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Warning: "AdBlue - system with failures"

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I have a BMW 520d GT and in the last ~10 kmiles this warning is coming up repeatedly. It disappears disapears after a while and back again. Nothing really happed.. so far, but would like to get rid of it. Any experience on this? Thank you.

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A hire van I had refused to start after the addblue ran out. I would buy some and top it up to make sure it’s full

 it sounds like it is giving you a warning it may be getting low. The sensor may be active intermittently as the liquid is sloshing around. 

... stupid invention! Lol

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No. its not empty. That was my 1st reaction too. Didn't work.

It's not full either... indeed I can to top it up and see what happens...

Also crossed my mind that for any reason it didn't like the last AdBlue liquid I used... it was an universal one, dont see any reason why it could cause these warnings. Should I empty the AdBlue depo and refill it with new one?

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Hi Antonio

Your hand book should give some information, though like oil there must be some leeway for top up/refill while "on the road" it can't always be done at a dealer. Unless BMW have a reset some where that tells the system the tank has been refilled ??

As said I have no Adblue experience so thinking out loud here


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In the meantime I refilled the ADBlue depo, hoping that it could help stopping the warning.. It didn't stop 😞 The warning in on after driving 40 ou 50 miles. After I turn off and start again, the warning goes away.

This is really a mistery for me, I cant get rid of it.

I am still hoping that someone went through a similar situation and can help me.

Thank you

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Morning Antonio

From a little reading it seems the Adblue tank on your car hold 17litres 😲 how much are you putting in?

My money is on a reset being needed again from reading refill turn on the ignition (do not start the car) 30 secs minimum then off and start, or I seem to remember there being a recall for the Adblue systems ??

Then again it may just be my old brain failing and needing a reset?

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On 4/2/2021 at 8:34 PM, SuzukiBoy2 said:

Hi Richard

Mercedes, and possibly other diesels use AdBlue as well. I know about the Mercedes because my daughter had one which needed a top-up.

I'm fairly sure it's on her latest car as well, a diesel Range Rover Evoque.

Learning, learning, all the time !!


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