Drivers door jammed

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Can anyone help??? I have a 630i E63 2006. Sunday I opened the drivers door as per normal, but when I went to get out the door would not open it jammed wont open from inside or out. I have checked all fuses all ok.

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has the door unlocked? if it has it sounds more like a mechanical issue

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Morning Martin

I take it that the passenger door is still OK? (or are you still in the car???) X5's suffered from a door lock issue caused by water ingress that dribbled down onto the actual mechanism on the door jamb. As corrosion buids up it sticks and eventually jams.

With the X5 you can take off the door panel with the door closed just a few plastic clips at risk, then when it is out of the way carefully peel back the vapour barrier (I use a heat gun to help soften the black sealer). On the X5 the door lock is visible but not reachable by hand so I sprayed it with penetrating oil then left it to soak. While it was soaking I straightened a wire coat hanger and bent one end about 20mm  at 90 deg. I lowered the window and fed it down inside the door while peering inside with torch I could pull up and push down on the operating arm until it freed up and the door could be opened. after freeing it up remember penetrating fluid and WD40 will evaporate so I brought a can of spray grease (chain lube) and smothered the lock while working it up and down Then re-assembled it all and (touches wood) 5 years on no re-occurrence.

I undid the drivers seat and tipped it back to give more room you may have more of a faf as you don't rear doors. Check for information and for how too's.

Good luck


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