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  1. Thank you Richard. Probably sound advise.
  2. Hoping someone can help. After a Health Check on my 2016 2 series, I have been informed by BMW that there is a small leak coming from the water pump. Does this mean a new water pump or can a seal just be replaced if necessary? Many thanks for any input. John...
  3. Thanks for that Dave, I'll certainly look into that. John...
  4. Firstly, thankyou for accepting me into the club. I have just bought my first BMW , a used 2 series , which is fantastic, love it. One problem though is that although it has navigation I wrongly assumed that it would automatically have voice command with that. I have been in touch with BMW who tell me that unless voice command was ordered with the car right from the start it cannot be added as a retrofit. This no voice command is a big deal for me. Has anyone got any ideas on this. or do I just live with it? Many Thanks in advance. John...
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