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Winter's over and perfect weather to bring the Z3 out of hibernation 🙂
Going to set about various jobs that have been waiting for some time now

Rear Coil Springs
Stainless Exhaust (cat back)
Some paintwork
Vanos Seals
Brake Upgrade
Steering Bushes

Should keep me busy until lockdown is over !

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🙂  would need to get all the parts in and maybe would get it sorted in a weekend (fingers crossed)

2 hours ago, Greydog said:

Just a weekends work Trevor 🤣And who knows if lockdown lifts you may be allowed to drive her 😂


Certainly cannot wait to go for a long drive out.....not really worried where I go as long as its a long one 🙂


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Good  luck with it. I'm not sure winter is over, though, they are forecasting snow at Easter!

I now know what Vanos Seals are courtesy of Wheeler Dealers 😃

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On 3/5/2021 at 8:58 AM, Bimmer Owners Club said:

I'm sure it won't snow here but certainly feels cold enough

I didn't know they replaced Vanos Seals on Wheeler Dealers ..... what model BMW was it they were working on?

Only recently saw the program. Ant was mechanic. Pretty sure is was an M3 (E46??)

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