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  1. Hi I would be interested in hearing anyone’s experiences of the Advanced Car Eye 2.0 front and rear BMW camera accessory. I hope someone in BMW reads this and takes note. Having used the Nextbase HD DUO successfully in two previous vehicles I found that it was necessary to increase the microSD storage capacity in order to have video recordings that went back at least three weeks. Why ? Well, I got caught on camera in a part of the country I had never been before and unknowingly turned onto a town ring road with a 30 mph speed limit. Too late… Flash flash and that was a letter
  2. Hi Greydog Thanks for your comments. I have two BMW dealerships near me and both are owned by the same major Motor Group. Having had many dealings with both over the last 10 years I suspect the Service Managers have been put through the same training and regrettably I don't think being straight with customers about technical problems is high on their list. I wonder does BMW UK realise the damage that these cavalier service managers do to their reputation. I have raised a couple of previous problems with them but they seem too scared to want to get involved. I understand the attitude
  3. Just bought a 2019 plate diesel X3 ex demonstrator with 1400 miles on the clock. From the start there was a background smell of diesel in the cabin but during the first long run from Cheshire to Kent, the smell became very strong when slowing down on motorways to turn off for Service Stations. Coming to a halt and opening the doors it was like gas was being fed into the cabin it was so bad. It’s going back for an inspection but I have two questions. Has any other BMW diesel owner experienced diesel odour in the cabin (which did not come from standing in diesel at the filling station !).
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