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  1. Hi Emma How recently did you buy the car and where from? 15 years old so it's not surprising it's not perfect but if this is a recent purchase from a dealer, then was there / is there any sort of warranty? Hopefully GreyDog has given you his usual high standard of advice, but if any of these faults turn out to be major (particularly the Transfer Box issues), then you could be looking at bills which would be more than the value of the car. Hope this helps John
  2. Hi Martin I don't think it's that no-one has any ideas, it's just a potentially complicated problem and it really needs input from someone professional in the wheel and tyre industry rather than just an opinion from an enthusiast. In these days of KwikFit and similar companies, their level of knowledge is fairly restricted to just replacing like with like, the only variation being price and wear rating. A knowledgeable BMW Independent garage may be able to advise. You could try the 'Net to find wheel / tyre specialists in your area and then talk to them to try and establish thei
  3. I'm sure there must be dash-cams that store in the Cloud. I would be amazed if there aren't. Can't help with specific makes / models, sorry.
  4. Steering wheel is on the wrong side !!😀 Enjoy
  5. Hi Colin Welcome to the forum. Do you know anyone else with the same model car? I'm thinking there may be an element of truth in what the dealer is saying, particularly if you are noticing this in electric mode when there is no engine noise. If you do know someone, a colleague perhaps, then ask to go for a drive with him or her to compare. If not, then ask the dealer for a test drive in their demonstrator of that model to hopefully set your mind at ease. Hope this helps. John
  6. Hi Dan Makes a nice change to hear about a Main Dealer following through and not charging either. Enjoy your car ! John
  7. Hi Martin Greydog is very knowledgeable so I wouldn't dream of contradicting any of his advice. However, the Facebook BMW forum doesn't rate Landsail tyres at all. It depends on your driving style and experience. For "normal" journeys, the Landsail is probably ok in terms of grip and wear. The difference comes if you try and use the capabilities of your car in terms of performance, cornering ability, braking performance etc etc. If you're pushing the boundaries, then the Landsail will fail early in terms of grip or wear or both. Incorrect tyre pressures, whatever the make of tyr
  8. Hi Martin You say you have replaced your run-flats with conventional tyres. Presuming you didn't do this yourself, I'd like to think the tyre fitters inflated to the correct pressure according to the size, make and type. You say you were putting 28psi into them but was this to maintain the pressure, increase it or reduce it? The new tyre, is that the same make and tread pattern as those already fitted or different? It's not recommended to mix tyres of different tread patterns on the same axle. 37 psi is a lot different from the 28 psi you had before and if on the same axle, aga
  9. Hi Will Just browsing the forum and picked on your point about the headlight washers. My 2012 E93 had a similar problem and although You-tube videos showed as a fairly straight forward job, my 66 year old bones didn't fancy the hours on a concrete floor to DIY. Cost just over £200 in genuine BMW parts and labour from an independant. Have worked fine since but I don't often drive at night so don't get much use. Hope this helps. John
  10. Hi Dan Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a possible intermittent connection on the ABS sensor wiring. Probably disturbed during the recent work. Take the rear wheels off and disconnect, clean with Contact Spray, and re-connect any and all ABS connections. If this doesn't cure it, go back to whoever did the work on the suspension. Hope this helps. John
  11. Hi Trevor Depending on the age of the car, go for an Independent BMW Specialist rather than a Main Dealer. Their labour rates are usually much lower. https://the-bmw-specialist-register.com/independent-bmw-specialists/ Hope this helps.
  12. As well as E-Bay, try GumTree - it's free and easy to use. There's also a FB BMW page with a seperate section for sales and wants. You have to apply to join but it doesn't take long. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi Bruce If you want the dashcam on ignition only then you can't use the same source for the tracker which I'm thinking should be always on. Some dashcams will record if car is struck whilst parked in which case you would want it powered on all the time, same as the tracker. Depends on the make & model of dashcam but in my view, the more protection, the better. Hope this helps John
  14. Hi Grizelda There is a possibility that in a 19 year old car, there is a build up of sludge / residues in the engine generally and particularly in the radiator. Could be that a thorough flush out and refill with new coolant could solve the problem. That shouldn't be too costly and can be done at home by someone competent or by any (not back-street !) garage. Hope this helps John
  15. Insurance is such a fickle market. My daughter has just had two quotes for a car she is thinking of buying. £2500 from one company and £1600 from another, both of them are well known brands of Insurer. It continues to astonish me that there is such a difference. Moral of the story, I'm sure a lot of you will agree : Shop Around !!
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