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  1. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to respond Dave – those are all good thoughts. There is also a specialised company called Havant Car company, which I have been directed to and which I'm going to follow up with but I suspect they are looking for rarer cars than mine havantcarcompany.co.uk If anybody else has any thoughts I would definitely be appreciative. Stephen
  2. Okay guys, thanks very much for your input – how about the best place to market and sell my car. I believe that this series was the last of the BMWs hand built in Germany and it probably has a premium value but I don't know where to advertise it. Any thoughts gratefully received
  3. Morning all I own a 1995 525i BMW which I bought for £9000 in 2000 with 50 K on the clock – it now has 125K on the clock. In my opinion this is the best production car ever made – it’s a sensation – it’s never ever gone wrong – apart from minor things like fuel pumps and water pumps. I always engage other BMW owners in conversation on forecourts,usually big fancy ones, and say that’s a great car but nothing near as good as mine. They invariably agree! One person told me that my year is the last of the hand built Beamers – not hand made – but hand built.
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