android 10
  18. As said sometimes the clever people need to take a long look at the results of their design and planning. BMW are not alone in positioning sometimes vital parts in stupid places or just poorly designing them. Then trying to get us to pay for their errors. Audi, Mercedes and a few others have had their moments as well Good Luck Dave
  19. Thank you very much indeed for the response. It was really helpful.
  20. Think I answered most of this in your other Post Mark MPG will be similar to your Honda round town on a run 40+ Acceleration will be a surprise so make sure the kids and dog are strapped in tight, oh and hide your licence 🤣 If you get it enjoy it Dave
  21. It's just waiting for you to relax 🤣 Dave
  22. Hi Mark Welcome to the Forum Wow that is a serious step up in car, your mechanic friend is right to a degree, you are contemplating a complicated car that carries all the additional costs of parts and servicing that go with it against a car that has a much lower operating cost. That said I have two friends with X5 5.0d both like me enjoy doing their own servicing and repairs, that makes running these cars very reasonable in my (and their opinions) Make sure the car is smooth in operation plenty of power is an understatement 8 speed box should be effortless and silky smooth in changes, make sure everything works as it should test everything (twice) Tyres make sure they are correct * rated tyres and have plenty of life replacing them is expensive and essential not to cut corners with tyres. Get yourself a BMW capable Diagnostic Fault code reader (I have INPA/ISTA and BMW 1.4.0 note 1.4.0 is pre 2005 models ) If you are competent with spanners you will be fine Dave
  23. OK thanks for that advice Dave.
  24. Morning Geoff Welcome to the Forum That's a new one on me, sounds like either a chaffed wire or a loose connection. How easy it is to check the little LED and it's feed is another thing Dave
  25. Morning Tony The people to ask are Autel ? Dave
  26. thank you mate highly appreciate all the help you've given me
  27. Hi Dave Thank you so much Brilliant i will have a look now Ian
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