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  1. The car is running fine How will I know if it’s the turbo there is no white smoke coming from the car Call drives fine just keeps bleeping
  2. It’s coming from the left hand side of the engine
  3. Hi Dave Yeah no faults have come up it’s kind of like a beep With a suction it sounds like air but like a beep I have been checking on the Forum and a few peoples got the same problems but No one’s got any answers
  4. Hi there does anyone know what the beeping noises is coming from the engine when the car is running I took the car for a two hour drive and the car still beeps (2017 320i sport ) B48 Engine it’s driving me mad
  5. hi Dave I’ve just looked under the Bonnet and had a good look and listen and the noise is coming from with a belt are i will book it in tomorrow Thanks Dave and John 👍
  6. Hi Dave thanks for your Reply when the car is just ticking over I can hear it very slightly from inside the car but I can’t hear it from outside the car when I’m driving very slow speeds in Second gear literally no exaggeration it gets slightly faster and a little bit more louder but not too loud But when I give it more Throttle it seems to go as I can only hear the engine just a bit worried thanks Mark
  7. Thanks for your reply I phone Bmw dealership and they said I can bring in but if they don’t find no faults they will charge me A diagnostic fee which I don’t think is right as it is coming from the engine but I don’t know I’m just a bit confused How they work And I haven’t got anyone with any knowledge of motor vehicles thanks again
  8. Sorry I should have said at low speeds
  9. Hi Need some advice Please I’ve just purchased a BMW 320i sport Manual Petrol 2017 and I have noticed a slight tapping noise from the engine and I can hear it when I’m driving at those speeds do you think is the tappets As I’ve got one years BMW warranty I need some advice please
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