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  1. Only weeks after launching the new BMW M3 Competition Saloon and BMW M4 Competition Coupé in the UK, BMW M GmbH is set to add another two variants to the model line-up by offering the M xDrive all-wheel drive system for the high-performance sports cars in the premium midsize segment for the first time With more driven wheels, the new BMW M3 Competition Saloon M xDrive and BMW M4 Competition Coupé M xDrive take the exclusive M feeling to an even higher level. The improvements in traction, handling stability and agility enable both models to reach 62mph from standstill in only 3.5 seconds,
  2. Hi .... welcome to the Club I would advise replacing the battery or at least having the battery monitoring system reset to learn the new voltage once it has been fully charged
  3. Hi.....welcome to the Club Are the battery terminals tight? Also has the battery been coded in for the new voltage readings? Both of the above would give similar symptoms to what you are describing
  4. You can select to follow this post and also adjust your preferences (in account settings) to follow specific posts via notifications
  5. Hi.....welcome to the Club That's a fine looking Bimmer....I'm sure there will be plenty of members offering advice on how to improve it, not that it needs much by the look of it Good to have you onboard!
  6. Thanks Richard, will go searching for it on Netflix 🙂
  7. I'm sure it won't snow here but certainly feels cold enough I didn't know they replaced Vanos Seals on Wheeler Dealers ..... what model BMW was it they were working on?
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