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Bluetooth connection


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Hey all

I have a random one hopefully someone can help with. I have a pre lci 535d with my iPhone connected through Bluetooth to the hands free. 

I was sat waiting for my little un coming out dancing the other day and someone sent me a video through iMessage. When I pressed play the sound played through the hands free 🤔 it came up as a current connection in the communication menu on the idrive. 

This cut the sound from the radio and played the videos sound. Soon as I clicked stop the radio took back over. It still happens. 

Any ideas why or what this is? I can’t play any other audio through the hands free, videos or Music saved on my phone don’t work but a video sent in a message will

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Morning Kenny

I don't think your BMW head unit can cope with Bluetooth Video transfer (some struggle to stream music) 

My brother inlaw struggled until discovered that the settings he needed were not in Phone Settings but in multimedia. On the screen you select multimedia then (if my brain is still OK) Connected devices, your phone should come up showing the Phone symbol highlighted and an Audio symbol  greyed out. Select the phone and you should get a series of check boxes one is Audio. Check and close and you should be able to stream Music.

Video you may need a wired connection


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