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Santa Pod 15Th September Bmw Show


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Right then everyone

There is a BMW Show on the 15th September.

Here are a few details about the show, there is a chance that if we get enough interest we could have a stand.


Sunday 15th September at Santa Pod Raceway
with RWYB Saturday 14th September

The BMW Show at Santa Pod Raceway is back for it's 8th year and all BMWs are welcome- race cars, show cars, modern, retros, classics, new minis and BMW bikes.

BMWs have all the right elements to make great drag cars. Powerful engines, rear-wheel drive and stable handling all add up to unbeatable straight-line fun. It's no wonder so many BMW owners are hooked on Run What Ya Brung events at Santa Pod Raceway.

It's for this reason that Santa Pod introduced an event exclusively for BMW owners, where the track is open only to Bavaria's finest. Camping is available to all those that wish to stay for an extra day of fun at the Pod with RWYB on Saturday and Music in Fuelers bar on Saturday night plus fun fair rides.

So does this interest you, if so put you name down below






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there will be plenty of interest in this a bit nearer the time.we have had a club stand the last two years...the last one was a pretty good turn out for us as a club too...there wil be more news on this from the mods as soon as we get things organised.

in the mean time lets get some names down on the list and get an idea of numbers

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Il prob be up for this,depending on my situation

Thingers and towwws crossed matey! =D Would be great to see Herr Herman and yaself again bud


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I'll def be there this year, went a few years ago before I had a BMW. Think it was my first time at Pod as well, must be destiny I now have a BMW :).

Also got a friend who wants to come in his E46 330i but not sure if he will be bringing it or coming with me.

I'll put my name down as number 1. as no one else did :P.

1. E36-Steve





P.S. Just kidding put my name under everyone else who said there going at the beginning of the thread lol.

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