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  1. HI David.....welcome to the Forum Those engine revs are low, could be gummed up idle control valve, it could also be a Vanos fault but could also be a sensor malfunction. If it is a Vanos fault then I would recommend replacing the engine oil (if it is due/overdue) and refiling with a quality brand. As the Vanos system relies on good oil pressure to operate then this could be a simple fix. If it is a sensor then you should be able to extract a fault code or two from the ECU and therefore narrow down the possible cause of the lumpiness. Also, as there is no Engine Management light displaying then it is more than likely a mechanical issue. Let us know what you find
  2. You can post some pics up in the Members Gallery area if you like
  3. Hi Vik.....welcome to the Forum Lovely to see an old school Beemer on here Good to have you onboard
  4. Here is the link
  5. Hi Ron.....welcome to the Forum Congrats on opting for a 3 series which should deliver on all three requirements on your hit list. Feel free to post up some pics when you get it Cheers, Trevor