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  2. Hi Dave, I’m just using a standard reader which unfortunately will just get codes an enable me to erase codes
  3. There is a Register of BMW Specialists you should find someone there Google the BMW Specialist Register Dave
  4. If it is like mine it will illuminate around 500 miles before and remain lit until the mileage is counted down. Have you talked to another Dealer it sounds odd that they are insisting the exact mileage is covered after all the service will be the same a 100 miles early as later? Dave
  5. Morning Gwyn Welcome to the Forum Not an uncommon problem with CD changers there will be a partly retracted CD causing the jam. If you go to your dealer they will suck their teeth tell you they have never seen this before and sell you a new CD changer. If you remove the CD changer and take off the top cover you will see the stuck CD(it had slipped out of its sliding guide). I used a plastic knitting needle to help it back into position then removed the cassette and lubed everything with sewing machine oil, two years or so on and no re-occurrence. Dave
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  8. Hello. I have various parts for sale that will fit an E53 up to 2007. Brand new, unused and boxed are:2 air conditioning condensers, 1 front Bmw brake caliper, 2 rear callipers non Bmw, 1 complete auto box service kit includes all oils , filters, gaskets. 1 rear brake disc, 1 service kit for the brake callipers, Used rear bumper infills, full Dvd service discs for models up to 2017, 3 Bmw warning triangles in full working order. Items are on e.bay to view prior to sale, 1 complete offer welcome for a job lot sale, collection only from the Derby area.
  9. I've just read the PCV valve, breather valve should be part of regular maintenance. Don't know if this is specific to the 116i. Speak to a franchise or independent specialist for cost of replacement. It doesn't sound to onerous if indeed it is relevant. Upt'North.
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  11. Awesome! thanks for that, I’ll give it a go later thanks Dave.
  12. thanks very much all. I'll have to get started on taking it apart!
  13. Hi Ron. Welcome. OR You will need VIN for latter.
  14. Some would say very minor! Nonetheless, I would really like to get them fixed. All damage is on the outer rim of the wheel and is silver. The grey parts of the wheel are not damaged. Refurb firms want silly money. Any suggestions?
  15. Thats what I thought although the castrol link kindly shared says 7.0 litres?
  16. As per Greydog if someone nicked it they're scum. But that's old news. It covers the toeing eye fixings, you should have the eye on the vehicle somewhere that screws into it when required. Hopefully won't be too expensive to replace. Upt'North.
  17. Hello, I am a new user to this forum. I was hoping someone could help me to track down a used Alloy wheel the same as the one in the picture . I had a blow out on the motorway the other night and the wheel is obviously Caput. Was very lucky that no further damage came to me or my car. It's a 3 series coupe 2007 Would much appreciate it
  18. thanks for your help , I will have a look and let you know the outcome , thanks again .
  19. Not a BMW but we did clean my sons Toyota, straight forward job. We couldnt believe the amount of soot in the EGR and the inlet tract we had a henry hgover running all the time to suck out any loose stuff while we cleaned. Still when he floored it once on the dual carriage way he said it look like a special effect from a Harry Potter movie behind him as everything was enveloped in a huge black cloud, the up side by the time anyone emerged he was long gone. The black cloud only happened once and performance was back to normal so success
  20. As I was using the car to drive to Wales for holiday, I wanted the warning lights off and the ABS back. Took it to a specialist who checked transfer box then switched off lights, this lasted about 5 mins. Incredibly the lights went out themselves. 2 Weeks later they came back on tuning into a drive. I'd tried the lock to lock approach with no luck, but thinking what I had done just before they went out, reversing onto the caravan, I did it going backwards and it worked - explain that!! They stayed off long enough to get rid of the car, couple of people reckoned the cam chain was noisy (at less than 100K, seemed OK to me) and I lost all faith in it so off it went to we buy any car.
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  22. My brother inlaw runs a 530d touring he commutes into Europe so racks up the miles, his car is remapped to just over 300hp and 600+nm it is ultra reliable and still returns 40+ mpg in daily use. When he wants it though it is demon quick, for his use its perfect great at Autobahn high speed cruising plenty of space comfortable and quiet but happy in town. Me I always go for the big engine then look at tuning to make it a bit different. It never seemed right to me that my business partner and I had the same car when he didn't have a clue what he was driving and worse didn't care so mine were always a bit special, still are. Dave
  23. Morning Raz Have a look ay you should be able to find the pairing process there. Dave
  24. Morning Danny I would try one of the specialist BMW breakers, I have used Quarry Motors before with success Google BMW Breakers there are quite a few Use to make sure you have the right part numbers put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box and it will bring up your model. Good Luck Dave
  25. I have uploaded the Android app here. Simply install and use. File name is BMW_C_T. I have also included some images showing a few of the functions: If you need help feel free to message me.
  26. These are brilliant. Bought two to protect the leather seats in my 335d XD. They simply hang off the head rest and don't move, like NEVER move. Can't recommend them enough. Price shown BTW is EACH.
  27. Hi Vik.....welcome to the Forum Lovely to see an old school Beemer on here Good to have you onboard
  28. Morning Adam The oil has to be somewhere if it isnt leaking onto the floor then re-check the turbo if seal are gone on the inlet side oil will be in the inter cooler and inlet tracts if it is on the MAF it will explain the fault code. You can clean the MAF but the leak needs fixing first. If the turbo is leaking on the exhaust side you will surely smell it and see it being burnt but it can clog the cat and coat the O2 sensors. Oil inside the engine will also be burnt checking the plugs is a could shout but remember the car will smoke and you will smell oil being burnt. Oil inside the engine will get there either through the Inlet tract (turbo issue) or engine wear, valves, rings etc. A litre of oil is a serious amount to lose good luck with the search for the source Dave
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