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  1. Bimmer Owners Club

    Video: My Personal BMW M5

  2. Bimmer Owners Club

    530D F10 remap options?

    Hi AJ....welcome to the Club Hope someone gets back to you shortly, sorry can't comment personally on the pro's and con's but I would be tempted to talk to a few tuning specialists who could (hopefully impartially) give you advice on either stage 1 or 2 Let us know how it all goes Cheers, Trevor
  3. Bimmer Owners Club

    National BMW Festival 12th Aug

    post some pics up of the event if you like
  4. Bimmer Owners Club

    Alloy wheel refurbishment in newcastle

    Hi Phil....welcome to the Club I have found these guys in Newcastle
  5. Bimmer Owners Club

    E46 330CI Coupe

    Hi Stu...welcome to the Club Looks like you've picked up a great car there....worth spending the money on by the sound of it. Not 100% sure for BMW's but I would use a parts website (Eurocarparts or similar) and see if a DMF is listed for it. If there is the option of both, then I think it is a case of finding out once you have the gearbox down. Don's think there is any other way of telling by driving (unless its knackered and it will rattle on start up and shut down) Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  6. Bimmer Owners Club

    Video: BMW M5 Speed