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  2. I have a 2017 640. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I am unable to get text messages in real time. All other functions (phone, etc.) work as expected, but text messages often do not appear on the car's screen. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? Thanks,
  3. Pliska Sam

    Battery for key

    Thanx Greydog. Will try the starting first, and if it starts leaving in. If it works all well and good, if not their is a BMW dealership in Varna, about 45 mins up the motorway, things in Bulgaria tend to be about half the price of UK. So far the X5 has been great, am sure will get years of enjoyable motoring here.... Cheers
  4. Last week
  5. Stued

    E46 330CI Coupe

    Wow, that is a find thank you sir for pointing me in the right direction.

    530D F10 remap options?

    Hey Thanks for the welcome! I’ll be contacting a few tuning centres near me and see if i can get some advice. But i want some first hand experience people who can give me a none bias opinion cheers
  7. Bimmer Owners Club

    National BMW Festival 12th Aug

    post some pics up of the event if you like
  8. Bimmer Owners Club

    Alloy wheel refurbishment in newcastle

    Hi Phil....welcome to the Club I have found these guys in Newcastle
  9. Earlier
  10. Greydog

    Brake pad replacement advice?

    Estimating brake wear and replacement schedules is as Trevor has said virtually impossible due to driving style and journey type. As an example last month I had to make a trip from Sussex to Bishop Auckland left home at silly o'clock and we were on cruise control until stopping for breakfast in Wetherby same for the last 100 odd miles. The return journey was similar until we reached the M25 then I used the brakes more in 30 miles than I had in 600 !! My big fat heavy X5 which also tows a horse trailer in the summer months has had 3 pad changes and 1 disc change in 130k plus the normal brake service fluid changes. You also have pad wear indicators which will normally give warning if things are getting critical, when replacing I would go OEM or equivalent use to get the part number and do a search Euro car parts are a good source as are some BMW dealers (Cotswold BMW often give discounts) Hope this helps and enjoy your Beemer
  11. Geoff 335D

    Hello from Leeds/West Yorkshire

    Welcome! That’s a serious 4, like it a lot. Have you had it on the track at all?
  12. Bimmer Owners Club

    Influx Magazine - Alpina

    Thanks Daniel....look forward to reading it later
  13. Greydog

    window trim/seal

    Morning Ian Take a look at an online BMW parts catalogue if you enter the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box it will bring up your car spec. Then search bodywork (I think) it will give an exploded drawing showing how it fits together plus part numbers. If your car is like the X5 there are internal and external weather strips, hope this helps Dave
  14. John79

    E90 bits.

    Hi guys I'm looking for some bits for my 2011 e90. Firstly I'm looking for the plastic o/s rear inner arch/splash gaurd if anyone has one for sale. Secondly I need the n/s front led indicator module. Then as time goes on wheels, bumpers, spoilers etc. Any help will be most appropriated.
  15. Bimmer Owners Club

    Z3 Coupe a few issues

    pop up some piccys of it if you like...would be interested to see it
  16. Bimmer Owners Club

    Roof not working

    Hi Tony....welcome to the Club If all of the lights are not working then it does suggest a power feed to them is not there, so your diagnosis of a fuse could be correct or alternatively it may be possible that the rheostat to alter the dimming could be at fault Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  17. Bimmer Owners Club

    F10 530d Diff

    sounds like a good outcome so far keep us updated with the mods and be good to see some pics of the build
  18. Geoff 335D


    This will be my first BMW show so be interesting to see the turnout, usually do all the Jap ones through the year with the sister Subaru Owners Club.
  19. StevebigO

    Hi all, New Beemer owner alert!!!

    Thanks for the optimism Trevor 😉 I shall definitely keep the post updated, struggling to find time and motivation at the moment in this Tropical Weather lol, 👍
  20. Greydog

    E39 Eating Alternators

    Morning Gareth These cars are normally tough as the proverbial "old boot" I just had a quick look at a BMW online parts catalogue as I remember reading some time back about alternator issues. What it shows is 2 suppliers Valeo and Bosch and 3 part numbers, one Valeo alternator is 90 amp and the Bosch and other Valeo 120 amp. If your car needs the larger charging capacity but the replacement was the lower I guess that would be the cause of its early demise. Generally alternators are reliable but the voltage regulator can fail particularly when overworked/overheated, by the way looking at realoem the voltage regulator on yours can be changed separately. If the AA guy did a parts search lets hope he chose the 120 amp If you go onto realoem change the search to classic (box on the left) put the last 7 digits of your Vin in the search box at the top and it will bring up parts for your car. I have only done a quick general search. As for your E39 at 100k it is just run in and with some TLC should be capable of doubling that. Welcome to the Forum and Good Luck
  21. Thanks for that John, that is a big help
  22. John79

    rear diff

    You could maybe buy some bushes to fit the bracket and have them pressed in. It looks like a vibration plate to take any vibration away from the diff.
  23. Bimmer Owners Club

    520d Gearstick

    Accept there will be some movement with a lumpy diesel but excessive would be if when you take up the clutch to biting point and drop off again if the gear shift is seen to be moving backwards and forwards more than a couple of centimetres then I would be worried.
  24. Bimmer Owners Club

    Hello! E46 318ci owner

    Hi Jay.....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  25. Geoff 335D

    Remapping 330d f31

    Yes hopefully they need same. My 2 local dynos can’t do mine which is annoying!
  26. Bimmer Owners Club

    Hi folks I'm Torchy

    Hi Nick....welcome to the Forum Good to have another fellow mature Bimmer owner onboard...there a few of us on here 🙂 Cheers, Trevor
  27. BeamerM760

    Car Transport Company

    I transported my 760I from Southern California down to Miami Florida and now I need to get it to Ireland by end of the year. I used this company Long Distance towing to ship it from Cali to Miami Florida and they quoted me $5500 to ship it enclosed to Ireland . Has anyone shipped their car before? This is the company that quoted me
  28. Bimmer Owners Club

    Oil leak from behind vac pump

    I suppose you could try a light coating of sealant as belt and braces
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