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  1. We have an X5 that continues to run hot after I've replaced the Water Pump and Thermostat. I've found that I needed to burp it and have done that several times, and I either loses some coolant and runs hot again. I refill and burp, and it still runs hot if it sits at a light on a warm day. I need help to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Do I need to retrace the lines for leaks? I'm doing something wrong, and think that it's something simple.
  2. I bought a wreck 1994 530i as a project car to fix. Then bought another one as donor that didn't run, but got it running. Took it to have the exhaust fixed, and I think the shop fried something because it hasn't run since returning home, but a few days later. I want to revive it again, but really don't know where to begin. It cranks but won't start and run. Initially it was a relay that was wrong. White ECU relay had another one in that plug. Going to test them all. Oh, it has sat for about a year, and now I want it to run. Any suggestions on an approach? Again, I'm probably just a gluten for punishment. The wrecked one is still in my garage under repair. Longer story though.
  3. Dave, I really appreciate the help and information. I’ve been in school with little time to look at it yet but will investigate today. I disconnected the compressor and started a host of other problems so I reconnected it and some have cleared, not all. Have the frontal collision inoperable warnings and others. Turn signals don’t cancel. Major concern is ride height and violent bouncing over bumps. Don’t know if it’s a fuse, relay, compressor or other module. Still learning the system. You been a great help. I’ll keep in touch. Larry
  4. 🤣 We have a 2014 X5, purchased used, that started bucking like a Bronco when you drove over a bump, after owning for 2 years. The rear was sagging almost down to the wheels, so I replaced the air bags thinking this would fix the problem. The bags aren't inflating properly, but when I go over bumps, it still bucks violently and I need help trying to diagnose what the problem is and get this UDM operating like it should. Help me Obiwan.
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