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  2. Greydog

    Door seals

    Morning Brian Have a look at put the last 7 digits of your Vin Number in the search box and it will bring up your model. Then look in Vehicle Trim (from memory) you will see small exploded drawings with numbered parts look up the part number that will ensure you get the right part for your car. I changed the drivers door seal on my X5 cost was £45 from memory.
  3. Whoop Whoop Top Man Dan Happy Easter then Dave
  4. Last week
  5. Greydog


    Sorry Clarence your problem is unclear more information needed Dave
  6. Greydog

    328i dies at stops when warm

    The remote oil filter housings are a source of leaks if the o ring seal is used more than once so not uncommon. Same with the Valve cover gaskets, the tensioner if it's quiet and smooth running I would change at my leisure not theirs. FYI BMW oil filters are supplied by Mann in Europe (probably the same in the US) Suspension bushes are Lemforder or Meyle the list is endless as BMW make the body, and all components are brought in. The problems with magneti starter motors, BMW knew they were an issue yet following their logic they would happily (and did in my case) replace a known issue with a known issue as it was a "genuine" BMW part, the second time it failed I replaced it with a Bosch unit and BMW have never noticed or commented, yet they did notice that I had replaced the subframe mounting bushes with Polybushes (probably because they are yellow) the service manager tried to tell me that they should change them as "non BMW "parts they could cause damage to the suspension??? Seriously Eric if thats all they found you have a well sorted car thanks to all the stuff you have done yourself Yahoo Enjoy Dave
  7. lee  jetton


    my presets disappear after a few days then I have rest again any ideas
  8. james jordan

    its a want

    ALLPARTS EXETER EX2 8RU TEL [ 01392 420460
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  10. Whit66

    New Member from Gardnerville NV

    Thank Dave, these websites are awesome! I guess I do have an E46 so that allows me to move forward on an owners manual etc... Thanks again.. Gary
  11. markchelseahall

    6 Series Owners

    By far the best I've owned
  12. markchelseahall


    The mid range is astounding.........50-100 in what seems like 4-5 seconds........not quite anal enough to actually time it though I may be in the future
  13. Greydog

    330i folding metal roof problem

    Hi Phil Folding metal roof. My X5 doesn't even have a sun roof so I am the poor relation !! Seriously have a look at first put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will give part numbers for if you have to buy spares. Then I would look at for repair information, this is the same technical information used by BMW Dealers. I would also check its an American site but has some great how too's with pictures that may help. I hope this helps Dave
  14. Greydog

    New here

    Welcome to the Forum Damien Dave
  15. p38fln


    Any car with 4 wheel drive, and especially any car with full time 4x4 is going to be very upset with mismatched tires. They're so strict on tolerances you have to rotate them about every 10K miles to prevent issues with one end of the car wearing more than the other. Some cars (Ford Kuga II/Escape) will just disengage the transfer case and revert to front wheel drive if they detect this happening because they come with a mini-spare tire, but most AWD cars don't have this ability and will just burn up the transfer case (Or center differential, since these cars don't really have a true transfer case).
  16. Morning Andy Welcome to the Forum, Dave
  17. Bob, check that the oil filter insert is actually in place. This is a well known issue, there's actually an official TSB from BMW describing these exact symptoms: If it's missing, replace the missing part, clean the VANOS solenoids with some starting fluid (Ether), and enjoy driving again 🙂
  18. L333CPR

    Fuel Injection Fault

    Thinking that myself hopefully get a chance next week to blow all the lines out, also got all the injectors tested
  19. DoViT

    New owner from Scotland

    Thanks guys! She's coming along nicely and im still adding stuff 😂 🤣 Current pic sitting beside one of the boys cars that I work with....... (thinks he could beat the bimmer 🤪)
  20. Greydog


    Welcome Dave If you have had a modern Mini technically you have already had a BMW but the 3 series is the bedrock enjoy Dave
  21. Davesminis

    Scotland Members List

    I am in Fife
  22. p38fln

    best coding

    Carly is VERY simple, nearly impossible to screw up and has tons of parameters you can play with. It's worth the money. Bimmercode can activate features that you don't have such as satellite radio for about 1/3 to 1/2 what the dealer would charge, with the caveat that you can't install official BMW software updates afterrwards without having Bimmercode perform the activation again. I tried to play with BMW 1.4.0 but laptop is 64 bit and I never could get the drivers to work so I just went with Carly. Carista is good too and has a 1 week free trial if you just want to get your feet wet.
  23. rikvdub

