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  1. Hi Martin Car looks well for it's age, you should have no problem moving it apart from CoronaVirus restrictions. No point in mentioning Tax as that's not transferable. This ended in 2014. Good luck
  2. Hi Dave 337 reports including the key words "dash" and "rattle" on BabyBMW !! Haven't read them all (life's too short) but there's a fair mixture of solutions including thumping, squeezing, light pressing, hard pressing of various parts of most of the car forward from the steering wheel. One thing I've found is that if I drive with the roof down thanks to this fabulous weather we've been having, I can't hear the rattle/buzz because of the wind noise !! Stay Safe John
  3. Hi Darren I agree with everything Dave says as regards it being a buyers market. To specifically answer your question, £4,041.30 is the difference between the total of the Payments (£20,036.30) and the Price (£15,995.00). i.e. That's the cost of borrowing the money. My daughter bought a Mercedes back in February on PCP and they did take her old car in PX. They matched the offer made by WeBuyAnyCar. I tried to persuade her as regards her choice of car but she wouldn't be swayed. Unfortunately, as it happens, she's had a number of problems with it and was close to demanding a replacement when Covid 19 locked us all down. It's only 2 years old, less than 10K miles and is an ex-demonstrator but in the first 6 weeks, spend 4 or 5 days back at the dealership. Hope this helps. John
  4. Hi Gavin & Dave I've got a behind the RH dash rattle/buzz on my E93 but it only starts at around 70mph which makes it a tad difficult to find and I can't take it to the specialist dealer and insist he breaks the law to fix it. !! I'll just have to stay legal and quiet. Stay Safe John
  5. Hi John I have a 2012 3 series which uses the same USB format for updates. I don't qualify for the free updates from BMW so since having the car (bought last year and still had original maps 😞 ) I have used . The guy there, Rusty is very knowledgeable and usually responds very quickly, even at the weekend. Try him for you wife's car, I'd be surprised if he can't help. OK, he's not free like the BMW supplied one you have for your car but his price is reasonable. I only paid £30 for the last one as he has a special offer running at the moment. I do agree that the one you and I have is very time consuming and very sensitive to the slightest deviation from the rules. e.g. when formatting the USB, you have to do a full format rather than a quick format. I've done 3 so far and it does get easier with practise. 🙂 Hope this helps. John
  6. Well done Warren. dealer would have charged $50 for that.
  7. Hi Tony Sorry to hear you're having problems. You say you fitted another EGR valve. Was that a new one or one you had kicking around, possibly not new? I had EGR problems with my 325D in October last year and ended up with a new one, genuine BMW part, and have had no problems since. It was fitted by a local BMW Specialist, not a main dealer. mileage at the time was around 70,000. Have only had the car for a year so don't know if this has been replaced previously. Hope this helps.
  8. Well done Mick, time well spent. Since acquiring my first Beemer just over a year ago, I've got into the habit of wiping round the engine compartment everytime I wash the car which is usually every 2 - 3 weeks. That way, at a glance, I can see if there are any developing problems such as minor oil or other fluid leaks. It also makes life more pleasant for anyone working on the car. Keep up the good work. SilverJohn
  9. At least it's still on the road, taxed and MOT'd only last month. If you happen to know anybody in the police, they may be able to do a check on the DVLA database for the registered owner. Unofficially of course ! Hope this helps. John
  10. Can't go very far at the moment due to this nasty virus so on Friday, took off the Winter wheels and tyres and put back the original Summer ones which are so much nicer to look at. Gave the whole car a very thorough wash and polish using AutoGlym Rapid Aqua Wax. She's sparkling now ! Today pressure washed the winter set ready for them to go into storage in the pit in my garage for the next 7/8 months. Stay Safe everyone.
  11. Possible twisted chassis? 330D has a lot of torque so if driven "enthusiastically" over the years, may have deformed slightly. You'd need a fairly expensive alignment jig to check this out. Hope this helps John
  12. Perhaps check the Manual? The following mentions the X5 possibly having an additional heater. Alternatively go back to the dealer and ask for a more detailed explanation or even a demonstration. Hope this helps. John P.S. There is also quite a detailed discussion on this site in the X5 forum. It's on the 8th page and is titled Aux Heating Programming, dated Oct 2012.
  13. Have a look at my posts on the 3 series forum, winter wheels and tyres. Hope it helps. Silver John
  14. 70K, 3.0L Diesel, 35MPG over last 8 months.