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  1. Okay, so to help me narrow down some things I would appreciate some advice. at the moment I have 17 inch non staggered wheels on my 535 - off set I believe is et30. a lot of the wheels I am looking at are staggered with higher off sets (wider wheels too). does anyone have experience of whether staggered wheels are problematic? What do msport f10s run? or indeed can someone guide me towards a set of 18 inch wheels that are not staggered ? Thankyou
  2. Hi, so….I have standard se wheels on my 535d f10. they are immaculate with brand new top of the range tyres. however, I am after inspiration for something a little more Gucci. Recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks guys. overcame a boost issue today - just w broken coupling thankfully. I have picked up some new eibach front springs. I am going to give that a go. bang for buck, I would welcome some ideas on cosmetic improvements - little touches that might not yet have been on my radar, inside or out
  4. Okay so I have recently bought a 2011 bmw f10 535d love the car albeit i perhaps should have held out for an msport. However the car is immaculate and low mileage so getting rid isn’t on my radar. my plans - lowering the front suspension only. im Un happy with the ride height at the front. also looking to add an msport steering wheel with flappy paddles . I assume this would need coding ? Thankyou
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