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Morning all 

I own a 1995 525i BMW which I bought for £9000 in 2000 with 50 K on the clock – it now has 125K on the clock.

In my opinion this is the best production car ever made – it’s a sensation – it’s never ever gone wrong – apart from minor things like fuel pumps and water pumps.

I always engage other BMW owners in conversation on forecourts,usually big fancy ones, and say that’s a great car but nothing near as good as mine.

They invariably agree!

One person told me that my year is the last of the hand built Beamers – not hand made – but hand built. 
Anyway, the tragedy for me is that it will not be ULEZ compliant and so I will have to get rid of it.

Any thoughts? Any conversions available?

Safe driving

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If you are a regular visitor to the smoke, change car or use another vehicle. Apart from what Dave has already said, I'm not what else you can do.

I do feel for PetrolHeads, generally. This Government had made clear its plans to ban all ICE's. A very sad day that will be.

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Okay guys, thanks very much for your input – how about the best place to market and sell my car. I believe that this series was the last of the BMWs hand built in Germany and it probably has a premium value but I don't know where to advertise it. Any thoughts gratefully received

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Hi Stephen

Honest answer I don't have a clue

Have you thought about the Classic Car Magazines/Web sites or Google BMW E34 Sales and see what comes up? Look at some of the adds and values for similar cars, check out the spec's to see how yours stacks up against them? That should give you some clues as to what the market is.


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Thanks very much for taking the trouble to respond Dave – those are all good thoughts.

There is also a specialised company called Havant Car company, which I have been directed to and which I'm going to follow up with but I suspect they are looking for rarer cars than mine


If anybody else has any thoughts I would definitely be appreciative.


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I hear what you say but, to be honest, its not a particuarly "special" car. Glasses Guide has it, in first class condition, and at 100k - at around £4,995 retail. There's one here, and lots more on AutoTrader:



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