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  1. thank you , i will get a new key cut and programed ,maybe a firm might do it a bit less than bmw , cheers
  2. Sounds like a transponder fault rather than a battery issue. did the car open on the first key with the remote central locking or did you have to physically turn the key in the lock? the car opened doors but only that would not start, changed battery it is the same, other key works fine screen on car is blank no lights at all
  3. aa out looked all about plugged in computer ,eventually said have you another key tried that and it started. the first key opened doors but engine not starting, thought it recharged itself while plugged in , new key a national debt, dont want to open replace battery myself as bits need resolder, any companies do this or can i recharge in some form , all suggestions please ,cheers
  4. proper hard rock ot the glam gear that came in , deep purple, stones, led zeppelin ,alex harvey and some pink floyd, joe walsh rocky mountain way
  5. thank you, so not worthwhile to do just leave all alone, was going to delete egr then thought if i do all the junk goes into pdf and cat, my egr is clean as i done this when i removed swirl flaps ,thanks for advice
  6. snap no idea myself , quoted 199 to turn off but a bit doubtful , face book guy not garage so i am trying to find out the correct way, as he will take money and disappear
  7. hi all, just a silly question can i turn off egr, cat and dpf with computer program without physical taking them off , 525d e60 2004 thank you
  8. thank you for help will do all , shes a old girl but will go on for years
  9. thank you Dave, i will do as you suggest, as well as legs one was a bit weepy only a bit, also at speed braking, i get a judder maybe warped discs, cheers again for your help, best regards i will order and do in a few weeks time, when i do brake hard she still pulls up in a straight line
  10. hi all, thinking time to put on new front legs, should i do drop links any others bits while off. 2004 e 60 525d cheers
  11. thank you for help, i will find the exhaust part and remove
  12. Very happy 39,7 mixed driving, egr junk to take off yet and cut out that crappy thing in exhaust
  13. 142000, full history engine good all mechs good ,runs 10 /40 full syn , now 47/ 54 on motorway, 70/90 mph mixed and town 36mph ,town 29/32, car e60 525d 2004, my other baur havent a clue as i do boot it about 1970 manual
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