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  1. How light is power steering on a e92 2013, with 225 35 19" runflats meant tobe, my friend says i should be able to move the steering wheel around with just 1 finger, mine is a lot lot heavier than this, can i have some opinion please, Birdie
  2. I have definitely got power steering fluid resivoir and fluid... Was wondering if to change anyway for fresh fluid as very heavy on power steering and when on full lock both ways i can hear a noise??
  3. Hi Dave Whats the correct power steering fluid for my 320d 2013 cheers mate
  4. Hello can anyone help me i wanna change my fog light bulbs over to bright white, where do i get error free bulbs from please that i can just swap over... And is the replacement easy to do, cheers Birdie
  5. Hi dave thats definitely the way the tyres are set now, should i get this changed asap, and inform the garage i brought it from, can i go back to normal tyres and increase the profile on the front rims?
  6. Hello can someone please help me asap as im worrying sick.. I have bought a 320m coupe sport 2013 plate it has got 19"bmw wheels on it with pirelli run flat tyres 225/30/19 on front and 245/35/19 on the rears, the car has been laser tracked and alignment done.. Please tell me why the steering feels so so heavy and the car pulls left or right when letting go of the steering wheel... Im very confused and worried any help would be appreciated steve...
  7. Hi room hope to get to know a few here, just got my 1st ever BMW 320d e92, love it so smooth well built feels amazing, am on 19" run flats this is all new to me also...have a slight drifting to the near side even afterb4 wheeel laser alignment, any ideas guys cheers
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