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TCM going out? E93 335i


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I have an automatic 2008 E93 335i and the tranny has always been a bit rough but I never received any codes from it. However, last night I got my codes read at Autozone after going through a transmission malfunction and I had the codes listed below. I believe that this is due to the Transmission Control Module going out, but I'm not too sure. Could anyone help me diagnose this? I don't want to make any purchases before I know for sure. 

symptoms are...

- rough gear shifts (esp 3rd - 4th)

- random down/upshifts at low speeds

- rpm flutters in neutral

- transmission malfunction every so often

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!!


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Morning Hunter

You need the help of a transmission specialist: preferably a ZF Agent your problem could be that a transmission service is due/overdue. Low transmission fluid levels, failed or failing solenoids in the box a specialist will be able to give far more information


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