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Hi all,

I have a small question about my model of car. I havent been keeping too much of an eye on my oil level, and recently I discovered I have a small oil leak. When my car went into BMW for an 02 sensor change, they said they had to fill up the engine with 2.5 litres of oil as the level was so low. I am wondering why my car doesnt give me an oil warning light, or any kind of alert when the oil level is low. Registration is NA61EWZ, its a 2011 1 series f20. 

Is my car supposed to give me some kind of indication when the oil level is low? If not ill just have to keep on top of it every few months.


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Morning Michael

BMW decided that you didn't need a dip stick so you check the oil through the display screen. You still need to check it weekly that is just good practice. Your Handbook should give the information, don't just top up with out checking levels as to much oil is as bad as not enough.

Your car will give warnings but when things are getting critical., 




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