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  1. It wasn’t the relay, still goes dead just not as fast. It’s not going to sleep for some reason. I pulled the codes, pretty much all of them are under/over voltage codes which would be expected when the battery dies. I hear something that sounds like a small fan running behind the hvac controls, is there a cooling fan in there for the navigation radio? IBS sensor is hooked up now, we drove it for 17 hours straight (825 miles) and that seemed to fix the IBS issue. After the 17 hour drive, it started but cranked slowly the next day.
  2. Finally tearing into the issues with this new to me 2006 325xi i left it on charge all day, and it was drawing almost 7 amps after the battery finished charging. I checked the relays and fuses and the one labeled 30g was warm to the touch, but the car had been off all day. I pulled it out and I noticed the automatic transmission gear selector light went out, which had been on whether the car was on or not. I’m not sure if the draw went down, I was measuring with a battery charger and after I opened the door it changed the power draw of course.
  3. Yes the AWD is nice, tried it out on the snow already. the used car dealer said he replaced the battery and alternator to try and fix the problem but still couldn’t figure it out, and the car won’t start unless the IBS is disconnected. he told me he knows next to nothing about BMWs, and didn’t reset the battery but it was doing this before he swapped it out. its also got only one set of “eyebrow” lights working on the right side, the left side is out totally. He wanted to keep it until it was fixed properly but I thought I could track down the electrical
  4. We're finally getting the BMW 328i that some idiot ran into replaced with a 2006 BMW 325xi. It's got a few very minor issues, but I'm getting it anyway. Something is draining the battery overnight, it's completely dead in the mornings. Someone ejected the Nav DVD at some point, the Nav screen says "Missing Navigation DVD" Slightly less horsepower than the 328i that we lost two years ago, but as far as I can tell the engine is identical correct? (Google says they're both N52B30) And of course, no M-Sport package so I don't get paddle shifters this time around
  5. Me too! These things are built like tanks. Everyone is amazed that we all pretty much walked away from the collision, other than the baby. Minor skull fractures for her that are expected to heal naturally (hopefully). I asked the other driver what happened, he said he never even saw our car. Pretensioners freaking HURT by the way. That's the only part of SRS that went off on our car. Every single airbag on the other car went off. You're right, two days later I have muscles that I didn't even know I had hurting and I plan every move in advance
  6. The other driver says he never even saw us. He was in the black car, we were in the white car. We were stopped on a 2 lane rural highway waiting for traffic to clear to cross to a side street and he hit us from behind doing at least 55 MPH. The drivers seat broke, which was surprising and caused some serious injuries to my daughter who was sitting behind me, but everyone is expected to be ok, including her. It held up remarkably well - I would imagine the other guy was probably going faster than 55 MPH, hardly anyone does the speed limit on that road. He p
  7. The title says it all - are the brakes on my 2008 328i M-Sport - RWD the same as on a 328i X-Drive? Parts stores I've checked at don't show a difference, but I know the wheels aren't the same size on the M-Sport RWD vs. X-Drive models, so I was guessing the brakes probably aren't the same either.
  8. Hi Dave, yes, everything I said was a complete wild guess without having more info, and more information is required to do anything beyond wild conjecture. I wasn't saying that more info isn't needed, I was just trying to guess at what he was trying to say.
  9. I think i can translate for him - He has a petrol 318i and the engine continues running after switching the ignition off for a several seconds, a condition known as "dieseling" since the fuel is igniting without a spark. This should be impossible on an engine with electronic fuel injection unless you have a fairly major issue with the engine burning oil.
  10. Just got the car back from the recall repairs, and I took the opportunity to ask what that part under the oil cap actually does. It's the oil pressure regulator. I also got a brand new BMW brand oil filter after they insisted I replace it immediately due to an oil leak that was observed while the car was in the shop. They gave a free diagnostic while it was there, Recommendations: New valve cover gasket, observed leak New tensioner pulley due to observed belt wobble New oil filter & gasket and possibly new housing and cap
  11. Any car with 4 wheel drive, and especially any car with full time 4x4 is going to be very upset with mismatched tires. They're so strict on tolerances you have to rotate them about every 10K miles to prevent issues with one end of the car wearing more than the other. Some cars (Ford Kuga II/Escape) will just disengage the transfer case and revert to front wheel drive if they detect this happening because they come with a mini-spare tire, but most AWD cars don't have this ability and will just burn up the transfer case (Or center differential, since these cars don't really have a true tran
  12. Bob, check that the oil filter insert is actually in place. This is a well known issue, there's actually an official TSB from BMW describing these exact symptoms: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2012/SB-10032779-8218.pdf If it's missing, replace the missing part, clean the VANOS solenoids with some starting fluid (Ether), and enjoy driving again 🙂
  13. Carly is VERY simple, nearly impossible to screw up and has tons of parameters you can play with. It's worth the money. Bimmercode can activate features that you don't have such as satellite radio for about 1/3 to 1/2 what the dealer would charge, with the caveat that you can't install official BMW software updates afterrwards without having Bimmercode perform the activation again. I tried to play with BMW 1.4.0 but laptop is 64 bit and I never could get the drivers to work so I just went with Carly. Carista is good too and has a 1 week free trial if you just want to get y
  14. That's what I've read elsewhere too, but just looking at the design of the part (A piston on a spring) and location and symptoms of the part missing being the same as low oil pressure, I think it's actually a pressure regulator, which just has the side effect of causing oil to not get filtered when it's missing. My plan is to just swap the filter frequently, since I just put brand new oil in it. It's very noticeably got more power now. It actually gets up and GOES with considerable enthusiasm. I think it needs new plugs too because it's somewhat hard starting and is missing occa
  15. Also check that the positive battery terminal isn't cracked, definitely a known issue on the 328i depending on the model year. Pu
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