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  1. In the meantime I refilled the ADBlue depo, hoping that it could help stopping the warning.. It didn't stop 😞 The warning in on after driving 40 ou 50 miles. After I turn off and start again, the warning goes away. This is really a mistery for me, I cant get rid of it. I am still hoping that someone went through a similar situation and can help me. Thank you
  2. No. its not empty. That was my 1st reaction too. Didn't work. It's not full either... indeed I can to top it up and see what happens... Also crossed my mind that for any reason it didn't like the last AdBlue liquid I used... it was an universal one, dont see any reason why it could cause these warnings. Should I empty the AdBlue depo and refill it with new one?
  3. I have a BMW 520d GT and in the last ~10 kmiles this warning is coming up repeatedly. It disappears disapears after a while and back again. Nothing really happed.. so far, but would like to get rid of it. Any experience on this? Thank you.
  4. When I turn ignition ON, I get in the panel the main menu. Is there a way to configure it so that I get the memorized radio stations OR the GPS/Map? Thanks
  5. Hi Dave, thanks for reply! The lines you've sent me to check.. what is that? Links to search in google browser? Sorry about my inexperience. All the best, Antonio
  6. Hi everyone, The fixed part of the roof makes a lot of noise. I have already tried to lubrify the rubbers with silikon but didn't work... Do you know if there's any way to adjust the roof..a screw or so? Any experience on this, please HELP.
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