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  1. Yeah I would prefer to go downbeat the flush route first. I’m booking car into a Bmw specialist this time, buddy said they are the guys to sort it out. Have couple of wee niggles so will get everything done in one go.
  2. Well just back from garage and the guys have seen this problem before with this valve control sensor. its a £300 part and probably a £250 fit due to the time, I have looked up the YouTube video and does look a hassle. I asked about the flush but guys weren’t convinced it would work.
  3. Hi trevor yeah the guys I’m going down to see tomorrow will hopefully do the flush, it’s a strange one. Car runs great then suddenly EML light and basically no power. Will post results once flush done.
  4. Hi Trevor. Yeah the AA guy suggested that may help solve the issue. I’ve been doing a course the past 4 weekends which required a 70 mile round trip and I had no issues at all then if I stop for couple of mins say for petrol the EML light would come on and cut the power! One of THOSE ones I’m afraid.
  5. hi team looking to see if anyone had fault code 2A38 pop up. My engine management light came on today and i lost all power!!! ive booked car into garage but just wondering if anyone expierenced same problem. the AA patrol guy who stuck the diagnostic on it read "valve lift control eccentric shaft control motor, component stiff." 2A38
  6. Hi team. Anyone out there recommend a replacement bulb type for my e92 please. I have a bulb out so will replace both sides with a nice bright set, it's for the daylight running halos. The first set I bought is a !Removed! non starter as in I just can't get it fitted!!! I know the space is small to work in but I just can't get the new bulb clicked in! It's easy to put the old back in so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Yep I think that's the most prudent course of action Trevor. The last service on car was a BMW specialist and the previous one was by Arnold Clar, the rest was bmw. So good chance the cheap pads went on. I'll say to my guy when changing to check them out.
  8. Hi Trevor. Yes I do agree with regarding changing the fluid seems to me an important part of care for car. Will organise just for peace of mind and if any member can refer me to a reputable specialist up here in freezing Scotland I would be grateful. As for the braking issue have you ever heard of new pads being "cooked" before proper running in period? I myself tend to thinks new discs would solve the problem. Cheers
  9. Hi all. Been looking on various sites and of course YouTube as to change my transmission fluid on my e92. Seems to be a different train of thought as to keep the fluid as is( BMW advise this apparently) and most youtubers advise to change! So here I am asking the ones in the know should I go ahead and change it? Ive had the car for nearly 6 months and all the history and receipts Ive got show no record of it being done. It's just ticked over a 100k and still drives perfectly,touch wood! Oh and one other gripe I have with it is the braking performance, I'm getting a slight wobble on steering wheel as I brake and again looking at its history it's had pads an discs renewed and to the naked eye the discs looked good. Is there any other issue to consider? Thanks in advance team 👍
  10. Hey Lorraine welcome to the club. Will be a great source of help if you ever need it. Nice beemer too 👍
  11. Haha yeah I'll blind her with science!!! It's about the only time I get to "win" lol. My other query was the fuel issue in my car. Do I use the super duper fancy stuff or stick to the regular unleaded. I've heard various views on that issue and would like to hear the forums expert opinion lol
  12. Hi trevor yeah i thought as much due to the construction of the runflat tyres. I'll try source a good set of "normal" tyres and invest in the slime you mentioned. Speaking to various bm owners it was a real difference to the ride quality once they made the change. Would like to hear the members views on here as well coz ive got to tell the missus I'm going to shell out best part of £500 on new set of boots!!! She will be over the moon with that news especially since the man with the big white beard going to be hear soon!!!! 😬😬😬
  13. Hi Trevor. When you say using "slime" and I apologise for my ignorance in advance lol do you mean filling up the existing run flat tyres???
  14. Cheers Trevor. Just spent the yesterday going round the family showing them new brief! So will post pics once I've gave it the treatment. Cheers again
  15. Hi Jamie. I just picked up my new 330 coupe which has run flats all round. Did you do the swap for normal tyres and how was the ride after that? Also my main concern is getting the dreaded puncture so is a can of tyre foam required? Cheers
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