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  1. As you pulled on to the grass, to your left, silver e36, black, red M3 e46 and a MGTF (embarrassed)
  2. We did spot you mate, but was unsure. prob as there was a !Removed! poor turn out you were better off having a good time with the family. thankyou for making the effort, a lot more than the rest of the few thousand on here
  3. And been as I quit management 3 months ago but for some reason I still have the title.....im actually ashamed to have this title.. poo I put into this club and got jack back.. I have fell out with friends, bent over backwards to make this club over the last 3 years. You all belong in Skoda owners club in my opinion. A certain few of you make the effort, the rest are pure pricks... This club will go no where..
  4. Cheers for turning up guys... Yeah thanks...bunch of c***s Im out of this club
  5. Because I had exact same on my car.
  6. Yeah you can mate, But i have a set of BMW ones for sale if your interested. PM me if so please as I miss posts sometimes
  7. There is one one each wheel on the E46, should be same on the 1. It doubles up as an ABS/DSC sensor
  8. It wont polish out mate, I had exact same on my black saloon.. ...ended up a full respray jobbie
  9. Get your tracking done mate, It will be out.. Dont do the above steering wheel bodge
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