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  1. Hi Kev I agree with Stu, my Z3 (2.0 litre 6 cylinder) did the same when the Cam Sensor went faulty. You could change it to see if it makes a difference but I believe you will have two of them fitted, one for the inlet and one for the exhaust camshafts. Other considerations could be the Vanos units playing up, seals gone and poor oil quality? Check also if the fuel filter has been changed as if not then this can affect running as could the ignition coil so worth checking the plugs for condition and gaps If the water pump has been replaced then there may some air trapped in the system, from memory there are some sneakily hidden bleed screws in the cooling system so worth measuring for cool/hot spots in the cooling system with an infrared temperature gun and bleeding the system if necessary
  2. I've not experienced that issue but have disconnected my power hood because I had no control how it folds the rear screen when you put it down so I prefer to lower it and tuck the rear screen in as it goes down
  3. Sorry to hear about your health situation, been there myself 😞 Fortunately, the electrical gremlins are somewhat limited on the Z3 but easy to fix the odd one or two that raise their head over time (usually water ingress which causes the most issues) When it comes to connecting the battery the advice you were given is correct and same apples to the Z3 which is in the boot so nicely located away from the engine bay heat
  4. Well there's certainly incentive to get it finished now to make way for a Z3 🙂
  5. That's a fine looking SLK and fancied one myself years ago but believe they only ever came with an automatic transmission which I wasn't keen on. The Z3 in my opinion is an all-rounder as it is based on the 3 series chassis and everything is built for reliability back then along with a basic level of comfort Unfortunately, the Z3 is not a true sports car in as much as it is overweight and too soft on the suspension. However, it is an excellent tourer and I have taken my through Europe on marathon trips and it is effortless to drive along with returning a respectable MPG if driven respectfully Go for it, dive in and experience one! Incidentally most of the body panel just unbolt so much easier to work on and parts are cheap and plentiful. I put on some Pepperpot alloy wheels which are ultra-lightweight and give the car the classic look that I have been trying to achieve, also it runs on higher profile tyres which provide more comfort for my old bones but compromises the handling somewhat 🙂 P.S. I am considering selling mine soon or completely restoring it, not sure yet
  6. Morning Len....welcome to the Club I have owned my Z3 for about 10 years and been a completely loyal servant for all this time, never even broken down once! Can highly recommend the Z3 of any size engine or body style. Grab one now before the prices really shoot up Also, virtually every job is an easy one with plenty of access throughout the vehicle. What year is the SLK by the way?
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