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  1. Welcome Emma. There's quite a lot of errors there and it is an old car. Try and find a BMW specialist near you who could help, not BMW themselves you understand. Error codes aside, what is the problem with the car?
  2. I wasn't questioning you at all Dave, and I agree with you. There should be, no doubt is, a solution to the noise. I am amazed BMW have yet to solve it.
  3. "The reason for the noise level is the extremely high pressures at which the direct-injection fuel system runs. ... Second, the solenoids that control the fuel flow, both at the high-pressure pump and in the injectors, need to be much stronger in a DI engine and are consequently noisier." Courtesy of: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15146681/skidpads-hydroforming-yaw-control-and-direct-injection-ticking-noise/
  4. Its common place apparently. I come across it a lot on my 335d FB page. Touting for business. However, be mindful that Stop/Start will wreck your battery and engine too. Try and turn it off with coding app.
  5. Yep, German version! It has since arrived and pics do not do it justice. It really does look fabulous. Took 2 days from Germany by DHL. I am well chuffed. They are here BTW: https://ck-modelcars.de/en/
  6. This may help: https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk
  7. The problem with a remap is that it’s permanent (unless you pay to get original map back). This can cause issues with warranties, etc. OR you might not like it. I have used Bluefin on lots of different cars. Superchips always err on the side of caution and do not promise massive gains. That said my gained 60 hp. With Bluefin, you have a hand held device which plugs into the OBD2 port. It transfers the modified map and leaves your original on the handset should you ever wish to go back: https://www.mybluefin.co.uk
  8. I have latest full version for Android if anyone is interested. You will need to buy their specific OBD2 adapter tho. https://app.mycarly.com/en/result/?c=GB&b=bmw&n=BMW ADAPTER: https://app.mycarly.com/en/plan/?c=GB&b=bmw&n=BMW PM me.
  9. I agree with Dave. The only issue tends to be body parts - wings, etc. They can need a lot of "adjusting" before they fit.
  10. I just had to have this. 1/18 scale is around 11 (ish) inches long: Thanks Julie (wife) for agreeing to buy for Chrimbo https://ck-modelcars.de/en/norev-1-18-bmw-m3-f80-competition-year-2016-sakhir-orange-80432411553/p-32959/?fbclid=IwAR3rAiQE8Ghnhb6HqYCjlwjsJ_LcPnGFKY0odP9T-XoUOwU13co2eVldgZM
  11. It's hard to tell from the video. Sounds awful though. Did you buy it like that?
  12. Thanks Dave, They wouldn't move on price. We were around £2k away so I walked away. Lovely car though.
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