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  1. Hi all, I have a small question about my model of car. I havent been keeping too much of an eye on my oil level, and recently I discovered I have a small oil leak. When my car went into BMW for an 02 sensor change, they said they had to fill up the engine with 2.5 litres of oil as the level was so low. I am wondering why my car doesnt give me an oil warning light, or any kind of alert when the oil level is low. Registration is NA61EWZ, its a 2011 1 series f20. Is my car supposed to give me some kind of indication when the oil level is low? If not ill just have to keep on top of it e
  2. Hi guys, I have a problem that I have had for a while and im starting to get a bit desperate with it really. I have fault codes P0136 and P0141, related to the cars o2 circuits. I have replaced the original downsteam o2 sensor with a new Bosh one, but the problem still persists. I took the car to BMW and they did a diagnosis, stating that it needs a new sensor, but obviously I have already put a new one in. Is it possible that only BMW will have some kind of sensor that works with my car and that an after market one like the one i bought (new from eurocar parts) wont work? They stat
  3. Perfect, ill give that a try. Thank you for the help.
  4. Hi everyone. I have a 2011 BMW 1 series, and am having slight issues with the handbrake. When I release the handbrake, sometimes (not every time) the car will still think the handbrake is up and the warning light will come on on the dash. It will not turn off unless I tap or hit the handbrake downwards; This seems to make the car think the handbrake is finally released fully. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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