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Firstly my apologies for placing this post in the Newbies section as well - not sure how to remove it, maybe a moderator can help please?

I have just forked out for a weld on one of my alloys and have been advised by the guy who did it to change my run flat tyres with conventional ones. The advantages I know are smoother ride, cheaper tyres and less chance of damage to the wheel when I hit a pot hole. I have several questions however which I am hoping someone can answer.


1. Can I run conventional tyres on the front and run flats on the back? (My front tyres are due for replacement soon, but the back ones still have lots of life left and will be replaced as and when they need it).

2. I have no spare - If I purchase one, can I use a space saver for instance and if so, what sort of size do I need to look for?

3. My rear wheels are wider than the front (staggered). If I have to have a full sized spare, what size do I get and can it be used on either axle?

4. The other option is not to have a spare at all and eventually the car will have four conventional tyres once they have all been replaced due to wear etc. If I got a puncture, rather than call my breakdown insurance all the time, can I use one of those emergency spray inflator aerosols? Can these be used on run flats as well?


I have checked my insurance and they are happy for me to make the change. My tyres are 225/35 R19 front, and 255/30 R19 rear. Car is a 2013 3-Series">3-Series M-Sport 320d hard top convertible.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Morning Martin and Welcome to the Forum

See my reply to your questions in your other post, one thing conventional tyres will give you is a much better and wider choice of tyres.


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