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  1. I’m just gonna put them up for sale at a reasonable amount from what I can see online lol I have another issue, yes another one lol. Removed the retro fitted fronts today and replaced them oem ones. All work fine apart from the passenger halos. Non of the 2 work. I traced the wire back a touch and found the green/grey(white) wire was broken. I attempted a crude repair just to get them working as it’s late and I’m working in the morning. I couldn’t get the halos to work at all. Keep getting the front left parking light failure warning message. Any ideas where to start? I only took a new piece of wire and wrapped the cores around each other to try get it to work. Will they need proper soldering to get them to work? The inside core of the wire isn’t brass coloured anymore
  2. Hey Dave. so I’ve changed the rear to standard units and the warning have gone now. I have taken the smoked rears off and the are genuine hella ones but I can’t find any info on any of the codes on the light. ive found ; 164 298 housing 164 300 lens 164 312 reflex reflector lens 164 314 reflex reflector smr 164 302 additional reflector 164 308 bezel 164 306 bezel any ideas? Just looking to get an idea on price to sell them at really. They are deffo LCI ones tho and the bulb holder comes from LCI type.
  3. Hey. Excellent attachment. if I’m not following the rule of Clarkson, the wire that has been cut is the route pick up that should be wired down to the lm module?
  4. Deffo need a beer for that lol was wondering, on one of the pics you can see a wire from the lci plug cut, the white with a a stripe. since all the lights except the indicator (they are deffo led) are normal ones, could this be the issue also, what watt should the pre lci v lci bulbs be?
  5. Hey Dave So I took the rear cover off and had a better look tonight. Took some pics too and added them. They look like lci lights? The bulB holder is marked from August 06 till June 08? After a quick google they are definitely LCI lights and bulb holders. What do you reckon? Just a bad install? Would coding the lights work? I will get a look and check if the lm module has been changed. Is this under the glovebox?
  6. Hi Dave its the original spec ones. Xenon dipped and halogen main. Should be fine. I checked the rears this morning and they are normal bulbs not led. Only thing different I could see was there was a loom adapter from the light to the main harness. Well I assume it’s different as I’ve never seen a car with an adapter from lights to loom? Can’t understand the all light failure warnings from the rear ta
  7. Hey dave I got a quote from a few places, one wanting a ridiculous £500 for just 2 front lights. I’ve managed to find someone on eBay breaking a pre lci with original lights, front and rear, with some loom for a bargain I thought, £210 all in. Gonna get these next week. Hopefully that’ll sort it. On another note, got in the car earlier from just popping into a shop and it was completely dead 😬 no interior lights, nothing. Wiggled the wiring to the battery and it came to life. Guess I’ve got a loose wire somewhere 🙄
  8. Hey The code for the lights is S522a yes. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some at a decent price. MOT isn’t till October so got a couple of months yet. What would the inline resistor look like? How does it get wired in? On every wire for each side? Never had to do that before. Probably easier just finding original rears too. I did think about the wiring loom being chopped up but I haven’t looked properly yet.
  9. Hey Dave I don’t have a code reader. I read that I could use a Carly? I’d be able to turn off the voltage reader or something with it to stop the warnings? Tbh I’d rather it was just fixed. The vin reader comes up with xenon as the original lights. Doesn’t say bi xenon so assume just standard ones. The con decoder also comes up as left hand drive which has confused me. I’ll double check the bulbs but definitely does look light a halogen unit has been retrofitted. I can’t understand why you would. New to bmw so I don’t know what I carsoft etc is? Many thanks again
  10. Hi Dave Thanks very much for the reply. I’ve put the vin details in that site but it gives me the option of halogen and xenon. Not sure what should be on my car? Is there another way to tell? I’ve attached a couple of pics of the lights. They look like aftermarket angel ones? There are loads of wires and plugs everywhere. It’s a very messy job from whoever has done it! The rears are aftermarket too I think. They are pretty dark. I get warning from all rear lights not working and the front ‘park’ lights. Thanks again Kenny
  11. Hi all After buying my new 535d 2005 I’ve been getting light failure warning lights for every light. The front and rear lights have been changed to different units of unknown origin. All the lights work apart from front sidelights. Non on either side work. The rears all work fine but I drive says they don’t. On the fronts however there has been some retrofitting previous. I assume for xenons but the lights definitely don’t look like xenons. There are wires hanging about everywhere behind the lights and also a red and black wire actually coming out between the headlight cover and the unit. It’s not been a very good job. Anyone give me a starting place? Can I just replace for normal lights that would have been on the car? Thanks in advance k
  12. Looking to start to get some parts in for the new car. It’s a 2005 535d m sport in (carbon?) black. I need, at the moment; front and rear tow eye covers steering wheel m badge cover
  13. Little bit far, I’m up in Scotland, Glasgow. Know any decent places up this end of the world?
  14. Yeh, there’s a few things I want to change but it’ll be a long project. I don’t exactly know what’s been done to it but it’s definitely not standard. I used to run a 360bhp Saab and doesn’t feel too far off that really. I’ll need to get to someone to have a look at the map on it.
  15. Hello all, picked up my 2005 535d m sport last week. First time BMW owner. Love the car but it’s a little rough around the edges. Needs some tlc. Looking forward to joining the community. I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions 😊
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