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E93 Glovebox won't open


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I've previously opened the glovebox a number of times with the key, mainly to do map updates.

Tried to do so today and it seems jammed. It won't open with the key either horizontal or vertical.


Anyone come across this and have a solution ?


Thanks in anticipation.



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Morning John

As I understand it, it works is as follows or I should say the information I can find shows

, it2) Key hole in the vertical position: Unlocking the car with FOB will unlock the glove box. Locking the car with the FOB will lock the glove box.

3) To manually unlock the glove box with key: Insert the key and turn it slightly to the left (counter clockwise) about 15% left of vertical or until it feels like it stops. At this time you should be able to (with key still in it) and pull open the box. You do not need to lift the handle to open it since the inside spring will compress the teeth together that hold the box from falling down on its own. You should hear and feel the mechanism moving when you do this. This is good news (if you hear/feel this) because you will confirm that the actuator mechanism is working fine and its only a matter of playing with it to get it unstuck In other words you do not need to spend money to replace it!. 

Hope this helps

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