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Hi all

We had our x3 stolen last night they cloaned key ( we had stupidly left spare key in box in bedroom) so they came to front of house and clearly had device in bag.  Anyway. Car was recovered abandoned just 5 mins down the road and at first glance nothing taken. All the system is not working and neither is the app. I randomly found a piece of plastic in boot so searched around and they have taken off the 2 side panels in boot, ripped flat and seem to have taken something and messed about with fuses. What could they be doing? Could they be coming back for it a 2nd time to take again or is there something of value in those panels they wanted? 


Thank you

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First words fail me (more to the point not allowed here) with the pointless things these scum do.

You say the car was recovered ? was it driveable ? From your description "all the system is not working" I take it you mean the screen and driver information system. The components for the CIC are mainly in the front of the car , maybe TV module or Amp in the boot. 

The advice I would give is (1) get Farady bags for all your keys (2) get a Crook lock old tech but very effective 


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I feel for you, I really do. Apologies for my abscence of late BTW (long story).

I keep all our keys in, as Dave says, Farady boxes/bags.

Is there a Cd Changer hidden behind panels? Sorry, just searching for ideas. Were any fuses removed? That may mean they intend to come back for more.

Hope you manage to resolve ASAP. Hide those keys away BTW.

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