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  1. Check connections on the back of the radio & in the left rear panel by the cd stack if you have one? Maybe re boot it by disconnecting the battery & see if it bursts into life? As Greydog says you need to give a bit more info Jim.
  2. I had this happen to my mirrors recently. I gave them a gentle dose of WD40 behind the mirror & they have been fine for 3 weeks now. I only tried this because an indy garage mechanic told me never to fire a jet wash into the mirror housing when cleaning the car. Ive never done that in the 7 years ive owned it. Hopefully a cheap fix.........lol
  3. Yes Happy New Year to you, Exactly what my Indy said. When he showed me a sample of fuel he`d poured out the fuel rail i was amazed it got passed the filter. Tbh the particles were small but even so ,very scary! This 118 was 9 years old but they had seen it on one only 5, so with Christine`s car being only 3 to 4yrs & probably? FDSH at BMW you cant really say its an age/degradation type of problem. I hope she enlightens us soon. Maybe non genuine parts have been fitted(filter) or injector work to cause this??
  4. Wonder how she got on with this? A month ago i popped in to my local Indy & they had a 118d with the very same problem. The car was was a 2011 i think,dunno miles or history on it . I was just horrified to see the swarf in the system. They had seen it before though but in the 18/2.0L engines.
  5. Hi Terry, To help the boffins out ....what engine petrol/diesel do you have??? Do you have actual codes?? It looks like you wrote this at 200mph so take a deep breath & start again lol. Im sure some one on here can point you in the right direction.
  6. The 330d with 268,000 on it ...passed its MOT ! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE
  7. Is it just me that updates this??😂 My 268,000m Touring needed a Drivers window regulator,Quite easy to fit. New bonnet cables & catches as the catches had rusted up & guides had broken which snapped the cable. A new radiator as the Hella radiator lasted 5 years before going banana shaped,didnt leak though. Trying a Nissin one this time. Bonnet catches were from a tat yard so was the window reg. cheap fixes just time consuming.
  8. Thanks for the reply`s guy`s. In the end i have fitted a roof aerial & now i wish id done it sooner!!!!!
  9. Hi Mark, Did it sit right on the day the new parts were fitted??? How long have you noticed this? My guess is ...welcome to the broken spring club lol. Seems if i break wind in mine, they break! Car obviously should sit level.
  10. Praised it & cussed it!!!! 330d went passed 264,000 tonight so praised the old gal! Got home & found the right rear wheel to be rather warm...sticking caliper maybe? so cussed it!!!!!
  11. I had a "chirp" sound on my 330Ci a while back which turned out to be the alternator. New brushes fixed it & bearing...yes im tight!!!!!
  12. Any updates on the 635 Paul, its been a while lol
  13. MICK 330DCI


    !Removed! hell scuse my French...thats a bute!!! nice one
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