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  1. Main thing to be careful of, is if you had an accident, your insurance would not pay out, the tyre reset button for my Cooper SD is on the computer.
  2. Welcome Jen, Enjoy the forum.
  3. Welcome David, Enjoy the forum, could be worth googling to see if there some trim applications (I watch Wheeler Dealers, they do a lot of things you would not think of).
  4. Welcome Tris, Enjoy the forum I could only say the usual things about checking the electrics, has something else been removed and the wiring not put back properly, good luck.
  5. Welcome Jamie, enjoy the new car and the forum :D
  6. Some garages will never learn, bad service, is the easiest way to lose business and possible new business.
  7. Just to wish Steve a very Happy Birthday, have a great day mate. :D
  8. Welcome Mike, Enjoy the forum, hope your problem has been resolved.
  9. Welcome Danny, members all over the country, we do normally travel to the big meets, but there is local meets in your areas, enjoy the forum.
  10. Welcome Amer, Nice car, enjoy the forum
  11. Welcome Ben, Hope the above from Dabsy helps, if not could be an idea to post some pics of the problems, hope it gets resolved soon, enjoy the forum.
  12. Welcome Barry, Enjoy the new car and the forum
  13. Welcome Rob, Enjoy the forum
  14. BigAl


    Welcome James, Enjoy the forum.
  15. Welcome Fiona, Enjoy your Z3, and the forum
  16. Welcome Paul, Enjoy the forum, good luck with finding your next Beemer
  17. Welcome Daniel, Enjoy the forum, hope you get your problem resolved.
  18. Welcome Matthew, Nice looking Beemer, enjoy the forum.
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