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  2. 133,600 miles 11 months MOT, full service history Full service / oil change etc at 132,000. Various bits done recently, please get in touch if you’d like more info / pictures etc. Planning to move back to London (hence selling) so looking to get a sale in the next few weeks if possible. £3499 07484846192
  3. Hi Dave, when I first got this car the DPF light was on and I was told it was a pressure sensor on the DPF unit. I replaced it with a new one PT no 13627789219-03 but this made no difference whatsoever. It turned out it was the thermostat which was not allowing the car to run at the proper temperature. once I got the engine temperature up I forced a regeneration and all was well after that. It seems to me you just have to keep throwing expensive sensors at these cars until the fault is cured. Do you think the INPA/ISTA will be more specific in identifying the problem and if so where can I download it . thanks Paneuro
  4. My new BMW X1 is a week old and I just love it. However, on seeing some of the faults detailed on this site I am slightly perturbed. NEED I BE?
  5. I would like to fit a vacuum gauge and would like to know where the best place is to make the connection as the T piece supplied is quite small. Thanks Stewart
  6. Hi Gary Welcome to the Forum Obviously general engine condition has to be considered/ What mileage and which engine? There are a lot of "Could Be's" so you really need a Diagnostic session. First thought is check the fuel pump fuses and relay but it could be a sensor ?? Dave
  7. Morning Roger Sorry to burst your bubble but no pressure release valve. The cooling system is a sealed system take a look at www.realoem.com either select your model or put the last7 digits of your Vin into the search box. Then search the relevant section, it will show you the parts and where they fit. My guess would be a hose or "O"ring split and low coolant level maybe a gasket (water pump or thermostat seal) If the system was full there would be signs of a leak somewhere (white residue) around or near the leak. Dave
  8. Morning Mando Yes I thought there was a dipstick on your model not obvious hidden down the side of the engine. I just don't understand why manufacturers are so hell bent on making everything sensor driven when we know they will degrade/suffer/break given time while a dipstick ??? Hey Ho Dave
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  10. Just one word Kenny HERO Dave
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  12. check engine light has been on both bmws that ive owned e46 and e39
  13. Morning Kevin Welcome John has said most of it above, History History is important plus make sure everything works as it should press every button and switch. If you get the "Easy Fix, only £20 on Ebay" for anything not working, ask yourself why ?? If it's that simple hasn't it been done? Obviously Dealer Purchase gives more protection but Private purchase can give great savings and more room to negotiate. Dave
  14. Morning Dave Welcome to the Forum Your local BMW Dealer would be my first port of call for New I would also contact some of the BMW Specialist Breakers (I have used Quarry Motors with great success in the past) Dave
  15. Morning Adam Welcome to the Forum First has your car got standard Hydro power steering or Active power steering? If you have standard steering it could be the pump or the rack ? If you have active steering the pump and rack are different and you have a Control unit. Take a look at www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin number in the search box and it will call up your model, then check the steering section. If you have active steering check the fusses and any relays. Dave
  16. Step 4: car painting, varnishing....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2c1ERjrYmA Subscribe to channel and see more)))
  17. Morning Philip No apologies required, the suspension on your Beemer is either "Standard" "M sport" or full M series or Hard, Harder and Very Hard. Some of the newer cars have adjustable dampers which are controlled from the drivers seat by a switch (normally 3 settings) Your suspension is adjustable for alignment front and rear so advice is always have a 4 wheel alignment after new tyres. Call me a cynic but first Space Saver spare were introduced not just by BMW but all manufacturers soon adopted it. Lets be honest it doesnt save a lot of space but it does save the manufacturer a load of cash when you compare the costs of a Full alloy an tyre against a Space saver. Then the Tyre manufacturers came up with Run Flats initially from a safety angle as cars were maintaining consistent high speeds on Motorways. Great Idea. Now the manufacturers could not only save the cost of a spare but also the Jack and Wheel brace !! No one considers that if a run flat tyre is as it says "run flat" the side wall integrity will be compromised needing replacement even if the tread is in perfect condition (or may be they did?? Cynic again) The saving grace is you can fit standard tyres to a runflat wheel Dave
  18. Hi Munieb Welcome to the Forum Check the Sale of Goods Act 1079 and it's amendments in 2015. You have more power than you realise. If you are leasing the car have you imformed the lease company, or Hire Purchase company. I would put everything in writing be careful to get the time frame itemised as in, when you first noticed it, when you first reported it and the result after each Dealer Visit. Use phrases like "time is now of the essence" to get a resolution, or "in it's current condition the car is unsuitable for purpose" Send your letter by Email and snail mail to the Dealer MD and copy BMW UK customer services tell them the car as it is is dangerous Goo luck Dave
  19. I would not rely on the Internet, as depending where you look you will get confusing numbers. Baur converted cars across the range 316 up to the 325ix, they also carried out "customer conversions" so not just chassis supplied to them by BMW but cars brought by customers as two door coupe's. Only Baur will have all the Chassis numbers. From what I read the total for 325ix conversions were 114 over the period that Baur were doing the work for BMW. The letter with the car indicates that it is a genuine car and in 2003 was in Sweden could be a great find. Go direct to BMW Classic Register and Baur they will have the information. A quick search showed Total Baur production was 10,865 in Europe, and 3,561 in South Africa. This was broken down into the following quantities: 316: 1362 316i: 1805 318i: 2377 318iS: 97 320i: 2538 323i: 1660 325e: 430 325i: 481 325iX: 114 Of these, 1806 units were delivered to the UK. Hope this helps Dave
  20. First thing is check the battery. Mine did the same and randomly put the car in limp mode.
  21. starts and drives well from cold but when warmed up and restarted goes in to limp mode no knocking or rough sounds have changed the two sensors but the problem persists any help would be appreciated
  22. Morning Charley1 Welcome to the Forum Have you asked BMW UK ? There is also the possibility of some of the BMW Coachbuilders and Tuners such as Alpina or Baur having parts. One thing is for sure it won't be cheap to get it right Good Luck with the search Dave
  23. This happened to mines. Turned out to be a DPF leak. Dealer replaced the whole unit.
  24. at passionforclassics.com we are selling an extremely rare E30 325iX BAUR, type2 Come and check out its history, 172 pictures, video,... Good luck
  25. at passionforclassics.com, we are selling a rare E10 2002 BAUR. Come and check it out.
  26. Your responding to an 8 year old post here Kian Dave
  27. Morning Nicolas Sorry but I would think it is far safer for you and other road users if your car has more stick ability when "chucking" it about !! Public roads are just that side and back roads are lined with trees not to mention other road users. I have no idea what skill levels you have but during lockdown a lad who went to school with one of our sons who was heavily involved in Drifting, He had a great deal of talent 2019 giving Demo's up the Hill at the Festival of Speed. He was out "chucking it about" on local back roads. He ran out of talent and hit an Ash tree, he and two others died at the scene his girlfriend lost a leg. So I feel quite strongly about "Chucking" a ton and a half about on public roads. Do track days or loin a Drift club and play safely. Dave PS Yes I am an Old Bloke but I am no Fuddy Duddy it's more fun to have an Estate car that can slaughter a Porsche away from a roundabout when the road is clear and know it will stop and steer as well (that's my Wife's) My old 400hp X5 can surprise as well.
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