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I was driving down the road and the car decided it no longer wanted to run I have the scan tool software rac told me it needs a new fuel pump in the tank but im not so sure after seeing the codes has anyone experienced this before 


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Morning Daniel

As the first code points to the Fuel Pump control module that is were I would begin, does the car turn over ?

I take it the the fuses have been checked and the fuel pump relay checked or replaced? Also check the DDE pins for corrosion and continuity another contributor just had a similar issue with his X5 4.0d which he traced through the DDE to the power relay making intermittently.

More of a concern are your last 2 fault codes, can the codes be cleared? What effects are you seeing (no turn signal no DRL etc) The 114 code could be as a result of a faulty DDE power relay or a faulty FRM/FCM The 117 code could also be a power relay issue  

Sorry can't give you an instant fix 


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