    Thinking of buying a 635

    Hello Steve. I have a 635d on a 2009 and I only bought it 3 weeks ago. With a budget of 12k you will be able to find one that is near on pristine condition! I paid £7400 for mine with only 2 previous owners and full BMW service history! I even have the original receipt of sale for £63800 ten years ago. This is not my first BMW however it is my first 6 series and like you wanted to know what to look for and know what I was looking at being backed with as much knowledge as I could so I wasn’t parting my cash for as you say a lemon. So from my experience first of all service history is a must!! Common issues with these are swirl flaps, it’s about £150 to have them deleted. From the information I’ve gathered on them it was a poor decision on BMW’s half to ever use them. And having them removed makes no difference to the performance of the car at all. Second thing is the DPF, now the rough life span of the DPF from factory is 120k “roughly” and if they do fail it’s a £1200 job from BMW. But if you have the history you may find a receipt of it already being replaced (mileage dependant) Another thing to look for is blocked rain gutters. I have been told that if they block then the water runs between the door and the actual interior door card. (But this another thing hat I read up on with these cars) mine seems to be ok (fingers crossed) Mine is the sports with every optional extra bar the rear reversing camera. But touch wood I haven’t had any issue with anything and all is working as it should. There is another forum called and on there, there is a special 6 series buying guide for you to look up. But these cars as said above are pretty bulletproof, as long as it’s been well looked after. i would suggest with the budget you have to write down the exact spec that you want and the colour that you want to. Don’t buy one just for the sake of wanting one. Get one that has everything you want, once you find the one pay a bmw specialist to go view the car with you along with his computer to plug it in and run through any fault codes. If you buy from a Trader all cars now come with minimum 3 months warranty. But if you want there is a company called click 4 warranty in my option they offer the best cover but you must go for the 5 star service to be completely covered. also I would recommend lowering your budget to around 9/10k and keep a couple back just if anything was to go fail in the future you won’t be taking more out your pocket as you would have it left from your original budget. I hope my advice is helpful. And here’s a pic of mine. I absolutely love it, it’s an amazing car and so much car for the money you won’t regret it as long as you do your research. Good luck and keep us posted Rik these are before and after shots of my 635 😉
  24. rikvdub

    New E63 owner from Hertfordshire UK

    Thanks Dave, as for the pup aka “Dubs” he’s not allowed to roll in the BM 🤣 if he’s coming out then we take the wife’s car 👍
  25. Greydog


    Yes we have the same recall system here just had the recall for my airbag (14 years old) still a pain and my dealer is only 8 miles away it will still be a day if they perform as normal. That is a really jazzy card though mine was boring by comparison. Our sons Toyota and SWIMBO's Subaru were done last year interesting was that both were asked if they wanted to wait and both were complete in about an hour. My dealer wouldn't commit to a time just saying it would be better to drop it off as early as possible in case of issues!! Dave
  26. p38fln

    potential new owner

    Also check that the positive battery terminal isn't cracked, definitely a known issue on the 328i depending on the model year. Pu
  27. Greydog

    2007 x3 water pump replacement

    Now you know what BMW stands "Beat The Maintenance Worker" LOL Depending which engine you have may reduce the help you get from Pelican Parts as the Yanks don't do Diesels, but is a technical site with the same information that is used by Dealers so you should find everything there you need. I have just replaced the water pump on my X5 not difficult just lengthy as you have to strip so much other stuff just to get at it, plus in their wisdom BMW hide a 10mm bolt behind the Crank pulley on the V8 engine (3 guess's which ratchet ring spanner I couldn't find) which made it a fiddle Dave
  28. p38fln

    UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters

    I saw an article that smart meters very frequently overbill for high-efficiency lighting. No one knew the exact cause, but power bills are sometimes off by as much as 50% if you have all energy efficient lighting and a smart meter. The old style meters with the spinning disk are considered to be the more accurate models. Unfortunately, we have a smart meter here, and power bills are absolutely insane.
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