328i destroyed :(

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The other driver says he never even saw us.  He was in the black car, we were in the white car.


We were stopped on a 2 lane rural highway waiting for traffic to clear to cross to a side street and he hit us from behind doing at least 55 MPH.


The drivers seat broke, which was surprising and caused some serious injuries to my daughter who was sitting behind me, but everyone is expected to be ok, including her.


It held up remarkably well - I would imagine the other guy was probably going faster than 55 MPH, hardly anyone does the speed limit on that road.  He pushed us about 25 yards, and I'm pretty sure our car died completely since the battery must have popped in the collision.   I had to put it in park to make it stop rolling.








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WOW, Eric that is a really solid hit glad to hear that you and the family are OK 

That must have hurt a few days later I bet, when the bruises start to come out!!

Dozey so and so I hope he was well insured


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Me too!  

These things are built like tanks.  Everyone is amazed that we all pretty much walked away from the collision, other than the baby.

Minor skull fractures for her that are expected to heal naturally (hopefully).


I asked the other driver what happened, he said he never even saw our car. 


Pretensioners freaking HURT by the way.  That's the only part of SRS that went off on our car.  Every single airbag on the other car went off.


You're right, two days later I have muscles that I didn't even know I had hurting and I plan every move in advance.

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There was a sadly fatal accident here in the UK a few years back stationary traffic a truck driver was changing Music on his phone and he "didn't see" the standing traffic.One of the first things the police here do now is check phone history for the period just before the accident, apparently a text. Facebook etc are the most common distractions. While it's illegal to use your phone for a call without hands free, having it in a mount and checking Text and Facebook people seem to think is OK. My fellow humans scare me sometimes.

Fingers crossed for your daughters speedy and complete recovery kid's are resilient.

I think the bags are "head on" or "side impact" (no need for a test) as you discovered pretensioners work every which way. 

Hers to a speedy recovery for all of you



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