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  1. I have an automatic 2008 E93 335i and the tranny has always been a bit rough but I never received any codes from it. However, last night I got my codes read at Autozone after going through a transmission malfunction and I had the codes listed below. I believe that this is due to the Transmission Control Module going out, but I'm not too sure. Could anyone help me diagnose this? I don't want to make any purchases before I know for sure. symptoms are... - rough gear shifts (esp 3rd - 4th) - random down/upshifts at low speeds - rpm flutters in neutral - transmission malfunction every so often Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!!
  2. Hi, I have a completely stock e93 that was throwing a 30FF code, so I installed a new CP as well as replacing the vacuum lines that attach to the BOV. The car is driving great compared to pre-install but the check engine light came on after install, along with "engine malfunction: reduced power." I can't see how the TMAP could be failing because I have no power mods just yet, I don't think there is any possibility my boost is over 19psi. And what does the IAT (P0112) have in common with all these symptoms? Any possibilities as to what could be causing these codes? Would really appreciate the help.
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