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  1. Hi Dave, I have just bought Foxwell NT530 and it is superb. Living in France and trying to get bits and pieces is difficult as they are not big on anything diy. I am trying to find a vacuum take off point on the inlet manifold to tap into. The gauges also add a bit of bling to the inside. Stewart
  2. Hi Dave, I had a couple of spare gauges and the front console area looks a bit sad, so I installed a oil pressure, voltmeter and vacuum gauge. That said as this car is an unknown quantity to me having bought it without seeing it and importing to France, I would like to keep an on the overall condition. I have just being using the Foxwell analyzer 530 and it has proved invaluable dealing with the transmission issues I was having. Stewart
  3. I would like to fit a vacuum gauge and would like to know where the best place is to make the connection as the T piece supplied is quite small. Thanks Stewart
  4. Hi Dave, Who stocks this in the UK? Having just changed the Headlights to left hand drive to get the car through its Mot the bulb failure warning light on the dash has come on. Any ideas on how to turn it off. Living in France has many advantages, cheap wine and open space which our rescue German Shepherd just loves. Stewart
  5. Thanks Dave, You have been brilliant and thanks for taking the time to reply. Hope all is well in the UK Stewart
  6. Hi Dave, My question is there a solenoid operated valve that directs fluid to engage the TC lock up clutch, and if so its location. Regards Stewart
  7. Hi Dave, Changed the fluid and filter which was really dirty. The fault code only appeared after the fluid change and only appears on the Autel diagnostic tool with nothing on the dash. I am wondering if the valve has some debris and is it accessible with the sump pan removed or is it an electrical fault. The tranny is smooth with no over revving and everything is fine. I have cleared the fault but it has come back. Weather in France is lovely. Stewart
  8. Hi Dave, Thanks for getting back. Correct fluid and levels. The error message only came on after the fluid change and I am just wondering if the clean fluid has dislodged some debris and has jammed the valve. Is the solenoid and valve accessible after the tranny sump has been removed or is it external?. I intend to change the oil again to see if it helps. Stewart
  9. Hi New to the club having moved to France from the UK. Having just changed the tranny oil on my 2005 E46 a fault code P0741 has come up which I gather is the TC lock up clutch. Can anybody tell where the solenoid is located for the TC clutch so that I can check to see if it is working correctly. The car runs fine but obviously the lock is not working correctly. Thanks in advance
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