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  1. Well we aint doing very well on the FB page, Come on people join up
  2. I did put the options out there a few months back, but got no interest, maybe I need to start earlier in the year.
  3. phil67


    Welcome along matey
  4. Have you checked those rubber pipes as may be weak and collapsing when under vacuum pressure?
  5. Well there are just 2 members on the fb page, i thought it may of been a good idea as there are loads of activity on some of the pages 😞
  6. I recently purchase a genuine Carly adapter from the Carly site, it arrived all good, then downloaded the ios update for my iPhone, but to do anything like coding a battery you need to upgrade at a cost of £50 per year, which I think is a bit of a cheek, when pay £60 for the adaptor. So do I need to actually pay the £50 per year or is it worth buy a cable and software from the Cable Shack or B cables, both are cheaper and include software and no mention of a yearly membership fee? Yes I do wished I had done my homework more on Carly before buying the adaptor
  7. Come on people we are waiting for you to join the facebook page
  8. any takers? Bimmers Owner Club UK We need a cover pic, so join up and post a pic of your car and your car could be the face of the group :)
  9. Don't forget the pictures 🙂
  10. The forum does have a fb page advertising the forum, but would it be better to have a chat page as well?
  11. Indeed, I replaced with oem shocks and springs, now the car doesn't appear to be leaning so much on the drivers side, just got to sort out all the warning lights now :) Should I purchase a code reader or try and find my old laptop with inpa on it ?
  12. Front Changed both front wheel bearings, also put new brakes discs and pads. Rear Changed one spring / shock absorber and one disc and pads, just got the do the same on the other side tomorrow and if get chance change the oil / filter and also the fuel filter 🙂