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  1. Are these win a iPhone ads a con?
  2. Thumping over bumps etc seems to be from rear passenger side,more of a thump than a knock or rattle have had on a lift nothing appears to be loose have checked spare wheel just can’t find anything is driving me mad need help?
  3. Jim666


    Sorry should have said clock ,radio is fine have followed the manual but no luck just shows - - - 1 - - -
  4. I can’t find the radio! Done everything the manual tells me but all I get is. - - -1 - - -
  5. Do you have the centre console armrest that swivels up?
  6. Being disabled I am considering changing the drivers seat to power,if I can find one? Does it just need a power feed or is it more complex,is it possible the power plug is already fitted?
  7. Have checked fuses all ok but no pos feed down to washer motor is this likely to be the switch it will very intermittently operate if switch is left on
  8. Have now booked it in they suspect belts etc
  9. Whistling noises from engine quite loud? 320i 2001 estate
  10. Rear wiper has now stopped will move now and again?
  11. 320i 08 a low whine seems from diff that dissapears once you pick up speed doesnt worry me but does it need attention?
  12. The car is 96 so will check earth points etc and fuses again,thanks for help
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