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  1. Well we aint doing very well on the FB page, Come on people join up
  2. I did put the options out there a few months back, but got no interest, maybe I need to start earlier in the year.
  3. Have you checked those rubber pipes as may be weak and collapsing when under vacuum pressure?
  4. Well there are just 2 members on the fb page, i thought it may of been a good idea as there are loads of activity on some of the pages 😞
  5. I recently purchase a genuine Carly adapter from the Carly site, it arrived all good, then downloaded the ios update for my iPhone, but to do anything like coding a battery you need to upgrade at a cost of £50 per year, which I think is a bit of a cheek, when pay £60 for the adaptor. So do I need to actually pay the £50 per year or is it worth buy a cable and software from the Cable Shack or B cables, both are cheaper and include software and no mention of a yearly membership fee? Yes I do wished I had done my homework more on Carly before buying the adaptor
  6. Come on people we are waiting for you to join the facebook page
  7. any takers? https://www.facebook.com/groups/2274167789511372/ Bimmers Owner Club UK We need a cover pic, so join up and post a pic of your car and your car could be the face of the group :)
  8. Don't forget the pictures 🙂
  9. The forum does have a fb page advertising the forum, but would it be better to have a chat page as well?
  10. Indeed, I replaced with oem shocks and springs, now the car doesn't appear to be leaning so much on the drivers side, just got to sort out all the warning lights now :) Should I purchase a code reader or try and find my old laptop with inpa on it ?
  11. Front Changed both front wheel bearings, also put new brakes discs and pads. Rear Changed one spring / shock absorber and one disc and pads, just got the do the same on the other side tomorrow and if get chance change the oil / filter and also the fuel filter 🙂
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