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  1. Hi Neil Welcome to the Forum You certainly had a great history of car ownership, some lovely machines in there. Our very own Greydog also has a pretty impressive historical list of previously owned iron Good to have you onboard
  2. Hi Chris Welcome to the Forum Sorry to hear you've had some serious issues with your X5. Hope you get it sorted or part it out whichever is more appropriate
  3. Hi Samantha....welcome to the Forum I believe it has a festoon bulb fitted in the boot (will check on my Z3 later) and here are some from Halfords https://www.halfords.com/motoring/bulbs/239-white-led-car-bulb-halfords-essentials-twin-pack-723639.html They also sell a brighter version but not sure you need that much light in the boot though 🙂
  4. Happy New Year to you Dave and all Bimmer Owners Club members 🙂 Let's hope this year will be as normal as possible and we can resume our lives in happiness and good health. Cheers, Trevor
  5. Alldalights my thoughts also. Definitely interested in a stainless sports exhaust mainly for the weight saving (original is a huge weight compared to the thinner stainless steel). Saw a company on eBay which looked good quality and price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Z3-Custom-Build-Stainless-Steel-Exhaust-Cat-Back-BZ301/162638054054?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Model%3AZ3&hash=item25ddfbc2a6:g:gXYAAOSwgyxWXc9n You can even choose the design and sound of the system as they build it for you there and then for £280 for a Cat back system. Will probably go there once lockdown is a
  6. Premium Members receive a discount of 20% off officially licensed merchandise and many other products in the Richbrook store (with the exception of branded car mats and covers)
  7. Hi Dave and thanks for the festive message. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas also, and here's to a much improved year to come 🙂 Thanks also for all the hard work you have put into keeping the Club running so smoothly over the past year. Have a good one! Trevor
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