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Newbie with stupid questions alert

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Okay so I have recently bought a 2011 bmw f10 535d


love the car albeit i perhaps should have held out for an msport.


However the car is immaculate and low mileage so getting rid isn’t on my radar.


my plans - lowering the front suspension only.


im Un happy with the ride height at the front.


also looking to add an msport steering wheel with flappy paddles .


I assume this would need coding ?



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Hi Simon

Welcome to the Forum

The only dumb question is the one you don't ask, terrific motor by the way.

Several ways of lowering depends on your budget, (1) lowering springs check the Internet (2) Adjustable spring/shock set (3) Butcher approach  cut the springs 

(1) OK but it is what it is once done if your not happy the only way to change is more springs?

(2) Adjustable spring/shock set would allow you to get the stance you want Would be my route

(3) Repaired 2 cars that have been butchered so NO just NO

M sport wheel check the internet I have read of folks doing this from Memory you will need the slip ring and a loom extension. Not sure on the coding 

My brother Inlaw has run a few of these in Touring flavour he has had them ECU tuned and in practical terms like my X5 (manual and sport) once the initial rush has passed manual selection is rarely used they have so much grunt that if you tread on it's tail it just Goes



Kenny will be along he is rapidly becoming the world authority on the 535d 😂


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4 hours ago, Greydog said:


Kenny will be along he is rapidly becoming the world authority on the 535d 😂


🤣 if we’re talking butchered car/electrics/suspension/interiors then my car is the car for you🤣

As Dave said I’d also go with coil overs. If your not wanting to spend north of 1k you can buy a decent set of new coil overs from prosport (on mine) or stance plus. There is probably a few more too. I don’t mind the ride so much but it can be pretty savage depending on the roads. Soon find out what’s loose on the car lol. Speed bumps are a no no. No matter what size they are, however mine are set way too low from the previous owner and not one corner is the same 🤣

Am I correct in thinking the F10 has 8 gears? That’s a lot of paddling lol. 

Deffo slip Ring and wiring needed. I briefly read into adding it to mine as a future project. Don’t think there’s is any coding needed. I think they will override the shifter controls? I decided against it for now, purely for the fact there is so much torque from these engines and the box will kick down 1 or 2 gears anyway depending how far you press the accelerator down, there’s always the little bit extra when the pedal feels like it’s on the floor but it’s not. For me, seems more like a gimmick 🤷‍♂️

This was probably the best guide I came across



Apologies if I’m not meant to post another forum 🙈

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Thanks guys.


overcame a boost issue today - just w broken coupling thankfully.


I have picked up some new eibach front springs. I am going to give that a go.


bang for buck, I would welcome some ideas on cosmetic improvements - little touches that might not yet have been on my radar, inside or out 

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Morning Simon

Good find with the coupling fingers crossed the Eibach springs give the look you want. Remember once fitted get a 4 wheel alignment done it will save tyre wear in the long run.

Check out the M-sport catalogue I am not aware of any body kits that have been developed but then I like it looking "Factory" my mods are under neath engine, brakes suspension. So I have 360 whp with brakes and steering to keep it in order, my wife's Outback has a full Perrin engine with 450 whp 


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I have successfully swapped my 2013 530d F11 steering wheel for the paddle shifter and with Bimmercode I turned on the paddle shifters and everything worked perfectly. I did read somewhere previously that if you check a module on the drivers footwell for a wire in pin 15 and if was there then it would be a straight swap and just code it. I didnt check, as I figured it would be swapped anyway and then I would find out if I needed anything else done either way. 

But in all honesty, I never use them. The car will select the appropriate gear far better and quicker than you can and as Kenny said, 8 gears is a lot of paddling!

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