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  2. Hi, my 1 series had recently started making a whistling noise that gets worse when accelerating. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Iv attached a video of the sound. IMG_9163.MOV
  3. sorry for the stupid question why bmw still sells its models with a manual gearbox in the american market when a german competitor like audi has already stopped selling its manual gearbox models in the american market since 2020?!
  4. Morning Alex I agree with Stu the fitter at Halford clearly didn't have a clue and was probably using the wrong ISO adapter for your model. With my 4.4 X5 I fitted a Dynavin head unit ( that was a while ago now) check out their website they make some good kit that is plug and play Dave
  5. Last week
  6. If it is only one door, as I read it now... you will have to take the interior off to get to the lock mechanisms. I think they had a white plastic link which were the weak point
  7. Hi G Welcome to the Forum I have read a lot about this issue over the years not just a BMW problem by the way several Marques have issues as they use PVC insulated cables which become brittle in low temperatures, couple this with everything being as short and tight as possible and broken cables are inevitable. There are repair kits available but if buying one make sure you get a silicon insulated one with multi-cored cable for flexibility and sufficient length. As for carrying out the repair it is within the scope of most competent home mechanics, and certainly easy for an Auto Electrician or good Independent Garage. Good Luck Dave
  8. In answer to the numpty question Upt, I wish I knew as it was on a 3 year lease with Hitachi Leasing and they weren't newly put on at the end of the lease, strangely everything else on the car is pristine, not even a paint chip, just the front tyres, dealer said he just had to polish it. Sad day when Goodyear closed, put several of my mates or their Dads out of work, it's mainly a housing estate now. Cheers Steve.
  9. 👍 Tints Not sure the others would add anything But then I am an old bloke 😁
  10. Not quite sure where and why your measuring fuel pressure, do you have a starting problem or running problem?? Take a look at for the information your looking for. The site is a BMW Technical Information site as used by Dealers so all you need should be there. Good Luck Dave
  11. Hi Marcus Welcome to the Forum From the pictures it looks like a nice car (even if they did put the steering wheel on the wrong side) I would guess the same criteria apply both sides of the Atlantic History History History. Being the top of the range it is unlikely to have been abused so if the service history pans out then it's what deal you can negotiate. Good Luck Dave
  12. X5smw thank you i checked and wheels are moving freely, greydog i did disconnect the battery but i didnt give it time to discharge which i believe is the problem, the car drove fine after tracking then all of a sudden pulled to the right again, obd does suggest front brakes are on limit rears were only changed last month and also had calipers on rear changed as they had stsrted to stick so for safety reasons i got them replaced (i think expecting a child has turned me safety mad) Thank you for the replies Ryan Ps thank you very much grey dog
  13. ok, best get my vin in there asap then. 😀
  14. Morning Troy Welcome to the Forum Looks like an accessory cable for sure, CD/DVD in Glove box ? Apple Play adapter? Dash Cam feed? Certainly not OEM laying on the floor (well I hope not) Let us know if you find out what it is for Dave
  15. Morning Phil Welcome to the Forum Have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box then look in the trim section for part numbers. Or look on the well known Auction site if you cant find black grills what about rubbing down priming and painting a secondhand pair Dave
  16. thank you for help will do all , shes a old girl but will go on for years
  17. Earlier
  18. Stainless over mild steel even if it is OEM winner winner Dave
  19. Hi Mark From what I have read and my brother inlaws experience run flats give a harsher ride due to the firm side walls that give them their ability. They also seem to transfer/generate road noise once they become about 50%+ worn (brother inlaws 5 series experience) He goes through the run flats then fits standard tyres Bridgestone is his personal choice plus he carries some tyre goo and a small compressor just in case. He commutes in Europe so his cars are high milers and I don't remember him mentioning a puncture but he does prefer the less harsh ride and less road noise. Until your driving the car it is difficult to say it may be your happy with the ride/road noise, if not try a change to non run flat when replacement is due. Dave
  20. Hi Stephen...welcome to the Forum Snap! here's my two Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  21. Morning Dom Welcome to the Forum Recorded with storm Dennis eh! Difficult to diagnose but my guess would be in two areas 1. check all belts and tensioners 2. could be the fuel return valve. Good luck finding it Dave
  22. one of the Used Car Sale agency member told...
  23. Hi Javier Welcome to the Forum Well done on fixing stuff so far in case your not aware here are a couple of web sites that may help. put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box and you will have access to an online OEM parts list for your car. Also this one is a Technical Information site BMW Dealers use the same information. Keep up the good work Dave
  24. Well thats 200miles done from sunday morning and no Light looks like that was the fix, Thanks again for the help, next question coming soon 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  25. Morning Russel Welcome back Dave
  26. Bearings will normally be noisier when loaded, so if on the left it could be noisier on right handers and viccy verca. Upt'North.
  27. Morning John. welcome to the forum.
  28. Morning Alan I thought for your model the memory was set to each Key Fob ? My brother inlaws 5 series works this way First set the memory in the seat. Then you go to'Vehicle Settings' in IDrive and set the option in there. You can either have it move the seats when you unlock the door, or move the seats when you open the door. Then lock the car, unlock it with the other fob and do the same thing. Dave
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