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2011 520D MSport with N47T - Odd Engine noise


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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased the above car and it was driving with no obvious noise or issues, recently I had to do a longer 200 mile journey and I noticed the next day a weird noise from the engine. 

The sudden jump in rev's was me trying to get it around 1500-2k and was a big heavy footed. Noise speeds up with engine and is there when in gear or neutral. Sound loud enough to hear in the cabin as well.

It doesn't appear to pull away any different and still accelerates fine, just sounds proper off.

Cant find any videos or posts that look similar.

As an aside I noticed it has some outstanding recall work which it went back to a main dealer to get done, they did a "Health check" and nothing flagged up as unusual. No fault codes are displaying either.

Anyone got any idea before I try and find a local garage?



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Morning Jason

Welcome to the Forum

Sorry cant see/hear your video so cant even guess at what your issue is.

If looking for a Garage check the Register of BMW Specialists for your nearest one they will have the knowledge and right tools and on the plus side generally a lot less than a Main Dealer


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Wow! That sounds shocking! Are all the plugs and injectors working? Sounds like a misfire on a cylinder but you say it’s not throwing any faults? 
The engine looks like it’s moving around a lot under the cowling, is the covering on the engine loose? 
check that the fan is not hitting the surrounding bits and all the fins are straight. 

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Cheers for the input guys.

I've checked the basics such as injects and plugs not being loose, disconnected each glowplug connector to simulate misfire on each cylinder, this brought up a fault code and change the engine behaviour so is looking like its not a simple fix.

With no codes popping up or obvious fault its off to a specialist me thinks.

Will do some looking around my way. Any advice on someone near southampton, seems to be a few with good and bad comments.

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