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Hi again everyone I have been absent for approx 8 years but have now returned to the fold with a 2008 E61 520D touring which has come to me with 1 key green log book slip and MOT and 152k on the clock so as you can imagine I need to get to grips with it, my question is can anyone recommend a reasonably priced BMW specific diagnostic software system with the correct cable that is also simple to use as I am no tech whizz kid, I have looked on ebay and there are thousands advertised but most look to be absolutely lacking in after sales support which with my technical experience is a must many thanks Chris

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Hi Christopher....welcome to the Club

There are so many out's a couple of links for the cheaper ones, which although they do work for pulling out codes and cancelling them down, they do lack a lot of other functions.

This one seems quite good, although I haven't tried it but it boasts quite a few features:

This one I can vouch for and is a great piece of kit for the money

Let us know how you get on and what you end up buying


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Morning Chris

Welcome, I have 2 pieces of software loaded on an old laptop

1st. BMW 1.4.0 works really well allows interrogation of individual control modules and the fault is described in English not just a code number. Cost £14 from Ebay and is great for older models. Example my parking sensors stopped working a scan with 1.4.0 showed PDC 1 error when interrogated the fault is Rear inner right sensor fault.

2nd.. Inpa which came with 5 disc's including TIS the dealer level technical files, I have this on the same lap top this cost about £50 from memory brilliant for the newer models but has stuff for my X5 as well.

There are many others like Carly which works with a Bluetooth dongle (never tried it but read some poor reviews so avoided)

I use mine in conjunction with a couple of web sites like (BMW online parts and part numbers) and technical information sheets this makes sure when I am buying parts they match the OEM partnumbers plus the drawings let me know what i looks like and where it is.

Good luck with the new car


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great information Dave....I'm after some newer scan tools as my set is the old round plug models that still work on my Z3 but has limited data through the K-line.

Will probably give the v1.4.0 a try if you rate it and at that price it's worth a punt.

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