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  1. Hi, again) I found with a lot of effort in my email about a smarty trend order winch I made a long time ago. A lot of things have changed now. Technology is changing all the time check out their website. I hope I was able to help you, I was based purely on my experience.
  2. Hello Lusy! You know before I buy my ex car I have the same problem like in your case telling. And yes I also decided to install the android and it was not bad desition. So like for me it was good options a lot of apps and possibilitys but dont buy some cheap one because on the future it will be the same problem with it. So it was my expirience. Hope I helped you.
  3. I had the same problem. Made disconnect on my iphone and used that options forgot network, made connect again and its still work)
  4. I am using ECU Testing in a little bit another way but will notice it! As I see here is a lot of informations! Thanks Greydog! 👈😎
  5. Good afternoon.🙂 Glad to be here. I've owned a lot of BMW's, I've been a fan since I was a kid! 😃 Happy to share experiences and learn something new!
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