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If You Could Have Any Bmw.........

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good evening all and happy new year.

if you could have any bmw regardless of cost or fuel prices what would you have?

mine would have to be a brand spanking m5 just for the sheer power of it.i dont think i could ever get bored of driving one of those.

more realisticly i would have an e46 m3 having drove a mates one last year.absolute beast of a motor that hopefully one day i will own

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fantasy garage would have a M5 touring in there for sure, just love those but can't afford to run it hence the 530d instead


E34 M5 Touring sounds nice mate B)

Dave hit the nail on the head with the V12 8er ;) Well said mate

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I'd have the very last E38 750i Individual to leave the Bavarian shop-floor (RHD of course)... I'm a sad git eh?

The last 750iL would be awesome BUT... "Not" individual as I would like it to REALLY feel mine (Unless of course, YOU are the one ordering the individual spec)

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I always said that if I won the lotto I'd buy an M1.

But having sat in one a few weeks ago at Munich Legends,I found it quite uncomfortable

because the pedals are to one side where the wheel-arch intrudes,so I'm not so sure now.

My other favourite,and you'd need to have won the lotto to run it,would be a McLaren F1.

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