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  1. As I was using the car to drive to Wales for holiday, I wanted the warning lights off and the ABS back. Took it to a specialist who checked transfer box then switched off lights, this lasted about 5 mins. Incredibly the lights went out themselves. 2 Weeks later they came back on tuning into a drive. I'd tried the lock to lock approach with no luck, but thinking what I had done just before they went out, reversing onto the caravan, I did it going backwards and it worked - explain that!! They stayed off long enough to get rid of the car, couple of people reckoned the cam chain was noisy (at less than 100K, seemed OK to me) and I lost all faith in it so off it went to we buy any car.
  2. Cheers again. Battery is strong. I do have some vibration under load and noises over bumps, but mainly the fact that I can rotate the front wheel when I jack up that corner. Having an investigation today
  3. Over the week I have had 3 lights come on intermittently but now permanent. I have ABS,4x4 and airbag lights. I changed the slip ring behind the steering wheel as I also have cruise control buttons which are erratic. The Carly won't or can't clear the faults but I've read somewhere that drive shaft problems could cause this???? Errors Airbag ROSE II / CLU2VDA ROSE II / ASC3 1F3h ABS Steering angle sensor internal error:signal invalid Transmission: CAN MESSAGE DSC 1 Appreciate some help
  4. Checked the ones I can see and one looked a little dodgey so replaced it, now when I rerun the diagnostics I have no faults not even in the cold start system which I don't believe
  5. Bought a new unit, and it does the same as the old one when connected to a battery so it's going to be returned - the connector is not identical so hopefully can get my money back. The 2 lines which enter it are labelled vac and out, the EGR being connected to out. One line splits then runs via what looks like a solenoid to I think the turbo whilst another disappears over the top of the engine towards the bulk head - next task is to trace these lines
  6. So took off the EGR valve today and it seems to be working fine, so I've been looking further upstream. The EGR is vacuum operated, the vacuum being supplied by a little pump mounted near to it. When I put power to this I just get a heavy click, should it spin up as I suspect there is a little electric motor in there???
  7. Cheers again Dave. I suspected the first ones were glow plug related, but wasn't sure. Will reset and if the EGR one comes up again which I suspect it will I shall return to the garage which did the Terraclean and see what they say.
  8. When the car had a Terraclean, the dealer said there were loads of faults recorded so I took the plunge and bought a Carly adaptor and have done a session, but don't understand some of the results and not sure how to rectify. Report below Engine / Motor Fault Code: 004A74 Fault Explanation: Glow system, communication Fault Code: 004A79 Fault Explanation: Glow system, communication Fault Code: 0040E9 Fault Explanation: Abgasrueckfuehrsteller, position control Fault Code: 004C9E Fault Explanation: Abgasrueckfuehrventil, plausibility Fault Code: 004507 Fault Explanation: Abgasrueckfuehr control, control deviation Fault Code: 004B1C Fault Explanation: Fuel filter heater, control Regards Ian
  9. Cheers, they don't seem to do as many as they used to and are very expensive. I've fitted the bypass relay and have just noticed that my trailer doesn't have fog or reversing lights so it will do for now. Will check for wiring diagram
  10. Just fitted a tow bar and the bypass relay for the electrics but have not wired in fog nor reversing lights yet. Anyone know the colours for the reverse light and fog light wires which I think run up the offside rear pillar and into the tailgate? Car is 2008 2.0 MSport diesel.
  11. Cheers, yes I didn't think the performance was all down to tyres so will have a clean out of the EGR, presumably find details on here. I have a poor tyre on front and rear and a nearly new one on the rear so not good. If I put a new one on the front, would each diff front and rear compensate and be the same "speed" for each axle?
  12. So, took the plunge and bought a 2008 2.0 with 174 hp. Car is quite tidy though the performance is quite dull I think a lot of this being down to the mismatch of tyres fitted. It would appear that the recommended tyres are different size font to back which strikes me as being a little strange for a car which is sensitive to having its wheels all the same rolling size. What size are people here fitting to their 18 inch rims?
  13. Spotted a 2008 2.0 at just above my budget, but I bought a later model car a few years ago and it was too complicated to self repair and I always wished I'd bought an older one is this the case with these?
  14. Looking at buying an X3. Can't decide on engine should go for a 2.o diesel but have seen both 3.0 and 2.5 log converted cars for little money, i'm only wanting to spend £3K. I